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The Baron's Memoirs
by J.P.

My name is Joshua Rendeneer. I'm very rich and live in decadent opulence on my own private island. I'm surrounded by enormously fat women, constantly grazing, some willing, some not, all gaining huge amounts of weight for my pleasure. It wasn't always this way though. It was shortly after I had purchased the island and bought my title that changes began to come to my little pleasure isle. Big changes.

I had made my fortunes partly from an inheritance and mostly from sound and daring investments. Growing bored with the whole thing I decided to live out my eccentric and probably egocentric fantasies by ruling my own little country. I bought the island, had it furnished with modern amenities and added Baron to my official name. Most just call me The Baron. Once I was ready to move in I started to attract my sovereign subjects, mostly models from magazines eager for an island paradise. Some left when they found out how serious I was about being a dictatorial ruler, but others stayed. They realized that an easy life spent pleasing me was more desirable than anything on the mainland. Everything happened at my command and will, the men I hired were more than willing to enforce my desires in any way I asked of them. Soon I had new shipments of willing and unwilling subjects to please me. My harem had grown two more than two dozen lovely concubines. I lavished attention and care on them and they found life serving me to not be as chafing as one might think. They all knew however that I had a temper and could be harsh at times.

Well before my beauties grew to the gigantic proportions they are today they kept themselves slim and athletic through a strict regimen of exercise. I didn't restrict their food intake; rather my chefs produced culinary masterpieces every meal. I demanded that the girls dine with me always and that they eat properly. I saw the food I served as a sign of my generous treatment of them and also a testament to my good taste. The girls however saw each meal as another grueling workout to keep themselves slim. One day one of the girls' exasperation at the situation got the better of her.

During breakfast, which consisted of omelets, pancakes, and fruit Tina spoke up. She was one of my taller girls, willowy with blond hair and a fine figure. I would rather she had larger hips and breasts, but she was still quite striking with her long sun-bleached hair.

"Baron?" she began tentatively, all activity stopped. Normally no one speaks at the table but me, or someone I address. I turned from my newspaper to look at her. She took a moment or two to gather her resolve before speaking again. I could tell that this had taken a lot of courage on her part just to get this far. "Why do we have to have such large meals? If you had us eat more sensibly we wouldn't have to exercise so much to stay in shape." She let out a breath as she finally got that off her chest. Unfortunately for her I took that mere suggestion she made as a grave insult. Who was she to ask for her life to be even easier? Her purpose on my island wasn't to make her life easier, but make my life more pleasurable! I decided to teach her a little lesson.

"You know something Tina? You're absolutely right. It would be easier for you to stay in shape without these lavish meals that I spend so much money on. Girls stop eating." They all stopped warily. Some had relief on their faces but others who were more clever had worried looks. "Go off and play, all of you except Tina. Tina since you spoke out of turn you must be punished. Today you will eat all the food left on the table, and you'll do it before nightfall." The girls gasped as they looked at the table. We were barely half through when Tina spoke. Half through a banquet fit for more than two dozen people. I put down my paper and walked over to one of my men. "See to it that she does it. The rest of you girls go play." I then went to do what little financial maintenance my island required. Tina was sitting in shock at the prospect of eating so much. That should teach her a lesson I thought. Little did I realize that it would teach me something as well.

I checked on her progress via the remote camera periodically throughout the day. Men were on either side of her bringing trays within reach, also making sure she didn't bolt. She was trying hard but there was no way that she could succeed. By early afternoon there was still a table full of food. She sat in the chair gasping for breath holding her distended belly while one of the guards tried coaxing her to eat more grapes. This began to intrigue me. I put my papers aside and watched. One guard was rubbing her stomach gently while the other was slowly filling her mouth with grapes. He didn't need to force her; her own fear at what I would do if she failed was coaxing enough. Quite unexpectedly I was getting very aroused. I turned off the TV and went back to work, the image playing itself in my head. Some hours later, shortly before sunset I turned on the TV again. The cold banquet was demolished. There was still food left however, too much for poor Tina to eat in the short time left. Some of the other girls had returned and were offering encouragement as she stoically ate more and more. I was more aroused than before and called over my naked personal secretary to give my organ attention with her soft mouth. Tina was stuffed to capacity yet kept pushing more of the cold food into her mouth vainly hoping to beat the clock. She had been eating all day and had a glimmer of hope to escape my further wrath. Her belly was swollen like a football. It was easy to see as all of my girls wear two piece bikinis, lingerie, or nothing. Tina was wearing a two piece that left her tan belly fully exposed. It looked tight as a drum and absolutely packed with food yet she continued to eat despite the obvious discomfort. My secretary bobbed faster and faster on my cock as if sensing my excitement. Tina was close now, and so was I. She only had one tray left of sticky buns to eat, and she moaned in fear at the prospect of eating still more. In desperation she grabbed the plate and shoved two in her mouth at the same time! I couldn't believe it! My orgasm came pumping out of me as Tina bravely shoved a third sticky bun into her mouth, before the first two were fully swallowed. The shadows had lengthened on the ground and she saw she only had moments left. I finished with my secretary and began heading for the dining room, putting on a stern look when in reality I had never been so excited. I arrived just as the sun went down and Tina put down the last sticky bun in defeat.

"Well Tina not only did you spoil my breakfast but you also demolished my dining room with your gluttony, and still didn't even manage to finish the simple task I set before you." They were all fooled by my mock anger and waited anxiously for what further punishment I would lay on poor Tina. "For the next week you will repeat this feat every day. Any time that you fail like you did today I'll add another week. The same amount each day. Then maybe you won't speak at the table out of turn, or question your good fortune and my good will. I hope this lesson was not lost on the rest of you?" I turned my attention to the other girls who nodded quickly, all thankful not to be in Tina's shoes. Tina was holding her belly and crying and groaning. When I walked back to my study the other girls rushed to console her.

Needless to say Tina wasn't very hungry the next day. You couldn't see much of the affects on her frame, perhaps a slight bulge in her stomach but nothing more. She attacked the meal with gusto though; hoping a strong start would be easier in the long run. I watched her progress from my private bedroom attended by three girls giving me a slow luxurious tongue bath. She seemed to be quite determined today, I thought as she devoured each mouthful of the decadent food. She would eat for perhaps twenty minutes at a time then take a half-hour break before eating again. She learns quickly I thought. It was a most enjoyable day for me. I was kept in constant arousal by the sight of Tina and the three busy tongues roaming my body at will. I came several times that day all in synchronicity to Tina stuffing herself to capacity. She succeeded that day. She was stuffed like a prize turkey, but she managed to choke it all down. I'd have to do something about that, if I wanted this diversion to go on longer. That night I had a man fly into the mainland to pick up a few things. One of them was a bottle of diet pills, the kind that expands in your stomach to make you feel full. I told my chefs to liberal spike her food with these pills.

The next day she strode somewhat confidently into the dining room I was waiting with the nurse, I wanted to see first hand what effects my punishment had had on Tina. First we weighed her. She had gone from a svelte 117 lbs. to a slightly larger 123, a gain of 6 lbs. in two days. We also measured her waistline, which looked a little softer. She had added almost an inch to it, and she groaned at the discovery. The meal was brought out, the same amount as before, but with an ingredient she didn't know about. I would attend the feast personally this time. In the dining room was only my favorite fellatio artist (and believe me she was an artist) Sheila, myself and the two guards that helped feed Tina before. Before we began I spoke to Tina to get her to entrap herself even further. "Tina you're impressing me with your dedication to this difficult task. Perhaps I was a bit harsh the other day. If you would like I'll retract my earlier punishment. If you can eat all of the food brought to you today then you won't have to do this anymore. But, since I am a sporting man, if you fail then you must continue eating what I present to you for a year." Her eyes raised at the prospect of eating for an entire year, but then her look of determination returned.

"OK Baron." Said Tina. I couldn't lose either way. If she refused then I would periodically sabotage her food causing her to fail and perpetually add weeks to her punishment until I felt she'd had enough.

"That's the spirit! Well get started, I'll watch and cheer you on." The food was brought out and with great enthusiasm she attacked it. I had told the chefs not to spike the first two courses in order to build up her hopes. She ate quickly, gulping the rich food in large bites. Sheila was meanwhile gulping me quite expertly. Tina would often make shy glances at me, sensing that I liked the show she was providing. She would sometimes spill food on her wrists or breasts and sensuously lick it off. Tina realized that I was aroused by this but she didn't quite realize the skullduggery I had engaged in otherwise I doubt she would have been so affectionate to me. She took a break between the second and third course to build up some room, and she would need it.

The third course came and she began eating again. I could see that after she had finished the second plate that the pills were taking effect. She started with great enthusiasm but slowed down quickly. Soon she stopped all together holding her stomach and groaning. "Come now Tina, you have to do better than this, this is just the third course with many more to go. I'd hate to have to see you go a year at this task." That spurred her on a bit and she began eating again. The rest of the day was a vain battle. She tried valiantly but came nowhere close to finishing. Because I was most aroused when she was desperately eating, hoping to beat the clock, I gave her one last bit of incentive. "You've really disappointed me Tina. Not only are you going to have to eat like this for a year, but since you failed so abysmally I'm going to add a month to that year for every day that you fail." That got her going! She dove into the food, stuffing in handfuls at a time. But it was too little, and too late. She gorged herself beyond any limit she thought she had, and even with the pills cheating her I wondered that if given another hour or so she might have actually done it. The sun went down and she slumped face first into a bowl of spaghetti. After a few moments she lifted her food splattered face from the bowl and turned to me with an imploring look. I just looked at her sternly and slowly shook my head. The girls knew better than to beg me for anything (unless of course I told them to). So Tina's punishment truly began. She found out the next day the true conditions of the punishment when more food was brought out than the previous days.

"But Baron" she cried, "This is more than before!"

"Tina I said that you'd have to eat what I present to you for a year. I didn't say that you would continue eating the same amount every day. Now get started, time's wasting." She cried the first few days when she realized how trapped she was. In that first week alone she added six months to her sentence, failing every day but the last day of the week when I decided to give her a small victory. Her body was starting to change dramatically with the all-day feasting. Every day I would weigh and measure her before she started, and my nurse would chart her gain. In the first week she added 12 lbs. to her lithe body, and two inches to her waist bringing it up to a 28-inch waistline. By the end of the second week I guessed that her metabolism was slowing down. She gained more than twenty pounds and was now sentenced to eat for two years for six more failures. I found out that in the first week she had been exercising at night to try and work off the calories, but by the second week she was just too exhausted after each feeding to even try. By the end of the first month she was resigned to her fate of perpetually eating. She was now up to 196 lbs. and was doomed to eat like this for more than three years. Her waist had blossomed and sagged into a soft paunch. Her breasts were also blooming nicely. No longer firm and perky they hung and sagged onto her belly, the nipples and aeriolas stretched out. Her hips and ass changed significantly also, getting wider and wider, causing her to wobble as she walked. I had doctors come in who were well paid for their silence and examine and attend on Tina. They assured me that she was in good health, and with vitamin supplements, some mild exercise and certain drugs she would be in no danger. It was at this time that I met Dr. Shreck. He officially introduced me to the feeder subculture and we became great friends. I sponsored pharmaceutical research for him, and he in turn would help me change my svelte harem into bulging beauties.

Tina's gains skyrocketed. She no longer seemed concerned when she failed, which was becoming less and less often. She ate all day long almost without pause, relishing in the fine foods I provided her. By the end of the second month she was up to almost three hundred pounds. The fourth month she was over four hundred, and the fifth month of non-stop gorging brought her into the quarter ton range. Her gains were slowing now. Most of her eating was now due to her ravenous appetite rather than any imperative by the punishment she suffered. I made love to her often while she ate, and she loved to be face first in a bowl or platter of food while I pounded away from behind. Her measurements were huge. Her breasts almost crept down to her navel and were fat and heavy. Her waist was gigantic and stretched out almost constantly from her gorging. Her hips and ass had kept up as well and were now too wide to make it through most doors. At 64-86-92 she resembled a living-breathing pear. By the end of the sixth month she was just under six hundred pounds and gaining slowly now. She was having problems with mobility now, so I had her feasts brought to her so she can easily gorge herself.

It's been two years now since she first started her feast. She is over eight hundred pounds now and completely immobile, requiring even some aid in feeding her. She's not the fattest girl in my harem, nor did she gain the fastest, but she's one of my favorites because she was my first. She receives me often and I love to watch her eat. She hasn't failed to eat what I give her in a long time now, and I don't try to cheat her anymore. Even when she finally finishes her punishment she'll still eat to please me, for she has come to love pleasing me with her appetite. I have forgiven her and keep her always in high esteem in my harem.