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Ayeka's Gluttony
By Kazan Kazani

Chapter Two:
From Ookikunai to Ookii - Part One
(Non-Literal Translation: From Small to Big)

It was about 3 hours since Ayeka had taken some of that elixir, and she was feeling quite herself again. All the chores were done, she even re-arranged furniture and the fridge since both the fridge and living room were simply too messy for her comfort. She finished picking up all of her tissues from earlier and tossed them into a nearby wastebasket. She breathed deep and relaxed on the couch, feeling tired from the housework. Maybe the medicine isn't a complete cure; I really should be resting instead of cleaning. She took her time up the stairs and into her room to take a short nap.

She awoke when she heard thunder clashing right outside the windows. Full of fear for a second, then realizing it was but a simple thunderstorm, she tried to go back to sleep when she notices her nose was stuffy again. She got up to get a tissue, and began to cough terribly, pushing her hand against the wall for some balance so she wouldn't fall. "It, it, [sneezes] looks like this dreadful cold is back.." she groaned, so she fell back to her futon, struggling to get some rest.

The next morning, Ayeka already knew it was going to be a very long day. Her flu was back just as worse now, but after from having a relief from that medicine, she now knew what to expect. So, she had taken a seat at the couch with blankets, a box of tissues, and some green tea, flipping the channels, watching the TV most of the morning. She un-intentionally avoided using the medicine, since she would drift off to sleep every other 3 hours. For a while this continued, from about 9am to 4pm, with the rainy and gray day dragging on. When she finally woke up at 4, she got up and wondered what to do, as nothing was on the TV and her flu was getting worse.

She looked over to the counter and saw the elixir that she had gotten for her cold and decided now of all times should be good to take some. Maybe I have to take more and some everyday until the cold disappears. It made sense, since she only had the minimum dosage, plus she'd only taken it once. She walked over, grabbed a spoon from the counter, and began to pour the medicine. This time she took 5 tablespoons of the elixir. Despite the dosage recommendation, she wanted this sickness to just go away - besides it was cough medicine, how bad can a small overdose like this be?

"Ah, that should do it! [sneezes]" She immediately began to feel drowsy instead of the throbbing headache she had all day; a wave of dizziness went over her. She wasn't worried, though. It'd happened before, but it was a bit stronger this time. She looked over to the fridge and opened it, looking all around. "I guess I'll have some more tea before I go to bed." She reached in the Fridge, and her hands went past the tea and she grabbed some other bottle...

Hours later, Ayeka woke up on something hard and cringed at the pain in her back. She slowly got up and rubbed her head, feeling strange but not as sick as before. She saw that she had somehow wound up on the floor upstairs in the hallway. Getting up slowly, she fixed her slightly frizzy hair and tried to regain her composure. She hadn't seen herself, but ffom the way she felt she knew that she didn't look good. Walking down the stairs, she gasped and her eyes grew wide as she looked out at the living room.

The furniture was rearranged; the couch had been tipped over and she saw glass bottles everywhere, some which were broken and has shattered pieces everywhere as well. She saw that someone had writen the words, "My Tenchi" all over the wall where Washu's entrance to her lab was. Passing by, still surprised, she went into the kitchen to see the fridge wide open, with some cartons of milk, empty and non-empty, on the floor, with a small puddle of ilk and tea having been gathered right beneath the fridge door. Walking over it, she looked around once again at the mayhem that had taken place while she was sleeping on the floor upstairs. Maybe someone had broken in? But how, no one can get by Miss Washu's security...this is quite odd...

Kneeling down to pick up the glasses, she saw the label on them and instantly knew what had happened. "Oh my! That heathen was here; this looks exactly like one of her silly little parties!" she grew angry with Ryoko, who had apparently snuck back in the house and had a wild time in the house. "But why would she be here..." Ayeka had remembered that Tenchi had gone over to America, and she doubted that even Ryoko would come all the way over here for some saki. Besides, they had plenty over there in America. "Everything's such a blur...and I have this strange headache.." she felts her head and then noticed her kimono. She got up to loosen it a little bit, feeling a little snug in it. Well, no use in getting upset, I'll just have to clean up the house yet again... She shrugged off the mystery as to what happened, and regardless of not feeling well, she went on and cleaned the house again.

Grabbing a towel as she went into the onsen, Ayeka felt exhausted. She had finally finished cleaning the house and it was now around 3am. Taking off her kimono, and slowly slipping into the water, she breathed in the nice, hot, steamy air which was way better than the cold and rainy conditions in the weather this past few weeks. She began to slide the bar of soap she had found nearby across her pale skin, from head to toe, when she stopped at her midsection. Is it just me or… She felt down on her midsection and looked down to see a small bulge instead of her usual flat stomach. Her sides showed a hint of love handles forming. She felt her sides and grabbed a hold of her soft, pale extra flesh.

"Hm…maybe I shouldn't eat anymore cookies...if Ryoko were here she would be overjoyed...." she almost cursed Ryoko's name, still mad at her from the trick she might've pulled. "It shouldn't be too much to worry about; I did lose a bit too much in so little time..." She continued to lather the soap on and then felt down at her hips, and found that they too had a bit more flesh on them. Her legs seemed to take a little less breathing space, too, Ayeka now grew worried about this. I should try and sleep more instead of eating..yes, that's it. Then in no time I'll be back to my usually fit self! She then finished her small bath after about 20 more minutes and went back inside to sleep.

Waking up in the afternoon, at around 2, Ayeka decided she better start her sleep-more-eat-less campaign ASAP. She walked into one of the bathrooms of the house and found a scale that wasn't really in use anymore. She stepped on it, and looked down at the scale slowly stopping at a number. "125, about 4 more than I was last week..." Ayeka had always used this scale to manage herself. She was proud she did it, too; as a princess one must always look fit and proper as standing for such an incredible empire. "Hm, I think some of that medicine is in order for; I nearly threw up in the middle of last night."

She walked out of the bathroom and downstairs and into the kitchen. Taking another five tablespoon dosage, she gagged a little at the horrible taste. Moving over to the fridge, she opened it up and looked around. "I think I'll have some dinner before I go to bed." She groggily reached in and pulled out some tea, along with a small cup of saki. Going over to the covert, she hesitated to get anything else, but remembered that they had some supposedly fat-free snacks in the covert. Opening it up, there were about eight bags, all which hadn't been touched or looked at in ages, since Sasami had cooked all the time for them. Not knowing what the difference was between fat-free and fat-loaded, she tried to choose a bag that was fat-free.

She decided to forget it since her show was coming on, and just grabbed one of the regular bags, completely un-aware of the nutritional facts, and hurried over to the sofa. "The finale is on tonight; I hope Jurro asks her out; he deserves so much better than that Megumi." Taking a seat, she opened up the bag of chips, with the flavor rushing out of the bag and to Ayeka's nose. "Wow… what a splendid smell. It's a good thing these are fat-free!" With that, she dug into her bag of chips, at first one by one, but as the finale began to climax, she continually ate more per hand: one chip, two chips, then soon seven chips at a time.

She absentmindedly ate them so fast, and within the first half of the finale she had polished off the entire bag. Drinking all of her tea and saki, Ayeka quickly got up from the couch and got more saki and another bag before the commercials ended. Burping lightly, she began to feel drowsy and instead of a small cup of saki, she grabbed the entire bottle. Taking an unlike-herself-huge-swig of the bottle, Ayeka belched loudly while taking the seat at the sofa ,opening the bag of chips, and beginning to ate them as before.

"That idiot! He should've gone out with her, go out with her!!" Ayeka yelled at the TV, obviously under the influence of the heavy saki drinking. Shoving eight chips in her mouth, she reached over to her left and got the remote, changing the channel. "Boring..." she says, while drinking more saki, with half of the one-liter bottle already gone. BUURP! Ayeka almost laughed a little, looking at the bottle. "Goodness, my, no way for a princess to act...ohohoho!" She continued to eat the chips and drink more of the saki. She continued this while under the influence of the saki for an amazing 13 hours, watching TV, eating and drinking and writing Tenchi's name on the wall with hearts.

Moaning, Ayeka woke up yet again, this time to the sound of the wind and the thunderstorm outside. Rolling off the couch, and landing hard on her butt on the floor, she officially woke up, with yet another headache. "My, my..." she looked up again to see that the house was a mess again like the day before. "Who is the world is doing thi-" she began to yell but then remembered sitting down at the couch to watch her soap opera. Oh no..this couldn't've been me....I would never do such a thing! She stood up, with her kimono fitted on her messily, seeing the bottles of saki from last night. "Oh well that would explain it...."

She picked up the glass, then saw the numerous bag of potato chips, and gasped. There must've been at least eight bags all around the room! Ayeka nearly threws a fit when she saw this, but stopped when she realized that she must've eaten all of them! "No.." she silently cried, and raced upstairs, taking a little more time than usual to make the flight of stairs. Going straight to the bathroom, Ayeka flipped on the mirror, and got out the scale. She stepped on it, and nearly screamed!

"145?!! How, how is that possible?!" She wearily looked over to the mirror, and cringed as she took off her kimono. Her face looked a little fuller, her subtle cheekbones not even there anymore. She examined closer to see a faint double chin forming, but it was barely noticeable. Upon looking further down her body, Ayeka looked at her chest. Her bra was barely able to hold in Ayeka's enlarging breasts, with small rolls of delicious fat on the right under where her arms and breasts met. Her bra was really straining, she must've gone up at least two sizes.

The big hit, though, was her stomach and hips. Now she had definite love handles, spilling over the sides of her panties, which were barely containing Ayeka's large, soft, pale-creamed color belly which was beginning to form a large spare tire. Her belly stuck out a half an inch of her new bust. She almost cried when she saw this, but had yet to notice her hips. They had a huge amount of soft fat on them, and it seemed that the fat was cellulite as well. As she turned, her extra flesh on hips giggled a little, with her butt coming into view. It was definitely bigger, no longer firm but very soft and pillow like. She poked her butt, with her finger sinking at least an inch into rubber like skin, which was now stretching Ayeka's panties to the limit. She lifted the big belly roll and pulled at her panties and found their marks they left when they were squeezed around on her widening waist.

"This, this…isn't me...but it is! What have I done to myself?! Lord Tenchi...would never love me now..." She began to cry a little bit and noticed that a small amount of new fat under her arms jiggled as she ran to back downstairs and began to clean up furiously the mess she had made with the party she had earlier. Such a rapid weight gain for a Princess. Even though she did occasionally fight evil, her weight always fluctuated and each time she would gain and lose again, her metabolism would grow slower and slower. She immediately threw out all the chips, saki, anything that had alcohol and junk food in it, she threw out. I will not let this go on any longer! Ayeka thought, and she ran back upstairs with her butt and her belly jiggling noticeably, but a little, back into her room to start a new day. A new day where she would try to work off all of this weight.

Chapter Three