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Be Careful What You Wish For
By AlanFA

Alan sat at his desk, absentmindedly surfing the web. It was another typical day at work; he had finished all productive work and was now just killing time waiting for the day to come to an end. He never was bothered about killing time on the Internet because he always had all his work finished and turned in way ahead of schedule so the front office looked the other way about his non-productive time. He decided that he would surf through his backdoor around his firewall and access the sites that were frowned upon visiting on the company computers. Once he was sure he was clear of the main server, he accessed his favorite site.

ExcessDimensions.com was the site he went to live out his hidden desires. This site was dedicated to very large women and the men that adored them. Alan had grown up with a hidden desire towards fat women. Most of his life he had thought that he was different and that his desires were some kind of strange malady. At least that is what the mainstream world would have him believe. To be a beautiful woman you had to be a size two or smaller, and, if you weren't, you were some kind of sick pig that was unlovable. Obviously, anyone that would find that type of woman attractive had to be just as sick. Then the advent of personal computers and the Internet had brought the truth to light. There actually was a part of society that accepted Fat people and actually a large percentage of men who preferred their women Big.

However, by the time this fact was made clear to him, Alan had already met and married Lisa. A properly sized thin woman whose main desire in life was to keep herself in shape. That is not to say that she had not over the years that they had been married gained weight and increased her size. She just constantly worked at not letting herself go. When they had first met Lisa was a thin size two at about 112 lbs. By the time they were married a year later, all the courtship dinners and little boxes of chocolates had put another 8 lbs on her and she got married in a loose size 4 wedding dress. During her pregnancy with their first child, Lisa gained an astonishing 45 lbs. Alan was in secret heaven and enjoyed having the extra Lisa to hold onto. For the first few months after the baby was born, Lisa continued to steadily gain weight, topping out at 184 lbs before she finally got disgusted and began to do something about it.

During this time Alan was the happiest he had ever been, he looked forward to coming home every night with some sort of treat for his growing wife. When she finally hit the brakes and started actively losing weight, Alan was bummed out but didn't let her know. By the baby's first birthday Lisa had managed to get back down to 125 lbs, just 5 lbs heavier than when she got married. By the time she became pregnant with their second child a year later she was down to 117 lbs. Her second pregnancy proved harder on her waistline than the first. Her appetite seemed insatiable and she ended up gaining an incredible 75 lbs taking her to within 7 lbs of the 200 lb mark at delivery. After delivery, her appetite continued unabated and after having dropped 20 lbs with the delivery she quickly found herself up to and over the 200 lb mark.

Again, Alan was a happy man because it appeared this time there would be no turning back. Every night he would come home bringing larger and larger treats. These she would accept gratefully and after consuming it they would make love most the night with Alan lovingly exploring every new roll and bulge. Then one night the bottom fell out of Alan's little dream world. He came home with a Chocolate Chocolate cheesecake and a tub of whipped cream. When he came in, the house was dark except for the light in the bedroom. He could hear crying coming from inside so he went to the door. Lisa was lying in bed with the covers pulled up and she was crying.

Honey, what's wrong? he asked.

She looked up and saw him standing in the door holding the bag with the cheesecake. What's that? she asked.

A special treat for later, he said, now what's wrong?

That's what's wrong, she said, pointing over toward the mirror. In front of the mirror he saw a pile of clothes lying in a heap. To the side of that was a pair of stretch pants that she had been wearing quite often lately. He walked over and picked them up, he could see that the crotch was totally ripped out. So what happened?

I had dropped the kids off at my mom's, thinking that we could have a special night. When I got home I came in here to find something sexy to wear. I bent over to pick up a sock and my pants exploded. When I stood up, I looked in the mirror and there was this enormously fat woman standing there looking back at me. It was the most horrible thing I've ever seen. So I started grabbing clothes out of the closet to try on, and nothing fit me. Half of the things I can't even get up past my knees. How could you let this happen to me? Why have you been bringing all those fattening things home for me? Look what you have done to me; you've turned me into a blimp!

Honey, he answered, don't worry about your size; I love you and don't care how big you have become; besides I kind of find it sexy.

At this, she jumped out of bed. She was naked except for an old teddy that fit her when she was a size 4. On her now size 24 body it looked quite comical. You find this sexy? What kind of sick pervert would find this sexy? This is disgusting; I've become an enormous fat pig. You get that horrible fattening food out of my house and never bring it back. I'm on a major diet starting today and I won't stop till I can fit back into this teddy. Alan moved toward her, hoping to calm her down and reassure her, but she backed away and told him not to touch her. That she didn't want to be touched again until she was back to a normal size. Now get that crap out of my house, and go to the kitchen and get anymore of it out as well.

With that, her diet began. It was the worst time Alan could remember. She was a miserable person to live with. Dinner for her consisted of a small salad with measured low cal dressing and a broiled skinless chicken breast, with steamed vegetables. She would not allow Alan to have any type of sweets or calorie-laden foods in the house. Even the girls were on special diets, and were not allowed any treats in the house. At the end of a year, Lisa had dropped 87 lbs and was down to 140 lbs and a size 12. Still she was not satisfied and 16 months after she started, she reached her goal of 115 lbs, a loss of 111 lbs, almost half her starting weight. She was back to a size 4.

That night Alan was once again killing time at work, dreading going home to his now disgustingly skinny diet obsessed wife. She called him at work and told him that she had a big surprise and a special treat for him. When he got to the house, he found it dark with just a faint light from the bedroom. Honey, I'm home, he said. In the bedroom came the reply. Where are the girls? he asked.

At my mom's, she replied; we have the house all to ourselves. He found her lying seductively on the bed, dressed in the same teddy she had on the night when his dream life came to an end. Well, I finally did it. I'm back down to 115 lbs. It took me a while, but I'm sure you'll agree it was worth it; now come here and hold me.

Alan smiled the most reassuring smile he could muster and kicked off his shoes and climbed on the bed. He took her into his arms and was almost repulsed by the feel of her ribs and pelvic bones. They had only made love three times in the last year and a half, and that had only been within the last six months and it had been in complete darkness, lest he have to see her disgusting fat body. Many times he had attempted to tell her that not only didn't he find her body disgusting, he actually found it a fabulous turn on. But, of course, he couldn't tell her that. She would think him some kind of sick pervert and never want anything to do with him. Besides, he loved her and really wanted her to be happy, even if it meant denying himself.

The sex that night was disappointing, and afterward they laid there in silence, not wanting to discuss what had gone wrong. She apologized and said that they were just out of practice and that things would improve now that she was down to a normal weight. Over the next few months they made several attempts at love making with only marginal success. Alan just could not get aroused at the sight of her malnourished body.

It was during this time that Alan had found Extra-Dimensions.com. He had poured himself into his work to avoid being home as much as possible. He had also begun to stay late after he was done for the day and had found the back door in the firewall so that he could surf into restricted areas undetected. He was looking at a online girls magazine when he saw an add for Plus Size women and Plumpers. This led him into all other kind of sites featuring fat women. He couldn't believe it. There actually were sites dedicated to the type of women he liked. Through trial and error he finally found Extra-Dimensions; it had everything to keep him entertained. It had pictures, chat rooms, bulletin boards, personals and something Alan found the most interesting, fat fantasy fiction. Stories of women and men gaining weight either on purpose or by magic.

Alan was mesmerized; a lot of these fantasy stories that he read were fantasies that he had already had. It was if someone had written down his fantasies. Another section of the site that Alan enjoyed was the Photo section, and especially the “Magic Morpher” section where there were pictures of famous people and models that were graphically morphed to be fatter. Alan couldn't get enough of it, and had a shortcut created to go right to that page. It was this page he was looking at when a pop-up ad came up for a new software called “Photo Pro,” the magic morphing studio. “Magically transform the subjects of your photos into the people you really want them to be.” Bigger, smaller any way you want them. Create the picture perfect subjects you want.

Well, this sounded interesting. He clicked onto the link that took him to a download page. He decided that he better not download it to his hard drive so he got a fresh zip disk out and put it into the drive. He entered in his credit info and hit send. After this was accepted the download began. It took about 20 mins to download the program; all the while he was formulating a plan in his head of how he was going to play with the software. He new just the picture that he wanted to morph. He was getting excited and incredibly aroused just thinking about it.

He went home that night and found Lisa in one of her usual grumpy moods. She was usually unhappy these days, and Alan was sure it had to do with her constant diet. After reaching her goal she had backslid slightly and gained back about 10 lbs which took her up to a size six. Since then she had been desperately trying to loose the weight by starving herself. That would work slightly, but every time she began to eat normal sized portions again she would gain back weight. It was a vicious cycle, which kept her unhappy most of the time.

Dinner consisted of the usual meager portions. After dinner, Alan read the girls a bedtime story and tucked them in. Lisa, complaining of a headache, went to bed early, which worked well into Alan's plan. He told her that he had some work to finish so that he would be up for a little while. He kissed her goodnight and partially closed the bedroom door. He then went to the den and turned on the computer. He got the zip disk out of his brief case and put it in. He found the .exe file on the disk and hit enter. The program started loading and then the whole computer froze and crashed. Oh shit, great - now I've screwed up the computer!

He hit the off switch and then turned it back on hoping it would re-boot itself; however, he failed to take the zip disk out so it immediately started to boot off that. A bright blue screen appeared and the words Magic Morpher appeared on the screen. A series of icons appeared on the screen and the words “Get Picture” were flashing. He clicked on this, which brought up the folder with all his digital pictures on it. He cycled through the pictures and found one of Lisa that he recently took. He double clicked on the file and the picture came up centered on the screen. A tool bar appeared on the left side. The different options would give you separate tools for modifying different aspects of the picture such as color, red eye, and background.

Then he saw one that caught his eye, Special Effects. He clicked on that which bought up another toolbar. On this one it had Effects, Preset Warps and Interactive Warps. He chose the interactive warp. Another tool bar appeared. On this one was Grow, Shrink, Drag, Melt and Restore. There was also an adjustment lever to set the amount that you wanted to change. He decided he would play a little with this. He selected the Grow function and set the amount to 30 percent. He then moved his mouse pointer over her butt in the picture and clicked his mouse once. This caused the picture to blur and when it solidified again the section of her butt was noticeably larger. Hmm, this was cool. He moved the pointer to the other cheek to give it equal attention and again clicked his mouse once. Again the picture blurred, and, when it cleared, her butt was borderline huge.

He then went about clicking different parts until the picture that appeared before him was of a Lisa at least twice as big as she was at her heaviest. He sat back and longingly looked at it. Yes, that was what he desired, a Lisa that was by the looks of it at least 400 lbs. He was starting to get really aroused. He moved his pointer over the reset function and clicked, again the picture blurred and when it cleared again it was back to it's original state with a skinny 120lb Lisa. Alan sat there and played for quite a while opening other pictures and similarly morphing them. Sometimes, he gave her a gigantic belly, other times enormous boobs, and more often gave her an exaggeratedly large butt, hips and thighs. Alan often had the fantasy of Lisa being so wide that she got stuck in the doorway. So this started to become the theme of his morphs. Wide hips, enormous thighs and a balloon sized bottom.

He continued to play, getting more and more detailed in his morphs. He had been concentrating on one picture for quite a while when he realized it was almost 3 am. Man, I'm going to have to get some sleep. He made a couple last adjustments onto this picture. It was of Lisa at the beach about two years before. The original picture was taken at a time when she was still about 180 lbs, so it gave him some initial curves and bulges to play with. She was wearing a pair of white shorts and a blue tank top. The transformed picture was of what had to be close to a 500 lb Lisa as an exaggerated pear. He had enhanced her breasts to make them the size of ripe summer watermelons. Her face was full with at least three chins. Her arms were bulgy and rested out on what had to be five-foot wide hips, if the picture were to scale. The hips tapered down to a pair of bulging thunder thighs that tapered down to chubby calves and cute little fat feet.

He had spent an incredible amount of effort on this, and so he decided he had to save it. He clicked the file button and then hit the “save as” link. He renamed the file “My Dream Girl” and hit save. Suddenly he got the proverbial “Blue Screen of Death”. The alert “System has performed an illegal act and will be shut down, hit any key to save work and exit.” He hit the space bar and got the alert “Saving job and backing up all files.” Suddenly, the screen started blinking and Alan noticed that what lights were on in the house were blinking as well. Then everything went black.

Alan heard some momentary moaning coming from the bedroom and what sounded like the bed frame creaking and being dragged on the floor. The lights flickered on and Alan heard the sound of the computer re-booting. When the screen came back on he saw that it was once again back on the normal windows screen and also noticed that the program disk for the PhotoPro was sitting on the table. He didn't remember ejecting it but figured that in the confusion of the reboot that he must have ejected it. He decided that it must have been a sign that it was time to head to bed. He hit shut down on the computer, put the PhotoPro disk back in his briefcase and headed toward the bedroom. As he walked down the hall he failed to notice that all the pictures on the wall containing Lisa were altered. They now displayed a much bigger Lisa than they did five minutes ago.

He walked in the bedroom and turned to go into the bathroom. Suddenly he bumped into the corner of the bed. That is weird, he thought, when did the bed get moved? He figured he must be overly tired. He continued into the bathroom and heard Lisa shifting on the bed, for some reason the bed seemed to be squeaking more than usual. He got undressed and put on his pajamas, thank goodness tomorrow he could sleep in. He went back into the bedroom and ran into the bed a lot sooner than he should have. Again he thought this to be strange but again chocked it up to being tired. He crawled under the covers and adjusted himself on his side of the bed. He and Lisa hadn't cuddled in quite a while; they tended to stay on their own side of the bed. Again, Lisa rolled over grunting slightly and pulling on the covers, he also noticed that the bed seemed to be dipped more to her side. For the last time that night Alan dismissed the oddity of the situation and fell asleep.

He dreamed that life was a lot different. In this dream world, Lisa was the incredibly obese beauty that he created on the computer, and she was completely contented with her life. He went back to the night that he had come home to her crying, but this time when he told her that he liked her fat and that he wouldn't mind if she was even fatter. She didn't call him sick and perverted; instead she asked him if he was sure and when he told her yes she said with a sly smile that he better be careful what he wished for because it just might come true. Then she tore into the bag of groceries that he had brought home.

Alan woke up the next morning to the sound of Lisa swearing. He sat up on one elbow and tried to adjust his blurred vision. When his eyes cleared he couldn't believe what he was seeing. He decided he must still be dreaming because, instead of his skinny Lisa, his super-sized Lisa was standing in the doorway and she was stuck. He couldn't speak; all he could do was stare at the site of his beautiful behemoth wedged in the doorway. She looked over and laughed. Well, good morning sunshine, just don't lie there and stare, get up and help me get unstuck. I've been asking you for months to widen these doors, or build us a bigger house.

Alan was still speechless, but slowly got out of bed. He walked over where she stood and took her hand. She looked at him dumbfoundly and said, Oh just push my ass through. He put both hands on her butt and gave it a shove. Don't be shy, I know how much you like fondling my ass, now push, I have to get breakfast for the girls, plus you know how hungry I am in the morning. He shoved harder, and she was able to get through the door. He watched in awe as she waddled down the hall toward the kitchen. He was mesmerized by the sight of her hips literally brushing the walls on both sides of the hall. She had to turn sideways to get through the kitchen door.

Alan heard his daughters say, “Good morning mommy, what's for breakfast?” It was then that he noticed something weird. The pictures on the wall were different. As he took a closer look, he saw that Lisa was bigger in all the pictures. Their wedding picture was normal, and the pictures from early on in their marriage were the same as they had always been, but the picture that had been taken since that dreadful night when he found her crying were altered. Instead of pictures showing her losing weight, all the pictures showed noticeable gain. He remembered his dream. Be careful what you wish for, it might just come true.

He slowly walked down the hall toward the kitchen and realized that there were wear marks on the walls where something had repeatedly been rubbed down the wall. Alan realized that it must be from Lisa's hips rubbing as she walked down it. He got to the kitchen door and looked in; there was Lisa getting breakfast for the girls. They looked up and said in unison, “Good Morning Daddy.” They seemed un-altered by this dream, if that is what it was. He watched as Lisa carefully waddled around the kitchen carefully avoiding bumping into things with her enormous sides. All he could do was stare. He also unavoidably developed an incredible hard-on that was impossible to hide in his pajamas.

Lisa looked over at him and noticed the bulge in his pants. She gave him a knowing wink and a smile and told the girls to finish their breakfast and then watch TV, her and daddy had something they needed to do in the bedroom. She walked toward him, and he had to step aside as she turned sideways and squeezed out of the door then waddled down the hallway toward the bedroom, scraping her sides along the walls as she went. She then shimmied through bedroom door, grunting slightly as she sucked in her bulging stomach. She got through and went to her side of the bed. He followed her in and realised for the first time why he had bumped into the bed early. Instead of their normal queen sized bed, they now had a king sized one, on what appeared to be a reinforced steel frame.

She looked at him and said, Shut and lock the door, silly, as she let her robe fall to the floor. Alan nearly came in his pants. He had never seen a more perfect ass. It was huge, creamy white and blemish free.

She laughed at what surely must have been a look of pure astonishment on his face. You look like you have never seen a 535lb goddess before. Come over here and let me take care of that thing in your pants before it goes off half-cocked. He walked toward her and when he got within her reach, she reached out and pulled down his pants while pulling him close and kissing him more deeply and passionately than she had ever had before. She started working her way down his neck and chest while continuing to pull down his pants. Finally, she pushed him back on the bed with such force that he went half way across the bed. She knelt on the edge of the bed and let herself fall forward; the weight of her body across his legs surprised and aroused him. She then grabbed his dick and started sucking.

Alan just watched as her head went up and down on his shaft. Above that, the twin globes of her fabulous ass stood out like twin peaks in the Rockies. Sensing that he was staring at her fat ass, Lisa started swaying it from side to side. That was all it took. Alan came hard and shot wads of cum into her eager mouth. She swallowed every drop. She was smiling when she looked up. Well, I guess shaking my butt had it usual affect. You are so predictable. Who would have thought that letting my ass grow this big would be the ultimate turn on for you? Well, Butt Boy, it is your turn to pleasure me. She grunted as she pushed herself up and off the bed. You better move before I sit on you, silly. He slid farther on to his side of the king-sized bed as she carefully turned around and let her huge ass down on the bed. She then laid back and swung her legs onto the bed. I'm so wet and need you to give me a tongue bath. She brought her legs up and spread them. He was in heaven. She reached down and used both hands to pull back her belly and expose her cunt. He was now staring down a valley made up of two huge thunder thighs at a perfect snatch. His basic sexual instincts took over,and he started to slowly kiss his way down her thighs he then got his face down all the way down and started licking her. He stuck his tongue deep inside and found her clit. He then sucked on her clit as her juices started flowing over his face.

He reached around and grabbed twin hand full of her butt. He started to squeeze and knead her butt. This sent her into wave after wave of pleasure. She came extremely hard and Alan could hear her grunting wildly through clenched teeth. He could tell that she was shaking her belly furiously. Finally, she let go and her belly rolled over on top of his head. He had to back up and pull his head out. He came up on all fours and looked up over her belly at her face. He had not seen that look of total satisfaction on her face since they were first married. Alan wondered if the sex between them was always this good, somehow he figured it was.

My God, she said. You sure know how to make a fat chick cum. It seems to get better and stronger the bigger I get. But then you will tell me that it only makes sense to continue to get bigger. Well, don't worry baby. I don't think I could give up eating like I do even if I wanted too, and with the way you make me feel, why would I want to?

Alan climbed up next to her and gave her a deep passionate kiss. My thoughts exactly, why would you want too? Now lay here while I fix your breakfast.

You're reading my mind, she said. I'm starved!