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Big Legs

This is the true story of the transformation of my girlfriend of six years, both in body and mind. When we first met, she had an athletic build with solid hips and muscular thighs and calves. She is of Serbian and Greek descent, so she has dark hair and cream-colored skin. I can remember the first time we undressed in front of one another. I was amazed to see how her waist curved in and her hips flared out. For those of you who used to watch 90210, her body was like the girl in the bikini they showed while the theme played at the beginning of the show. I was most impressed by her legs. They were thick and strong, and I was attracted by them even before we dated. In a skirt, she was second to none. My girl was (and still is) a real knockout.

I'd long wondered what she'd look and feel like with a few extra pounds on her frame. Somehow, I knew that she would carry her weight well, gaining it in all the right places as opposed to looking dumpy. As the years passed, she gradually filled out. Her thighs became more substantial, and her hips widened a bit. None of this was extreme, mind you: just an extra layer of fat over her already-curvaceous body.

She was raised conservative Orthodox Christian, and so was sexually repressed to a degree. We were both virgins when we had sex with each other for the first time. I am kind of on the big side (eight inches and thick), and it was always a struggle to fit inside her pussy. Nevertheless, she often pleaded with me to have sex with her from behind, as she believed it would hit her G-spot better. Foolishly, I never conceded.

Two years ago, she sought satisfaction elsewhere and cheated on me. We broke up and I moved away. It was the excuse she needed to glut her desires. She went wild, becoming increasingly lustful and having quite a bit of casual sex (protected, of course!), which just intensified her appetite for more satisfaction. When she first strayed, I noticed a little trail of black hairs traveling from her navel to her bush, and a narrow ring of hairs around each nipple. Sexy, I thought, but curious. I had thought that only guys had that.

After her two year sexual rampage, we began seeing each other again. She told me over the phone that she'd grown a little bigger, and hoped I didn't mind too much. I told her, “No, of course not, you've got a naturally sexy body.” Inside, my stomach quivered in excitement. I asked her if she still had that sexy trail on her belly. She paused before answering a question about her pubic hair; after all, we weren't quite together yet. “Yeah, but it's gotten worse. There's more of it than before,” she replied woefully. Again, I could barely contain my anticipation.

“And another thing: I've been too lustful during the past year,” she confessed.

“What do you mean?” I asked her, excited by the idea of her experiencing pleasure for its own sake.

“I've had a lot of sex with someone I didn't love.”

“So what?” I replied. “How is being with one person too lustful?”

“Well... it wasn't just one person. There were actually three others.” She informed me that she barely knew them, but had had regular sexual relations with each of them, sometimes overlapping.

She came to visit me in Arizona several months later, and what four years ago had been a narrow trail of black hairs on her belly was now an inch-wide band of thick black hair connecting her bush and her navel. The ring of hairs around each nipple had grown into a dense border of black hair on each areola. She had also become much more aggressive in bed. A doctor has since confirmed she has naturally high testosterone that kicked in during her early twenties, causing the ever-increasing hairiness and high libido.

Now for the part you've all been waiting for. When she got off the plane, I first noticed that her hips flared out dramatically, though her upper body (other than her breasts) was still fairly narrow. Her butt jutted out far more than I remembered: two round cheeks stretching her pants to the limit. Although her belly was not quite a pot, she had started undoing and unzipping her old jeans to make room for her butt. When she later wore a skirt, I noticed that her ass had developed a wiggle that was separate from the movement of her legs. This was most obvious in a short, loose-fitting skirt, where her ass was unrestrained and had room to move. When she would walk, it was almost as if she *knew* she was sexy. If she walked slowly, there was a slow shifting of mass from one side to the other. When moving quickly, her ass bounced back and forth, shaking in a rhythmic, undulating motion as she strutted her stuff. When I asked her about it, she told me she was proud of her new butt and had gotten in the habit of showing it off to attract guys who liked sex from behind.

She was no longer apologetic about her behavior. “I did what I wanted, when I wanted it,” she told me matter-of-factly. “If I'm hot for a guy, why shouldn't I?” She'd also taken to wearing low-riding pants and belly shirts that prominently displayed her treasure trail and now curved belly. “It shows guys the kind of woman I am. It's a natural extension of my pubic hair, and it's a flag to guys that I like wild sex.”

Did I mention her legs? They were thicker than ever, and while her calves and quads were still muscular (probably from supporting the extra weight; she wasn't working out), they were enveloped in more than just a layer of fat that made them look like voluptuous tree trunks.

Despite her change in lifestyle, she was resistant to intimacy for the week she visited me. I couldn't understand this, so I asked her. She hesitated before answering, saying things like, “I don't want to tell you; you'll feel bad.” I eventually dragged it out of her.

“You know how I've grown bigger than I was before, right?” she asked.

“Yes,” I replied.

“Well, that's not the only thing that's gotten bigger. I've had quite a bit of experience, and I've come to prefer only the biggest of penises.”

“But I'm eight inches and thick!” I protested. “What do you expect?”

“I'm a big girl now. I need something longer and thicker than yours to do it for me. I've seen ones bigger than you would believe, and they've transported me to new heights of pleasure.”

Needless to say, I didn't take this very well. I visited her several months later, and she finally gave in to her desires.

“You are so f*%#ing sexy,” she marveled as I stripped off my clothes. She licked her full lips in anticipation as her eyes ate up my stiffening cock. “You'll do,” she stated flatly. “I've gained ten more pounds since you last saw me, so get ready.”

She began to wiggle out of her oh-so-tight jeans, which had been unzipped all day. As she peeled them off, I was amazed at how wide her hips were. They seemed to defy being clothed, and curved outward in a statement of extreme femininity. Her thighs, thicker than ever, rubbed together as she came toward me. She wore an old pair of string bikini underwear that came far down in front and displayed the crest of her bush. Her waist and hips spilled several inches out from the sides. I also saw where the strings had rested on another part of her hips moments earlier. Her flesh there had red marks from the tightness of her underwear. She was an exaggerated hourglass: a dream come true.

Suddenly the phone rang, and she turned around and walked quickly over to the other side of the room to fetch it. Her butt... Words cannot describe the sight I witnessed over the next few seconds. Her string bikini underwear had become a thong, as her ass had grown far too large for the rear cloth to contain it. As a result, it had all but disappeared between her cheeks. It was big, round, and jutted far out from her backside. What was even more amazing was the motion. Her butt shook wildly as she walked purposefully over to the phone. It had a movement of its own that was slightly delayed from her rotating hips. One cheek would sway into the other, jiggle, and then the other would do the same thing, back and forth. Her butt had become so large and fleshy, however, that each globular cheek protruded alternately as the opposite leg moved forward, shaking all the while.

After a brief phone conversation, she whirled around and came back to me. She looked me up and down, and saw my cock pushing through my boxers. “You really want sex, don't you?” She smiled, and then suddenly slapped her own butt with emphasis. It rippled under the impact, shaking for a few seconds afterward. It was about this time that pre-cum oozed from my eager member.

What happened next is etched in my memory forever. She put her finger in her mouth, wetting it, and then placed it between her breasts. She traced it down her torso and paused at the beginning of her hairy black trail, a few inches above her belly button. Then she continued downward. Her trail was now so dense and wide it had become an inverted pubic triangle. Her finger moved along it, and disappeared into her string underwear.

“Ooh,” she said to herself, lost in her own private passion. She swayed her unstoppable hips back and forth several times. Opening her eyes, she must have seen me gazing wantonly at her treasure trail.

“Hairy belly!” she said to me in the sweetest, softest voice I could imagine. No wonder she could seduce so many guys.

“It's a little more than that,” I replied.

“Wanna find out?” she teased. She then jumped on me, and I had to put out my arms to support her. 'My God,' I thought, 'She's gotten so heavy.” Her powerful but soft legs wrapped around me, and I noticed that her waist was so much thicker and softer than it had ever been before. She kissed me open-mouthed, deeply and hungrily as I staggered toward the bed. I managed to maneuver us onto the pillows, and she straddled me. Her trunk-like legs held me down, and I ran my hands along them. The skin was so smooth, and her legs so soft and thick, that it took me forever to run my hands around them. Her hips spread from her waist like flanks: countless pounds of flesh enhancing her already wide hip-bones. I sat up and placed my hands under her butt. Oh my God. If seeing is believing, then feeling is divine. Her ass was so massive that I had to stretch my arms to reach the circumference. It was soft and malleable, and gave when I squeezed it in a most inviting way.

“There are many men who would KILL for a night with me,” she told me. “You'd better appreciate me while you have me.”

“You'd better believe it,” I swore to her.

Suddenly I heard a snapping sound, and looking down I saw that her underwear had torn apart right at one of the side strings.

“Shoot,” she lamented. “That's the third one this month. They don't make them like they used to.”

She shrugged and tossed them aside. The disbelief at my fortune and my excitement had caused my cock to grow unusually hard.

“Hurry up; I don't have all day!” she said to me. I looked up in surprise as she grabbed my member and guided it into her dripping pussy. I slid in as easily as butter. She was right: two years of devouring oversized cocks had stretched her out so that fitting was no longer a problem. She began to move her hips in a circular motion, bearing down on my cock once per revolution. I of course continued to run my hands over her legs, hips and ass in awe of her amazing and expansive flesh. She'd always been quiet during our lovemaking in the past, but now I heard a soft cooing coming from her as she pressed into me. Gradually she began to rise further from my pelvis and press more forcefully into me. As she did this, her noises became grunts, until she was shouting in rhythm,

“Uh, uh, uh, uh!”

I reached out toward her groin to touch her clit. Under her bushy pussy, I was surprised to find its shaft about twice as thick as before, about the size of a small thumb, believe it or not. As I slowly increased my speed in stroking her clit, she cried out, “Yeah!” I was feeling so good that at one point I became distracted and neglected her clit.

“DON'T STOP!” she shouted at me. I promptly resumed my fingering her. Soon afterward, her clit became very stiff. “Oh God. Oh my God,” she cried out. All of a sudden her body began convulsing as she pounded wildly into me, and clear liquid squirted out of her pussy all over my chest and face. There was a lot of it, too, certainly more than I'd ever cummed. (For those of you who are unaware, this is female ejaculate. Perform a search for “female ejaculation” on the Internet for more information). Not being aware of the phenomenon at the time, I asked her what it was.

“Just shut up and f*#% me,” she said, kissing me deeply. She then lifted her substantial ass and legs off of me and turned around. “Well, have you rethought your qualms about doggie style?” she asked me. I responded by grabbing her hips (damn they were big) and positioning her backside in front of my member. I had not yet cum, so I was desperate for any stimulation.

She began to rotate her wide, soft hips in a gyrating motion to meet my pelvis and cock. “Yeah, baby!” she soon crooned out in a sultry voice. Who was this sexual vixen with thick, spread legs in front of me? Was this lusting woman the same inhibited girl of two years ago? As her full, round and now-massive butt pushed into my member, I could feel the two years of unbridled experience in her motions. This woman had been schooled in the art of f*#%ing.

“Push harder! You're not getting in deep enough!” she instructed me. I soon realized that part of the reason she'd grown accustomed to massive cocks was that those were the only ones that could reach past her huge butt to penetrate her hungry pussy. Slowly we sped up together, with me sinking into her big, soft butt with every gyration. Soon she was again grunting in time with our motion, and she shouted out,

“Godamnit, godamnit!”

At about the same time, I was nearing my own climax. I reached down and felt the hair carpeting her belly, and it was too much for me. In a moment of ecstasy, I spurted my cum deep inside of her. Immediately following that, she shouted,

“Fuck, yes!”

and my groin became drenched in her ejaculate. There was so much that it dripped down my thighs. I then lay down on the bed. She soon crawled on top of me, and settled her weight on me. I reached around and felt her butt and waist, which defied belief. I patted her butt, which jiggled a bit afterward.

“Thanks, baby!” I said to her.

We are still together after five months. She seems to get a bit thicker every month or so, with a gradually hairier pussy. I lust after her when she is not around. She inspires me.