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Her Best Effort
by Mr. Kay

In just a few days, I would be gone. I knew it in my gut, and I knew I wouldn't be coming back. This war was not letting up and most of my friends had gone before me. Now It was my turn. But I didn't have to go without at least getting laid one last time. I called Sherry and told her the news we had both been dreading, and the tears and sobbing came almost immediately. When she composed herself, we made plans for our last night together. Little did I know what was in store for me.

We had been friends for years and sex had always been off limits. She was a mountain of a woman, over 300 pounds, and thought she was unattractive, but she was wrong. There were plenty of us who loved the big women and I was one of the biggest fans of fat girls. My rod got hard every time I got near her, but she was so sure that she was too fat that we never got down to real hard-core fucking. She loved it when I grabbed her huge tits and rubbed them and sucked her pancake size nipples, but she would never let me get to the grand prize. I had to satisfy myself with other fat girls, usually eager for the attention I showed them, but my true feelings were always with Sherry.

As we met for our last date, I was amazed to find that when I picked her up, she had her friend Lisa, another big girl of about 350 pounds, with her. My disappointment turned to unrestrained joy and anticipation as they informed me that this was going to be a night to remember. They directed me to drive to Lisa's apartment, and her roommate just happened to out of town. As we entered the apartment, Sherry turned around and began to undress very slowly. I was spellbound and as Lisa closed the door behind me, she came around and also began to undress. I was dying in anticipation and harder than I had ever been now, and as Lisa ended up naked first, she came back to me and kneeled down in front of me. She quickly freed my swollen cock and gave it couple of deep swallows, and I nearly exploded right then. But she knew what was happening and quickly pulled her mouth back off my now throbbing rod and told me to pay attention to Sherry, who was now nearly naked in front of me. She finished stripping quickly now and turned around and bent over, showing me her huge, jiggly ass. Lisa dragged me the final few inches by the head of my cock and jammed it in that huge pussy, and I exploded almost immediately. I must have pumped a quart of cum all over her ass and when I pulled out and collapsed, Lisa quickly cleaned up Sherry's pussy and ass crack with her expert tongue.

The last thing I remember clearly about that evening is being on the floor unable to move because each girl had cuddled up close to me, one on each side and they took turns sucking me back to life and then fucking me until I just passed out from the pure pleasure of the moment. If I die now, I have this memory to take with me.