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The Babysitter II
By ~Jim~

Opal did not see what the huge problem was going to be; after all, she had been a babysitter since she was 12. Now, seven years later, she was in for the humongous surprise of her entire life. She approached the duplex house, not seeing any problems.

She thought to herself, “This is good place, I wonder why every babysitter never wanted to come to a house like this? Oh well, it's good for me.”

Opal approached to the home and rang the doorbell. A generous looking couple answered the door; they seemed typical, well dressed and polite.

“Hello, you must be Opal!” the father said, “How nice of you to come. Please come in. We are a little bit of a hurry; we have to leave soon.”

“Yes, thank you. So, how long are you going to be out?” Opal asked. “I need all the information.” The mother answered, “Oh, don't worry. Everything has been written on paper - and don't worry: despite that people say, nothing bad will happen. So, we will be seeing you; be good!”

Opal walked into the house and stared at its beauty. Suddenly, Opal heard a loud bang coming from the living room, and she quickly rushed to it. It was just a seven-year-old girl watching television.

“Hello lady, my name is Gerri Lynn. What's yours?”

“Well my name is Opal. I'm going to be your babysitter. What do you want to do?”

“Watch television,” Gerri Lynn answered, “I am tired, but mommy said I should go to bed soon.”

“Well, all right, just don't get into any trouble. Huh?!?”

Opal heard the doorbell ring. She answered it, and it was her boyfriend Charles. “Hey Opal, did you miss me?” Charles asked.

“Of course I did, Charles,” and the two hugged each other and kissed on the lips.

Later that night, Charles and Opal were in the parents' room, making out. Gerri Lynn was walking up the stairs to go to the bedroom. Gerri Lynn whispered, “This is going to be a blast.”

Gerri Lynn peaked through a crack in the door and saw Opal on top of Charles. She was wearing a light blue shirt with a picture of Madeline on it. Jack was rubbing his hands all over her blue jeans and grabbing at her belt. Gerri Lynn started to giggle and concentrated on Opal's buns and thighs. Suddenly, Opal's buns and thighs began to swell and tighten her pants. They did not swell up enough for Opal to feel, but Charles saw it and began to moan as he rubbed her legs even harder. He stared at her butt, which now seemed to be fuller than it was before as it was stuffed in her jeans.

“Charles, I think that you better get going; it's getting late. Gerri Lynn's parents should be home soon.” Opal told Charles, and he said to her, “Sure, I'll see you tomorrow.” Then the two hugged and kissed each other.

Charles left the house, and Opal went downstairs. Opal started to moan, “Ohh, these pants feel tight; I didn't think it was the time of the month.”

Suddenly, Gerri Lynn came running downstairs and shouted. “Hey Opal! Guess what? Now we're gonna have some real fun.”

“Huh? What are you talking about? You should be in bed by ei…Oooh! Wha?!?!”

Suddenly, Opal's tummy began to swell out. Her belt grew tight around her waist, and her hips widened.

Opal screamed, “What are you doing you little creep! I am gonna hit you!”

Gerry Lynn disagreed, “No, you're not, blimpy.”

Gerry Lynn, began to taunt Opal as she was blowing up like a balloon. Her thighs expanded, stretching her jeans like a rubber tube; her bra became tight as her breasts expanded and blew up like extra large beach balls and her tummy was now peeking out through her shirt as it was being pumped up with gas.

“Oooh! No! Stop this, Oooh!” Opal, groaned while inflating.

“What's the matter Opal; you look a little bloated. Do you have a bad case of gas?” Gerri Lynn asked.

Opal's belt snapped off her jeans; as she still ballooned, her pelvic section flooded the crotch of her pants and tested the limits of her zipper. Gerri Lynn stopped concentrating, and Opal's pleasurable torment stopped.

“You little devil! I am phoning your parents!”, Opal managed to moan as she tried to waddle to the phone. Then Gerri Lynn yelled, “I don't think so, fatso!”

“Listen, little girl, watch what you say…Ahh…Ohh.” Opal said and groaned.

Gerri Lynn stared at Opal's buns and started to focus. Her behind began to swell and pushed out of her jeans. The two bulging spheres in the back of Opal's jeans prevented her from any walking whatsoever, and Gerri Lynn started focusing on Opal's whole body, cracking with laughter.

“Jeez, you need to lose some weight; those jeans seem tight, let me help you,” Gerri Lynn advised Opal.

With an incredible rush, Opal's thighs bloated up and her jeans tore apart. Her legs were quivering due to the humongous pleasure. Opal allowed Gerri Lynn to play with her large belly for 10 minutes, and Gerri Lynn was having a great time. Finally, Opal cannot hack it anymore, and she wanted to pop.

“Well, Opal, seems as if you are a bit gassy; it will be a shame if you got too big for your britches and POPPED!!!” Gerri Lynne said.

A stretching of rubber could be heard as Opal's once girlish figure became taut and so incredibly bloated with gas. Suddenly, Gerri Lynn's parents rushed in the door and grabbed Gerri Lynn. The mother focused and shrank Opal back to her normal size. Opal rushed home in Gerri Lynn's mom's clothes and never returned to the home since.