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Big Butt Betty


My name is Lizbeth, but my old high school friends called me Big Betty. I am from a family of very large bottomed women, and relatives. Most of us weight over 200 lbs and are very very ample bottomed. This story begins for me back in high school when I was dating and my mother was pressuring me to lose weight. At the time of my Junior class social, I weighed almost 230 lbs and was almost 60 inches in the hips. I had some very tight bluejeans and a 'major' shape...42D-25-60. The 25 inches was below my rib cage and I went to great pains to get on those jeans. Guys were always surprised by my small waist, and thought I was over 300 because I wore baggy clothes all the time. Actually I was a 44C cup but I felt uncomfortable and would wear 38DD bras of my sister at times. Major side flab with her stuff. My mom was almost 400lbs at the time and had struggled throughout our schoolyears with "those damn little chairs" in visiting us.

Our father was Nam vet, and died of complications before I was in first grade. My mom's weight increased after that my older sister said, and she never dated anyone. To march on as they say, that fall mom felt unless I lost at least 50 lbs, my prom would be a disaster for me. My older sister had done this for her, and then ballooned the next summer to 250. Her butt was bigger than mine then, but pound for pound at 180 I had the bigger derriere, at 55inches to my sissies at 48 inches. She is 5'8", I am 5'4". Anyway to shorten this for all you horny feeder guys, I lost 45 lbs in 3 months. My first major mistake in my 'fanny problem'. Mom told me of her Aunt Sally who had been over 600lbs and was over 100 inches in the backside. Sally died right when mom went into college and it devastated her.

She was determined that her kids and Sally's brood would never suffer any more 'bottom humor', or fat prejudices. My cousin Mags was my height and somewhat thinner, but she hated the big family 'fat pads'. Her first boyfriend called her a cow...(you have big tits Mags, get over it)..and she let my mom enroll her in a weight watcher program...which my mom and sis joined. Mags lost tons, but she had a big 'gain-back' after college. She is almost 300 now.

Now to my side of things. During my "Sensational Senior Prom", and 145 lbs....I met a visited college friend of my best friends. He was ROTC and going into the ARMY in two years. "You could be a nurse in Germany, He told me....my Dad lives there and he can get me into all the good Euro-American military base Universities." (He named some....I was star-struck and didn't care.) We were engaged that summer....I worked at a Denny's and He completed a 2-year Lt. program..or whatever. My weight was going back up then, and He told me 'Beth, don't worry...my mom is big.. and my Dad loves her.' He crossed swords with mom on this, but she told him 'Bethie' needs to be careful honey...our Italian heritage explodes after 22. My direct mother.

To digress a bit, my hiney at 230 lbs was matched basketball size, very round firm and little bounce. The tighter my jeans, the more my butt wiggled down the runway..but thighs and 'stuff' were solid. Tits were getting bigger and my 25 inch waist was in danger...but Denny's was healthy food and "John" had hands on everything...not just any one part.

End of Part One