By MindMelder

She turned on the TV and began to watch the news, picking up coffee and the box of Oreos. Some story about a dangerous toy product, "boring," she remarked and flipped the channels, finally coming to a soap opera which she watched contently as she snacked on her food.

Finding herself surprisingly hungry, she ate the rest of the box, then ate down another, which filled her up for that morning.

At about lunch time, she made herself a sandwich, ate it, and found to her dissatisfaction that it wasn't very good. All Bill had left for her was...what she usually asked for, some lettuce, tomato, and cheese and mayo. So after eating it, she picked up the phone, and decided to order something.

She dialed the pizza place.

"Hello, I'll take 2 large pepperoni and sausage pizzas," she said, surprised at her own greed. She usually had about three slices.

She gave them her address and told the pizza man to come in, and give it to her, as Bill had left the door unlocked in case she needed someone to give something to her.

After a few minutes of snacking on the Oreos, the doorbell rang and then the pizza man, carrying the two large, hot, pizzas she had ordered, entered the room and placed them down on top of her.

She promptly paid him, and flipped open the top greedily. Suddenly she had an idea. Who cared if she was a little messy, and she was feeling really hungry! So without a care in the world, she dug her face into the pizza, greedily chewing with her mouth open, devouring the meat laden tomato pie.

When just one piece remained, she stuffed it into her mouth and threw the box to the side, opening the next one, which she had intended to save for dinner. Well, Bill would never know, so she crammed slice after slice of that into her mouth, wanting more and more of the delicious taste, although she knew it was going to give her a stomach ache later.

Content when she finished both pizzas, she burped and settled down, making herself a cup of hot chocolate to watch the Matinee Movie on TV.

At around 5 o'clock she fell into a deep sleep, and didn't awake till 8 pm that night. She could hear Bill bustling in the kitchen.

"Oh no!" she whispered to herself, "Bill saw me like this!" quickly getting out her napkin and trying to wipe off her red painted face.

To her surprise, her husband came in and placed a large bowl of soup in front of her, "dinner time, I see you had quite a day today," he said, glancing at the pizza boxes.

"I had a few friends over while you we're gone, I hope you don't mind," she lied.

"Oh, ok," Bill acknowledged, giving her a strange stare and then going back into the kitchen.

She greedily ate the soup.

She repeated this same process for nearly 8 weeks, making sure each day after that to thoroughly clean up before he arrived, which presented quite a challenge. But he eventually left her a basin of water to dip napkins in each day, and that helped a lot.

After two months, Ashly started to feel a bit cramped on the couch. Each time Bill got home, he'd look at her for a few seconds, and then keep on doing his normal business around the house. She'd sit there and watch TV, or read novels, but always kept snacking and eating.

Sometimes she'd read cookbooks and pretend that her Oreos were the food she was reading about, and would savor them in her memory, making a mental note to make it someday and see how it really tasted.

She still could write though, so she continued to write scripts for the local soap she was working for, although she was finding it more and more tiring to write scripts day after day, while lying on the couch, under the many blankets that kept her company in the chilling fall.

Then, one day, she was called in for a trip to the doctor's office. She happily agreed, because it was to remove one of her casts, and ate more and more in anticipation for the big event.

When the day came, Bill put his arm around her, and his other arm under her legs, and started to pick her up. He instantly dropped her, shaking his hands desperately.

"What's wrong?" Ashly asked, "feeling a bit tired today?" she knew Bill could usually lift her with no problem.

"," he said hesitantly, but reverted back to lifting her again. He finally got her up into his arms, and practically ran to the car, or walked as fast as he could go, to the new station wagon he had bought.

Plopping her in the front seat, he went back into the house to get a few things.

"Why'd he buy such a small car?" she wondered, "it's so cramped in here, i know i gained a few pounds, probably up to 125 by now, but this is ridiculous, someone whose 230 pounds should fit in here.

Her thighs were bunched up against the door and the arm rest, and her stomach was now divided into numerous large rolls. She realized that her clothes we're extremely tight, and she recalled Bill buying her new ones a couple of times. "Oh, its probably all in my mind," she thought to herself.

When they arrived at the Doctor's office, the nurse took one look at her and exclaimed, '"oh my, you certainly have grown haven't you!" and brought her up to the room, where Dr. Renolds was waiting for them. He removed one of her casts, and then asked her.

"Miss, we're just going to take a few measurements, height, weight, stuff like that, so if you would please follow the nurse into the hall."

Ashly obeyed and put her back strait up against the wall, feeling her but flatten out. After the nurse took the measurement of her height, which was 5'5, she put her on the scale.

She slid across 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, "Oh no, I couldn't have gained that much," Ashly whispered, 190, 200, 210, 220, 230, 240, 250, 260, 270, 280, 290, 300, 310, "excuse me, there must be something wrong with this scale," Ashly asked the nurse politely.

"Oh there's nothing wrong with the scale, maybe you should check yourself out in the mirror, you've grown quite a bit since i last saw ya," and continued sliding across the numbers on the scale. 330, 340, 350, 360, 370, 380, 390, 400, 410, 420.

The nurse jotted down 420, and then asked her for a urine sample. "Alright," Ashly said, and hopped into the bathroom, as the doctor had already removed her right leg's cast..and given her crutches.

As she stepped into the bathroom, a terrible sight stood before her on the mirror. Her tan had gone very white indeed, but that was not the worst of it.

Her body was covered in fat. She threw off the hospital dress they had made her wear and looked in disbelief. Her thighs we're at least three feet around! Her butt jiggled tremendously whenever she moved. Her face was flustered and reddish, with puffed out cheeks and a triple chin. Her belly had seven rolls, and love handles that poured over her side. Her breasts had inflated tremendously, they we're huge, and were sprawled out almost vertically against her massive stomach, which stretched out a couple feet in front of her. Her belly button was an inch deep, and her arms were equally portioned.

"Oh my god," she cried, forgetting about the sample. She put on the hospital robe and wobbled as fast as she could out of the hospital. Seeing Bill running after her, she entered the car and started to cry, slamming the door behind her.

"Honey, what's wrong?!" Bill asked over her tears as he jumped in the car with her.


"Well, there are consequences of being immobile."

"I'll never be able to diet this off! I'm starving now! I'd die of hunger before I could lose a pound!" she wailed.

"To be truthful, I think its sexy," Bill said, giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Really?" she asked with a sniffle.

"Really," he confirmed, "I've been wanting to make love to you all this time, but you have been so cooped up with those casts on. Now I can, and I'm going to, right here right now."

Ashly had three different reactions; surprise, relief, then utter happiness, "Come and get me then," she said slyly, leaning the seat back to the empty luggage storing space behind them.

"You bet!" Bill said, leaping upon her gigantic belly, and ripping off the hospital robe.

"Ohh Bill, you don't know how long I've waited for you to do this," she said with joy, embracing him in a hug, which completely covered him in her many layers of lard.

He said something, but she wasn't paying attention, all she wanted was to make love.

And that they did.