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Belly Play

Emily has always been a fat kid. In 6th grade she weighed about 200 pounds. As a senior she was labeled morbidly obese without her knowledge. As a senior she weighed 400 pounds.

When she was 24, a man by the name of Charles Wave, a magnificent Fat Lover, spotted Emily and knew she was the one. She weighed about 430 at this time.

They dated for a while, having fun at parks, movies, restaurants. The dating places. Emily did not want to have intercourse until she was married. That was just fine for Charles. The very next day he does something beautiful.

Charles says, "Honey, I love you so much", then gets down on his knee, "We have been dating for two years now, and no one can come between us, and I will adore you forever." Emily starts crying at this point, as Charles has asked her to marry him. She says yes while weeping tears of joy.

They have a beautiful wedding ceremony, and on their honeymoon, they finally have intercourse, the best in both their lives.

They've been married for five years now and Emily only weighs 512. Charles is very unhappy with this. Here is where the feeding begins.

One day when Charles comes home from work, he decides to surprise his wife. She stays downstairs as he dashes into the attic. He stays up there for hours as Emily wonders what he is doing. Later that night Charles finally comes down and hushes his wife before she can say a word. He leads her upstairs while her plump, yet not flabby enough belly squeezes through the attic opening. Her belly pops through and jiggles like crazy. Charles grabs it and squeezes. Emily laughs.

She stops and stares in awe at a metal and wooden contraption. "What is it sweetie?" she asks.

He grins and says, "Honey, this is a machine that will create the best days of our lives."

She smiles and trustingly does what her husband tells her. She undresses slowly. First her XXL shirt comes off exposing her soft, smooth, round, fat belly. She takes off her very tight jeans, letting hip flesh shine into the attic, while the rest of her belly falls and jiggles in place. Her round butt bounces around as she turns to the machine. Se does not remove her bra because unlike her belly, her breasts are naturally small compared to all the fat.

She lies down as Charles straps a belt around her belly, squeezing it tight until he sees clear indents in the flabby flesh. He straps her hands down to the metal table she is lying on. She does not panic; she trusts Charles. He then takes a large tube and sticks it in Emily's mouth. "There are 200 pounds of whipped cream, butter, cheesecake, and regular sugar cream in that tank up there" he says.

Emily glances at the tank attached to the ceiling. She starts drinking.

Charles leaves as the machine drones on throughout the night, making Emily bigger. Charles smiles... All it will take is this one time and he is finished. The next day Charles wakes up alone in his bed. He grins. He walks slowly up into the attic. His smile grows wider. He watches his wife suck the last ounce of cream from the tank. He claps as Emily wiggles her gigantic body. He unstraps her and helps her off the metal table. She says, "Honey, last night was amazing. I feel so good!"

Charles quickly brings her to a large scale and places her on. The dial moves all the way to 732. They both gasp. He wraps his arms as far as he can around her body and squeezes. He brings her down the attic stairs sideways, her belly slinking down, sagging on every stair. He lies her down on the bed with only a bra and undies on. He looks at the mountain of a belly jolting into the air. He lays his hands on top and lets them sink into the warm, young, gigantic belly. He grabs the sides and massages them, letting the rolls of fat play between his fingers. He grabs parts of the belly pulling and pushing, moving the fat up and down.

All this time Emily is just giggling, sending waves of jiggle through her body. He lays his cheek into the belly and lets his head sink in to the fleshy pillow. He then puts one hand on the top and pushes down as far as he can go. He is surprised to see his hand sink farther and farther into the gigantic abyss of fatness. He grabs the sides one last time and makes a donut with the belly, he jiggles the sides and then kisses the belly till his head can't sink into the soft, smooth skin anymore. He knows what to do. He unstraps her bra as her tiny unusual breasts lay out. He glances at her breasts and belly. He plays with her belly as he takes off her undies.

"I love you, Emily," Charles says while taking off his clothes.

"I love you, Charles."

He massages her belly one last time.

They have the best sex they will ever have in the span of life these two beautiful human beings will ever have...