Weight Room Title Bar

Ayeka's Gluttony
By Kazan Kazani

Chapter Four:
From Ookikunai to Ookii - Part Three
(Non-Literal Translation: From Small to Big)

Completely knocked out from last night - or whatever happened last night - Ayeka opened her eyes a little, and cringed at the brightness of the sun coming in from the window. Getting up from the couch, she didn't notice the small mess around her and absentmindedly went over to the kitchen and to get some breakfast. Amazingly, there was hardly anything in the fridge, except for some imported American cheese and a bottle of saki. Not really caring right now, she cringed at her hangover, took out the saki and drank a bit from it. It tasted weird, though; she observed some kind of substance was mixed with it, but it only tasted like chocolate now.

She didn't care right now, and chugged down a little more. Such a huge headache...I feel as if I taken on the Juarain Defense Force all by myself. She yawned and felt her head. Walking back to the living room she plopped down on the couch, falling fast asleep.

"Try our new medicine today to rid yourself of that."

Ayeka opened her eyes, one by one, to a commercial on TV she must've left on. This is becoming quite common with me, Ayeka thought, referring to her continuing sleeping and waking up, not knowing what had happened. Walking upstairs, she decided to go ahead and take a nice shower in the onsen. Before she went though, she needed to check up on herself with the scale. Down the hall and into the bathroom, Ayeka kneeled down, breathing moderately heavy, and felt where she usually hid her scale. Odd, It's not there. Getting back up, Ayeka failed to notice herself in the mirror and decided to not take a bath just yet. I feel like shopping; maybe I should do that...

Twenty minutes later, she got off the bus and headed for the Department Store. She was getting tired of wearing her kimono and the same old thing around the house and outside, so she decided to get something new. After all, thanks to Washu's serum, she'd have a broader choice now. As she walked in, a receptionist came up to here, and was a little shocked at what she saw.

"Hello, um, Miss, may I help you with anything...?" She looked at Ayeka, who happily replied. "Yes, I'm looking for some summer clothes; as you can see, mine are quite outdated." She laughed a little, with the receptionist nodding, but not agreeing on the same thing. "Well, yes it appears you do need some new clothes, just wait right there while I get you some of our specials today."

"Thank you so much." Ayeka went into the back of the department store and waited outside the dressing room for the lady to come back.

Three minutes later, the lady came back with three outfits; they seemed a little big to Ayeka but it was mainly since they weren't folded and were in a pile. "Excuse the mess we have, we're remodeling and some idiot decided to take these off the racks. When you buy any of the, we'll iron and clean them up for you." Ayeka smiled.

"Again, thank you ma'am." She bowed, with the lady looking at her.

"Don't mention it!" She walked away. While Ayeka went into the dressing room. hanging up her clothes, she picked one of the outfits, which was a kimono of a far more recent design (not to mention more Earth influenced too) and a different color: maroon. Taking off her own clothing, she breathed in some air, and turned around slowly. Freezing immediately, Ayeka gasped. "What.."

She walked up to the mirror and blinked a few times, and also pinched herself to make sure she wasn't in a dream. "No..this..mustn't be real." Looking into a mirror once again, she saw the results of that blurry night she had with Kazan (which she barely even could remember). It was worse than before! Her thinner body had become way bigger.

She looked at her face and saw a moderately deep second chin; her cheeks were puffed up a little more, with some sweat coming down the side of them. As she went down the mirror, she noticed her collarbones longer showed, and she pinched where they were: at least a half-inch of fat. Her eyes grew when she saw her bra, which was straining worse than before; her bra seemed skintight, and it was sagging a little more She was probably up three bra sizes. She struggled at the bra strap which cut into her very fleshy back.

Looking at her midsection, the big belly roll came back and was now accompanied by two more forming ones right above it, when Ayeka was standing, too! She sobbed, with a tear coming down her puffy face, when she looked at her panties, which were also skintight, and she could only see what little of the sides she saw, with the larger belly roll suffocating the front of her underwear. She poked her belly roll, and her entire stomach in a wave jiggled along with contact, and took about 10 seconds to stop. Her hips were very wide; they were about one inch away from extending past the mirror.

She felt and caressed her hips, in which the bone was long before gone; it was hidden underneath nothing but blubber. Her inner thighs now touched. She turned around, slowly as before, and she looked at her butt. Its bust was more than her chest bust was, at least by two inches! Nothing but cellulite, she poked again and again at her ass. It moved accordingly, over and over. Her estimate was she weighed at least 165; it was simply amazing to her.

She was confused at how she gained so much. Her chest was very huge now - the only plus that came from this weight. She bent down a little to put her clothes back on, when she heard a ripping sound. Blushing, she felt her panties not becoming so tight anymore. Standing up and turning her abdomen as much as it could go, which wasn't very much, she managed to see blubber poking out of the moderate hole. She observed her sides, which were now gifted with very definite love handles, and her back had formed a roll and a developing second one when she tried to reach behind her back to undo the strap to her bra. Her arms had added an inch more of fat; it wobbled uncontrollably when she moved them. Along with her even more milky complexion, to match a very plump figure, Ayeka was a sight to see.

There is no way.... She couldn't say anything else except that it couldn't have happened again, this wasn't her, she couldn't think of anything either, except that she had to get out of here, ASAP. Putting her original clothes, she ran out, with some tears streaming down her face. She did not wait for the bus and decided to run home instead.

Getting home, Ayeka, threw the door closed, going straight for the kitchen, but not at top speed. She was so tired and winded from the run/walk back home. It was late at night and she was ravenously hungry. Forget it! If I'll keep on looking like this, there's no use into trying to prevent it at all! Normally, this would be irrational, out-of-the question thoughts for Ayeka, but she didn't care anymore. She could go back to Jurai, since Tenchi would no longer like her anymore, and have one of father's suitors - that is, if they would still like her. She nearly burst out crying, and opened the fridge, pulling out the American cheese and the chips from the covert, which were almost gone now.

After about an hour of eating the cheese and chips, she belched loudly, with her stomach pushing the limits of her kimono, which she changed out of a little earlier before sitting down to the TV. She got up and wanted nothing but to salve her hunger, since it seemed that was the only thing she could do right: eat. Remembering the bar Ayeka got some sandals on and grabbed some yen on her way out to the desolate bar in the cold night.

"Bartender!" Ayeka commanded, the old Irish man looking over to the door. "Give me your finest!" She slammed some yen on the bar table, taking a seat in a stool. There was barely anyone there, except for the same group of men playing cards, too busy to notice anything else going on in the world.

"Miss has an appetite for drinking tonight eh? Would ya like any of our specials? It's an Italian import from the continent I grew up near."

Ayeka looked at him and nodded. "If it's not too much trouble, yes." She looked down at her stomach, which formed a deep belly roll, in which her clothing did exact same with it since it was just too tight. "Fettuccini Alfredo it is! Hey, McCladen!" He yelled over to the kitchen, with the chef in the back waving, confirming he had gotten the order. Soon, Ayeka's meal would begin...

Chapter Five