Weight Room Title Bar

Ayeka's Gluttony
By Kazan Kazani

Chapter Three:
From Ookikunai to Ookii - Part Two
(Non-Literal Translation: From Small to Big)

The sun rose up in the sky - finally, some sunshine after all of those rainy days. Ironic that such a beautiful day would be a horrible one for Ayeka. She had work to do, and Tenchi was coming in about two weeks so she had no time to lose, only the weight (lol). Walking down the stairs, Ayeka groggily ignored the mess all around her, and headed straight for the kitchen. This is outrageous; it must be a trick of some sort! I would never do this to myself.

She reached in the fridge and pulled out some saki and tea. Well, I won't eat anything today, not a thing! If I just drink tea and saki all day, and then sleep, I should get back to my normal self just in time for Lord Tenchi. Ayeka's positive thinking was crushed a little by the thought of Tenchi's possible reaction to all of this when he got back. Ryoko would be laughing for weeks, and would win Tenchi instantly on the spot if they see her like this. Sitting at the table, she chugged down some tea and saki. There's barely any hope for me...unless... Ayeka peered over at Washu's door and got a dangerous but worthwhile idea. Maybe one of Washu's inventions could assist me in ridding of this disgusting figure.... She got up, stopping by the sink to put in her glasses, and went over to the lab door, opening it and disappearing into another dimension.

Looking around, Ayeka didn't know where to start. She wished Washu were here. She was the only one who could even fathom what any of these machines, inventions, etc. did. But if Washu were here, it would be so embarrassing for Ayeka; she wouldn't know what to say if she were here. I'll just go over here... Suddenly, a portal appeared with Washu stepping out of it. Ayeka panicked and jumped into a pile of mechanical-whatever they were.

Hm..now where did I put that scale...oh yeah, silly me, it's in the back room!" the scientist hit her head and rushed further into her dingy lab. Ayeka looked on and blinked, wondering what she meant by 'scale.' Washu rushed back from the depths of her lab and opened up another portal and jumped in, with it sealed as she left. Maybe I should try that back room, she did mention a scale being there... She got up from the pile, brushing herself off, and hurrying as fast as she could over to the back room in the lab.

She had to stop every now and then to catch her breath, since the back room turned out to be at least a mile away. By the time she arrived there, she was almost completely out of breath. Her chest heaved up and down as she looked for whatever she could find that might help her return to her natural shape. Looking around, she finally saw a tube of serum in a test tube holder. "Hmm," she read the label aloud: "Poly, poly," she tried to pronounce the 20 lettered word, but then saw a subtitle underneath. "Weight Loss XL 3: Experimental - sounds promising.." she took the tube without thinking and took her time getting out of Washu's lab.

After taking some of the serum from Washu's lab, Ayeka hummed with pure joy as she finished her housework. "Thank Tsunami for Miss.Washu," she said, as she swept the kitchen. Despite her figure not looking any different, she felt as if she had never gained at all. "After I'm through cleaning, I think a nice hot bath would be the perfect way to end the day."

Indeed it was. At the end of the long hard cleaning day, Ayeka spent twice the amount of time in the onsen, admiring the work of Washu's serum on her once chubby body. Afterwards, she weighed herself and found that she was at around 143. She was feeling very relieved and decided to take the rest of the serum overnight; that way she would be thinner then she had been in the past year or so.

The next morning, Ayeka was greeted by a thinner body of 135 pounds. Her belly had shrunken a little, and the excess skin had disappeared around her sides, with now very faint love handles. Her butt was firmer, and her legs had more breathing space, but the huge difference was her face and arms. Her face was now just as thin as it was before, and her arms didn't as much fat on them as before.

Aside from the good results of the serum, she felt a huge wave of hunger come all over her. She looked over from her bedside, and for once not feeling sick, and saw the emptied test tube of the serum she had taken. Well, now, all I have to do is watch what I eat, but I'm strangely... She got up and fled downstairs. Lord Tenchi had left money behind in case shopping was needed. But I'm sure he won't mind if I use it for anything else. She dressed in some casual clothes, grabbed her thin brown trench coat (Tenchi Forever) and got everything else ready and got out of the house at the early hour of 7 am.

Walking on a sidewalk in the small town nearby Tenchi's house, Ayeka had missed the bus when she was buying some new clothes for herself at a nearby store. She didn't mind, though, as it was a bright sunny day and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. As she walked, the small lunch at the store she had (two American milk drinks known as "Milk Chugs"), she became tired and hungry. Looking to her right, she saw a small out-of-the-way bar. Well, I am kind of lost, I could go and ask directions to the Masaki Shrine, since I did take the bus here... Deciding she would, she hurried her way inside, needing some help.

Looking around, Ayeka saw a group of three middle aged men playing a game of cards, and the occasional young man drinking an imported martini or a hot glass of saki. Seeing the bartender, she walked up to him and smiled politely. "Um yes, I would like to know how to get to the Masaki Shrine nearby here." The bartender looked at her and smiled, while cleaning a glass.

"Aye me lady, I would be telling you if I knew the way," he said, sounding a bit sad he couldn't help such a beautiful woman.

"Is that right? Well, thank you anyway, good sir."

"I know where it is." Ayeka looked over to a young man who was taking a sip of a bottle of saki. He was about 6'4'' and was maybe around 18 or 19. He had goggles lying right above his head, which were partially covered by his long blonde bangs, which were accompanied by a Trunks-style haircut, but without the mushroom look to it. He looked over, with his linear face showing his deep almost silver eyes, and he smiled at her. Adjusting his maroon trench coat, which matched with his maroon army boots and maroon jeans, he spoke. "Hey there, I think I can help ya out."

Ayeka blinked a few times, taken back by the actual notion that she felt somewhat attracted by him. "Um yes...I was wondering if you could help me with directions to the Masaki Shrine from here."

"Sure, take a seat and join me in a glass first though, young lady." Ayeked looks at him, and from what she could tell he wasn't drunk from the amount of alcohol he had drank. She decided why not, after that walk across town and shopping she needed to sit for a little bit. She asked for the same thing the man was having, but in a smaller glass.

He took another long sip, and looked back over to Ayeka. "My name's Kazan." He offered his hand while taking another sip. Ayeka smiled a little and shook it.

"Mine is Ayeka, thank you for helping me out."

"No prob."

For the next half hour, instead of getting directions, Ayeka got to know Kazan a little more and found she enjoyed his company. Not only that, she felt comfortable that he didn't get drunk easily; he had five glasses of saki and even an order of distilled vodka. Ayeka on the other hand was getting a tipsy after her 3rd glass, but she was able to think clearly.

"Oh, Mister Kazan, you're so funny! Ohohoho!" she patted him on the back, with the two enjoying each other's company very much. Afterwards, Kazan decided he'd better walk her home to the Masaki Shrine; he wouldn't feel right if he just left her there.

About 45 minutes later, Kazan led Ayeka into the Masaki Household, who threw her shopping bags on the couch and hugged her arm around Kazan since she was about to fall. "Tonight, Misao is going to get back at him; I just know it!" Ayeka went on, wandering over to the sofa and flipping on the TV. Kazan just stood there, like Ayeka forgot about him, and was confused what to do. After two minutes of just the TV, Ayeka noticed him again and patted down next to her.

"Come, watch it with me, please!" She smiled, even though they'd only just met, Kazan could tell she was giving out some of the signals. Well, I guess those extra glasses after number three for her put her in the mood. It isn't right of me, but I have a schedule to maintain for the other one...

"Sure." He hopped right over and sat down next to her, putting his arm around her and watching the T.V. "Hm, I'm hungry, you have anything to eat around here?" Ayeka looked over and blinked.

"Oh! yes of course, I'm a little hungry too, myself - and thirsty, too. Come on." She got up, with Kazan following her behind. Reaching in the coverts, she found the other stash of chips, about nine bags. "Hmm, these are so good." Ayeka talked to herself and reached in once again for chips.

Kazan looked around for anything to drink, and found four tall bottles of saki in the fridge. "Hm." he looked over at Ayeka, who had grabbed three bags and headed for the sofa already. Looking around for some cups, he found a measuring cup and reached into his pocket. Smiling, he pulled out a small packet of some sort of powder. This should make things more interesting. Pouring the whole bag in the cup, then measuring it into the saki bottle, he walked into the living room with two bottles of the beverage. Taking a seat next to her, he watched as she gobbled down the chips while watching the TV show. Then he offered her something to drink.

"Oh, how nice of you!" she grabbed and kissed him on the cheek while grabbing the bottle. Obviously, Ayeka just loved to drink: under the influence again, surrounded by food, and this time with a stranger. Kazan smilesd, while looking at her, completely turned on by the situation. All she needs is a little push, then I'll have to go to America and check upon the other one.

He looked at his watch, and glanced over at Ayeka, who just had finished the first half of the first bag in a matter of two minutes. Ayeka was now chugging down the rest of the saki bottle, gasping for air after the long shot of alcohol. Changing the channel, Kazan drank with Ayeka, who after every sip of saki became more indulged by the chips.

After around an hour, it was now 6:00pm. Kazan watched Ayeka finishing off the the last of the snacks. He then finally decided to give her his 'special' saki. "I'm so full...though." She held in a burp, with her clothing expanding for a brief second when she did. Kazan moved towards her, holding the bottle and waving it in front of her eyes.

"Please..?" Ayeka's eyes followed the saki, and she looked right into his eyes and winked at him.

"Alrighty, just for you..you're cute!" she lightly tapped him on the jaw with her fist, and began to drink it all down. "Ya know what, Tenchi. Let me tell you something." Ayeka drank the rest of her saki and wrapped her arms around Kazan, looking from below up to his eyes, nudging her head against his chest. She pointed at him, and smiled. "I love you!! Ohohohoho!" She laughed, thinking Kazan was indeed her Lord Tenchi. Looking down at her, Kazan smiled, wanting to play along but was short on time. He reached over for an unopened bag of chips and persuaded Ayeka to eat more, with Kazan feeding her with handfuls of the fattening junk food. She was having a grand time, and just like before, this went on for the rest of the night. Kazan even went as far as pouring another batch of his special powder in the rest of her drinks.

Waking up at around 9am, Kazan groaned from the brief two hours of sleep and saw that it was morning already. He raced from the couch, without awakening Ayeka, and got his shoes and overcoat on. Looking at his watch, he ran outside the door, running nearby to the Shrine. Crap, I hope I don't miss it. A minute and a half later, he saw a portal opened, waiting for his arrival. Sighing in relief, he fixed his attire and looked at the portal. "I'm coming..hehehee" he laughed, and he jumped inside the portal, with it sealing behind his entrance.

Chapter Four