Weight Room Title Bar

The Balloon Behind Her
by Steatopygia

Part 2

As she hurried out of her apartment toward the door, she looked at the neon-wrapped Hav Five on her dining room table. She trotted over, picked up the bar and put it into her purse. Caitlin then went to work.

Caitlin pulled into the parking lot at her office building, wiping vanilla creme from her chin. This was the remnant of the third such doughnut that she had eaten on the way to work that morning. The remaining half of the Hav Five candy bar that was in her purse had tempted her greatly, but Caitlin wanted to save it until later in the day. It had been difficult, as her stomach had growled and her bottom tingled every time that she looked at her purse.

Caitlin got out of her car and wiped some crumbs off of her pants. She noted that the khaki pants were almost form-fitting on her. They were still quite comfortable, but weeks before, they had been baggy. She thought back to the dimples that she had spotted on her buttocks earlier and vowed not to miss another workout tonight.

Caitlin hurried to her office and gathered several papers, transparencies, and slides that were needed for her presentation. Caitlin was very tense. She looked at her purse and thought, "just a bite to calm the nerves." Caitlin was unable to limit herself to one bite and instead took three. An indescribable wave of ecstasy flowed over her. The khaki slacks felt a little tighter, though.

However, Caitlin was now completely relaxed. She put all of her materials in a large folder and headed toward the conference room. Normally, Caitlin was very nervous in her presentations, and it had cost her a few accounts in the past. However, Caitlin was very good at her job, and had landed enough accounts to place her in the upper echelon of the firm. As she reached the door of the conference room, Caitlin shook out her hair and took another nibble of the Hav Five. There wasn't much left now.

After she swallowed the tiny bite of candy, Caitlin walked into the room. Another burst of sensation overcame her, and a smile appeared on her face that lit up the room. She prepared her materials. The businessmen in attendance were left speechless by this young beauty who had just walked into the room. They were even more stunned when Caitlin bent over to prepare the slide machine. Caitlin's well-rounded rear now completely filled the seat of her khaki slacks. Prominent panty lines

were visible that showed just how tight Caitlin's satin panties were. The slacks also hugged her feminine thighs. In the corner of the room, Hector, who had always thought Caitlin a bit thin, gave a gentle smile of approval. Caitlin then lifted her head, saw that she (unquestionably) had everyone's attention, smiled again, and began her presentation.

She knocked them dead. By the end of the presentation, Caitlin had landed her firm a record account. The managers from McCulloch were abuzz with Caitlin's presentation. Even the normally taciturn Gerald McCulloch was praising the dynamic blonde.

Hector approached Caitlin, whose face seemed a little rounder and a lot more inviting, and said, "wow, that was fabulous!"

Caitlin gave Hector a flirtatious grin and said, "you think so?"

"Definitely," he replied.

Caitlin thought for a second, formed a devilish grin on her face, and said, "how about you join me for a late celebratory dinner?"> "Really?"

"Yeah," Caitlin said. "One catch, however, you're buying."

"You're on," Hector said, very enthusiastically.

After making her dinner date and shaking many hands, Caitlin went back to her office. As she approached her door, she saw the unmistakable backside of the mysterious woman that she had seen so much of. The woman's body now looked absolutely fantastic.

Caitlin wanted to say something to the woman, but found herself speechless. Instead, the woman stopped and looked back over her shoulder. She smiled, waved as if she were saying goodbye, and continued out of the front of the building. Caitlin shook her head, unlocked the door to her office, and entered. As she sat down at her desk, she saw an envelope that read "Caitlin Morrison."

This was impossible! She had left her office locked. No one else had a key except her boss (who had been at the presentation), and the night cleaning staff, who were not there at that time. Puzzled, Caitlin sat down and opened the envelope. Inside was a letter that read:

At the end of the fifth, true freedom awaits. No more constraints shall be placed upon your accomplishments. Your desires shall be yours. And a great deal will be behind you.


Ileana (of the Sect of Womanly Indulgence)

This letter left Caitlin very confused. Had the woman that she had seen so much of recently left this message? And what exactly did the message mean? She looked at the calendar and saw that it was Thursday, the fifth of May. Was this the day that this "destiny" would come to pass?

The rest of Caitlin's day was rather uneventful. Her pants remained snug, but got no tighter. On her way out from work, she stopped to see Hector. He reminded her that they were to have dinner together. Caitlin winked at him and reassured Hector that she had definitely not forgotten. She then made another stop in the lunchroom and made a direct path for the vending machines, looking for a delicious Hav Five. But when she got to the machine, there were none there! Disappointed, Caitlin looked down at her purse and knew that the tiny morsel that she had left would have to get her through the night.

Caitlin then went home and gathered her gymbag. She went to the gym, feeling a little hungry the entire way. Caitlin went to the locker room, and removed her aerobics outfit from the bag. Caitlin put on blue spandex tights and a white spandex top that left her midriff exposed. There was a tiny tummy roll over the waistband of Caitlin's tights. They were a bit tight all over, especially where the blue material stretched over her rump. Still a little hungry, Caitlin could not resist any longer. She ate the last two-and-a-half bites of the Hav Five. She chewed rapidly and swallowed. Caitlin experienced the strongest buzz of pleasure yet. It left her staggering. Caitlin ran her hands over her delightfully round behind. After a moment of recovery, Caitlin made her way toward the aerobics floor, still tingling from the waist down. The tingling feeling was still present throughout Caitlin's lower body as she reached the aerobics floor. She felt the tightness of her spandex tights around her legs and rear. She thought to herself, "well, at least by being here at class, I'm helping these tights fit better!"

A few minutes later, the workout started. Caitlin got winded fairly quickly. But the feeling of fatigue was alleviated by the pleasurable tingling which was still present, although fainter.

The woman who was working out behind Caitlin, Janie, had noticed a difference in the blonde woman who usually worked out in front of her. Janie was in good, but not phenomenal, shape. She had always envied Caitlin's physical condition. She had wanted slim muscular legs like Caitlin's, and she had always been jealous of Caitlin's narrow, flat behind. However, this was a different body in front of her. The hips were wider, the thighs fuller, and Janie could see that the blonde's rump was round and soft, bouncing and jiggling with the slightest impact.

When the class moved on to bending exercises, Janie looked in front of her again. As Caitlin bent over, Janie could see slight rolls in Caitlin's belly and creases at her hips from the padding that had recently been added there. When Janie turned her attention to Caitlin's butt, she saw that the bending had caused Caitlin's behind to spread, stretching the blonde's blue tights to the point that Janie could make out the white satin panties that Caitlin was wearing. On the last bend, Janie heard a small rip. A small bit of Caitlin's panties were now clearly visible. Before anything else happened, however, the class stood erect and began cooling down.

Caitlin had heard the rip as well, and felt a tiny draft at the base of her bottom. Feeling a little embarrassed, Caitlin finished her cool down and went to the locker room. When she got there and undressed, she saw the small tear in the seat of her tights. This did not hold her attention very long. Caitlin had another craving for a Hav Five. She dressed quickly and hurried toward the vending machine. There were no Hav Fives there either. Dejected, Caitlin went to her car and drove home.

When Caitlin got home, she started getting ready for her dinner with Hector. She got into the shower. As she showered, Caitlin ran her hands over her body. She felt that it had gotten a bit softer lately, but it did not feel bad at all.

When Caitlin got out of the shower, she looked at herself in the mirror. "Well, a few curves never hurt," she said to herself, and giggled like a teenaged girl.

Caitlin then went to get dressed. She put on teal satin panties and a matching brassiere. Both were a little snug. Caitlin put on a form-fitting shirt and looked for the sexy black skirt that showed off her tush and legs so well.

After finding the skirt, Caitlin started to put it on. When she tried to button it, the top two buttons would not quite close. But she had just the thing. She reached into another drawer and pulled out a girdle that she saved for such an occurrence. She looked at her clock and saw that she had little time before Hector arrived. She pulled on the incredibly tight girdle and tied the string at the top. Caitlin was then able to put on pantyhose and the skirt. This was not the most comfortable outfit to wear, but Caitlin looked in the mirror and saw that it at least looked good.

Caitlin then started to think about what she was going to order tonight. Caitlin walked back into her bathroom to brush her teeth. She was starting to get a little hungry, and rolled her tongue around her mouth. She had picked up her toothbrush when she came upon a wonderful and familiar taste. There was a tiny bit of Hav Five that was stuck between her molars. As she licked at it, the pleasurable tingling returned to her body. She was still licking at the tiny piece of candy when she heard a knock at the door. Feeling a little regret at not being able to yet get the last bit of the candy bar, she answered the door. It was Hector.

Hector was holding flowers and a small box of chocolates. "Something beautiful and something sweet for a beautiful and sweet lady," Hector said, blushing.

Caitlin was blushing as well. "Thank you," she said. She put the flowers on the counter and opened up the box of chocolates. "You don't think one will spoil our dinner, do you?" she asked, offering Hector a chocolate.

After Hector put his in his mouth, Caitlin took one for herself. As she bit into it, she discovered that it was a caramel. As Caitlin chewed, the sticky caramel picked up the last bit of the delectable Hav Five. Caitlin tasted the last bit of the scrumptious candy and swallowed it along with the caramel chocolate. The tingling started again, as fierce as it had ever been.

"I feel... funny," Caitlin replied.

She felt a bit better than funny. Orgasmic waves of delight coursed over her with such fury that Caitlin was staggered. Suddenly, the waves intensified in her torso. Caitlin felt her shirt getting tight. The three buttons at the top of the shirt popped open. She looked down and saw her breasts swelling out. They pushed out far enough to make her shirt too tight for comfort. Caitlin hurried down the hall to her bedroom. Worried, Hector followed.

Not knowing that Hector was in the room, Caitlin quickly took her shirt off. The tingling subsided a bit in her torso. Then the pleasurable waves hit her lower body with even more intensity. Caitlin felt the tight girdle begin to tighten even more. Hector asked, "Caitlin, what's wrong?" He did not know what was wrong with Caitlin, but seeing her large breasts stuffed into the teal bra caused him to have a bit of tingling of his own.

Caitlin could barely reply, she was so enraptured. "I... don't... know..." she gasped. The vibrations of ecstasy surged even stronger in her lower body. Caitlin had to use a bedpost to even stand. She suddenly felt her butt and legs begin to grow...

The girdle was tight to the point of pain now. Caitlin wanted to untie the string at the top, but she was paralyzed by sheer pleasure. Caitlin's bottom pushed out even further, and the girdle string snapped. Her expansion continued, ripping the girdle down the middle. The buttons of Caitlin's skirt burst, and it fell, along with the girdle, to the floor.

Caitlin's ballooning behind and her inflating thighs then filled her pantyhose to the limit, and they snapped toward Hector, who was immobilized now by his own rigidness below. The hose landed quietly beside his feet. Caitlin, wide-eyed, looked down at her bra. She felt it snap open in back, as her bustline made a final push forward. She turned quickly, preventing Hector from seeing her exposed breasts. However, what Hector gained a view of was even more incredible.

Hector could hardly believe what he was seeing. Caitlin had exploded out of almost all of her clothes! He had missed a glimpse of Caitlin's growing breasts as she turned away. However, when she turned, Hector got a full view of her posterior, whose growth was outpacing the rest of her. Caitlin's thighs also continued to inflate. Caitlin's butt pushed outward, rolling down onto her doughy thighs and accruing a wealth of dimples. Light shone off of her shiny teal panties, making her enormous derriere seem like a bright green globe. Caitlin's burgeoning buttocks, finally stretched the underwear to its limits. Caitlin groaned in erotic pleasure, and her panties exploded, falling to the floor in tatters. Hector watched as Caitlin's ass continued to jutt further and further outward. The fat globes of her butt divided down the middle by a crack which was deepening and lengthening by the second.

Caitlin then fell forward onto the floor. Her body rippled, and her gigantic rear end quaked as if it were made of gelatin. As she laid on the floor, Caitlin's voluminous behind was sticking up, a mountain of cellulite. Her thighs spread as their soft flesh contacted the floor.

Hector approached Caitlin. She had a delirious look on her still-slim face. Her mammoth buns continued to pulsate outwards, spreading as more and more fat was pumped into her rear. finally after at least 30 more seconds the growing stopped.

Caitlin tried to get up, but she was feeling a bit weak, and the immense weight of her derriere prevented her from standing alone. Hector helped her to her feet. "What happened?" Hector asked. He then kissed her gently on the forehead.

"I don't know," Caitlin said. "I should be horrified, but that felt wonderful. I still feel wonderful."

"You look wonderful, too," Hector said sheepishly. He then gave her a more passionate kiss, this time on the lips.

"You think so?" Caitlin then ran her hands over her breasts and her colossal backside. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back. She opened her eyes and got a sneaky expression on her face and said, "well you look overdressed!" They both tore at Hector's clothes. When he was undressed, Hector kissed Caitlin again. She put her arms around him, and he climbed on top of her, sinking into the softness of Caitlin's bulk. He grabbed at Caitlin's now-gigantic hind end and thunderous thighs. He could barely contain himself, and he reached to turn out the lights.

Ninety minutes later, Caitlin and Hector laid together in bed, her head resting on his chest. Hector then said, "Caitlin, you've always been so tense, so obsessed. You've eaten so sparingly and exercised so hard. At work, you are continuously stressed even though you are talented at what you do. You..."

Caitlin put her finger across Hector's lips and sat on top of him. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her incredibly massive, dimpled behind. He squeezed, and the flesh flowed between his fingers. She then said, "I know." A huge smile crossed her face and she added, "I'll still be very passionate, but in case you haven't noticed, I've put a lot behind me."