Weight Room Title Bar

By Julie Wong

(Author's Note: This story is combining two stories, "Pam's Biggest Challenge" by Scribe and Julie Wong's "Kim's Dream Continues.")


Mark went back to the pub where he once again met the two men whose wives had competed - and lost - in an eating contest with his wife. He asked the two how much their wives could eat after they'd had several months of practice, and if they'd be up for a rematch.

"7000 bucks says Pam can eat more than what both of your wives - plus four other eater babes - combined. My wife will eat more than the six of them," Mark confidently said. The two men said: "You're on, as your wife is surely beaten. We'll beat you this time."

Arrangements were made for the eating contest to be held on Saturday, 18th Feb, a month from today - as both parties had to prepare for a lot of things. These included the ordering of food, and, of course, training the competitors.

After a month, the contest finally arrived. On Saturday at the appointed time there was a knock at Mark's door. He opened and greeted Tom and Jeff with their wives and their babes. Tom's wife, Sandy, was much larger than the last time she had competed. She now was up to about 550 and so had her body. Next was Jeff's wife Marrisa. She seemed to be the same, but Jeff said she is in her 650s. Then they introduced three babes, Jenny, Melanie and Kate. Jeff said, "They are our talents." Tom then said that the last babe wouldn't make her appearance until she was needed. Mark led them all to his living room where tables were all set up with mountains of food that had been provided by both parties.

Mark asked everyone to sit down and make themselves comfortable. His wife, Pam, would be in in a minute. They all settled down. Soon they heard the footsteps of Pam. Pam made her entrance in all her glory - all 1650 pounds of her. Her long red hairdo was transformed into a short curly one. She wore nothing this time around. Huge rolls of fat hung from Pam's body - as well as a wider belly.

"Hello," she said. "I hope you don't mind me, as I don't want to waste money on clothing, since I never want to go out. Plus, it only takes a meal's time, for me to need larger clothes," Pam giggled.

The ladies looked at each other, then back at Pamela. Pam was larger than they expected. However, unlike before, they had confidence and thought they could defeat Pam this time.

"Let's eat!" Pam said. "I am HUNGRY!"

And so the eating contest began.


The portly challengers each began with pizza as Round One. It was filled with pepperoni and double cheese. By the time they had put it away, Pam had already devoured ten of them, licking her fingers and asking for more.

Round Two brought on stuffed shells. The ladies dug in, determined to show Pam who, they thought, had overdone it with all those pizzas. The girls munched away, stuffing themselves on the heavy, starchy shells as if there were no tomorrow. Pamela watched them for a while, giving the hard working challengers hope that they might have a chance after all. After much slurping, gulping, and swallowing, each of the three visitors had put away a full dozen. But when they looked up they saw to their dismay that Pam had gone to work, too, and eaten not a dozen, not two dozen, but a full gross of the big stuffed shells. The challengers sat back and groaned, holding their already aching stomachs. But they weren't going to give up that easily. Pam would have to keep eating more than them combined, and eventually they would get her.

A fierce battle ensued. Round after round, the three challengers gorged themselves, trying to find more room in their tummies where they knew none could possibly exist anymore. But they battled on. Roast beef, creamed vegetables, macaroni, everything started to disappear - as the men restored food. The men cheered them on while they ate. Tom and Jeff looked increasingly delighted as they watched big Pam matching the total of what their team ate round after round. In fact, Pam had hardly broken a sweat and seemed to enjoy herself tremendously, always asking for another plate after she'd already beaten the challengers.

After Round Eight, Sandy and Kate were the first to ask for a rest room. When they returned they were forced to stop. Sandy said, "I'm so sorry, gals, but I can't eat another bite. You have to go on without me." She then leaned back, holding her overstuffed belly with both arms. Tom went over to rub his wife's distended belly to give her comfort and relief.

Now the challenging team was down to the remaining four. Marrisa continued with the other three, while Jeff was still confident of success. After Round 15, another two, Jennie and Melanie stopped, as they could hold no more. They sank back into their chairs.

"If I eat another bite I'm going to BURST!" they breathed. "I've never eaten so much in my life. Kate, it's up to you now. Try to do it without our secret weapon - as I know you can do it!"

Suddenly Mark was wondering who their secret weapon was. Kate was a great eater, as she was only 23 but already at 560. But after Round 25, she also was forced to stop.

Pam was delighted as she thought she had won it. However, the girls and the men said she hadn't, and they asked their secret weapon to appear!


And the secret weapon appeared before Round 26 began. In came Jason and his wife, Kim, the lady who shocked Mark but not his wife. As Kim made her grand entrance, about 2300 pounds of her. Her long red hair remained long. She was wearing a blue tailor-made bikini.

"Hello," she said. "My friend, can't you find clothing or what, do you want to some from me? I think I have given you a handicap, as I was on a diet a while ago, just to attend this competition. Mark looked at Kim, then back at Pam. He was planning of withdrawing, but Pam refused to.

"Let's eat!" Kim said. "As I am HUNGRY!"

As Round 26 began, Pam was still ahead of Kim, but then something changed. Since Round 32, Kim took the lead, which shocked Mark but not Pam - as she only had to beat the last remaining challenger in a one-on-on. It went on until Round 40, where Pam restored the lead. It then went backwards and forwards.

"It's just you and me now," she growled. "You sure you don't want to quit while you can still get up?"

"In your dreams, sweets," Kim replied, equally determined. "I still have lots of room to grow. I can even eat you! So let's stop the gab and eat!" With that she loaded a handful of the pastries onto her plate and began munching away. She'd already started on her second when a now clearly worried and addled Pam followed suit. The room was silent save for the eating, gulping and swallowing sounds emanating from the two great women. The men watched, spellbound, while the team members had passed out on the floor.

Pam finally found her rhythm again and caught up with Kim at the fifth pastry. She briefly pulled ahead as both women, stuffed to the very max of their vast capacities, slowly forced down the seventh, but Kim now seemed to be in a zone. It was neck and neck after 65 rounds. Seemingly on cruise control and with a grim, steely stare in her eyes, Kim methodically forced down the eighth, ninth, and tenth pastry. Pam still worked on her eighth and felt as though she had finally reached the bursting point. Panic set in as her winning streak was clearly on the line. All these years she'd easily eaten all challengers under the table, growing bigger and bigger in the process, until she had reached her majestic current size. She lovingly recalled every pastry, every pizza, every bite and calorie that had helped her become who she was...

Then she felt someone tapping on her massive shoulder. "Pam...? Pam, are you alright?" It was her husband Mark.

Pam snapped out of her addled state. "Sure, yes. Just taking a breather."

"A dozen," Kim wheezed across the table, pointing at her now empty plate. "You're done, big girl. Give up? How about ending in me, as my best supper!"

"No way," Pam huffed back, but whatever cockiness she had left wavered when she saw the four remaining pastries still on her plate. They seemed huge to her now, and she had no idea how she was going to put them down. But she had to do it and so she reached deep inside into herself and went to work, every quivering pound of her the champion that she was. Number nine was a struggle and Pam almost gave up. Number ten went down a bit easier as Pam mentally forced herself to overcome the pressing feeling of complete fullness and delight in the taste and texture of the sweet pastry instead. Eleven was almost easy, and, ecstatic now, the last remaining pastry disappeared down the hatch as if Pam had just started.

Kim groaned and went to the bathroom. During that time, Pam ate in the fastest speed she had done before. When Kim returned 15 minutes later, she was a lot behind. In the end, she decided to order a loss as she was stunned to see how fast Pam ate.

Pam continued to eat the remaining food while Kim had passed out back into her chair. Her belly that looked as big as a round large-size beach ball. Kim although had lost, but was delighted as she had never eaten so much before. Also she was proud to meet such an eater. As there was a big, satisfied smile on her face.

Despite having eaten like never before and despite all the food they now had in their bellies the challengers had been defeated once again.

Tom, Jason and Jeff went over to Mark and Pam, congratulated them and paid their debt as well as the costs of the food.

"Sorry guys. Good effort, but Pam can still win! Do you still want a challenge? If you do, try again next time, but you can decide this time. For more details contact me next week."

Pam added: "I strongly advice you not to, as your weapon isn't that strong anyway. The more I eat, the more and more hungry I will be!"

Mark looked over at his fat, gorgeous wife, who seemed oblivious of her victory and was, in fact, eating the remaining food from the contest. "Bring them on, hon. I can't wait to start practicing," Pam said, smiling sweetly.