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Ayeka's Gluttony
By Kazan Kazani

Chapter One:
Sore wa Ikemasen
(Literal Translation: How Unfortunate)

Yawning as she woke up, Ayeka shielded her eyes from the bright sun, cringing a little bit. "Goodness...." She yawned, and wearily got out of bed. This may seem like an everyday morning for most people, but it was very unusual for the Princess of Jurai. Usually her mornings were peaceful, and she felt the joy of another day coming over her. However, she had the hugest headache, and her throat wasn't feeling too well either. Sighing, she mads her way down the hall and towards the stairs, stopping for a second since she was feeling quite dizzy. "This...this.." She sneezed loudly, sniffing her runny nose afterwards. "This never happens to me," she thought out loud, and was already walking to the kitchen. Tenchi and the others had been on vacation for the past few days; they had tried to wake-up Ayeka several times but decided it was best she got her rest.

The Tenchi Muyo gang had recently saved Ayeka from being a prisoner from a man who was bent on cloning her and making a clone serve as a puppet for him to control Jurai. It wasn't easy, as Ayeka had to wait several days for the crew to find her. It seems she had gotten sick from the lack of clean water and barely eatable food she was given while she was trapped. Sags under her eyes, and a 12-pound weight loss made Ayeka look anything but a Princess. She was pale and weak, and she couldn't bear that this was happening to her.

"I wish my stomach wouldn't ache so much." She felt her stomach that was hidden under her usual purple kimono, which was once a perfect fit for her; it was now very baggy. She tightened her kimono and got a glass of soda, the only thing she could keep down with her flu. Groaning as she journeyed upstairs, she crept back into bed when she finally made it to her room.

The Next day...

Sitting in the living room with a box of tissues and the remote, she watched her daily soap opera and tried to forget about her cold. She had almost forgotten about it when she felt an urge to throw up. Rushing to the bathroom, she made it in time by throwing-up in the sink, cringing at the horrible smell and taste. As she walked back to the living room, a commercial had come on:

"Dang it, does that cold and flu never go away? Wish ya could go outside again without tossing your cookies? Well, here we are, folks, with the new formulated elixir by Exlis; you'll be able to recover faster in no time!"

Ayeka peered over at the TV and saw the product, and her face brightened up. "Time for some shopping I suppose." She smiled halfway and went upstairs to get in some decent clothes.

"Let's see here, um.... All of these medicines are confusing..." Ayeka had never been shopping for medicine before; usually, she had Washu just help her out in a second with any symptoms of the common cold or anything like that. "Wait a minute. I could just go to Miss. Washu's lab and look for the serum she always gave me. But, then again, it's dangerous in that lab of hers. I think I should get the medicine just in case." With that, she continued also to get items on a list Tenchi had left for her to get at the grocery store when she was better.

"Ah, I think I feel better already," Ayeka said as she sat at the couch in the living room, reading the directions on the medicine bottle. "Warning, taking more than allotted dosage could cause drowsiness and sleepiness. Please do not exceed more than three tablespoons in 5 hours," Ayeka read aloud, and she popped off the cap and poured some in a measurement spoon. She swallowed the elixir, which had the distinct taste of cherry and lime, which tasted a bit odd to her. She took two more tablespoons since she was an adult, and gags a little at how thick it is. "I should wash this down. This tastes worse than Ryoko's cooking..."

She vaguely remembered the time she had tasted her opposite's cooking, which isn't very good since Ryoko was immune to a lot of poisons... "Wow, my head certainly feels better, I'm glad I went to the store for this stuff." She poured a small glass of half-&-half. She splashed some water at the sink on her face and dried it off. Walking over to the bathroom, she looked into the mirror and saw herself. She looked pale and tired, but she couldn't get over at how much thinner she looked. "I must've gone down a dress size. All the better for Lord Tenchi; with this figure, that demon stands no chance! But of course, she never really stood a chance against a Princess like me, ahohohoho!" She laughed with some renewed energy, and went about the house to do some chores, as she had nothing to do until the next soap opera came on.

Chapter Two