Weight Room Title Bar

By Built4com4t and Mink

Part Four: The Pool

Wake Up

"Good Lord, look how fat you've gotten!" Rebecca grinned as she worked her hand over his gut, massaging its swollen width as her other hand squeezed his manhood lightly.

Bill groaned, his eyes closed, concentrating on her fingertips, refusing to wake up. It was morning; the bed was incredibly soft and warm. Even on his back, his mounding belly was a huge weight resting on his thighs, and he could almost feel it still stretching as last night's huge feeding moved through his gut and into his intestines.

She had been away on business for almost three months, leaving his care to her chef and servants. His growth had slowed in her absence, but he was still larger than before to her apparent great delight. He felt her place both hands on his belly and rub rubbed wide circles to induce the muscles in his abdomen to relax, brushed her lips against his, enjoying his chubby cheeks.

Bill sighed, delighting in her ministrations. He missed her touch and her feedings. He could feel her hands smoothing his skin, gentling and soothing the stretched muscles underneath.

She grinned and growled sexually as she sat on his lap, adjusting his firm belly between them and teasing his penis with her hands. "Looks like you're happy to see me, too. "

The feel of her against his swollen abdomen drove Bill mad with desire. He hardened immediately as her fingers touched him. He tried to lift his belly up so she could better reach him but failed. Groaning in ecstasy, he pulled her into him and kissed her deeply. "You make me feel so incredibly decadent, Rebecca. Welcome home. I missed you."

Her legs tightened around him as she kissed back firmly, and laughed slightly at his words. "Sit up, Bill." She slipped off his thighs and got a special tape, which she had marked off his original waist measurement - 38” - and then wrapped it around his belly at the same place.

He smiled at her, feeling the tug of the tape as it dug into his fattened belly. He leaned forward to clear the pillows so she could pass it around him. As he leaned forward his belly squeezed onto his lap as a large soft ball. The soft, warm weight of it was incredibly erotic.

Rebecca shook her head. "You need to stand up, or the measurement will be different!" She said impatiently, gesturing for him to rise.

Bill struggled to his feet, his belly projecting out in front of him, full of food and still pink from her massage. There was a smile lingering on her lips as she slid the measuring tape around his belly. "Stand up straight," she said, affectionately yet firmly, as she pulled the tape snug.

He gasped as the coldness bit into his flab but stood as straight as he could. The tape warmed as she slid it around his inflated belly. He could feel his loose, softly woven lounging pants slip off his hips and he tried to grab them as they fell.

Before he could stoop to retrieve them Rebecca kicked them away, "I like you better like this," she said and gasped softly as she read the numbers. "Oh my, Bill...75 inches around... "

Bill blushed and, as much as he loved Rebecca and felt comfortable in her presence, he still felt slightly embarrassed and moved to cover himself. He had a difficult time reaching though because of the size of his gut.

Rebecca felt his shyness and held both of his hands in hers, kissing them tenderly. "I love you, Bill, and now, there is even more to love, take care of, and appreciate." She pulled him close and coughed. "Besides, you're not the only one who has been gaining a bit! You've inspired me to fatten up. See if you like." She undid her robe, revealing larger breasts and a new soft coating of fat which now swelled over her once taut ab muscles.

His eyes widened as she exposed herself and he began to grow even harder. Rebecca's stomach was no longer the picture of an aerobic instructor. It bulged over her panties, which were digging into her roll of tummy, and plush love handles swelled overtop.

Bill was stunned. She was glorious. He reached for her and pulled down her panties so that her new belly poured out unconstrained. Pulling her into him, he could feel it soft against his, her heavier and fuller breasts nestling on the top of his stomach. She was so warm and soft. He could feel her grinding into him urgently. He didn't know what to do; his legs were not used to supporting his great weight.

The feel of his stomach, fuller and firmer from it's recent feeding, would have been enough to send her into euphoria, but combined with the feeling of her own little belly, she NEEDED him - she couldn't wait anymore! She moaned and clung to him, letting him support her, unaware he could barely support his own. She grabbed his greatly fattened belly, her whole body vibrating with her need.

Bill felt Rebecca shaking, her eyes closed as she clung to him. His own legs were giving out and he half carried, half drug her back to the bed, his swollen belly swaying painfully with every step.

Seeing his pain and difficulty only made her want him more, and she began to paw at him gasping and quivering. "You're so FAT! You're so fat you can barely move!"

Bill smiled and kissed her. He sank next to her exhausted and leaned back to take pressure off his inflated gut.

She kissed back and sternly made her body relax, even though every muscle screamed with sexual frustration. "Let's go to the pool, darling," she said persuasively. "It's nice and cool, and there won't be any pressure on this big belly of yours!" She could feel her body quiver at her words.

The Pool

Bill slid gratefully into the warm water, his belly fat floating as he sat on a low, wide and curiously padded underwater step.

She sighed happily, looking at him, and sat on his lap, now underwater. She could feel his belly bobbing slightly, and her own quivered and shook against his, sending little shockwaves into his jelly fat. Rebecca wrapped her legs around him as far as she could and squeezed gently. "You're getting really fat - you should go on a diet," she said, making her voice and face serious with some effort.

Bill closed his eyes in rapture. Rebecca's leg muscles gently pulsed, soothing his stomach and softening his skin. "I know I'm fat. You've made me fat. If you want I'll go on a diet tomorrow, but I'd rather not."

Her laugh sparkled. "Oh yes, you will. A high calorie and high fat content diet. And I don't care if you'd rather or not!" She grabbed his man-breasts and squeezed them between her fingers, feeling their soft slickness.

He gasped at the sharp, delicious pain. Reaching forward he hefted her heavy breasts and brought them to his lips.

Rebecca rocked her hips into him, gasping and panting. "Oh, oh, I need you Bill, I need you!!!!" Rebecca's frantic pulsing sent waves through his belly fat, every one of his senses becoming incredibly aroused.

Bill leaned back, cradled his belly in his arms, then released it as his beautiful Rebecca slid underneath to center herself.

She moaned and thrust forward, feeling him as he entered her. She loved the feeling of him inside her - he was the only man she had ever met who matched her in shape and size so perfectly.

He enveloped her as she sank into his fatness. He leaned back further as she rocked ever vigorously on his thighs, his belly undulating, shock waves racing through his soft flesh.

Rebecca curved herself to clear the giant swell of his belly and hung on to his side rolls, knowing she could do this all day, and yet wanting that fulfillment now.

Bill watched her move over him, her eyes closed in ecstasy, her full breasts swaying so near yet so far. The sensation of her pelvis against the muscles deep under the fat of his underbelly was incredible.

She tightened the muscles around his penis as hard as she could, and she began swinging his belly from side to side in her capable hands.

He was like putty in her grip. He felt his skin stretching further as she pulled on his fat. "Make me fatter, Rebecca. Feed me 'til I explode. Oh, I love this feeling."

Rebecca shoved herself in closer, his manhood penetrating even deeper and she gasped in pleasure. "You want to be fatter? Well that's what you'll get!" She panted as she took a handful of rich truffles from a convenient plate, pushing them into his mouth forcefully, commanding him to eat them.

He ate, not tasting them, caring only that they were making him fatter. He could feel the richness entering him as he entered her. Swelling him, coating him in soft, warm fat.

Rebecca pushed one finger deep inside his belly button and moaned. "I want my whole finger to be able to fit inside here, do you understand me fatty? I want you to be able to lean forwards on your hands and knees and have your belly drag on the floor!"

"Do it to me," he begged. "Feed me. Make me fat. Then love me with all your might." Bill was nearing ascendancy, his surroundings graying out as his system began to overload from feeling her against his swollen body.

She grabbed his fat face close to hers and kissed his lips over and over, her hands stroking his double chin, then his shoulders and fat chest, and she drove her tongue into his mouth at the same time as she thrust herself onto him.

Rebecca took the entire plate of truffles and shoved them, one after another, into his unresisting mouth, not giving him almost any chance to chew or swallow.

Hardly swallowing, but feeling the sweet, fattening confection slide down his throat, Bill arched as he exploded into her. His brain blanked with white noise, his ears ringing as if a great gun had gone off near them. With her tongue deep into his mouth, he could taste her chocolate-flavored sexuality as he climaxed seemingly endlessly.

She screamed out in utter pleasure, a sound of total fulfillment, and felt herself climax at just that moment. She collapsed onto his fat chest and soft belly, breathing shallowly.

Panting from the exertion, Bill smiled - stroking his lover's back softly... massaging the muscles he felt still spasming down her spine. Her quiet shaking sending quivers through his thoroughly stretched and fattened flesh.

Rebecca let herself push away softly, floating on her back in the cool water, her arms stretched out, and her feet still attached to his sides. “That. Was. Amazing," she said between breaths.

He watched her with delight, her full breasts and rounded belly mounding above the cool water. He lifted his belly and let the water flow in, cooling his underbelly and the crevices of his rolls of fat that Rebecca had so carefully and lovingly layered him with.

She smiled. He was just so perfect. "Here, lover, come and swim a bit?"

"Coming," he said and began to relax in the water, enjoying the sensation of his buoyant fat.

She slid around behind him. "What a whale," she said laughing, as he billowed in the water. “You are so lovably cute, and you know I really want to keep you healthy," she said, genuinely concerned.

"I know you do, and I love you for it," he said, feeling her hands prod his flesh, testing its thickness and softness.

Rebecca smiled. "Do you have any energy left, love? Or do you want a nap first?"

"I think a nap is in order, I can feel all that chocolate moving through me, making me fatter yet. Yes, I would like to take a nap," and he struggled from the pool toward his feeding chamber and table, which he preferred as it would allow his belly to hang comfortably out of the way. And he hoped Rebecca would massage him to sleep.

Rebecca helped him out of the pool and held her arms out. "Carry me!" She knew it would be difficult for him, but she wanted to feel his blubber move against her as he walked.

He picked her up and carried into the chamber. Her arms curled around his neck she felt his belly undulate and sway underneath her with every step; it was most erotic.

Gently he set her down and moved toward his padded table. Rebecca stopped him and locking her fingers together, softly slipped them behind his great overhang, cradling his sagging belly in both hands. "How much fatter?" she asked quietly looking up at him.

"As fat as you care to make me," he whispered.