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The Fattening of the Bad Daughter-in-Law, Sharon
By Lucky Luke

Monica, a widow and the mother of Angela and Jack, was furious at Sharon, her daughter-in-law. Angela was telling Monica that Sharon had interrupted Angela's date with a guy she really liked, sat on his lap, wiggled her little ass and convinced him to date one of her friends. Monica, in her mid-forties, stood 5'6” and weighed about 200 pounds. She was a hard worker and looked terrific. Her daughter, Angela, was in her early 20's, had dark hair like her mother, was the same height and weighed about 250 pounds. Fatter, lazier and more out of shape than her mother, she lived with her Mom and took some college classes. It was a fat life for Angela at home with her mother and the servants doing all the work. Monica's deceased husband had left her a huge life insurance policy and a profitable business. Monica had not been heavy like her daughter. While plump as a girl, she had always worked hard and the weight gain came slowly. Monica's pride and joy, her son Jack, worked as a contractor and traveled a lot. Jack's wife Sharon was almost as big a concern as Angela was.

Sharon was in her mid 20's and was slim and beautiful. She had striking black hair that she often added color to. Standing 5'4” and weighing only 110 pounds, she had a nice slim body. Sharon, who did not work out, was just as lazy as Angela. Unlike Angela, Sharon seldom ate much unless she had been drinking.

Monica was convinced that Sharon was doing more that just ruining Angela's few date chances. Monica, when Jack was on a long trip, hired a private detective to follow Angela. Monica got pictures, tapes and information of Sharon with two different men. Instead of telling Jack, she decided to seek revenge on her slim daughter-in-law.

“Mother,” said Angela with a candy bar in one hand and a smoke in the other, “do you think it will work on that bitch?”

“Angela, do you really need to eat that? Yes, I think it will work. Between you, me and our servants I think it will work just fine. And stop smoking!”

Later at Sharon and Jack's house, Monica let Sharon know that she was aware of her daughter-in-law's infidelity. She threatened to tell Jack if Sharon did not move in with her and Angela.

“That way you can prove to me that you have changed. I don't want Jack to be hurt,” stated Monica.

Sharon, dressed in a tummy exposing tee shirt and short-shorts, uneasily smoked a cigarette and drank a martini, stated, “Just don't tell Jack. I'll change.”

“Remember, Sharon, how much I love to cook; just make me happy by sharing my house and my table,” ordered Monica.

Monica noticed with glee that Sharon loved to wear junior sized, form fitting clothing that exposed her slim body. Oh, how that will change, thought Monica. Monica started the feeding right away. She had a huge lunch awaiting the three of them when they returned. All three of the women ate until they were full. Angela, being a natural glutton, ate more than both of the other women. Monica hoped this plan would not back-fire.

Jack got back shortly after Sharon had moved in with Monica and Angela. When Jack was back, Sharon would stay with him in their home. Jack was home for just a week and had to go for a four-month project that was overseas and pay him more than he normally made in a year. He thought that Sharon had put on a few pounds but was not sure. After all, he had been gone for a month. Maybe it was his imagination.

After Jack left, Sharon moved back in. Since Sharon did not work, she was exposed to Monica's fattening foods throughout the day. Sharon's day started with breakfast in bed prepared by Monica and one of the servants. Monica made sure Sharon had plenty of eggs, bacon, sausage, toast with jelly, coffee with plenty of cream and sugar and vodka laced orange juice. Sharon, normally not that hungry in the morning, would eat the food while smoking her first cigarettes in the morning. Monica would then let Sharon go back to sleep. Around mid morning, Sharon would lie on one of the sofas and watch TV, eat chips and dip, smoke and watch TV. For lunch, Monica would have a hearty meal ready for Sharon consisting of meats, pastas, French fries, thick sauces, wine followed by cakes and large milk shakes. After lunch meant more napping, watching TV and snacking followed by a huge dinner and many deserts and after dinner drinks. Sharon would usually have a nightcap and snack cakes before going to bed.

It had been two weeks since Jack left when Monica really noticed the changes in Sharon. All three girls were going out to a steak house and Sharon was wearing a simple black cocktail dress with pearls on. While Sharon still fit into the dress, her belly really looked round and her behind was bigger. Sharon's face looked a little fuller. Of course, compared to Monica and Angela, who was eating more than normal since more food was available, Sharon still looked slim.

One night, after a typical day of doing nothing but eat, drink, smoke and watching TV, Sharon passed out of a sofa with the TV on. Angela and Monica noted with glee that Sharon's belly was round and exposed. Sharon's once recently flat belly was now jelly like, large and bloated.

By the fourth week, Sharon, while not having bought any new clothes, was trying to cover up her weight gain by wearing her clothes less revealingly. She would wear one of Jack's pressed dress shirts over her clothes.

By the sixth week since Jack had left, Sharon could no longer fit in her clothes; in fact, she could not get her white Capri pants zipped let alone buttoned. Her big ass, now looking twice the size that it used to, was squeezed into her pants while her stomach protruded out and down. She was also wearing a purple tee-shirt that did not totally conceal her blotted belly. Over her tee-shirt she wore a blue long sleeved front buttoned blouse that she wore open because her now flabby body was too wide to button the shirt.

“You can't go with us like that, Sharon,” remarked the very pleased and well dressed Monica. Wearing a two-piece pink zip front business skirt suite, Monica looked striking and professional. Angela, bigger than ever, wore a new black sleeveless dress with a matching black long sleeve jacket also looked very professional. Monica intended for the three of them to visit one of her businesses.

“We can't go with you looking so slovenly,” cackled Angela.

“Do you have anything else that fits?” asked Monica.

“No,” huffed her fattened daughter-in-law.

“Well, we will have to leave you here. Let's us measure you and find clothes that can actually fit. We will order you a pizza for lunch while we go out.”

Both Monica and Angela were happier that expected. After getting her new measurements, they realized that Sharon had grown by three full dress sizes. After the business appointment, Monica bought Sharon a new wardrobe of bigger but still junior size clothes. Monica wanted the clothes to be still form fitting to ensure she could more easily see Sharon's growth progress. What made them even happier was seeing Sharon passed out on the sofa in the mid afternoon with the empty 16” pizza box and six empty cans of beer on the coffee table. Sharon, in the same outfit as before, looked totally bloated. Later, when Sharon was still half asleep, Monica and Angela got her on the scale. Sharon had put on 50 pounds and now weighed 160 pudgy pounds.

The feedings continued. Sharon was pampered beyond belief. She was used to the fat life at Monica's house. She loved the attention she got from Monica and the servants. Angela was even nice to her. Angela would encourage her to eat while Angela ate herself.

At about the time that Jack was to return, Sharon got all concerned about how fat she had gotten. And she had got fat to the tune of now weighing twice her original weight, 220 pounds of flabby, fresh, foxy fat. She decided that she would work out. Monica had made sure that none of the clothes or shoes that she bought for Sharon could be used as workout clothes. All Sharon had was a bikini that was stretched beyond belief and a tee shirt that did not come down to her belly button. She put flats on her feet and stepped outside. Now, a lot of large women are fit or somewhat fit; however, Sharon was not one of them. She had never worked out when she was slim and was actually not in very good shape or strong even then. She tried running and got out of breath after just a few steps. She had to sit down.

Monica and Angela, along with the servants, all took in this obscene spectacle. Angela, whom Monica figured could not do any better, laughed so hard that she started to cough and had to sit down herself. Monica had noted that the last time they went clothes shopping for Sharon, Angela also needed a larger dress size.

Monica went outside with one of the servants and helped Sharon back in the house. “Oh Sharon, don't do that again. You could hurt yourself and I may have to tell Jack on your infidelity.”

“Believe me, Monica,” panted Sharon, “I won't try that again.”

“Sharon, I got an email from Jack today anyhow. He won't be back for another three month; he has been extended.”

Well, the three-month extension turned into one big food orgy for Sharon, and for Angela to a lesser extent. Angela was eating almost as much as Sharon. Even Monica had put on a few pounds. There was just so much food in the house. Monica and her servants really outdid themselves. Monica hired more servants so Sharon was waited on hand and foot. She even hired a servant for her fat, lazy daughter who was also affected by all the extra food. Monica was doing more supervising and less actual work, along with her increased food consumption made her the heaviest of her life.

Sharon and Angela became good time type friends, feeding off of each other's bad habits. They enjoyed dressing similarly and going out together to restaurants in the late afternoon for cocktails and appetizers followed entrees and deserts. Typically, the girls would have one of the servants drive them to a nice restaurant, drop them off and later pick them up. They would come in all dressed up and go to the bar while they waited on a table in the smoking section. Typically, they would act up quit a bit. If they got a waitress, especially a skinny one, they would be rude and complain about the service, blow smoke in her face and make her work extra hard for a small tip. If they got a waiter, they would be rude by dropping a piece of silverware so the waiter would have to pick it up and then pinch his butt or grab his crotch while he was bent over. They would make suggestive comments and do other things like rest their massive breast on the table and make him reach over them to collect empty plates and bowls. Usually the girls were totally full and bloated and drunk by the time they left the restaurant. When they got home, Monica would make them eat dinner with her.

It was finally time for Jack to come home and the women were ready. Each had on a brand new outfit. Each woman, even Monica, had put on a tremendous amount of weight over the last three months. Monica had gone from a firm and flabby 200 to a more flabby 230 pounds. Angela had gone over 300 pounds while Sharon was the heaviest at 310 pounds. Both her daughter and daughter-in-law were morbidly obese.

All three looked terrific as they had Monica's driver take them to the airport. Monica was disgusted with both girls drinking from flasks, eating candies and smoking all the way to the drop off point. As the women emerged from the limo, Monica was ready for the long walk to the arrival gate. Monica looked striking in her new faux fur trimmed brown suit. Her hair was in a bun. Angela also looked great in silk bustier with fly away pants. That outfit, intended or not, showed off her large breasts, huge hips and thick flanks as well as her fat and flabby arms. Sharon was wearing a double-breasted herringbone suit with faux fur cuff and black gloves. Her dark hair, with orange highlights was striking. While the suit did not expose her as much as Angela's outfit, Sharon's fat face and body were obvious.

As Monica started to walk to Jack's arrival gate, she noted with glee that Sharon was moving even slower than Angela. After just a short walk, both girls were exhausted and had to get a cart to make it the rest of the way. Monica noted that Sharon was breathing so hard her waist length top could not conceal her big belly.

When the girls saw Jack, he recognized his heavier Mom and sister, but was stunned at Sharon. He could not believe it and was even a little cold to her. After all, she had put on a large amount of weight. Sharon though threw herself at Jack and hugged him. Jack could not believe how turned on he was feeling her soft sexy body. “I can't wait to do wicked things to you when we get home,” moaned Sharon.

One Year Later

As Sharon continues to grow, Jack has accepted and now enjoys coming home from trips to see his ever-growing wife. They now live with the happy Mom. Monica notes with glee that Sharon is pushing 450 pounds of pampered pork. Sharon is all flab. She normally stays in her bed with silk sleepwear in silk sheets and eats, drinks and smokes to her hearts content. Sharon is essentially physically helpless and gets about by an electric wheelchair when she is up and about. Occasionally, Sharon tries to walk on her own. Monica enjoys watching the large unstable body jiggle as Sharon waddles a few feet.

Angela is now at 400 pounds and has found a husband that enjoys his huge wife. Monica has noted eye contact and flirting from time to time between Monica's husband and Sharon, but she ensures they are never alone.

18 Months Later

Jack returns from a month long trip. His now 510 pound wife is 10 pounds heavier than when he saw her last. She is in bed with her hair made up wearing an animal print teddy that can hardly conceal her massive tummy and seemingly tractor tire size love handles. Empty beer cans and pizza boxes are on the floor.

Sharon, with a cigarette dangling from her mouth, spreads her massive legs with a major effort and gasps, “Come on into your loving wife's love canal.”

Jack, as happy as he has ever been, mounts the bed and begins the lovemaking.