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The Big Movie
By Jeremy

She sat alone, eating in front of the television. Wedged tightly into a sofa, she watched herself on the screen, in her newest movie. Her name was Stephanie, and it was her account of her most recent one hundred-pound gain.

Filming had started right around the time she had broken the two hundred-pound mark, and continued until she weighed three hundred and ten pounds two months later. All in all, Stephanie's Explosion was an hour and a half long adult film that featured feeding scenes at gradually increased weights. Stephanie watched it often, and it always made her hungry for another dessert.


Stephanie had once been a model for a tanning bed chain, sunning herself to give her the most beautiful, vibrant skin. The days of lounging, tanning, and wearing bathing suits for pay began to take their toll on young Steph, and she developed a rounder, more hour-glass figure with wide hips and full smooth thighs pulling her bikini taut. The job had been given to her primarily because of her breasts, round, perfect, filling the tiny cloth triangles of her top out. Her sedate lifestyle had added a divine heaviness to her breasts, causing them to strain the top even farther. When she reported for her photo shoot, the director had taken one look at her bulging stomach and had her change into a one-piece suit instead. As small as they were, her old one-piece couldn't hide the extra flesh of her love-handles, or the pooch of her new stomach. The director was disgusted, and finally took pictures of just her face. The cameraman couldn't contain himself, and took pictures of her belly anyway. He even snapped off a few nice pictures of her profile and her backside, to develop privately that night.

Stephanie was so depressed that she drove home and flung herself on the couch. She reached over to the coffee table and began munching on a bag of M&M's. She had eaten nearly the entire sixteen-ounce bag when she realized what she was doing. Stephanie was so depressed she dug out a tub of Hagan-Daas and went to work on it. After half of a gallon, she ran out of strawberry syrup, and began smothering the ice cream in chocolate sauce. Stephanie was still depressed about the photo shoot, and left for the supermarket. She changed out of her T-shirt and shorts and put on a pair of tight jeans and a sweater. Wow, she thought. These jeans used to seem so loose. At the market, Steph bought everything that looked even remotely tempting. Four packages of Oreos, a birthday cake, two dozen cream-filled donuts, a gallon of chocolate milk, and eight assorted tubs of frosting. She also bought five pounds of sliced ham and a pound of cheese. Her cashier looked at her with a strange smile on his face and took longer ringing up her food than usual.

Stephanie returned home and began eating the cookies, smearing cream all over her face. She fell asleep on her couch with a bag of cookies all but finished on the slope of her belly. When she woke up the next afternoon, she began eating the birthday cake, which ironically had an icing pig on the top. She ate for forty-five minutes on the large cake, savoring the rich chocolate and creamy layer of icing. It was too much for Stephanie. She hurried into the kitchen and ripped open the cans of frosting. Not even bothering to use a spoon, she dipped her fingers in and hand-fed herself the entire can. It was extremely rich frosting, so Stephanie opened up a jar of peanut butter and began feeding herself that instead.

She eventually stopped eating to take a shower, and was surprised to see her new self in the bathroom mirror. She was straining her pants, the thighs ballooning out, her ass with a new curve as it arced out and back in beneath the waist. Stephanie squirmed her way to freedom, eventually removing her pants. Her belly jiggled new layers of fat, proudly showing her tanned skin. Jumping on the scale, Stephanie discovered that she had gone from around one hundred and twenty-five pounds to one hundred and forty.

Seeing her expanded self made her wonder what she should do, and she immediately thought to begin dieting immediately. Then Stephanie remembered the sheer bliss of gorging herself, and the cashier's rooming eyes and long stare. She realized that not only did she like this look, men did too. She stepped into her small shower, only about two feet both ways, and began dreaming of a day when she was too fat for her shower. Thinking about how chubby she would have too become got her excited, and she took out a dildo and worked up a good sweat, daydreaming of a time when she spent her days eating and lounging and sleeping.

She spent that evening eating all twenty-four of the donuts she had purchased, shoving long john after long john into her gaping mouth, chewing the puffy, sweet pastry until the thick cream squirted out onto her chin, only to be drawn back in by her thick tongue.

Stephanie continued feasting for two more weeks, gaining and growing bigger and bigger with each passing meal. Her belly jutted out, melding gracefully into her love handles. Her butt had swollen, spreading wider and rounder as her thighs flared out. Her mammoth thighs round and ample, pressing tight against each other. Stephanie sat, fondling her new breasts; her tits rested on her belly, hanging over her stomach. Stephanie was wearing a spandex work out suit, stretched tight over her one hundred and seventy-five-pound body. The bright blue shorts jiggled when she walked to the refrigerator, falling short of meeting her bright yellow Lycra shirt. A thick roll jutted out between the two fabrics, overlapping the packed layer of fat beneath it.

Stephanie loved being fat, the eating, the lounging, the wonderful padding and thickness of her body. When she showered, she wedged herself into a corner, dreaming once more of filling the shower stall, forcing the door closed after her. Stephanie spent hours in the shower, smearing skin creams and lotions over her bronzed flesh. As a result, her beautiful fat stayed taut and smooth, adding to her overall softness.

She became a regular at the market, always going through the same cashier's line and developing a rapport with him. The cashier was constantly amazed by her growth, and happily sold her pastries and milkshakes and snacks. Stephanie always dressed up to go out in public, flaunting her corpulent body. Though they were far too small for her now, Steph loved squeezing into the tiny outfits she had worn as a thin girl. She wore corsets, spandex, and denim, anything tight enough to squeeze her massive girth into. Her old pair of flannel pants now became her favorite thing to wear, stretched tight by her spreading hips and bloated thighs.

She returned to the studio after another week of eating, reporting at just under a hundred and ninety pounds. The shoot director threw a fit, saying that with her puffy cheeks and double chin, even her face was too fat to shoot. Nor could they shoot her arms, for they had swollen, with fat, fleshy rolls hanging from her former triceps. She was fired on the spot and leaving when the cameraman, Joel, caught up with her. They talked for awhile after, with Joel telling her how much he admired her fat new form, the way she oozed out of her clothing and jiggled her way across the lot. They agreed to dinner that weekend. Joel claimed to know the perfect spot.

Stephanie worried about what to wear. In the two days prior to her big date, she had gorged herself, hoping to fatten herself up even a little more to impress Joel. She hadn't eaten a thing since breakfast, just to work up an appetite to impress her date. Joel picked her up at eight, and she was ravished by the time he arrived. She had worried herself all day long over what to wear to dinner, and finally decided on wearing a pair of tight jeans and a red sweater that stretched tight around her potbelly.

Joel picked her up just when the anticipation and hunger was just too much for her. Joel sped to the restaurant, a small Italian place that offered dark corners and second helpings. Stephanie ate two platters of veal, a dish of fettuccine, and three jumbo meatballs, all fed to her by her new boyfriend. He took her to his apartment, the entire upper floor of an apartment building. There he took out a French chocolate pie, and fed her slice-by-slice. When she had finished that, he left for the kitchen and returned with a strawberry cheesecake, which he excitedly fed into her rapidly chewing mouth.

They collapsed onto the bed, and frolicked amongst the covers. Stephanie noticed the large soft pillows, the warm blankets, the full feeling in her stomach. Joel hadn't expected her to completely finish a large cheesecake after all she had eaten, and was astonished that she was feeling as frisky as she was after a feeding the first time. Stephanie's fast had worked; now she felt fatter and more erotic than ever. They had sex for hours, and Joel fell asleep tightly wedged underneath Stephanie's swelling bulk. The next morning, they woke and Stephanie went out to breakfast with Joel. The night had taken a lot out of both of them, and Steph ate three stacks of pancakes with half a pound of sausage. Then she went home and slept.

When she woke up that night, she needed food. She drove out to the market, and stopped to talk with the cashier. He was obviously impressed with how much she had gained. As she was leaving, she swung by a drive-thru and grabbed enough ice cream to last ordinary women for a week. Stephanie drove home and began pouring milkshake after milkshake back down her throat. When she was done, she reached over to the coffee table and grabbed a bag of cookies. She crammed a fourth of the bag into her mouth and slowly chewed them up and swallowed, with wonderful new fat around her neck bouncing with her jaw. She took off her sweat pants; they weren't comfy enough anymore. She tried to put on her old bikini, but the strings dug deep into her broad hips and her billowing back.