Weight Room Title Bar

The BIG Bet
by Wants U Fatter

Mark stopped into the bar for a quick cold before he went home. As he was drinking his beer, he overheard 2 men talking about how much their wives could eat. He went over to them, introduced himself, and asked if they'd like to make a bet. "500 bucks says my wife could eat more than both of yours put together." he said. The 2 men looked at each other and smiled, "You're on." they said, and arrangements were made for the eating contest to be held on Saturday.

When Saturday rolled around, there was a knock at Mark's door. He answered it, and there stood Tom and Jeff, the 2 men from the bar, with their wives. Tom's wife Sandy was a pretty brunette about 300 lbs. Jeff's wife was Marrisa, a beautiful blonde, who weighed 450 lbs. Mark brought them to his living room, where a huge table was set up with a mountain of food on it. Whole roasted chickens, roast beef, stuffed shells, manicotti, creamed soups, stuffing, vegetables in cream sauce, broccoli and cheese, and pizza. Pastries, cookies, doughnuts and cakes were also on the table. Mark told everyone to sit down, his wife Pam would be in in a minute. All of a sudden the sound of heavy footsteps could be heard, along with some heavy breathing. Pam made a grand entrance, as everyone in the room's jaws dropped except Mark's. There stood Pamela in all her glory, all 950 lbs. of her. Her long red hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and she stood only in bra and panties. Huge rolls of fat hung from Pam's body. Her belly was mountainous. Her thighs were massive rolls of fat that nearly touched the floor. "Hello." she said and introduced herself. "I hope you don't mind me dressed this way, but when l eat too much, l find clothes to be a hassle." Sandy and Marrisa looked at each other, then back at Pamela. Pam was HUGE! She waddled over to the couch and Mark helped her down. "Let's eat!" she said with much enthusiasm. The women started the contest. First Sandy and Marrisa ate a roasted chicken apiece, Pam ate 2. Then they went to the stuffed shells, Sandy and Marissa each ate a dozen, Pamela ate 2 dozen. It went on like that for awhile, all 3 women gorging on roast beef, vegetables, pastries, when Sandy stopped. "I can't eat another bite." she said holding her stuffed belly. Tom went over to rub his stuffed wife's belly for her. Now the contest was down to Marrisa and Pamela. Marrisa looked at Jeff, who tried to encourage her, but deep down he knew it was going to be a losing effort. Pam continued eating. Marrissa ate like there was no tomorrow, but Pam continued to match her bite for bite. Finally, Marrisa could hold no more.

"I'm going to BURST!" she said. Jeff went over to his wife, who was groaning and breathing heavily. Then Tom and Jeff went over to Mark and handed him their money. "How about next week we try again, only this time Pam will have to eat double what both your wives eat." he said, looking over at his fat gorgeous wife, who was starting on her third dozen of doughnuts.