Weight Room Title Bar

By Built4com4t and Mink

Part Three: A Feeding And To Bed

Bill's incredible climax had cleared every lingering cobweb from his head. Rebecca had turned off the pulsating shower jets and they relaxed quietly in the thick steam enjoying the nearness of each other's bodies.

He sighed, eyes closed, feeling Rebecca's fingers pressing into his full belly as she gently soothed his overstretched skin, still quivering from his exertions. Bill soon felt his stomach muscles quiet and soften under her massaging fingers. "God that feels good, Rebecca," Bill whispered and he leaned forward to kiss her. "I can't believe I am this fat and I feel this good." But as he stretched toward her his stomach swelled out hugely, he briefly had a moment of discomfort.

Seeing this flicker of pain, Rebecca leaned toward him so that he was able to kiss her without straining. "You make me feel like some decadent king being fattened," he said and noticed her nipples hardening again.

"Yes, lover, and this is only the beginning," she smiled at him lovingly, her eyes unmistakably showing her admiration for him and perhaps glimmer of something more. She leaned down and began teasing the top of his wide belly with her lips.

Groaning with pleasure he decided to give back some of what he had been receiving and began working her muscles, starting at the base of her skull and moving slowly down her spine, prodding deeply with his strong fingers. Bill loved the feel of her skin under his fingers and, pulling her up again on his thighs, concentrated on Rebecca's softly muscular abdomen, from just above her pubis to below her navel. Smoothing her taut muscles, she gradually relaxed and leaned toward him, kissing his neck. Sinking into him she sighed, "You are so handsome, Bill. You simply don't realize what you are doing to me."

He blushed at the thought of him being handsome. She was so beautiful, and he so fat. He could feel the huge quantity of food slowly moving deeper into him. His once taut top belly was softening noticeably as his lower gut continued to swell to accept its contents. Her head was now resting on the top of his stomach, rising and falling as he breathed. He began again massaging her neck and back and, although she was sitting on his thighs, he could barely feel her weight. He loved feeling the definition of her muscles under her soft skin. Quite a contrast to his flab shrouded torso and swollen gut.

His stomach began to gurgle loudly. She laughed at the noise he was making, "Hungry so soon, lover?" It was almost as loud as the steam jets hissing around them. He knew though the sound was him still digesting his incredibly rich feeding. And for a minute he thought he could almost still feel his skin stretching.

No, he considered carefully...not really, but still it was definitely a different sensation sitting upright as he was. He knew that it must be turning to fat, making him fatter yet and he liked the thought. He liked it because Rebecca loved him for it. "Why Rebecca?" he finally asked "Why are you helping me become so fat? Never mind, don't answer that. Please don't stop. Never stop, I love it so. How big do you want me to get?"

Rebecca answered the last question first because it was easier. "Well, as long as you're mobile then you're perfect lover." She smiled at him playfully. "So…I suppose we won't to do any more table feedings, or at least not as often; now that I see you off the table you may have grown a bit too fast. If we just do normal feedings from now on you can grow slowly for a lot longer…how does that sound?" She gripped his lower belly as he grunted assent. Rebecca felt a flutter inside her at the look of lust in his eyes, watching his hands reach for her.

His hands moved to her full breasts, cupping them. He admired their firmness and heft. "You are so beautiful," he said. Standing up in the warm steamy mist, Rebecca leaned forward, placing her hands on Bill's shoulders. Her breasts swaying heavily over the near horizontal shelf of his belly.

Eye to eye, she softly kissed him and said, "Your stomach is emptying and softening. I want it full and firm quickly. Then in your helpless state I will take advantage of you again until you faint or fall asleep."

Overwhelmed with desire, Bill struggled to stand up but realized he couldn't - his big belly was in the way and he was unaccustomed to the extra weight. They finally solved the problem by having Rebecca support him as he struggled underneath her. They both knew it was from his need to get acclimatized to the dramatic changes of his center of gravity. With a grunt she got him moving and slowly moved back toward her feeding room.

Bill sat in his large, cushioned chair, his weight making it creak. His rear end comfortably fit its width. With a soft sigh he spread his legs so his belly could hang. To his surprise it almost touched the chair! Besides Rebecca's skills as a feeder, her chef was a GREAT cook, and the table groaned with heavy, high-caloric foods heaped high in platters.

At first, Bill ate with abandon; he was so hungry, alternating the food so he never got tired of one taste. As he finished off one platter after another, his robe began slipping higher and higher. Finally, the robe's belt slipped off entirely, and Rebecca pulled it back around and tightened it almost painfully around his midsection. He grunted at the surprising pain of it, and his belly bulged under it more and more. To help stretch his skin, she had tied it high so it would force his expanding belly to surge forward and down, distributing its contents - she loved his big hanging belly, and she wanted it bigger and hanging deeper.

He kept on eating, his cheeks growing noticeably rosy, his double chin and cheeks seemed to be puffing before her eyes! She licked the dripping sauces from around his face and neck - he wasn't being neat about it! As she massaged his slowly stretching abdomen he groaned, "I'm going to burst!"

She admired him as she ran her fingers over his glistening skin, thinking fondly of his transformation from muscular boy to swollen fat man. His entire body seemed to have ballooned - his robe tightening around him. With one hand she rubbed his upper belly as the other supported his lower belly, again feeling its weight.

"I don't believe you," she said. Kneeling in front of him on the floor, she teased his manhood with her hands and lips. It delighted her that she had to lift up his belly to reach it. Rebecca also noted that his belly, clearly hung below his chair an inch or two even after she loosened his belt robe. As she stuffed the last few pieces into his mouth she kissed him gently saying, "Now that you've finished, I think we can afford to burn a few calories off, my fat friend." Nodding, he struggled to his feet, heaving his strained and tightly packed gut forward. Weak in the knees, she slowly maneuvered him to her bedroom suite and onto to her huge king bed where he collapsed with a sigh, half sitting, half reclining onto a mountain of pillows. He was still near comatose from the immense quantity of incredibly fattening food she had gotten into him.

With a grunt she lifted his legs off the floor and onto the bed. Gently she began stroking his smooth, warm skin. He was very strong. She could still feel his thick muscles through the fat she had been layering on him these past months. Bill sleepily smiled and groped for her, but she stayed just out of reach. When he gave up she kissed him and watched his arms fall to his sides and his hands pleasurably cupping the curved sides of his stomach.

His belly rose up in a smooth arc from his breastbone to his pubic area. There were no creases or folds...she had seen to that. He was almost perfectly round. Feeding him long and hard then letting him sleep unconfined. Growing, swelling. Her glorious, carefully tailored food turning into beautiful soft, smooth fat. She loved him for letting her do this to him. Thinking about it made her warm and wet again. Stripping off her silk robe, she gently climbed between his knees and pushed his tree trunk sized legs apart. She smiled as his underbelly swelled toward her.

Leaning forward, probing and stroking his mass of flesh, she pressed her face into its warm expanse, her nose fitting neatly into his ever deepening belly button. She smelled the soap from their recent bathing. He was baby smooth, she had shaved him carefully in the shower...his skin was soft on her cheeks like a pink pillow. With both hands to the sides of his stomach, she slowly pressed inwards, and deliciously felt Bills warm fat enveloping her head. She could hear him still digesting his latest feeding. He was becoming so wonderfully fat. How much fatter did she want him? She pondered...was it time to stop? How much bigger could he get?

She turned her head slightly and saw only the huge curve of his underbelly. It filled her view entirely. She brought one hand close to her face and gently flicked his belly fat. She smiled at the little shock waves racing through it. Her fat, the fat she had put there. Bill softly moaned. She could feel him hardening under her. Taking him in her hand she squeezed lovingly and considered...Time to stop? No, she smiled, I will make him fatter. Much fatter.

The diet she had tailored for his system had made him stronger and more supple than he had ever been. She smiled at him. He was like a gourmet food - delicious, and you want to eat it quickly, but every bite must be savored to the full extent. She fondled his underbelly again and shuddered in delight at its softness. Even though he was stuffed tight as a drum, his fat still jiggled, jelly-like.

Bill sleepily gazed at her - well, what he could see of her over his mounded belly - with a slight smile on his face, a smile that caused his chubby cheeks to bulge even more. He leaned deep into the pillows, Rebecca clasping his belly, and they fell asleep simultaneously.