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The Big O
By Sasha Steele

Four times crowned Mr. Olympia, bodybuilding champion Kendu Keyes was notorious for blowing out in the off-season. Another title under his belt, photo portfolio renewed, this time around it was a bit different. Kendu had come into this Olympia too smooth and had won on reputation alone. And the word was that he had been warned: cut to ribbons next time or you're through.

The training cycle had always been difficult for Kendu. In this time frame his ravenous appetite could only be kept in check with the use of drugs. Weight loss accomplished through the abuse of diuretics and by sweating through long arduous daily workouts. Muscle size maximized with steroids and the endless pumping of light weights. Such is the way of modern professional bodybuilding.

Who could blame Kendu for the long layoffs that were so desperately needed? Who could blame him for over eating after enduring periods of such intense dieting? And who could blame him for the weight gains that inescapably followed? After his last competition, Kendu had put on nearly seventy-five pounds. Dreading the training schedule leading up to this year's event, he had delayed its start and as a consequence had gone into the show still fifteen pounds over his optimum contest best of two hundred and twenty five.

Deanna Reese was a well-known celebrity in the world of professional bodybuilding. Twice Ms Olympia herself Deanna had landed a cushy job with a top publication in the field. She had, of course, seen Kendu in action on stage on a few occasions but had never met him personally. It was in the editorial archives at Body Max Magazine where Deanna first laid her beautiful brown eyes on a photograph of an overweight Kendu. It was for the (before and after) layout of his training leading up to Kendu's last contest, and he was all of seventy pounds overweight.

Unlike Kendu, Deanna Reese had no problem controlling her body weight. In fact, just the opposite, Deanna had problems gaining and retaining her muscle mass. Probably that is what accounted for her fetish with sizeism. Whatever the reason, when Deanna first saw that picture of a fat Kendu, I swear her heart skipped a beat or two. And that is why she jumped at the chance of a possible interview with him.

Someone like him being more than fair game for the paparazzi, Kendu was, of course, in hiding - as he usually was when he got fat. However, word got out, and the word was that Kendu was heavier than he had ever been. The prospect of finding a tremendously overweight Kendu Keyes was more than Deanna could bear. Reportedly staying in Naples, Deanna hopped a plane without the slightest indication that she would even find Kendu, let alone meet with him and conduct an interview.

But Deanna had a good nose. Able to track Kendu down at his seaside villa, it was with some desperation that she telephoned to see if they could meet - or at the very least would be allowed to conduct an interview over the line. Kendu took Deanna's call at poolside on his cell. She introduced herself. He knew of her, that she was working for Body Max, and that the magazine probably only wanted to know just how fat their current Mr. Olympia had gotten.

"Body Max would like to do a piece on you," Deanna explained. "Would you be willing to met with me?" Kendu had seen Deanna in competition and knew that she was gorgeous. Her body, though not overly massive, was feminine, muscular and perfectly shaped. Deanna's part Black-American background lent tone to her shiny smooth skin. Her light brownish colored hair, usually in long tight curl strands hanging wildly past her shoulders, framed an exquisite beautiful face with fine features. Yes, Deanna Reese was definitely a woman that Kendu would like to meet.

"Want to know fat I am, do they?" Kendu asked, still talking to her over the phone, "well you can tell them that I've ballooned, heavier than ever before."

Deanna hoped that he couldn't detect that her breath rate had suddenly increased. "Last time you almost hit three hundred," Deanna hedged. "Are you over that mark now?"

"Way over," was Kendu's somewhat jovial reply, and he thought that he heard a bit of heavy breathing on the other end of the phone. "I'll be happy to meet with you Ms Reese," he said, giving directions. "Say at two - bring a swimsuit and we'll take the boat out for a cruise."

"Yes that would be good," Deanna breathed, "see you at two, then."

Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, heavier than ever before, Deanna thought, the prospect of seeing a really fat Kendu Keyes in a bathing suit putting her stomach in knots. She couldn't wait.

Deanna's palm was a bit sweaty, and she trembled slightly as she took Kendu's hand. He had ballooned. A large white hooded terry top covering him from broad shoulders to massive upper thighs pulled tight across a huge rounded gut protruding nearly a foot out in front of him. Deanna saw that Kendu's golden tanned legs, so massive with muscles even at his lowest contest weight, were a lot bigger and smoother now, causing him to walk with even more of a waddle than usual.

Kendu's long jet black hair was French braided back in rows tied at the nape of his thick neck with a black band, the beaded ends hanging halfway down his back. His baby blue eyes were beautiful. His face, heavy jawed from the use of steroids was handsome - made even more so, Deanna thought, by the cute double chin he now had. He wore a nose stud; his multi-pierced ears were weighed down with gold, necklaces, rings. Kendu obviously liked to adorn his magnificent body.

When Kendu stooped over to unleash the boat, the white terry top he was wearing rode up, exposing the light powder blue spandex speedo trunks covering his massive backside. "Sssssssssssssssss," Deanna hissed, having to bring herself under control as she took the basket handed to her aboard. Kendu started the motor and the speedboat wound up and raced out of the harbor.

Twenty minutes later they were anchored off shore of a tiny island in the calm crystal clear sea. His top removed, Deanna wondered if Kendu could hear her voice waver or see her wetness in the yellow bikini bottoms she had on. A bottle of wine, cake and sandwiches were consumed - most of the food by him and half of the wine by her - as they talked. "What is your weight at the moment?" Deanna asked, as part of the interview, of course.

Kendu's huge golden body was gorgeous, Deanna reflected. Completely hairless, his smooth bronze skin was blemish free. His taps and shoulders bloated with massive roundness. His huge-huge triceps ballooned on the back of his arms. His heavily muscled pecs sagged with fat above a belly about the size and shape of a basketball with a slightly flattened front. Kendu's whole legs, particularly his upper thighs, were unwieldy, almost cumbersome in their immenseness.

Besides that magnificent stomach of his, it was Kendu's huge melon-like buns that Deanna found most attractive about his fat body. Standing out behind him in bold relief, they rode up and down as he stepped, taking her breath away. She could hardly stop herself reaching out and grabbing hold of his big fat ass.

"Right now I'm at three hundred and fifty pounds," Kendu answered.

"Are you planning on training down for the Olympia this fall?" Deanna asked, her brown eyes hidden behind dark sunglasses, examining every inch of Kendu's wonderful fat body. Hoping that he wouldn't catch her as she stared at his crotch, Deanna saw that Kendu was large in that department as well. The bulge down there in his light blue briefs, half hidden by his fat belly, seemed to be growing as she couldn't help noticing the thick shaft pressed between his massive thighs.

"It's too late this season," Kendu answered her, "I'm way too fat to train down in time, so it looks like my fans will just have to wait until next year."

"So you'll keep your weight on, then?" Deanna asked, praying that his answer would be an enthusiastic yes.

So imagine her delight when Kendu answered, "I love to eat so think that I'll be adding even more weight, a lot more." His cell phone rang just then; something had come up and Kendu had to cut their get-together short in order to take care of it. Not used to drinking wine, especially outside in an open boat, Deanna stumbled into Kendu as she got up to move into the front passenger seat. He caught her in his big arms and she felt his massive body pressing into her.

Control lost for a fleeting second, Deanna placed her hands on his fat ass and kissed him. Kendu didn't recoil; they kissed deeply for a moment before he broke it off and spoke. "I think we should continue this later on; how about supper tonight?" Kendu's growing hardness hadn't gone unnoticed by Deanna; of course, she wanted to go out with him. Arrangements were made as the speedboat took them back to the mainland. They kissed again and parted.

Kendu picked Deanna up at her hotel and they drove to a popular bistro. Deanna looked beautiful, wearing a skimpy little red and white flowered summer dress and high-heeled sandals. Kendu had on a black designer suit and white silk shirt. The short coat jacket was open, the back of it riding out on his big bum. The baggy pants pulled onto his stomach were held in place by a black belt with a silver buckle, and he wore black-laced boots.

Deanna ate little - she never ate a lot - but Kendu made up for it and then some as plates full of pasta disappeared into his big gut, followed by cake and ice cream. Deanna found herself aroused watching Kendu as he made love to his food while sitting there in front of her. "God I'm stuffed," he told her, placing his hands on his bloated stomach. That was before dessert. After his desserts Kendu said, "I couldn't possibly eat another thing." But he did, polishing off the cream pie that Deanna had ordered with no intention of eating. They had coffee and sweets in the parlor, drinks in the bar; they talked; they wanted one another.

"Your place or mine?" Kendu asked as they kissed by the car, his crotch bulging again. Deanna was aching for him, to have a man as fat and sexy as Kendu make love to her. "Yours is closer," she whispered breathlessly. They wasted no time getting to Kendu's villa and into the bedroom. Deanna dropped her dress and stood before Kendu in her white panties and bra; he took her in his arms. She pulled off his jacket and shakily undid his belt, dropping Kendu's pants to the floor, and he kicked them away.

Deanna stepped back, caressing Kendu's bloated stomach as he undid his silk shirt. His huge erection was evident in the black spandex briefs he had on. Deanna pushed her hand along its ridge, and Kendu breathed with pleasure. Breathing heavily, Deanna knelt down, slowly drawing Kendu's underpants down over his huge flaring thighs, further and further until his hardened penis popped out and grew to its full length. Deanna took him in her mouth, her hands kneading his fat covered melon sized buns. Kendu rocked his head back. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaahh," he moaned as Deanna sucked him.

Both completely naked now, Kendu lay back on the bed as Deanna mounted him. Her hands on Kendu's fat belly, rippling muscles in her back glistening with sweat, Deanna rocked him into submission as she slid up and down on his shaft. Switching places, Kendu spread Deanna's legs in the air and pressed himself into her. She kept her hands on his fat belly as he pumped her faster and faster, they were both getting close now. Then Deanna curled herself forward, reaching around and grabbing Kendu's round fleshy butt cheeks, drawing him into her. He came in an explosion. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Deanna screamed as she orgasmed.

Breathless, both of them spent, Kendu laid himself upon her for a moment, and Deanna savored the feel of his three hundred and fifty pounds crushing down on her. "You like me like this, want me to be fat, don't you? Kendu panted.

"Yes, oh yes," Deanna whispered pulling him to her and kissing him, "I love your huge sexy body." Panting excitedly, she almost shouted, "Oh God, I want you to be fat, oh so fat!" and then kissed him passionately once again.

It had been wonderful - and would continue to be wonderful as they went out night after night, Kendu stuffing himself and then working it off with wild sex. And they carried on like that for the remainder of the week until Deanna had to leave to go back home.

They phoned and kept in touch until a little over a month later when Kendu walked into her office and asked her to lunch. Deanna was quite surprised, having no idea that Kendu was in town. He looked good in a gray suit, the jacket open, a light blue shirt tucked into his trousers. Looked as though he had gained weight since Deanna last saw him, and he had: fifteen pounds to be exact.

Deanna saw that Kendu hadn't eased off on his eating at all, devouring a huge roast beef dinner with all the trimmings and extra's, as well as several deserts. "I want to be fat for you, Deanna," he told her as they lay on her bed after another bout of wild sex, "I'll be as fat as you want me to be because I love you."

The following year Kendu made a half-hearted attempt at a comeback but couldn't get his weight below three hundred pounds and so retired from professional bodybuilding. The Big O would have to go to someone else from now on. Deanna and Kendu stayed together and he never disappointed her as his weight continued to climb. The day that the were married Kendu tipped the scales at five hundred and twenty five pounds of thick muscle and fat that his new wife still can't get enough of.