Weight Room Title Bar

The Balloon Behind Her
by Steatopygia

Part 1

"My God, what a fat butt!" Caitlin exclaimed to her friend, Paula, who was having lunch with her in the food court at the mall. Caitlin and Paula were eating salads and saltines when they saw a woman walk by who was wearing grey sweat pants that were drawn tight around bulging buttocks. Every step that the woman took compressed the flesh on her abundant rear. The sweats were tight enough to show panty lines near the bottom of the woman's behind.

"I can't believe that some women let their butts get that big!" Caitlin said. "Don't they know that's unattractive?"

Paula cocked an eyebrow and said, "don't be so judgmental, Caitlin. You may put on weight someday."

"Oh, no," Caitlin replied. "I don't care what it takes, I am not getting fat!"

That night, Caitlin did her best to make good on that promise. She wiped the perspiration from her forehead as she worked her way through her aerobics class. She had her long, straight, sandy blonde hair back in a tight ponytail, and wore an orange lycra leotard that accented her lithe frame. She looked around her class and saw that she was the norm. There were a couple of women who were a bit chunky in the thighs and hips, but that was it. This wasn't a class for beginners.

Thirty minutes later, the class was over. Caitlin stepped out of the shower and wrapped a white towel around her body. She looked at her taut body in the mirror. Her legs were getting more muscular, and she had lost a tiny bit of weight in her waist. Abdominal muscles could be made out. She smiled.

After she got dressed, Caitlin felt good about herself. She decided to give herself a bit of a reward for her hard work. She had a bit of a sweet tooth, so she eyed some candy bars as she approached the vending machine. As she put change into the vending machine, she saw the woman from the mall in the corner of her eye, at the edge of the next aerobics class that was beginning. The woman returned the glance. She had a hint of a smile, at the corner of her mouth. And for a split second, Caitlin could have sworn that she saw a literal twinkle in the woman's eye.

Returning her attention to the vending machine, Caitlin perused her choices. Snickers, Butterfinger, Almond Joy...

But all of a sudden, something caught her eye. A package in neon colors that she had never seen before. The name of the candy bar was "Hav Five". Under the name, the wrapper read, "a sweet experience unlike any other." Caitlin said to herself, "what the heck," and pushed the button for Hav Five. She turned around to see that the woman from the mall was gone.

After Caitlin drove home, she made herself a light dinner of broiled chicken breast and steamed vegetables. After the lean meal, Caitlin sat on her couch and opened the Hav Five. It was an odd candy bar. The outer coat was almost a butterscotch color, but it smelled of chocolate. Caitlin took a bite.

It was delicious! It was not like any candy that Caitlin had ever had. She could taste the unique sweetness all the way down the back of her throat. It was exquisite. Caitlin quickly wolfed the remainder of the candy bar down. A few minutes after downing the candy bar, Caitlin felt a tingle in her buttocks and thighs. "That's odd," Caitlin thought. She then went to bed.

The next morning, Caitlin woke at 6:15 a.m. "Time to go to work, " she thought. Caitlin brushed out her hair and began to get dressed. For some reason, her pants seemed a little more snug today. They still fit well, but were not as loose as usual...

As Caitlin drove to work that morning, the issue of her slightly tighter pants became a non-issue. She decided that is was either due to the pants shrinking in the laundry or perhaps she was bloated from last night's dinner. Anyway, by this point, her pants had become more comfortable.

Caitlin worked for an advertising firm. It was not unusual to see a large number of clients pass through the doors on a daily basis. However, Caitlin was surprised to see the woman from the mall (and the gym) come in the front door as it approached lunchtime. Caitlin saw that the woman had acknowledged her too. The woman seemed to regard Caitlin a little longer than she had in the gym last night. She smiled a little out of the corner of her mouth. Caitlin returned to the paperwork on her desk. When she looked up, the woman was gone and it was time for lunch.

Caitlin went into the lunch room and sat down. She uncurled the top of the brown paper bag that she had brought her lunch in. It contained a can of tuna, a bagel, and a cup of nonfat strawberry yogurt. She looked at it and thought, "not exactly the king's bounty," but as she looked at her slim, muscular legs, she thought that it was worth it.

Caitlin finished her modest lunch and was looking through the newspaper that she had brought to work. She saw a group of three coworkers getting food from the vending machines that was in the lunchroom. As they made their purchases and left, Caitlin saw the neon wrapper of another Hav Five. "That's odd," Caitlin thought. "When I stopped to get my newspaper earlier today, there were none of those candy bars at the store."

In addition, another thought crossed Caitlin's mind. "But the one last night was so delicious," she said to herself as a sly smile formed on her slim, pretty face.

Caitlin decided that she simply must have another of these candy bars. She fumbled quickly for change in her purse. She acquired the correct amount and dropped it quickly into the machine. She literally jabbed the button for the Hav Five candy bar, and it dropped to the bottom of the machine. There was only one in the machine, just like last night. "Wow, these things must be in demand," Caitlin thought. "I'm lucky to have gotten the last one twice."

Caitlin took her candy back to her table and quickly sat down. She hurriedly tore open the wrapper and savagely tore into the first bite. This was even better than the bar last night! But she caught herself as she was about to scarf her second bite. It would truly be a shame to waste this exquisite candy by gorging it. No, food this good must be savored.

Caitlin took her second bite of the bar. She held it in her mouth, letting some of the oddly colored chocolate on the exterior of the bar melt on her tongue. She slowly rotated her tongue around her mouth, letting the creamy goodness of the bar spread around every part of the inside of her mouth. She then bit into the caramel-nougat mix that was inside of the bar. She chewed slowly, running her tongue along the candy as she chewed it. By this time, Caitlin had closed her eyes and tilted her head backward as she enjoyed her sweet pleasure.

"Wow, that must be good," Caitlin heard a voice say.

Caitlin looked up. It was Hector, another person from work. Hector had often said that Caitlin worked too hard both inside and outside the office. Hector was a well-built, good-looking man, but he had said that he worked out a few times a week, not letting it turn into obsession.

"It's good to be seeing you indulge yourself a little bit, Caitlin," Hector said as Caitlin unconsciously took another bite out of the candy bar.

"Well, I've lost a bit of weight recently, and I just decided to reward myself." Caitlin replied. "A little."

Hector smiled. He then asked, "how are thing coming on the McCulloch account?"

"Pretty good," Caitlin replied, with a small, uncharacteristic smile on her face. She looked at the clock on the wall and saw that she had been in the lunchroom ten minutes longer than she had planned. She had a bit of a startled look on her face as she rose quickly and said, "that reminds me, I definitely need to get back to work on it."

Hector smiled again and said, "see you around, then."

Caitlin walked quickly back to her office, chastising herself. "What is the matter with you," she said to herself. "You had better get your mind into the game." She finished off the last two bites of the candy bar while she was walking.

Caitlin sat down into her office chair. She took out the folder of the McCulloch account. She dropped it to the floor as she felt a stronger, more urgent tingling in her calves, thighs, and bottom. There was a faint tingle in her stomach as well. Caitlin shook her head and thought, "concentrate, girl!"

That evening, as Caitlin walked through the parking lot to here car, it became evident that her changes were more than mental. Her pants had that slightly snug feeling back, and the slightest bulge had started to form where the elastic of her satin panties stretched across her behind.

Caitlin parked her car in the parking lot and started walking toward her apartment. She had to go in and get her gym clothes for her aerobics class that night. When Caitlin had first started aerobics, she had only gone to class about two or three times per week. However, she had liked the results, so she had stepped up the aerobics schedule to six times a week, resting only on Sundays. However, tonight she was having a lot of trouble getting motivated.

Caitlin got out another of her lycra aerobics outfits and put it into her gym bag. She was really tired for some reason. She put it out of her mind, picked up her bag, and walked back out to her car.

When Caitlin got to the gym, she saw the woman that had recently seemed to have become part of her life walking out of the gym. The woman was wearing stirrup pants with a loose blouse. She looked at Caitlin's eyes, and then looked all the way down her body to her feet. "She's probably a little envious of me," Caitlin thought. The woman smiled devilishly and kept walking. Caitlin turned and looked at the woman from behind. Caitlin saw the that the woman's wide hips and globular buttocks were highlighted by the stirrup pants that the woman was wearing.

The woman's behind jiggled and dimpled with every step. Caitlin looked at the woman walking for a few steps and then thought, "but why would she be jealous? She doesn't look bad at all, and she must know that, or she would not be wearing those tight pants."

Caitlin then walked into the gym. She went into the ladies' locker room and changed into her aerobics outfit, a fuchsia bodysuit with a black thong. She swept her sandy hair into its customary ponytail and stood. She looked at herself in the full-length mirror. She had certainly gotten thin, she thought to herself.

Caitlin walked out of the ladies locker room toward the hardwood aerobics floor. As she walked out of the locker room, she looked at the vending machine. She immediately sought out the delicious Hav Five bars that she had twice enjoyed in the last twenty-four hours. Almost immediately, she caught sight of the familiar neon wrapper. Her bottom and thighs tingled. Her stomach growled. And her mouth watered.

"Are you feeling okay?"

Caitlin turned to her left and saw Allison, her aerobics instructor. "Maybe you've been working yourself too hard, Caitlin. The only people that I have seen that were more into aerobics are instructors, like myself, and I only work out four or five times a week."

"Maybe I am feeling a bit out of sorts," Caitlin replied, her eyes never straying for more than an instant from the vending machine.

"You don't look yourself," Allison said. "You even look a little bloated."

But Caitlin did not feel sick. In fact she felt healthier than ever. Perhaps the bloating was due to some sort of water retention, but that time of the month was still two weeks away. However, Caitlin was a shrewd woman, and recognized opportunity when she saw it.

"Yes, Allison, perhaps I should take tonight off," Caitlin said almost hypnotically.

"Okay, then. See you tomorrow," Allison said. The muscular instructor then trotted off to the front of the class.

Caitlin went back to the locker room, and did not bother to remove her workout outfit. She opened her locker, stuffed her clothes into her gymbag, and picked up her purse. She removed her wallet from her purse and emptied the change from it. She put the change into her hands and hurried toward the vending machine.

When she arrived at the machine, she quickly purchased the three Hav Five bars that were in there. Yet again, Caitlin had gotten the last of the bunch. She laughed softly to herself. She started walking to the front door. En route, she had frantically torn open one of the candy bars and wolfed it down. As she went through the doors and toward her car, she had opened another. When she got to her car, her body had started tingling again. Waves of pleasure coursed over her butt and legs. Her stomach kept growling, and even her breasts had a little tingle in them. As she opened the door of her car, Caitlin took a bite of her second bar. She drove home.

When she got to her apartment, she had almost finished the second bar. She quickly unlocked the door and rushed in. She threw her gymbag to the ground and picked up the phone. For some reason, she was now ravenous. She called a pizza restaurant and placed an order for a twenty inch supreme pizza.

Waiting for the pizza, Caitlin finished off the last few bites of her second candy bar. The tingling was stronger than ever throughout her body, but it was especially strong in the rear and thighs. She was about to open the third when the pizza arrived. The cost of the pizza was only twenty one dollars, but she threw a twenty and a ten at the delivery boy and practically slammed the door in his face. Caitlin tore into the pizza.

Half an hour later she had polished off the entire pizza. Caitlin was completely stuffed. She also felt incredibly guilty. "I'll have to have a severe workout to burn all of this off," she said to herself. She dressed for bed and as she was turning off the lights in her apartment, the familiar neon wrapper caught her eye. It was definitely time for bed, but Caitlin could not resist. She took off the wrapper of the candy bar, but she was able to eat only half of the bar before going to bed. The tingling had again returned. This time it was almost orgasmic. Her legs turned to jelly and she collapsed onto her bed. Caitlin fell asleep.

The next morning, Caitlin awoke, full of nerves. She had a presentation on the McCulloch account that day. She fumbled through her closet, looking for something to wear. Caitlin settled on a gray skirt. She then went to the bathroom. Caitlin disrobed, preparing to get into the shower. As she was about to get in, she caught a shot of her fanny in the mirror. A few dimples had appeared on each cheek. Caitlin bit her lip and got into the shower.

After showering, Caitlin put on a pair of white satin panties and a pair of tan pantyhose. Caitlin pulled up the skirt and tried to button it. She could hardly get it buttoned. It was entirely uncomfortable. Caitlin unbuttoned the skirt and let it puddle to the floor. When she bent to pick it up, she heard a slight rip. A run had formed in her pantyhose over her right thigh reaching up to her right hip. "Damn it, these were a new pair!" Caitlin said. She went back to her closet and settled on a pair of khaki slacks which had always been big on her. She traded the pantyhose for stockings and pulled up the pants. Even they were a little snug. "Wow, I must be bloated," Caitlin thought.

The Balloon Behind Her Part 2