Weight Room Title Bar

by Dirty Dawg

The minute I saw her, I knew I would make her mine. There was no missing her, really. Every guy in the place turned the moment she walked in, and everyone stared for a long, hard moment before turning self- consciously back to whomever they were talking to at the moment.

Right about now you're probably thinking that a stunning, slim blonde goddess with a body by Fisher and a mind by Mattel walked into my friend Sam's party...not so. She was short, about 5"2. She had long, kinky brown hair and a mousy, doughy face. She also weighed close to two hundred and fifty pounds, all of it packed into an incredibly tight pair of lycra pants, and a loose sweatshirt that did little to nothing to hide the huge udders hanging off of her chest. I could tell by the deposits of fat around her joints (knees and elbows) that she had been a long-time fatty. This was not a woman who had a short-term eating problem that she referred to as "The Hagan-Daz Incident." This was a woman who pulled a chair up to the icebox and started to CONSUME in mass quantities.

And I was instantly, painfully erect in a second. My cock was thumping around in my pants, looking to bust through my zipper and start seeking her hot hair pie. I knew that I'd probably have to roll her in flour and look for the wet spot if I did manage to get her into bed, but the attempt would be worth it.

I managed to strike up a casual conversation with her, and we spoke for about ten minutes before she glanced down and saw my painfully throbbing cock straining the seams of my pants.

"My, my," she whispered in a low, sexy growl. "Did I do that to you?"

Embarrassed, I nodded.

"Hmmmm...I guess you like statuesque women, huh?" I was so horny, I would have fucked a statue at that point, but I merely nodded. "Tell you what," she continued, "why don't we get out of here and go somewhere a little more...private?" Eagerly, I nodded, and followed her out of Sam's apartment, feeling the amazed stares of everyone in the room boring into my back. I didn't care. I'd seen the woman of my dreams, and I was going to have her.

I followed her car to an apartment about ten minutes away. She was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs leading up to her second-floor single bedroom, and I watched her huge, jiggling ass sway as she ascended the stairs. Marmalade, I thought. I want to lick Marmalade from between those sweaty butt cheeks. She was bending over, trying to unlock the deadbolt, and I had a wonderful view of the Lycra being stretched almost to the breaking point. Her huge ass was wide enough to rent out as a billboard. I stepped up behind her and rubbed my cock against her ass, loving the friction and the heat.

"Hold your horses!" she chided. "We can go inside and get naked in a minute!" With shaking hands she managed to unlock the door, and she led me inside her immaculate apartment. Everything was neat, clean, scrubbed and vacuumed.

Closing the door behind me, I gathered Bertha into my arms (they barely went around her,) and we started a tongue-wrestling kiss that lasted about ten minutes. Our mouths dueled hungrily, and at that moment I knew what a twinkie felt like in this babe's mouth. She was sucking at my tongue like it had cream filling.

Breaking away, Bertha pointed to the couch and commanded, "Sit." I went over and sat down, watching as she turned the stereo on to a dance station and stood in the center of the living room. Swaying to the music, Bertha crossed her arms and lifted the sweatshirt off. Her huge, floppy breasts bounced out, hanging almost to her navels. The nipples were huge, about the diameter of a of a really thick magic marker. The stretch marks on the sides of her tits looked like little rivers leading to her nipples.

She started rubbing and stroking her tits, looking like a cow that was trying to milk herself. "I hope you like to titty fuck, Steven. I love having a hard cock between these tits!" I smiled and rubbed my crotch and nodded at her to continue. She kicked her shoes off and then turned around, presenting me with her ass. Her hands went to the waistband, and she started peeeeeling the tight spandex material off of her lower body. I imagined that someone had to have held those pants for her while she jumped off the balcony in order to get them ON, but watching her take them off was a sight so erotic that I almost shot in my pants. Her huge, fat ass was revealed to me an agonizing inch at a time, and I could see the individual sweat pimples on her beautiful butt as she wiggled and grunted and groaned out of those pants.

Finally, gloriously naked, she turned to me and spread her jiggly arms wide. "You like?" she asked. I nodded, too turned on to speak. "Now you," she said. We switched places, and I did as sexy a striptease as I knew how. I'm tall, about 6"2, and I weigh in at a thin 160. My cock is normally about six inches, but tonight it was straining and growing, and looked longer and fatter than it had in a long, long time.

"Oooh," Bertha said when she saw it bob out of my underwear only to rear up and smack against my belly. "That looks delicious. Bring it here so I can have a taste. I'm hungry!" I walked over and stood before her and watched in amazement as she fondled my member, holding it so close to her face that she was looking at it cross-eyed. She was licking her lips and making mewling sounds deep in her throat, and then she was kissing the head and twirling her talented tongue around the rim. She was bobbing back and forth on the first two inches, using an incredible amount of suction and moisture. Her eyes were closed and I could feel the vibrations from her moans of enjoyment across the skin of my cock. Slowly but surely Bertha gorged herself on my meat, taking all of it in her mouth and down her throat. Her face was flush with my crotch, and her mouth was full of cock. She was making "Ungh! Ungh!" sounds as she sucked every single inch of my hot, throbbing meat.

Bertha popped my cock out of her mouth and began stroking it with her hand, using her other hand to tease and fondle my balls. "God, I love sucking cock," she moaned, looking up at me. "I just love the feel of a hard cock in my mouth, going across my tongue....I could just suck a cock as pretty as this for hours!" I was more than happy to let her try, let me tell you!

Bertha grinned up at me and then greedily sucked my rod back into her mouth, covering my already-shiny cock with my spit. Her fingers found my asshole and she started pushing against my backdoor. Her finger gained entrance, and she wiggled it, massaging my prostrate. The feeling was incredible, and I opened my eyes to look down and stare at her as I prepared to blow my load. Huge, rolling waves of fat spilled from her gut, bunching up on her thighs and splaying off to both sides. She looked like some artist's hideous idea of the Pillsbury Dough Girl on Fat Steroids.

I reached down and grasped one huge tit in either hand and began tweaking her nipples, running my fingers over her sweaty, heaving flesh as I poured my seed across her tongue, filling her mouth and throat with my first load. She kept it all in her mouth, sucking at my cock until I was empty. Popping my cock out of her mouth, she looked up at me with an incredibly nasty expression on her face as she let my cum dribble out of her mouth, down her chin, and onto her huge tits. She rubbed my cum into her skin as she groaned, licking her lips to make sure she had gotten all of my cum.

I got down on my knees in front of her and pushed her back into the couch. Taking one huge leg under either arm, I spread her thighs as far apart as I could, and I still couldn't see her cunt. The rolling waves of fat-packed skin all but obstructed her pussy; all I could see was the very top of her pubic hair, the same color brown as the head on her hair.

I reached two hands in like I was diving into a pool and spread her sweat-slick thigh skin further apart...and there it was: Her cunt. It was red-rimmed and raw looking, the hole oozing a steady stream of cunt juice. There was no way I could get my hands and head in there, so I carefully lowered my face into her crotch and removed my hands. Her fat settled against my ears as I began to eagerly suck and lick at her cunt, loving the tangy, sweaty taste of her. I knew that she had probably not taken a shower since the day before, judging by the smell, but it turned me on to know that I was sucking a day's worth of sweat from her oozing little cunt.

Bertha was moaning and groaning and shaking on the couch, her body looking like a huge flesh-flavored bowl of jello as I ate her to about three orgasms. Flushed and covered with sweat, Bertha pushed me away, and then led me by the cock into her bedroom. A huge, steel-reinforced bed stood in the center, and she jumped onto it with a howl of glee, turning around onto her back to spread her legs incredibly, lewdly wide. She fingered her cunt and smiled at me with a pretty little naughty-girl smile.

"Hey little boy," she said. "You wanna a piece of Candy?" I launched myself onto the bed and settled onto her soft, jiggling frame, searching with my cock for her hole. It took about forty seconds of fumbling, and she finally had to guide me in. (I can't imagine how she found her hole without a map, but somehow, she managed.) I slipped into her incredibly tight, wet cunt and began thrusting slowly. Her body was resilient and I bounced lightly off of her with each stroke. Her hands were all over my back, scratching my skin with her nails as she happily urged me on.

"Fuck me...that's right...fuck me long and deep and hard and fast. Fuck my fat body! Fuck my cunt!" I stepped up the pace and began thrusting into her harder and harder, the sound of flesh slapping flesh echoing off the walls and filling my ears.

"From behind!" Bertha screamed. "Fuck me from behind!" She pushed me away and got down on all fours, wiggling her ass at me. I kneed her thighs apart and started working my cock into her tight cunt. I grabbed one huge hip in either hand and began thrusting into her as hard as I could manage, eager to drive her head through the headboard. She bit her lip and grunted and shoved herself back at me on each stroke, her cunt swallowing my entire cock again and again. I started fingering her little shitter, getting my middle finger up to the second knuckle and twisting it around.

"Fuck my ass, please! Oh god, please fuck my ass!"

I popped my cock out of her cunt and started forcing into her welcoming, clutching butthole. She grunted harder and shoved back at me, eager to have my entire cock buried up her back road. It slipped through her sphincter and I was suddenly in her ass to my balls, feeling the incredible heat of her ass walls collapsing around my cock. I stayed motionless, trying not to cum. The feeling was indescribable, and I never wanted to leave her sloppy, well-used asshole.

"Fuck me!" she bellowed, demanding that I stroke her. I started stroking slowly, and then started gaining speed as she got used to it and shoved back for more.

Then the rumbling started in my balls, and I knew I was going to come. I indicated this to Bertha, and she moved quicker than I would have imagined, popping my cock out of her ass and turning around to face my throbbing love soldier. She started stroking and licking my funky cock, obviously getting off on the stinky tubesteak that had moments before been buried in her asshole.

I erupted, and she loved it, sucking my cock head and taking my load into her mouth. My balljuice was so copious that some of it leaked from between her pursed lips, sliding down one doughy chin only to dribble off and land on her massive tits.

Pulling my cock from her mouth, Bertha looked up at me through shining eyes and moaned. "I love gooey treats," she said, and then started vigorously sucking my cock, eager to make it hard again for another trip into one of her talented, well-used holes.

Bertha and I have been together for almost six months now, and I wouldn't have it any other way. People ask my why I'm dating such a fat, ugly slut, and I just smile. If they only knew the things that Bertha allowed me to do...no, demanded that I do to her...they'd probably be lined up to fuck her after me.

As a matter of fact, I have let several of my friends fuck Bertha, one after another, all so I could coast into her slick, spermy hole after they're done. My lover is a cock-crazed, fat nympho slut, and I love her for it.