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Binge Queens
By InvizKing

Part One

Reena and Andrea were best friends for a very long time. Quite a long time in fact; they were friends since 3rd grade, and they're now 19. I'll let you do the math. Add it up, equals a long time.

Anywhoo, I'm just the narrator, so my humor doesn't really need to be here, but it is anyway. In case you haven't noticed, this is about two girls named Reena and Andrea. Andrea prefers the name Andy, but I call her Andrea to piss her off. Because I'm a smartass. Oh, by the way, my name is Dick. Cool name, huh? Yeah, plagued me for most of my years, but oh well, this story isn't about me, now is it?

It's about Reena and Andy who one day decided to have themselves a contest. Well, more like I bet them and they made a contest out of it.

Well, it was a nice quiet evening, another day out with the three of us. Being the breathtakingly handsome man I am, they just faun over me. Pfff...I wish.

Anywhoo, we went to Gordy's Pizza Palace, ordered ourselves two medium pies and chowed down. The usual, I ate 5 slices, they ate the rest. They always tried to out eat each other, like they're trying to impress me, like I'm turned on by fat chicks (actually I am, but keep that on the down-low, okay?) Well, time took its toll on my dumbass mind, and I realized, “What if I got them to really stuff themselves?”


Light bulb.

“I bet you two can't eat another pizza,” I nonchalantly commented. “My treat,” I added with a mischievous grin. Reena's eyes lit up.

“Free food!” she shouted.

“As my duty as an American, I think I should eat it,” Andy started.

“Here we go...” I snickered. She gave me the eye as if to say, “Shut the [insert foul word here] up!”

“AS I WAS SAYING, COCK,” she began again. Being called Cock pissed me off; I can admit that.


“Anyway, there are millions of starving little children; I'll eat it on their behalf.” Reena rolled her eyes.

“Oh please Andy, you know I can out eat you any day.” She finished her sentence with a belch and a raised eyebrow.

All of a sudden, Andy lifted up her shirt. Now my eyes widened at seeing that delicious tummy of hers. It was showing signs of the over eating; she had cute little love handles and a nice bulge.

“My belly's bigger than yours!” She said, sticking out her tongue. Kids today are so immature, aren't they? Reena's face turned bright red as she seethed with anger. She lifted up her shirt to show her belly. It too was a gem. Her stomach also showed signs of binging, but I had to agree with Andy; Andy's belly indeed was bigger.

“Sorry, Reena,” I said, trying not to drool over the two tummies I saw before me, “But I have to agree with Andy. Her belly's bigger.” Andy stuck out her tongue and covered her belly. Reena dropped her shirt too and brushed her raven hair aside. She curtly got up, strolled over to the counter and said, “2 large pizzas please.” She turned around and gave the both of us the most evil stares. “Two for me, none for you,” she said with a sinister grin on her face. She took her glass over to the fountain and filled it up with Dr. Pepper, then immediately downed it. Andy's face went from haughty to seething in a flash. I'm sorry, but I had the biggest stiffy at that time. She got up and said, “2 large pizzas for me too!” Then she took her cup and filled it with Dr. Pepper as well. She gulped it down too. Then Reena, then Andy, each drinking more and more. I could actually see their tummies swell with each glass they drank.

Just then, Andy stopped.

“My pants are getting tight; I think I should unbutton them...”

“My pants feel just fine; looks like you can't take your sody pop.” Andy now got really angry. She actually placed her lips on the fountain and pushed the button. She was taking in so much carbonation; I could actually hear the pressure build up inside her taut belly.

I was in shock.

Reena pushed the bloated Andy aside; I could hear the pop slosh around inside her tummy. Reena put her mouth on the fountain and sucked up the pop also. Her belly was swelling faster and faster, until hers surpassed Andy's. Her t-shirt began to ride up on her, revealing just a tiny slit of her milky skin. Then Andy again attached her mouth to the fountain.

I watched as their bellies grew and grew like two peach-colored balloons. Just then, the button on each one of their pants busted off in unison. I was, as you the reader are right now, very turned on!!!

After the buttons popped off, they both sat down, their distended bellies sounding like ocean waves. Then... it happened.

Reena burped.

It was like somebody went to a pond, caught a frog, bought a bullhorn, put the frog in front of the bullhorn and gently tapped the frog so it would ribbit. Yes, alot of words just for one description, but, hey, I'm the narrator, dammit!

Anyway, the sound nearly busted my glasses. It was so loud that the chef poked his puffy head from out of the kitchen door.

“What the hell was that?” he asked almost scared for his life.

“Pardon me,” Reena giggled. The chef immediately turned back to make the pizza.

“I...am about to...explode...” Andy moaned. Reena rubbed Andy's back in a very infantile manner until her thunderous belch sounded out like a pounding of the mighty Thor's hammer.

I heard the chef's stifled chortle and muttered, “Goofy kids,” as he laid out the 4 pizzas. The two rushed...ahem, or should I say, waddled very fast, towards the table.

“Now hey now, you two just ingested 48 gallons of pop now, be careful.” Andy patted her ass in an unmoral manner and Reena burped as they stood there smacking their lips and snatching the piping hot pizza.

If this was a cartoon, I woulda sworn their legs span round and round and the sound effect “Whoop-whoop-weee!” rang as they bounded towards the table.

The sound they made as they ate?


Oh, yeah, girls, that was very attractive.

They stuffed more and more into their already domed bellies. Their tummies pushed down their pants as their expansion continued.

I sat there. With not two chubbies, but three, if you get my drift. Nudge nudge... With my mouth as wide open as theirs.

I heard one of them mutter “Can't stop eating...gonna pop...too good to stop...”

When they were done, Reena leaned back. With her newly added weight in her belly, she promptly fell over. Her belly made a loud mixture of grumbles, moans and sloshes as all the food inside of her bounced around inside of her nigh-indestructible belly.

The two whales sat there, their middles looking 12 months pregnant with a litter of puppies. In layman's terms, two human quartersticks about to explode. They rubbed their full bellies and struggled to get up.

I paid their way, as was intended, and I escorted my two friends out of the restaurant.

About halfway to Andy's house, she alluva sudden shouted:

“Whose belly's bigger!?!” She startled me so bad I nearly swerved into a ditch.

“I'm so stuffed silly; I nearly forgot!”