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Binge Queens
By InvizKing

Part Two

Whooo… wasn't that scary? Didn't think I was going to finish my tale, did you? Well, I'm the nice kinda Dick. Where we last left off, those two gluttons made ME pull over so they could waddle their big bellies out of the car. I'm telling you, if I would've poked Reena's tummy with a pin, she woulda popped. Hers was definitely bigger than Andy's. This made Andy even more envious of her friend's bottomless pit of a stomach. She waddled her big butt back into the car. When she came in, I swear the car became lopsided. There was a mysterious beep as Reena backed up to wriggle her way into the front seat.

“TO THE BUFFET!!!” Andy cried. She nearly burst my ears, but she was about to bust her belly.

I drove the two tanks to the nearest buffet, which just so happened to be Leon's Feedbag and Computer Software Shoppe. I hope out of desperation she didn't eat a computer. Knowing Andy, she'd sure as hell do it!

We came in, and the two rushed in. The waiter's eyes bulged as he saw their bulges. I grinned slightly.

“Umm...that time of the month, you know?” I said hastily.

“Oh, but of course. $12 per person.”

“Umm... I'm only going to sit down in there...”

“$12 per person, sir.”

“But I'm not going to eat any--”

“$12 per person!” Ugh, I didn't wanna argue, so I paid the jerk and went in.

My Lord, if I had a camera I would've taken picture after picture of the stampede that was the two rushing the buffet. Being that I did pay the $12, I got a glass of milk. Most expensive damn glass of milk I ever paid for! Boy, the girls were voracious! I couldn't believe all they ate to begin with, but as soon as I saw what they put on their plates...I nearly swooned.

And they ate.

And they grew.

Boy, did they grew.... grow. Sorry.

I was shocked to see how much their bellies could swell and grow. It was phenomenal! Each tummy was swelling bigger as more and more food was pushed down their throats. Their stomachs were getting taut and shiny, and I could hear them stretching. Reena was still in the lead, her spherical belly almost filling her lap. And, boy, did Andy look pissed!

She gobbled and gobbled but to no avail...Reena's tummy was bigger. I seriously was in heaven...they were so big! Reena stopped eating for a moment to touch her belly. Under her thin layer of fat she accumulated, she was hard as a rock. She whacked it with her hand and a loud thump was heard. She hiccuped.

“I don't think I should eat anymore today... I'm starting to feel a little bloated,” she said. Andy's eyes lit up. She dug in faster, shoveling more and more into her gaping mouth. She ate until her belly became as big as Reena's...then bigger and bigger.

“I'm bigger!” she cried. And boy...was I horny...

Well...I drove the two blimps home. They had to each sit belly to belly in the back seat. The two groaned and mumbled, each rubbing the other's overstuffed gut.

The worst happened...they fell asleep.

I tried my hardest to pull them out, but they were just too damn big for me to dislodge. So I parked, went inside and went to bed.

The next morning, I woke up to the sound of someone knocking at the door.

“Mother fu....who is it?”

“Let us in!” a girl's voice called. It was Andy. I swung open the door and my jaw nearly dropped. There they stood. Their bellies were still huge, but it appears they'd digested a good amount...and it showed. Their pants were tighter, their faces fuller. They all in all got fat...and they'd only get fatter with that load in their bellies.

“Dick...we're hungry,” Reena said, “Do you have any Pop Tarts?”

It was a long road ahead...