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Ayeka's Gluttony
By Kazan Kazani

Chapter Six:
What Happened to You?

Waking up on the couch, Ayeka was more exhausted then she felt in her entire life. Slowly sitting up, Ayeka once again saw the results of a party she must've had last night when she was drinking. "Oh perfect, she commented sarcastically, and got up form the couch. Looking around, Ayeka slowly realized that today was the day when Tenchi would come back after all these days. "Goodness, I had almost forgot about them."

Ayeka spent the next hour and a half cleaning up the living room;it took so long since she occasionally had to stop for a break and fix her kimono so it wouldn't squeeze the life out of her. Totally winded, Ayeka finished, with no evidence of her partying left. I need to have some breakfast. Ayeka remembered now that Tenchi wouldn't arrive until this evening, so she had a whole day to prepare the house. Going over to the kitchen, Ayeka stopped and thought she was wobbling a little instead of walking. Shrugging it off, the princess looked inside the fridge to end her hunger, but her eyes grew wide. "Nothing..? That's odd." The fridge had no more food in it - sure maybe a package of cheese, leftover sushi here and there, but nothing conventional. "Looks like I'll be going out for breakfast instead. I could use the fresh air anyways." And with that, Ayeka got ready and left the door for the town to have her first meal of the day.

"Well, it be the Misses again," the bartender greeted, while pouring a glass of saki for her. Ayeka took a seat at the bar and smiled.

"Morning, sir, oh." She saw the glass and took a hold of it. "Thank you," she said, while drinking some of it.

"What it'll be miss? A round of saki for ya?"

"Oh no, I'm more hungry today than thirsty."

He nodded, "Course, it's only nine in the morning. We're having a breakfast special today: Fried eggs, five strips of bacon, four links o' sausage and a glass of orange juice." Inside, Ayeka felt extremely hungry, and despite her own good she ordered the special, anyways.

"One order coming up for ya, Miss." The bartender went in the back to tell the cook, while Ayeka shifted in her seat a little bit. Ayeka, what are you doing to yourself...well, I'm sure Miss.Washu can help with this problem of mine. It seems that saki just makes it worse... Oh...Lord Tenchi...I'm sorry... Ayeka began to re-play the horrible scenario of Tenchi coming home to see her like this; it would just be so weird for both of them. Ayeka had felt tremendous guilt, too; enjoying so much cuisine that she had long left her beautiful figure that helped represent the Empire of Jurai, since she was to be Queen. This made her feel very depressed.

After about 12 minutes, her breakfast was ready, and what a meal it was! The fried eggs were still cooking on her plate; the bacon still sizzled; everything was fresh. Taking a timid bite at first, Ayeka soon took bigger bites, enjoying the fulfilling yet greasy meal placed in front of her. The bartender looked at her while she ate, and got a little worried. "Miss, I ain't trying to be mean, but shouldn't you be worried about eatin' so much there?" Ayeka looked at the bartender and blushed, more embarrassed than angry with the question.

"Well... "

"Ah it's okay, I'm just saying cause I dun want anyone be passing out on the floor from eatin so much."

Ayeka smiled a little. "How kind of you." Looking down at her plate, Ayeka felt her mouth water a little bit, and asked for another plate.

"Hey McClean! Another plate for the misses!" A man with a chef hat stuck his head out from a doorway.

"Aye?" The bartender nodded. "Aye, she has a bit of an appetite today with her." The chef nodded and winked at the purple haired princess, who was a bit confused at how he could wink at someone so...portly as she was becoming. "McClean hasn't had a customer like you in years; he appreciates you coming in like this." The princess looked at the bartender and returned another smile. "Please give him my regards then." The bartender nodded, and Ayeka waited for another serving of the huge breakfast. After the humongous breakfast at the bar, Ayeka was surprisingly not full, but not hungry either. Not that this was bad; she could now finally work on cleaning the house, after all. Tenchi's name was still written all over the wall. "Where should I begin?" She looked all around the house when she stepped inside the house, and sighed, for it would be a long day of cleaning.


Stepping inside her room, Ayeka was exhausted from finally getting the house back in shape. Her kimono (which she'd worn for about two days) was very dirty, so she decided to change into something clean (not to mention less confining). Hoping she would find something that would fit (even though she hadn't looked in a mirror since she was at the department store, she knew that she'd gained more), Ayeka looked feverishly through her drawers.

"Ah ha!" she cried, when she pulled out a pair of sweatpants and an oversized t-shirt she wore to bed. These should still fit me...let's go find out... Walking across the hallway and back into the bathroom, Ayeka flipped the light switch on and looked into the mirror. Gasping a little, Ayeka was taken back at how much more she'd gained from last time. I knew I was getting bigger, but this much? She wasn't alarmed or upset; she'd done this to herself, it wasn't anyone else's fault. Observing the mirror, Ayeka saw the effects of staying at home while the others were on vacation.

Her second chin was already deep, and if Ayeka was right she was forming a third one, but it wasn't very visible at all. Her cheeks had been puffed up a little more than before. Moving down her body, her chest had grown enormous! It must've been at least around 42 DDD, maybe a little bit less. They sagged down a little due to the lack of a worthy bra supporting them.

When she reached her waistline, Ayeka immediately knew where most of her weight had gone. Her stomach overflowed the band of her kimono that held it together, with a moderate bulge poking out underneath the band as well. She grabbed her stomach and watched it jiggled in response, it was so soft and warm the princess noticed. Her hips remained somewhat the same. A little growth had occurred, but they were still very big. Trying to turn, Ayeka had no success in doing so; her huge midsection wouldn't allow it. She did manage to see her rear sticking out fairly well. When she grabbed a hold of it, it was actually a little bit more firm than usual. I guess house cleaning helped a little bit.

She took a deep breath, with her whole body exotically shaking a bit. Even though she was no longer the essence of beauty she once considered herself, Ayeka noticed she carried the weight well. She was still the same princess, just more corpulent, a lot more. I hope I can explain this well; I'm more scared of being without words than anyone seeing me like this.

Stopping her study, Ayeka remembered about changing her clothes, and slowly bent down to pick up her sweatpants. Taking off her kimono, her soft, fleshy body was always in motion, especially her stomach. Sliding up the sweatpants, it was difficult to bring them up on her waist. The pants seemed too snug, so she sucked in as best as she could and finally got them on. Leaning over to get the oversized t-shirt, Ayeka could hear the door being opened.

"Oh no! Here already?" She hurried to put the t-shirt over her head. Pulling it down and over her huge breasts, the princess struggled. Cursing her expanded chest, which at first she didn't mind, the purple haired woman finally got the shirt on, which fitted like skin, clinging to her body, showing her wondrous chest and her huge Buddha belly.

Ayeka then opened the door, with a familiar face standing in front of her. Ayeka blinked, as it took a second to recognize the person in front of her. "R,Ryoko?"

The cyan haired woman nodded, too embarrassed to talk at first, but took a second look at the princess. "Ayeka?" The two looked at each other bug eyed. Great Tsunami, it's as if I were looking in a mirror.

"What happened to you?!" the two both said, almost in unison. "It's a long story..." Ryoko said with a glum look on her face, Ayeka nodding in agreement.