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Part II

The doorbell rang. With El out of town for only another couple of days, this was going to be the last time Joe could see Nicole and Gemma, at least for a while. The trio had met up five or six times over the course of these two weeks; the girls would eat until they were stuffed, which made them both horny and which Joe loved to watch. Then the three would have incredible sex, each of them savouring every last jiggle of the fat girls' engorged flesh. Joe loved to pork them while they ate, and to feed them to the point of bursting then stuff them that bit more with his fat cock. At the very thought of today's sex feast of waffles, syrup and cream, he was getting hard as he opened the door.

El stood there smiling and held out her arms. Joe's heart seemed to shudder as his stomach was stabbed with a spear of apprehension. The plumpers were due any minute now. He hugged El and greeted her with a smile, and took her bags into the living room, leaving the door swinging open. As he recovered from his shock and turned around, he noticed that there was something different about her. The day was another hot one and she was wearing a small red T-shirt, which was noticeably tighter than the last time Joe had seen her in it. Her breasts were fuller and she sported the quivering beginnings of a potbelly, her hips bulging slightly over the top of her summer skirt.

“I know, I know,” she said shyly, noticing Joe's lingering gaze. “I've put on so much weight. You know how my mum feeds me up like a prize pig every time I visit – well this time I just gave in to it. You probably think I look like a fat cow.”

Dan was still staring, transfixed, at her new voluptuous curves. “No – no!” He stammered. Then, regaining his composure slightly, he added, “You look more beautiful than ever.” She flashed him a disbelieving look. “No, I'm serious,” he said earnestly, reaching out for her and kissing her, acutely aware of the softness of her flesh beneath her clothes.

Then Joe's mind flashed back to the food spread out in the kitchen – the waffles, the cream, the syrup, all in copious quantities. “You must be hungry after your journey,” he said as he led her by the hand into the kitchen.

“Ahh, you laid all this on for me?” she smiled. “Now that you mention it, I'm ravenous!”

Joe grilled her a waffle and then watched intently as she sliced banana onto it, added a scoop of ice cream, drizzled maple syrup over it generously, and then topped it off with a swirl of 'whooshy' cream. She devoured it hungrily. As a drop of syrup ran down her chin she looked up and caught Joe's eyes.

“Look at me!” she laughed. “Wolfing it as if I haven't eaten in days…whereas, in fact, I've never eaten so much before as in the last few days!”

“Y'know, I really meant what I said before,” said Joe tentatively. “About you looking even better with a bit of fat. You look so sexy, and I love watching you eat.”

The next waffle was eaten in a more showy fashion, each mouthful licked lingeringly off the spoon and swallowed greedily. She hitched the T-shirt up a little to show off her tubby little stomach and patted it, seemingly beginning to enjoy her new plumpness, and naturally enjoying the fact that it was such a turn-on for her boyfriend.

All thought of Gemma and Nicole had flown from Joe's mind as he and El began to kiss, and then he lifted her up onto the kitchen's centre island and spread her out on her back, peeling the tight red T-shirt off her. Her succulent breasts sat back against her chest like quivering fleshy fruits and her doughy little belly shook as she lifted her hips and wiggled out of her skirt. In another few moments she lay naked on the fake-wood surface, and Joe admired her curvaceous beauty.

“You've really fattened up into a plump little piggy, haven't you, honey?”

She giggled as he reached over to the table and grasped the maple syrup, opened it and began to drizzle it slowly over her plump body. The sticky amber fluid oozed languorously over her writhing stomach and breasts and she smeared it across her flesh with her fingers, then began to pleasure herself. She opened her mouth invitingly and Joe poured some of the thick syrup in. As her mouth filled with the sweet fluid it dribbled viscously down her chin and she swallowed it in a gulp.

“You like that, piggy? Huh?”

Joe poured more of the sticky syrup over her heaving breasts and belly and her plump pubic mound, as she worked herself into an orgasmic frenzy, swallowing more and more syrup until the plastic bottle was empty.

Gemma and Nicole arrived together, having just been for a snack at a café nearby. Now, finding the door open, they stepped inside and made for the kitchen. As Gemma poked her head around the door she was greeted with the sight of Joe, now naked, licking syrup from the breasts of a hot plump girl, who was squirting cream into her mouth with one hand and sliding two fingers of the other slowly in and out of her pink shaven pussy. Nicole and Gemma walked into the room; Joe and El were totally oblivious to their presence. Gemma whispered something in Nicole's ear then the two plumpers crossed the room so that they stood in front of Joe, over El's right shoulder. The girls enjoyed the expression of shock that crossed his face as he looked up and caught sight of them. Then Gemma turned to Nicole and began to unbutton her blouse.

Joe tried to gesture to them to leave, but El opened her eyes slightly and murmured through her groans, “Don't stop, baby.” Gemma and Nicole continued to undress each other until they stood naked, then they walked over to the centre island, where El was squealing through her fifth orgasm, her full breasts shaking as Joe licked the thick syrup from her plump belly.

Gemma positioned herself between El's thighs and gently removed her hand from her loins, bending over and beginning to lick her tender, syrup-covered puss. She rolled her tongue over the plump, pink labia and tugged gently at El's swollen clit with her lips, grasping her soft hips with eager hands. El's head was hanging off the other end of the platform, where Joe now moved. He pushed his throbbing cock softly into her open, creamy mouth and she began to suck it hard as he held her wrists, effectively pinning them to the work surface. Nicole took the cream can from El's limp fingers and straddled the girl, so that her own fleshy gut pressed against El's chubby little doughball stomach. Then she squirted a little cream on each of El's pink nipples and took the succulent breasts between her hands, squeezing them together and licking the cream off. She ran her tongue around the pink areolae and flicked it across the bullet-hard nipples.

El's muffled groans and squeals showed that she was enjoying every second. She seemed totally unaware that she was indulging the lust of two plump girls as well as her boyfriend, but was soaring through previously unimagined heights of orgasmic bliss. Her fat paunch convulsed violently and her tits heaved in Nicole's grasp, her pussy pumping hot juices over Gemma's breasts, which sat fatly on the tabletop. Her hands clenched tightly into fists as she sucked Joe's manhood, her head strained back to engulf as much of his cock as possible.

Gemma, looking up and noticing that Joe appeared to be on the verge of exploding, took the cream can off Nicole and pushed the little plastic spout inside El, continuing to tease her clit with the other hand. Nicole had come all over El's wobbling little belly and was still licking the girl's rounded bosoms. As Joe let out a yell and began to pump his load down El's throat, Gemma squeezed the cream can's trigger hard, sending a stream of cool white cream spurting into the girl's hot pussy. Muffled screams told Gemma that she had forced El into yet another mindblowing orgasm, and she held the button down relentlessly as the cream gushed out over her tits, overflowing from El's plump pussy, until the can was sputtering emptily. The last thing El felt as she passed out in ecstasy was Nicole licking and sucking the sweet cream out of her puss as someone rubbed her gorged, doughy potbelly.