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Ayeka's Gluttony
By Kazan Kazani

Chapter Five:
Afterwards - Before the End

Groaning, Ayeka heaved herself out of the bus seat and towards the front of the bus. The bus driver stared at the purple-headed princess as she got off and shook her head. Ayeka looked around as the bus drove off and groaned a little again, feeling her bloated stomach underneath the kimono she wore. "Ugh...the meal was quite tasty but..." Ayeka let out a huge burp and drowsily made her way to the house, the effects of the saki kicking in a bit late. Finally, Ayeka saw the house in the distance....

As usual, the next morning came around, and for once Ayeka found herself in the place she was supposed to be sleeping: her futon up in her room. From the moment she got up, she felt a great deal better than from last night and could immediately get out of bed. "I feel so vibrant today; if only the weather were the same." Walking over to the window, she pulled back the curtains, and unexpected sunshine knocked Ayeka back to the bed.

Rubbing her eyes, Ayeka slowly got back up, having a slight headache from the rush of good weather from the outside. Well, looks like I was wrong. Walking out of her room, Ayeka was indifferent to the past few events that have happened to her today. Right now, she could only hope for the best when Lord Tenchi came back.

Deciding she should get some energy before tiding up the house for tomorrow's arrival, Ayeka went down the hall and to the kitchen. Opening the fridge, the princess grabbed some whole milk - and some other treats like a box of truffles and a bag o' chocolate kisses. Ayeka had gone through a pity phase when she went shopping and had stopped by a candy store to console her sadness with wonderful treats. Sitting herself down at the table, she poured herself a tall glass of the beverage. She remembered that her soap opera would be on at a different time today, which was in three minutes when she looked at the clock. Making her way to the couch over in the living room, she located the remote and turned on the TV as she took a seat. Opening the bag of kisses, Ayeka felt anticipation for something to eat right, even though she wasn't very hungry.

Unwrapping kiss after kiss, Ayeka's hand were dabbed a little with chocolate. Since it was a bit warm in the house it made the kisses softer rather than hard. Keeping her eyes glued to the TV, Ayeka drank from her glass of milk and soon turned her need for food to the truffles. "Oh, Ukyo, he still loves you..." she said in response to the soap on the television. To be honest, I find this chocolate very enjoyable... Ayeka grabbed the truffles by two's now, occasionally going over back to the bag of kisses and the glass of milk.

Minutes later, Ayeka had chocolate smeared over mouth; she had finished all of the truffles and half of the bag of kisses, and her milk had been gone by the eighth truffle. Getting up, Ayeka took her time back to the fridge to get more milk. Looking around in the fridge, she wanted something more of a variety. Fortunately, she'd gotten more saki from the market, so she took some of that instead of milk. Drinking straight from the bottle, Ayeka was beginning to feel a sense of joy and sensibility she rarely felt before. Admittedly, she did not like the poundage she had gained, but there was nothing she could do about it until Washu would return. She had figured when she woke up today that there was no use in trying to do anything about it.

A full two minutes passed, when Ayeka finished off the medium sized bottle of saki. "Urp...this is the best breakfast I've had in years, ohohoho!" Looking into the fridge yet again, this time her eyes saw a strange container she had never saw before. It was a maroon thermos, and she didn't recall buying anything like that from the store. Opening it up, she took a little taste by dipping her finger in the substance. "Hm..more chocolate..."

Ayeka gleamed in pleasure, and began to chug down the thick, chocolate mix. A little of it dripped out of the corners of her mouth and down her neck and over her now very tight kimono. Hearing from the T.V., Ayeka could hear one of the main characters rejecting someone, and she immediately raced back to the living room, carrying another saki bottle, the thermos, and bag of snooker doodles (sugar cookies) along with her. "You blockhead! You oaf! Why I, I, he should be punished for such cold manner!" she shouted, throwing kisses at the screen. Somehow, Ayeka never did get to cleaning up the house.

Lying back on the couch, Ayeka for once was not asleep, but was close to becoming asleep, whenl the doorbell rang. Pushing herself up, she no longer had such good balance like she used to, and she struggled to regain it. Going over to the door, she opened it, with a delivery guy standing right there. "Um, is this the right house?" he said looking down at the piece of paper. "The Masaki Residence?" he blinked, looking at Ayeka in front of him.

"Yesh, I would dink so, you nincompoop." Ayeka replied; she had been drinking again. "Bad day too eh? Well, the order is right here, express, courtesy of Jinko Candy Delivery Services. Five boxes of chocolates, three bags of kisses and one box of truffles." He nodded his head to the boxes on the ground beside him. "That'll be 40 dollars please." Ayeka was given an order she had apparently asked for, and the boy was waiting for the money. "As the Princess of Jurai, I command...your services, you shall be....rewarded. Thank you, and g'night young man." Ayeka slammed the door, leaving the delivery guy alone. "Oh well...she was drunk; she must've had a break up or something." Walking away and to his car, the Masaki residence was once again alone.

At the couch again, Ayeka continued to gorge herself on wonderful chocolates. Even though she didn't really care anymore, under the influence of the saki she ate past the point where she would normally draw the line. Her kimono now was loosening due to Ayeka's stomach expanding from so much food. Ayeka then accidentally dropped a few kisses. One fell down her chest and two went bouncing slightly off her bulging belly underneath her clothing, then finally landing on the floor. "Oh dear," she proceeded to bend down and pick them up, but was stopped by the huge bulge in her midsection.

Struggling, with a small bead of sweat coming down the side of her puffy face, Ayeka just couldn't reach the candy. Seeing what was the problem, the princess loosened what held her kimono together and was finally able to bend down. "Much better." She then popped the small chocolates into her mouth, savoring the melting of the sweet substance in her needy mouth. Reaching over to her right to drink the rest of the 76% gone saki bottle, Ayeka used her other arm to reach for the remote. Barely able to get it, she aimed at the TV and changed the channel to the news. Too drunk to really care, she paid little attention to the reporter talking about a notorious fugitive who dressed in all maroon.

Chapter Six