Weight Room Title Bar

By Built4com4t

Part Two: The Shower

As Bill came out of his deep sleep, he felt a new weight, a different heft, and a much changed gravity. However he tried to move, he felt his skin folding in new and different ways, a very odd sensation. Hearing Rebecca, Bill looked up and warmed in her smile.

With Rebecca's help Bill slowly slid off the table. His knees almost buckled. From disuse and the strain of this new bulk, he knew. His new belly swayed slightly as he leaned onto Rebecca's shoulder. “I feel pretty good," he said. "Decadently fat. How do I look? Unhh!" Just then Bill's knees gave out...too weak.

"I understand; just take it one thing at a time," she consoled. "Here, sit down on and relax a minute. Spreading your legs a bit wider will help. "

Rather than overly strain Rebecca, he let go and collapsed into the chair she used whenever she worked on him between feedings. He cradled his belly as it swelled out onto his lap. "I need to go a little slower, Rebecca." He saw her eyes widen as she gazed at his swollen abdomen almost spilling between his widespread legs.

"Ahhh, yes. But did you enjoy your rest?" she asked, while stroking this rounder body. The sensations Bill felt were incredible. Every touch sent electrical shocks through his belly fat. His skin was so soft, almost glowing. Looking up again he noticed Rebecca was in front of him, gently pushing his knees farther apart. Just as his gut slowly slipped off his thighs, Rebecca caught it in her hands. She leaned into him, kissing him on his double chin, electrical shocks again as he felt her fingers slowly massage his pillow soft underbelly.

Bill sighed as she did so. His gut was quickly relieved of the strain. The new sensation of his belly against his inner thighs was remarkable. He leaned back in Rebecca's chair feeling replete. He continued running his hands over his belly in awe. The top of his stomach was like a curved shelf. He could just reach his unseen belly button. It was very deep. He was soft and warm all over. He noticed she had moved close to him again, a gleam in her eyes as she watched him explore his new flesh. She leaned forward, gently placing her hands on the sides of his stomach. Her robe parted as she did so, giving Bill a glimpse of her achingly beautiful body.

"You are gorgeous," she said, "Let's go play in the shower and relax this stretched skin. Then maybe I'll have the chef work up a bite or two for you for dinner."

Rebecca gazed in lust as her handsome experiment walked, no swayed, into her huge shower room.

Like a drunk, Bill stumbled into a sunken tub large enough to float a small rowboat, still half dazed from this new upright orientation he found himself. The warmth of the water did little to help wake him up, and the steam soon closed around him in a warm thick mist. As he worked the liquid soap into a lather, he recognized hands touching the hollow of his back, tracing the arc of his waist, moving slowly around to cup his belly. He felt a familiar breath against his right ear.

"Put your hand here," he said, and placed Rebecca's hand on the side of his stomach, where his fat was especially soft and malleable. The feel of his newly fattened body was amazing to her - sensations of every soft, doughy, moist, yielding thing she'd ever felt flooded through her. Rebecca glided through the steam until she was in front of Bill's belly. She grabbed huge handfuls of flesh, rolling it between her fingers, pushing it back in on itself, molding it like soft clay. She snaked her small hands under his great apron of flab hanging from his middle, lifting it and dropping it, over and over. Overcome she bit into the bulge of his stomach above the water, working over mouthfuls of soft yielding fat.

His soft blubber caressed her lips, slick now with steam. She found the deep cleft of his belly button, and pushed her fingers into it, feeling new softness in its walls.

Rebecca bit her lip, hands moving unconsciously to caress his lower back, his newly swollen love handles and then gliding again over his soap-slippery bell y. "Ooooh. . .you've made me proud, Bill, so proud! So much larger than I imagined." Rebecca squeezed the large firm swell of flesh that had formed beneath Bill's navel. A considering pause. "Maybe more." She moved her head close to his, wanting him so badly but restraining herself as she fondled his lower belly.

Bill turned to face the naked woman. Rebecca almost passed out as his soaped belly and chest slid around in her arms to press against her warm breasts and flat stomach.

The woman flashed him a smile and rubbed herself seductively against his distended belly crooning, "You excite me, Bill. You're as soft and round as I promised." Bill could feel her pressing hot against his stomach. His hands dropped to touch his soapy belly. He knew her words were only too true.

Bill dazedly reached around her for more soap. Rebecca stopped him as he tried to wash himself. Not only was soaping him going to be very arousing for her, she doubted he could reach certain parts of himself properly with his larger body. She began lathering his chest, feeling his softened chest ooze between her slick fingers. She moved up to his shoulders. Very little fat here, but still strong. Down to his arms - here was progress! Bill's plump arms were sexy and soft. Then his spectacular belly and her hands began pawing it. "So firm, so round," she said breathily. Bill began to feel himself becoming aroused at her attention. His new flesh bouncing, jiggling, and creasing as the woman kneaded and massaged it. Incredibly sensual, this new and bigger body. More erotic. He grew harder.

She dug two fingers deep in his belly button and lifted, marveling at it's weight. Her hand seemed to disappear into his gut as it hung suspended from her fingers. Rebecca could see his manhood rise to attention as the weight of his belly was lifted. She switched the shower-head to "massage" mode and began to apply it to his softer underbelly. He could feel her play the shower massage on its sides and bottom, the pulsating jets of hot water throb everywhere she pointed it, sending little waves through his belly fat and vibrations clear down to his toes.

"You're so cute, lover. I love you fat like this. Not too fat so you can't move around, I need you to be able to catch me," she said with a grin, "you still have plenty of room to grow. And I'm going to do it to you. Picture yourself out to, ummm... about here," she said nodding, holding her free hand several inches away from his round belly. "Why? Because I want it. And I like you." Then in an inspiration, she said, "Now big boy, relax that gut, I have a surprise for you."

Her words and fingers were creating an electrical storm in his brain, lightning flashing on and off behind his eyes. He was an atomic power plant on overload. His sturdy legs barely supported him as multiple jets pulsated over him in the huge steamy shower.

She nuzzled her lips against his plump cheek, her fingers trailing over his expansive belly, pressing and massaging the soft flab everywhere. Dainty fingers swept over his girth briefly before picking up a large wash cloth. She lowered slowly to her knees, facing his gut. Reaching only slightly, she nipped it with her teeth as she washed his under belly. She glided the cloth over each inch, moving in a circular rhythm.

Her own body tingling, she kissed him, softly and slowly. Her fingers found his manhood, again massaging it, gently pulling and releasing in a loving manner, feeling it grow fuller and harder. Grasping it firmly with one hand, the other kneaded the area just above till they reached just below his deepened navel. Pressing his belly, she watched the fat fill back out, like a water balloon. Her fingers caressing.. smoothing... pressing and releasing his soft fat as if testing it's depth and texture. Soft moans began to echo up her throat. Her eyes fluttered shut as she began to fall into a trance.. rocking…her fingers probing all over his belly.

She couldn't control herself anymore. She needed him so bad. Standing quickly she felt a familiar heat between her legs that had nothing to do with the hot water, pulsing and insistent. She barely had to lean forward to touch her flat belly to his, his was so large. Her eyes - and hands - were drawn again to his firm member and began to knead and massage it, sliding her fingers down loosely then pulling up firmly, feeling it become completely engorged under her expert fingers. She looked up at him, saying only, "Now, Bill, I need you now."

Bill groaned in exquisite agony as she skillfully brought him near his peak then stop, start again and stop. Expertly manipulating him, never letting him climax. Bill was overcome with pleasure. Unable to support his weight, his knees finally gave out and he slowly slid down the warm, soapy tiles to the built-in bench.

She followed him down, still prodding and stroking, deeply massaging the muscles she had buried deep in fat, guiding him to a seating position. As he sat his belly surged out, still full with the remnants of her weeks of feeding. He felt his fattened belly sag outward in a rush of adrenaline and pure eros - he loved this feeling.

Running her soapy hands in and out of his deep crevices as his skin folded slickly over his thighs she said, "Relax, lover, and spread your knees." She gently pushed his knees apart and watched as his belly slipped between his soapy thighs. She sighed with pleasure at the sight - how beautiful it was. "Now lift it up for me, Bill."

He realized he couldn't get a grip on it; it kept slipping through his hands and bouncing on his thighs. He flushed, feeling embarrassed, and chuckled uncomfortably. She groaned, frantic with passion, "Well, let's try something different."

Then everything was in slow motion. He watched in a daze as she stood and stretched in front of him, soaking in the humid warmth of the steamy shower. Her every muscle was in sharp relief as the water glistened, running down her like as if she was pacific island native under a tropical waterfall. Her beautiful wet hair clung to her perfectly shaped head like an Amazon maiden's helmet. Streams of water ran down her breasts and leapt from her hardened nipples in miniature streamlets. Down her muscular front the streamlets gathered in her pubic area, soaking the soft hair there, outlining every fold of her vagina.

She was glorious. It was as if he was in the presence of a being from another world. Leaning over him she gently pushed him back against the wall. Her hair swung over him, streams of warm water dripping onto him as she brushed her lips against his fat throat. Her fingers stroking it. "Yes, I want you now. And after that I'm going to make you even fatter, lover; and we're both going to enjoy it even more."

Bill enjoyed the erotic way she was talking to him, feeling helpless, swathed in his mounded fat. "I…" He wanted to tell her how much he loved her attention, but couldn't find the words.

She reached behind her for the towel-sized wash rag and slipping it under his great soapy belly, and, seemingly without effort, lifted the ends up and, with them, his fattened stomach until he was completely exposed. Still holding the wash cloth she straddled his thick soapy thighs and gently slid into him, kissing and biting his neck and plump man breasts.

Gently pulling the cloth free and folding her strong arms around his slippery waist, she held him in their circle, rocking her hips against his belly, her taught abdomen gently following his curving front. She purred softly, biting his lower lip as she let her nails lightly trail down his back, hard enough to make him shiver.

Slowly she pulsed in and out, sliding on his soapy thighs, contracting and relaxing her innermost muscles. Running her nails over his wet skin she said "You have such soft skin. Very fat, very soft, Bill. Your skin is stretching beautifully."

He wriggled a little. She dug in her nails, sharper and bit him between his enlarged man breasts. She caught his nipples between her fingers, making him squirm. Her nails dig in a bit more. He gasped.

Soon she would feed him, again with him naked so she could watch his belly stretch, being engorged, forced to swell by the food she would make him eat. She twisted on him as she thought about it, feeling his cock jutting out and up, deep into her, thick and swollen. His hands behind her back, trembling. He was like a baby. She withdrew briefly, teased his cock, brushing it with the tips of her pubic hair. She felt him shiver and smiled as he closed his eyes, almost on overloaded, almost crying. Plunging into him again she felt him shudder underneath her.

She squeezed, feeling his jelly fat quake between her thighs as she pulled him into her, kissing him hard, harder. His mouth opened and she sucked his tongue, biting his lips, deciding what to do with him, while she worked her fingers. Yes. I will make him fatter, and softer. "Gently. That's a good boy. Here it comes." She knew he was approaching his climax, his pantings and pulsations through his blubbery fat rocking her to her toes. At that moment, she began to breach as well, grinding herself into his soft vastness, centered on the hard point deep within her. Pinned gloriously under his belly, as he exploded in stars and pinwheels, she nova-ed again - and again.

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