Weight Room Title Bar

 Battery Farm
By CaressFG

“No, no, please don't!” cried the girl as the creature came closer.

She ran up against the wall, but it was no use. The creature forced open her mouth and pushed the tube down into her. All that could be heard were the muffled screams of distress as the machine was turned on. Her eyes grew in dread as the fluid entered her mouth and began to flow into her.

She tried to take it out, but it hurt too much.  The fluid was taking effect. Slowly, she could feel herself expanding. Her toned stomach began to rise outwards like a time-lapse movie of rising bread. She clawed at the ground as her ass filled out. Soft rolls and cellulite were beginning to show under her blouse. Three of her buttons burst as she gained a potbelly.

The girl writhed on the ground as she watched, first hand, herself becoming ruined. Her breasts snapped her bra off. Squeals of pain were audible when her plump physique was girded by her belt and pants. The swelling continued, and her body became slowly immersed in a sea of flab. 200, 300, 400, in bursts of 10 seconds. She gripped her love handles as tears cascaded down her swollen cheeks. Her belly had now become completely free to grow, and her blouse lay on either side of her.

It wasn't long before her belt snapped, much to her delight, and her massive flabby thighs were granted their wish to flow and sag beside her. The last strings of her panties were lost in her softness, and her womanhood saw its last view of the world before being buried under her quickly growing belly.

The weight of her belly and boobs was becoming uncomfortable, and she rolled over onto them. The sensation made her begin to feel content. She rose at a pace of 10 inches a minute with her belly and legs. She started to enjoy the feeling of hot fat between her legs and began to rub her belly up and down on them. Her legs left the ground, and her fat ass rose higher than her head.

Her screams turned to groans of ecstasy, and she clenched her flab tightly. Her face became smothered in her warm, plush breasts, and nothing but her monstrous belly could touch the ground.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” she moaned. Over time, these groans evolved into, “Mooooooooo. Mmmmmmmmoooooooooo.”

It was only when her body began to sink into the cushion of her paunch did the machine stop.

The blinds around her cell were lifted, revealing dozens of other girls her size in their own separate cells.

Another creature walked in and pulled out the tube. And it attached two other tubes to her boobs, which almost immediately began to pump her of her milk.

The immediate reaction from this to the girl was to moo louder in delight as with every gallon of milk she produced she became even fatter!

She felt great; she had her whole life ahead of her, a life of pleasure and sex. What more could you ask for?

She giggled as she watched another 20-year girl being dragged to her cell. The blinds came down, and 20 minutes later there lay another goddess, anxiously awaiting her turn to be milked.

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