Weight Room Title Bar

by Potbelly Pimp

Part One

“Young fit guy seeks bouncy plump girl for lots of fun. Call me on 077** ******.”

Leafing furtively through the local paper, Joe was thrilled to see that his advert had made it in this week. He dropped the paper on the table as he heard footsteps in the hall, and seconds later his girlfriend El shut the living room door behind her, smiling as she saw him reading that same old copy of his favourite rock magazine.

“Surely there isn't a single word in that thing you haven't read.”

Joe put the magazine on the coffee table, on top of the newspaper. “I like to re-read,” he smiled nonchalantly. He ran his eyes appreciatively over El's slim body. She really was beautiful. Blue eyes shone vibrantly amid her curly blonde hair, her marble-chiselled shoulders and rounded breasts shaking as she giggled. Her flat stomach shimmied towards him as she crossed the room, and for a moment he imagined that it was a plump little potbelly, bouncing along with her breasts as she walked. He dismissed the tingle in his crotch as the illusion disappeared.

The day was hot and she was wearing only a blue bikini-top and khaki shorts, her smooth thighs captivating as they brushed softly together. She sat down next to him on the soft leather sofa and he put a lazy arm around her, stroking the pliant skin of her waist.

“I love days like these,” she murmured huskily. “Nothing to do, except… enjoy each other's company…”

In moments they were kissing hungrily, and he felt the rise and fall of her succulent breasts as they pressed eagerly against him. He freed them from their soft blue prison and began to kiss her pink nipples, lapping his tongue over the smooth skin of her quivering bosoms as she ran her hand over his crotch, grasping through the fabric at the hardness that was growing there. He unbuttoned her shorts and, with a wiggle of her hips, both they and her white knickers lay crumpled on the floor. His clothes soon joined them and his hot cock was in her mouth, her breasts jiggling as she worked him. After a few minutes he lifted her onto his lap so that she sat astride him on the large sofa, his fat dick pressing gently against her stomach. She was panting like an animal and her boobs heaved freely. Slowly she raised herself up so that the throbbing red head just touched the hungry pink lips of her shaven pussy. And then, slowly, she began to lower herself onto him, her thighs tightening around him as his shaft slid slowly inside her. As he filled her she released a little squeal of pleasure and lust, and he began to pump her hot pussy, thrusting deep inside her as she rose up and sank down in a rhythmic motion like a ship riding on powerful swell waves. Now she was on her back, her legs hooked over his shoulders so that her stomach was scrunched up, almost giving it the appearance of quaking rolls of fat. He pumped her boiling hot loins ever harder, and she climaxed again and again, the waves of pleasure breaking over her body and filling her ears with roaring noise, mingling with her own heedless squeals of pleasure. Finally, transfixed by her folded stomach and shaking breasts, he exploded, pumping his red-hot load deep inside her and forcing her to a writhing, gasping orgasm that was even greater than those that had come before.

After her screams had died away they lay together on the sofa, his hand resting on her belly. He pressed his fingers gently into the firm flesh, imagining once again that it was encased in a layer of delectable fat, a rounded little paunch rising and quivering plumply with every breath.


Joe put his mobile back in his pocket and grinned broadly, almost shaking with excitement. He had had two replies to his advert, and with El out of town for two whole weeks visiting her parents, he was greatly anticipating meeting these fat girls. Both had sounded uninhibited and fun, and he had been unable to resist the temptation to invite them both over at the same time. Gemma, who had been the first to reply, had just called to say she'd reached town and to get directions to his house, and Nicole had done the same some twenty minutes ago. It was eight o'clock and the last rays of the summer sun, still golden and warm, were slanting through the large windows. He had invited Nicole and Gemma over for drinks and nibbles, but the 'nibbles' on the table constituted an impressive spread.

Joe jumped as the doorbell chimed. He didn't remember ever being this nervous on a date; but this one, he smiled to himself, was certainly something a bit different. He had had a sly appreciation for plumper girls for years, but had never got up the courage to date one, fearing what his friends might say. The personal column had given him an opportunity to explore this slightly unusual facet of his sexuality, and he was hugely excited about tonight.

Opening the door, he was met with the sight of both girls standing chatting outside. They had evidently arrived simultaneously and seemed to be getting on very well. After the introductions had been made, Joe invited the girls in and was able to get a good look at them as he poured their drinks; a dry martini for Nicole and a glass of red wine for Gemma. The former was only about five foot three with rich dark hair and a cheeky, dimpled smile. She wore a thin, light blue rollneck sweater, stretched tight across her full breasts and showing signs of straining around her cute little potbelly. Her movements were quick yet smooth, and she too seemed rather nervous. She was wearing dark bootcut jeans, and her bottom was quite small but pleasingly round. Gemma was the more outgoing of the two and slightly fatter, with a ready laugh that shook her wavy auburn hair and made her plump little breasts jiggle bra-less inside her pink strappy top. Her fat stomach peeked cheekily out from underneath it, pink and soft and overhanging her black skirt by a couple of inches.

The three chatted easily, making a steady onslaught on the heaped plates of finger-food that Joe had laid on. It turned out the girls had never used the personal ads before either, as Gemma had just come out of a long relationship and Nicole had been busy with a degree (and doubtless had no trouble finding men at university). Nicole, it seemed, had only gained weight recently and was a little self-conscious about her new curves; Gemma, meanwhile, said she had always been a chubby girl and loved it. The alcohol flowed freely, Joe making occasional trips to get himself another beer and to replenish the girls' glasses. Eventually Gemma sat back lazily in her armchair and licked a little guacamole from her finger as she swallowed the last of the nachos. Then she placed both her hands upon her fat gut, her top riding up over the swollen mound of soft flesh, and rubbed it gently.

“I'm so stuffed,” she groaned. “You said it was just nibbles so I ate before I came out, but all this is soo good…”

“I've got an idea,” giggled Nicole tipsily. “You guys now how to play Ring of Fire? It's a drinking game we used to play a lot in the first year at uni.”

Joe had played before with his mates, but Gemma, it turned out, wasn't familiar with the game. The drinks were replenished and the playing cards spread in a circle on the table, and as the game began Gemma soon got the hang of it. Since she was a beginner, however, she made rather more mistakes than the others did, and as a result she was soon in a fairly advanced state of drunkenness.

It was her turn and she drew the nine of spades.

“What does a 9 do again?” she asked. Having been reminded that it was a Rule Card, she thought for just a few seconds before grinning broadly and issuing her new rule: “For every finger of your beverage that you consume, you must remove an item of clothing.”

Joe and Nicole shot a slightly embarrassed glance at each other; but even though Gemma was in a worse state, they were still both intoxicated enough to play along. Joe, at any rate, wasn't going to turn down a chance to see this pair of plumpers in less clothing. Nicole was the first victim of the new ruling, as Joe drew a seven next and she lost the ensuing game. She removed a single shoe. Next she nominated Gemma for four fingers, having drawn the four of clubs. Joe had calculated that Gemma was only, in fact, wearing seven items of clothing (if, that is, she was wearing knickers), and these four accounted nicely for her shoes and stockings.

After this the girls began to gang up on Joe, so that within a few rounds he was sitting in his boxers trying desperately to keep his concentration, as it were, in the face of their ever-increasing nudity. Nicole had been forced to remove her jeans and jumper, leaving her in black knickers and a tight floral-patterned top that lovingly hugged her sexy round paunch and showed off her deep cleavage. Gemma, meanwhile, reclined in her chair wearing a pink thong that matched her top, with her quivering pink belly protruding between the two pink garments.

It was Nicole's turn and she drew the first King of the game. “Ooh, I get to set the dare!” she squealed. Then a sultry look spread over her alcohol-flushed face, and her eyes twinkled with sexy mischief. “Whosoever draws the fourth and final King”, she declared in a faux-official tone, “Must thereupon give head to a player of his or her choice!” at which she collapsed in a fit of giggles.

Gemma shrieked with laughter while Joe's eyes widened. “Is this the kind of thing you got up to at uni?” he asked incredulously.

“Well no, but we're all adults now…Of course, if you're not up for the dare…”

Joe shook his head feverishly and inwardly blessed his luck.

Gemma followed by drawing the Ace of diamonds; one more finger. She ran her hands slowly down her plump torso, over those cute round boobs and over her corpulent midriff, then lazily, with tantalising slowness, began to slide the pink top upwards, its shiny fabric wrinkling over her flesh. A fold of fat above her rounded stomach was revealed, and then the bottoms of her breasts. One small pink nipple popped out from underneath the material, and then the other, and then the garment was finally removed and dropped on the floor. Staring at her plump body, so soft and rounded and yet nowhere saggy, Joe was unable to contain himself and a significant bulge began to throb in his boxers. Once again the plump girl ran her hands over the bulges of fat, massaging and squeezing her belly, which rose and fell softly with her breathing.

“Your go, Joe,” Gemma reminded him with a sexy smile.

After another few rounds Nicole had been obliged to remove her top, and sat there with her hands folded unconsciously over the round little potbelly that had popped out, still a little shy about it despite her drunken state. A little glimpse of her left nipple peeped over the top of her bra, which she had failed to notice. She leant forward to draw from the remaining few cards, her belly squashing fatly into her thighs, and sat up with her selection. A look of surprise flashed across her face and her hand flew to her mouth, before she began to giggle and slowly turned the card around for the others to see. The King of Hearts. The other three Kings lay sprawled on the table, amidst the meagre remains of the food. She began to stand up.

“You know it's only a game…I mean, you don't have to…” said Joe, slightly embarrassed.

“Oh, but I want to…” she smiled, steadying herself with an uncertain hand on the low table.

Joe could hardly contain his excitement. His breathing was heavy and his hard-on had grown in seconds to its full size; the plump girl's eyes flashed over his straining boxers appreciatively. She took the couple of steps over to him and ran a finger up the length of his cock, then with a sexy smile continued walking past him and knelt down in front of Gem's chair, easing open the fat girl's legs and squeezing between them. Joe was initially filled with disappointment, but as he continued to watch, Nicole placed her hands on the sides of Gemma's gorged stomach and squeezed, so that the chubby girl's belly-fat bulged out in front of her. Nicole brought her face close to the mound of heaving fat and planted a gentle kiss just below the belly button, looking up into Gemma's face. Gemma stared back, apparently awe-struck but making no move to resist. Nicole closed her eyes and began to lick Gemma's belly, squeezing it in her hands and tracing the folds of flesh with her extended pink tongue. Gemma sat back, fluttering eyes fixed on her quivering stomach and her mouth languidly half-open, making little groans of appreciation and opening her legs a little wider. Now Nicole lingered with her tongue around Gemma's deep belly button, pushed her face into the mound of flesh, then opened her lips and took a mouthful of soft fat, sucking and nibbling, all the time rubbing and kneading the bulging gut of the other girl, who was groaning rhythmically and making small thrusting motions with her hips. As Nicole licked and sucked, her big breasts pressed into Gemma's loins and her fat little paunch sat heavy on her kneeling thighs. Nicole finally pulled away from the heaving pink belly and pushed Gemma's legs upwards, so that the fat girl's stomach was squashed and folded, then slowly began to ease the pink thong down over her smooth hips.

Joe sat watching, transfixed and incredibly horny. His throbbing cock was straining against the fabric of his stretched boxers but he was enjoying watching this spectacle so much that he didn't even think of moving. The thong was halfway down Gemma's thighs, then around her calves, then Nicole dropped it on Joe's crotch and slowly split Gemma's legs, still raised in the air, until her knees were over the arms of her chair. Her plump pink little puss was slick with her juices, and Nicole knelt down once again. She planted a line of soft kisses down Gemma's quivering tummy and over her clean-shaven pubic mound, then began to tease the plumper's clitoris with her nimble lips and tongue. As the plump girl licked and sucked and nuzzled her hot cooch, Gemma arched her back, thrusting out her fat gut and small plump tits, her arms hooked over the back of the chair. She was breathing rhythmically and heavily, occasionally breaking into a little moan. Gradually, as Nicole's mouth pleasured her succulent pussy, her hands once again massaging the heavy bag of fat that was her stomach, the little groans became more and more frequent until Gemma was writhing and moaning, her breasts shaking and her pink gut convulsing and wobbling. Nicole pushed her through seven or eight such quaking orgasms before letting her rest, then the fat girl lay panting like an animal. Nicole slid her body up onto Gemma's and kissed her, their gorged bellies squashing together; one small, plump, round and pale, and the other pink and fat and wobbling. Then Nicole whispered something in Gemma's ear and they both looked at Joe. They raised themselves up and sat either side of him on the sofa, their soft flesh pressing against his body.

Nicole reached round behind her and popped open her bra, letting it fall and finally releasing her wobbling breasts. Gemma, meanwhile, was removing Joe's boxers. His cock stood throbbing to attention, pink and long. Gemma, on his left, moved closer to him, hooking her left leg over his so that her hot pussy was on his thigh and her fat stomach pressed against his dick. Feeling the warm, pliable flesh of her gut against his manhood, Joe let out a groan of appreciation. Now Nicole did likewise, sandwiching his cock between their soft round bellies. The two girls kissed again, and Joe bowed his head and began to lick their breasts, his hands clutching their chubby hips. His tongue was lost among a cluster of hard nipples and hot firm flesh, flicking over Gemma's fat little tits and Nicole's large succulent bosoms. Their stomachs were rubbing his cock, pressing and closing around it until together they formed an orifice, and it seemed that the two plump girls had become a single entity of fatness and warmth that was enveloping him. He could control himself no longer and came, the hot white fluid exploding between the girls' chubby stomachs and covering them as they jiggled and heaved.

As Joe lay there, barely conscious in the wake of his shuddering orgasm, Gemma pushed Nicole back and began to lick the juice from her wobbling potbelly. She held it between her hands and cleaned the quivering flesh, swallowing every last drop, and then Nicole returned the favour, lying across Joe so that her soft underhanging belly pressed against his own toned stomach. All three soon fell asleep there on the sofa, Joe's hands resting contentedly on the girls' plump paunches.