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Balloon Up
By D.Korovljev

This is the story about 24-year-old Joanna, a girl who dreamt of becoming the most sexiest, fattest woman in the world. Joanna has made herself eat so much that she already weighs 210kg (420lbs) and is finding it hard to walk, but she wants to become even fatter than she is, now even if it means immobility, and she wants to speed up the process, so she asks her friend, Kelly, “I want to become so fat that I outgrow my legs. Can you think of any way I can reach this goal quicker?”

Kelly, who's a year older than Joanna and likes to keep fit, says, “Maybe you should see the doctor about this; that's all the advice I can give, Joanna.” And they make the appointment to see the doctor.

The next day, Joanna and Kelly see the doctor, and the doctor examines Joanna, “Hmm, so you want to become really really fat?” says the doctor.

“I'm willing to try anything, doctor, enhancement drugs, medicine,” says the ever so eager Joanna.

The doctor replies, “I have just the thing for you, sweetie.” He shows her a jar with a picture of a red balloon on it and continues, “This is an experimental drug called 'Balloon Up.' It rapidly makes the body fatter and fatter within days.”

“Yes, that's what I want - how much?” says Joanna.

“Fifty dollars, and I will include another four jars for free, because not many people are willing to become fat like you are. Enjoy,” says the doctor.

Joanna pays the fifty dollars and she cannot wait to get home to fulfill her dreams.

Joanna arrives home and reads the instructions: “'This drug is intended for those who wish to grow fatter quickly. When you've reached a certain size, you will start to notice that you cannot sit or lie down and if you fall over, you won't hit the ground. Continue treatment and you'll eventually reach the stage where you will literally start to float like a balloon.' It will be so much fun.” At the top of the jar says, “CAUTION: excessive use may cause the process to accelerate.” Joanna takes three pills and then measures herself to see the difference, but she still has a huge meal of three pizzas and five big sundaes while watching her favorite movies. She then feels really sleepy and goes to bed.

The next morning, Joanna wakes up and realized that the drugs worked, her stomach has expanded significantly and so have her legs. She's so excited that she increases the dosage from three to six pills a day. She has outgrown her clothes, but still wears them; it's a white button-up shirt and a black skirt. Joanna then puts on her face make-up and is ready to paint her toe nails with red nail polish, but her fat stomach prevents her from reaching her toes.

Kelly rings the doorbell; Joanna invites her in.

Kelly asks, “How's the medication going? I can see it works - any problems so far?”

Joanna replies, “Yeah there is actually, I can reach my toes to paint them, because of my huge stomach.”

Kelly who is also a makeup artist replies, “Sure girl, I'll also do your finger nails as well,” and after doing Joanna's nails, they are ready to go out to the mall. Joanna finds it really hard to put her seatbelt on, but manages to put it on and they arrive at the mall. They have lunch first: Joanna has five plates of nachos, two ice creams and three chocolate thick shakes.

Joanna stands up, puts her hands on her stomach and feels it getting bigger. The buttons on her shirt are ready to pop and her sandals are getting tight. The pills are doing their thing again so she takes off her sandals and finds that she can move a bit more easily. There's a spill on the floor and Joanna slips on it. But she doesn't fall over amazingly; a woman her size would have fallen hard.

Joanna and Kelly find a BBW store. Joanna purchases a red bra and underwear her size and can't wait to put them on.

Joanna and Kelly go back to Joanna's house. The buttons on Joanna's shirt pop off, and she giggles. Later on, she tries on her new red lingerie and realizes she can't leave the house and can't fit through the front door, “Now I'm homebound because I'm really fat now,” Joanna tells herself, and she triples her dosage.

The next morning, Joanna wakes standing up on her tippy toes. She's much fatter again and knows exactly why. “Soon I'll become a human balloon.” Sshe's so excited she takes another triple dose of “Balloon Up.” She squeezes through the bathroom door and applies her makeup to look and feel sexy to match the new lingerie she's wearing. Kelly comes in and says, “Whoa, you're even fatter than you were yesterday.”

Joanna is now walking on her toes and as she enters the kitchen, she stops suddenly and feels the ground lighter and her feet leave the floor. She has now began to float like a balloon and she calls out, “Kelly look at this. It's so much fun, wheeeeee.” Kelly sees her super huge friend lift up like a balloon and cannot believe her eyes.

Joanna has finally made her dreams come true; now she floats around her house, drifting from room to room. She gets stuck in a door and giggles saying, “Kelly, I'm stuck,” and her friend pries Joanna out of the door then opens up the back door. Joanna floats up higher and higher up into the sky and her body grows five times bigger. She drifts into a tree and gets stuck in there. Firemen arrive and get Joanna down and Kelly ties an anchor to Joanna's ankle. Kelly has gotten the anchor from her uncle who's a fisherman.

In Joanna's house, Joanna is still airborne and enormously fat. But she doesn't care. She says, “I hope I remain off the ground forever,” whilst floating there with the anchor attached to her ankle, eating her favorite meals. And best of all, Kelly moved in to take care of Joanna. Joanna sure got a lot out of “Balloon Up.”