Weight Room Title Bar

A Super-Heroine Tale

By Iam Unknown

Episode One - The Beginning

The planet Tagfat. It's very different from our own. The species is 100% female who are all asexual but look human. Weight fluctuates majorly on this planet, so everyone wears latex one-piece suits that cover everything from the neck down and expand to grow with the body. Food is the exact same as it is here. But there are two factions. Two armies. The Thin Army and the Fat Army. They were divided since the beginning of time, fighting for all eternity.

And this is where we begin our story…


Kate Zyntrell was lying in the grass with her friend Zeo. Kate weighed 350 lbs and was 15 years old. Her friend Zeo weighed 98 lbs and was the same age. Though Kate and Zeo were for opposite sides, they were the best of friends and never let their weight differences get in the way of their relationship.

"I'm going to sign up tomorrow," Zeo said. Kate immediately thrust herself up as best as she could with all of her body weight.

"You're what?!" Kate exclaimed.

"I'm joining the Weight War tomorrow," Zeo repeated.

"But what about me? You're just going to leave me all alone with no one to talk to?" Kate asked.

"Why don't you join?"

"You know my mom! She would never let me. She'd have a fit if she knew I was here with you," Kate explained. Just then a seeker-bot flew up to them. A seeker-bot is a robot that finds a parent's child and then relays a hologram of the parent, giving them the message. The robot projected a hologram of a very fat woman. She was about 450 lbs. It was Kate's mom, Kat Zyntrell.

"Dinner time, young lady. Zeo, you go home, too," Kat said and her hologram disappeared. Kate looked at Zeo.

"Sorry," Kate said.

"Don't worry about it. I was about to go, anyway. I won't be seeing you for a while. Wish me luck, Kate!" Zeo said, getting up. Kate stood up with much difficulty. She hugged her friend. Zeo's hands couldn't touch because of Kate's huge body.

"Good luck. Don't get yourself killed," Kate said.

"You know me," Zeo said with a smile.

"That's what I'm talking about,” Kate said. They both parted ways.


Kate walked into the dinner room. Her mom was already halfway into a feast that would satisfy a large army and still have leftovers. But all of it was Kat's. Kate had her own feast at the other end of the large table. This was the way of the Fats. Never full, always gorging, always hungry, and full of gas. Kate sat down without her or her mother saying anything. Kate picked up a slice of pizza and was about to bite into it, but she had something to say. She put it down and looked at her mother. "I want to join the Fat Army," Kate said.

Kat almost choked on her food. But she took a drink of her fatty yellow liquid called gulpula (that Fats use instead of water) and washed it down. "No way," Kat said.

"Why not?" Kate asked.

"Ever since your sister died, you're all I have left! Now eat so you can get big and fat like your momma."

Kate took a bite out of her pizza. She swallowed. She then stuffed the rest of the slice into her mouth and chewed. Kate farted loudly. Her mom looked at her with a smile. "I can top that!" Kat said. She farted louder and longer with a look of ease and relaxation on her face.

"You beat me," Kate said, shoving a handful of cake into her mouth. Kat smiled watching her daughter gorge and becoming fatter. Just then there was a knock at the door. Kat got up and answered it. It was a woman of about 600 lbs. She was a messenger of the Fat Queen.

"The Fat Queen has requested you and you're daughter's services to join the Fat Army in hopes of defeating the Thin Army," the messenger said, reading from a piece of paper.


Kate and Kat entered a giant military building. Thousands of Fats were everywhere. Some walking to their destination, some running to where they needed to go. The entire building smelled of farts and methane passed from the Fats. A general walked up to Kate and Kat. "May I assist you?" she asked. She was easily 700 lbs.

"We're here to sign up for the Fat Army," Kat answered.

"Follow me where we will take your weight and measurements, feed you, then take you to meet the Queen," the general said.

"The Fat Queen?! She's here?!" Kate shouted.

"Yes. She's sleeping at the minute," the general answered with a smile. "Now, come with me." As they walked with the general, they talked a little with her.

"So why do they want us to join now? Why did they wait so long to call?" Kat asked.

"We didn't need recruits until 3 gain stations were destroyed by the Stix. They took out about half our army. We're taking all we can get," the general explained. Gain stations were buildings where the fats went. They would walk in, hook a tube up to them, and had a fatty fluid pumped into them as their bodies expanded. Stix was a sizest slur. Sizest was the term for hating other people because of their weight.


Over the years, Kate fought alongside her mother Kat. Kate weighing 500 lbs and her mom weighing 520. They were in numerous battles together and were promoted after saving 50 Fats from a POW camp. But one day, everything in Kate's world was turned upside down...


Kate fired her laser rifle. She could see the Thin Army in the distance. lasers crashed into the ground all around her. She ran out of lasers in her cartridge and reloaded. Then as she repositioned her rifle and took aim, she noticed the Thin Army was approaching. She turned and yelled to the other Fats. "Stix coming our way!" she yelled. The other fats yelled in reply. They jumped out of the trench and rushed the approaching Thins. Kate and Kat stayed back and watched their armies fighting the Thins. Kate jumped down into the trench with her mother. There was a Fat soldier running out from around the corner with a rifle in her hand. She was new to the war, and her name was Lisa.

"Where'd everyone go?!" Lisa asked.

"They're up there fighting the Stix," Kat said from beind Kate.

"I resent that," Lisa said to Kat. Just then, Lisa's 400 lb body began to shrink. She was growing smaller! Her stomach was being sucked into her body. Her chubby cheeks, pulled back into her face. She was a Thin Spy! She aimed her rifle at Kate and fired. Kate ducked, and the laser shot over her head. Kate stood up and leaped on top of Lisa, crushing her rib cage. Lisa was disabled. Kate stood up and looked down at Lisa. Then she heard a groan. Kate spun around and saw her mother on the ground, holding her side.

She had been shot by the laser that missed Kate.

Kate rushed to her injured mother. "Oh mom! I'm so sorry!" Kate shouted, as she started to cry.

"No. It's...not your fault," Kat managed to say. She was breathing heavily.

"Just let me get a medic and..." Kate began to say, knowing it was futile.

"No. We both know it's too late for me. Kate...I am glad I got to see you grow up and guide you through this war. But now it's time for you to be on your own. You're grown up now, Kate. You're a beautiful fat woman," Kat said, smiling. Tears slowly dripped down her eyes, as she tried to be strong for her daughter. "You will someday become fatter than your mother. I am very proud of you, and I always will be," Kat said. Kate could see her eyes go cold, her face grow lifeless, and her head slowly turned to the side.

"Mommy..." Kate said as she rested her head on her mother's stomach and cried...in the middle of a battle.


A few weeks later, Kate walked into her commander's office. Her commander's name was Ellis.

"You asked for me, Ma'am?" Kate asked. She was standing upright. Or, as upright as a 500 lb girl can stand.

"Have a seat. Relax," Ellis said as Kate sat down. "Special Ops has interviewed that spy you captured. They found traces of a special compound in her DNA. A compound that allowed her to change shape. She says she created it in a lab and was taking it for a test drive. The Stix don't even know about it," Ellis explained.

"Wow. This could prove to be a great help to the Fat Army. Now I must be going," Kate said.

"What's your rush?" Ellis asked.

"I must warn my group about this discovery," Kate said with a puzzled look on her face.

"No. This must remain top secret. See we are going to give our entire army this new ability. But the thing is, we have to test it. And seeing your record and all the action you've seen and survived, you've been handpicked by the Fat Queen. You are going to be our guinea pig," Ellis said with a smile.

Kate could barely speak. "I'll do it,” she said.


Kate was put in a giant tube. Scientists of the Fats were watching her within the tube. "Ok, Ms. Zyntrell. We are going to alter your DNA to give you the morphing capability. Let me explain the powers you are about to inherit. You will be able to morph to any weight below your natural weight, but not above it. Your natural weight will increase as you gain weight. You will be able to remain in your smaller state for up to 3 hours. After 3 hours your body will automatically return to its natural state. You will not be able to gain any weight in your smaller state. Are you clear?" a scientist explained.

"Yes," Kate said. Just then, a green light filled the tube. Kate felt a warm sensation all over her body.


Kate Zyntrell was lying in bed. She was in her own private room in the clinic. The scientists were keeping a watchful eye on her. After the DNA alteration, Kate blacked out and collapsed. She gained 10 pounds from the procedure. The gain was still mysterious to the scientists. Kate opened her eyes and looked around the room. There were flowers in the corner and a window. Aside from that, the room was bare. Ellis walked in holding a brief case.

"How are you doing?" Ellis asked.

"I feel okay. What happened?" Kate asked.

"You blacked out and somehow gained 10 more lbs. We're not sure why, yet. We're researching that."

"I can't stop thinking about Mom," Kate said. "She died because of me."

"Kate you need to stop blaming yourself. You didn't pull the trigger. Yes, your mother died at a young age, but it wasn't your fault," Ellis said. She was trying not to cry in front of Kate.

"I just miss her so much, Ellis," Kate said.

"I know, Kate. I know. But now you have to focus on something else. Something that could turn the tides of this war. Your first mission as Big Girl," Ellis said.

"Big Girl?"

Ellis smiled. "Big Girl is the code-name they gave you. Your new position is to fight the war from the inside. Behind enemy lines. As a special agent. Your first mission is the infiltration of a Thin base where you will enter under the alias Nutritia. Once inside you must retrieve a disk that holds info on Thin technology," Ellis said. She placed the briefcase she was holding on a nearby table. Kate sat up to see what was going on. Ellis opened the briefcase and turned it so Kate could see what was inside. It was a mask and a blonde wig. The mask was small and black and much similar to our Lone Ranger. The wig was long and straight. Kate's natural hair was brown and wavy.

"What is this?" Kate asked.

"While you were asleep, they added the contents and molecules that make up these two items into your DNA code. You can make them appear on you whenever you want. It's for you to use in case you run out of time and your weight grows back. It so you can mask yourself. Just think about them, and they will appear on your face," Ellis explained. "Now, your mission will take place in 3 days. We got to train you with your new powers," Ellis said with a smile.


Two days later, Kate and Ellis were standing in the middle of a large, empty room after having training for two days. Kate had her eyes closed, her legs spread shoulder length apart, and her arms out to the side. She was standing on a scale. She concentrated, and her body began to shrink, just like the spy that killed her mother. This scared her and her body quickly blew back up.

"Kate, come on. Concentrate!" Ellis said.

"I try, but every time I begin to change, it reminds me of the girl that killed my mom," Kate said.

"Well think of it this way. Once you master this, we will be able to overthrow the Thins and you will have your revenge," Ellis said. With this, Kate sighed and tried again. Her body began to shrink once again. Her stomach slowly pulled in, her breasts becoming smaller. The number on the scale was going down fast. 430...420...400...320...200. Then, Kate stopped shrinking. She looked down and was able to see her feet for the first time in her life while standing up! She saw the number on the scale.

"115! I'm so...thin!" Kate said. She really didn't like this new feeling. "Where's all my fat?! Where'd my stomach go?! I want my giant butt back!" She shouted. She started freaking out. She pushed Ellis. "Make me fat again, you slut!" Kate shouted.

"Kate! Calm down! You're Kate Zyntrell! Kate Zyntrell!" Ellis shouted. "We don't have time for this! You have to get used to being thin or there is no hope for the Obese Alliance. You want your mother to die for nothing? Neither do I, Kate. Get a grip!" Ellis said. The anger left Kate's face and she calmed down. She backed up a little, dazed.

"I'm sorry, Ellis. I don't know what came over me," Kate said.

"It's okay. Now get ready. You have a big day tomorrow," Ellis said with a smile.


Kate was driving a hover-car to the base. She was in her fat form. She decided not to start shrinking until she got closer because of her short time limit. She was talking to Ellis through a radio buried deep within her ear.

"When you run out of time in your thin form, you will grow back to fat again," Ellis said.

"I know that, Ellis," Kate said.

"But what you don't know, is that if this happens and you run out of time, you won't be able to go back to your thin form for another 3 hours." Kate thought about that for a second.

"Then I guess I'm going to have to be careful. I'm approaching the base. I'm going into thin mode," Kate said. "I hate this," she said silently to herself.

The change began in her face. Her three chins were slowly being sucked beneath her head. Her pudgy cheeks were shrinking and cheekbones were appearing. Her stomach grew smaller as well as her breasts. She soon had a flat stomach with bulging breasts, but then her breasts shrunk and stopped in accordance to her stomach so she was evenly proportioned. Her thighs then seemed to squeeze around her waist and her giant butt seemed to deflate. The transformation was over. She went from 510 lbs to 115 lbs in a matter of seconds. She felt extremely uncomfortable in her thin body.

Kate pulled up to the front of the Thin Base. There was a guard on either side of the gate. One of the guards approached Kate. She pointed a rifle at Kate and asked her what she was doing there. "I've been transferred from Smallra," Kate said. She pulled out fake papers and showed them to the guard. The guard studied the papers.

"There seems to be a problem," the guard said. Kate gulped and began to sweat. She was scared. "You're late," the guard said. "It's an honor to finally have you with us. Move along," the guard said, motioning for Kate to enter the base. Kate smiled as big as she could and let out a giant sigh of relief. The gates opened and Kate entered.


Kate was unpacking her stuff in a bunk that had been assigned to her. She put her suits in a dresser and closed it. Then the door opened from behind her and a familiar face stepped in.

"Hello, I'm Zeo. I'm your bunk mate," Zeo said. She didn't recognize Kate, for Kate was much fatter the last time she saw her. Kate couldn't believe it. She got sick at the thought of her childhood friend being an enemy. She had to act like they've never met before, so she didn't blow her cover.

"Hi. I-I'm Nutritia," Kate said nervously. She stuck out her hand and Zeo shook it.

"Nice to meet you," Zeo said smiling.

"Likewise," Kate said.

"So I hear you're from Smallra. What's it like back there? Last I heard, they were planning on shutting it down. The occupants and workers were starting to gain weight."

"Well, I was the thinnest there so they just moved me," Kate said. She felt weird calling herself thin. She missed her fat. She looked at her timer and saw that she had 2 hours and 10 minutes left. "I have to go. I have a schedule I must keep up with. Nice meeting you, once again," Kate said smiling. She left the room. She found herself in a long hall alone. She started to walk down the hall and talked to Ellis over her ear radio. "This isn't going to be easy with Zeo here," Kate said.

"No one said this was going to be easy to begin with. This is a very high risk assignment," Ellis said.

"Scientific term for 'suicide mission' I take it," Kat said.

"Kate, this is serious. Now find the computer. We don't have much time."

"Since when are we on a time limit?"

"Since we got word that our base may or may not be attacked by Stix. Now hurry your fat...I mean thin butt!"


Kate was sitting at a giant computer. She was stealing information from Thin files. She looked at her timer. 5 minutes before she ballooned back. Just then the door opened behind her.

"What are you doing here?" said the voice of a guard. Kate realized she was caught, but also knew that whoever caught her, hadn't seen her face. And since it was a dark room, could probably barely make out her hair for identification. That's when she decided to use the mask and wig. She concentrated and the mask materialized on her face. And her brown, wavy hair went straight and became blonde as if someone poured yellow paint over her head. She stood up so fast that the chair rolled back. The chair hit the guard. Kate spun around to face her. "Who are you?" the female guard asked.

"Big Girl," Kate said in her most mysterious voice. Just then her timer beeped. She began to grow. Her stomach slowly stretched out in front of her. Her thighs spread widely. Her neck disappeared under her growing chins. Her chins duplicated until there were three, and no sign of a neck. Her cheekbones melted into her fattening pudgy face. Her arms were no longer lean and developed excessive flab. Her breasts grew to proportion themselves with the rest of her. And finally, as if to signal the end of her growth, she farted loudly.

"Fat!" the guard yelled.

"That's right. I'm fat, and I'm proud," Big Girl said smiling. The Thin guard raised her rifle and fired.


Big Girl (Kate) opened her eyes. She realized she was lying down and was strapped down on some sort of bed. There was a giant machine that seemed to be a laser cannon pointed at her. She remembered the laser striking her, but it was a stunner blast. Of course, they weren't going to kill her. They needed to question her. As if a big obese woman sneaking past security wasn't enough, she was also blonde and wearing a mask. The door in the room opened, and Queen Cherbrina of the Thins walked in. She was escorted by two other Thin soldiers. Queen Cherbrina walked up to Big Girl and looked down at her.

"Who are you?" Cherbrina asked.

"Call me Big Girl," Big Girl said smiling. She farted and made the Thins cover their nose.

"How did you get past our defenses?!" Cherbrina demanded.

"Luck," Big Girl said.

"Fine. You don't have to answer our questions. But let me warn you. This cannon we have pointing at you,” Cherbrina motioned toward the giant gun pointed at Big Girl, "is loaded with a laser cartridge. But not just any laser cartridge. We've developed a laser to make women fatter. We made it for those in our ranks that suffer severe anorexia and are too weak to fight. We add on JUST enough weight to give them strength. But with it we can make you immobile. Making you a prisoner to us. Now you answer our questions, or we'll fatten you up, little piggy,” Cherbrina said smiling an evil smile.


Back at headquarters, Ellis was listening in on the radio. She was eating a giant plate piled with chicken legs. She dropped her drumstick when she realized that Big Girl had been caught.

"Kate, don't respond or they'll find you out. Just do as I say. Shrink your weight just slightly smaller. Then when the straps feel loose, force your weight back, and your body will exert enough strength to break through the straps, hopefully,” Ellis explained.


"We'll be back, fatty," Cherbrina said. She and her escorts left the room. Big Girl then began to put her plan into play. She started to shrink. She felt her whole body tingle and quiver. She looked down to see her giant stomach sink into her body. She hated the shrinking feeling. Her straps felt a little looser. As soon as they did, Big Girl forced her body back out. She regained fatness at an accelerated speed, and the straps holding her down exploded off. She used all her strength to sit up. She got off of the bed and ran behind the laser cannon, taking its controls.

The door opened and Cherbrina stepped in. She saw Big Girl gone and looked to her left. There, she saw Big Girl pointing the laser at her.

"Let me go, or I'll blast you," Big Girl said.

"Blast me, and my soldiers will blast you. The only drawback is that you will die," Cherbrina said.

"You will want to die," Big Girl said. Cherbrina looked at her. There was a silent pause, filled with tension.

"Fire!” Cherbrina shouted. The soldiers shot at Big Girl but hit the laser cannon. Big Girl fired as well. The laser blast hit Cherbrina. The other two soldiers were stunned by what had just happened. They forgot all about Big Girl. Big Girl ran past Cherbrina, who lay unconscious on the ground and knocked down the two Thins. She ran out the door and into the hall. No one was around. She shrank and removed her mask and wig. They went back into her DNA. She was once again thin and had her wavy brown hair back. She calmly walked down the hall and into her bunk.


Kate was lying on her bed and thinking about everything. She'd failed in getting the information she needed. "Ellis, I need to get back in there," she said over her radio.

"Well, we received word that the attack on our base by Stix was just a rumor started by some rookie soldier. You have plenty of time to get the information," Ellis said.

"But they're going to have a more heavy defense around it. They think Big Girl escaped, but they're not taking chances," Kate explained. Just then the bunk door opened. Her bunkmate Zeo stepped in. "Hey Zeo," Kate said.

"Hi Nutritia. Are you in here alone? I thought I heard you talking to someone," Zeo said.

"No, just thinking aloud," Kate said with a smile. It hurt so much that she couldn't tell Zeo, her childhood best friend, who she really was.

"Good. For a second there, I thought you might have been hiding Big Girl in here," Zeo said.

"No. All alone. How's the Queen doing?"

"No one knows. She just disappeared as soon as she regained consciousness. They say she looked a little bloated."

Kate thought about it. The laser must have been taking effect. She smiled.


That night, most of the base was sleeping. It was actually about 4 a.m. in the morning. Kate was in her Big Girl form and was sneaking toward the computer. She entered the room surprised that there were no guards or anything around. She was aware that it may have been a trap, but she was able to risk it. She sat at the computer. The files were being downloaded to her disk given to her by the Fats back at headquarters.

After the download she took the disk and snuck back into her bunk. She was as quiet as she could in packing so she didn't wake up Zeo. She then felt something weird in her stomach. She felt gas accumulate around her giant butt. She tried so hard to hold it in. She stood there, clenching her butt cheeks and putting all her strength into it. But gas from a fat girl is just too powerful. She passed gas very very loudly.

Zeo shot up from bed. She turned on the light and saw Big Girl standing there looking at her. Zeo didn't even have time to think about the smell that circulated in the room; she was about to scream when Big Girl held out her hands.

"Zeo! It's Kate!" Big Girl blurted out.

Zeo thought for a minute. Could this be Kate? Her old time friend, who seemed to be about 300 lbs larger? Wasn't Kate a brunette with wavy hair? Just then her hair seemed to curl up and a brown color seemed to wash over it. Then her mask seemed to disintegrate off her face.

"Remember me?" Kate said.

"Kate Zyntrell? Is it really you?!" Zeo shouted. Kate nodded and smiled. Zeo jumped out of bed and ran to her friend to hug her. Zeo's hands couldn't touch, but it was nice to have her friend back. "I've missed you so much! I never thought I'd see you again! You're Big Girl?" Zeo asked, stepping back.

"Yeah. But promise me as an old friend, that you will not tell ANYONE in the Thin army. It could get me and about 400 other Fat women killed."

Zeo looked into her old friend's eyes. "I promise," Zeo said. "What are you going to do now?" Zeo asked.

"I have to go back to my base. Nutritia will appear to be MIA tomorrow. Presumably went with the Queen. No one knows for sure,” Kate said smiling. Her mask and wig reappeared on her face and hair. "Now I must be going. I'll miss you, Zeo. And may the best side win.”


Kate was back at the base. She watched Ellis read Thin information off of the computer. "It's good to be myself again without having to wear a mask," Kate said. She then smiled as she farted really loud. "I bet I could beat Mom in a farting contest now," she said getting teary eyed. Ellis spun around in her chair to face Kate.

"Your mother will be missed greatly. As for you, you're not finished. This was only the beginning," Ellis said.

"What?" Kate asked, stunned.

"You're Big Girl. You are now a vital part of the Fat Army. You will help us in defeating the Thins and letting them see the error of their ways.

"We'll show them the light and make them fat, but as for now, you're a huge part of Operation Expansion. The operation that may see the end of this war," Ellis explained.

"Anything. Whatever will end this war. And whatever will avenge Mom's death. I'll do it. Even if it means gaining 1,000 lbs," Kate said. She went outside and watched as the three suns began to set behind the hills. Tears began to fall from Kate's eyes, but she remained strong and stated, "I love you, Mom."