Weight Room Title Bar

Binge Queens
By InvizKing

Part Three:
Reena, Andy and the Dairy Queen

Hi, it's me Dick once again. As you remember, the two had an eating contest. Andy ate her way to the top to the dismay of the plump Reena. To begin, the two darlings' weights were (and this I'm only estimating) 166 for Reena and 174 for Andy. After that night long binge, I'd say the two were up by at least ten pounds.

It's now a week later and the girls' bellies are finally back to normal...albeit slightly bigger. The two went from a bit over thick chicks to downright plump girlies. Reena had the most gorgeous ass I've ever seen. It was so plump and thick...I could see it ripple as she walked. Grrrrr, she turned me on so! With her thick dark hair and hazel eyes, she was breathtaking. Her full breasts and pudgy belly didn't hurt either!

Andy didn't have as much junk in the trunk as Reena...but boy did her tits and belly fill out nicely! Her red hair, plump cherubic face and green eyes just made me swoon. I just wanted them both so badly! Sorry, I'm letting my personal feelings get in the way of my story... but they're both so hot!

Luckily, Reena and Andy are working at a local Dairy Queen. The girls now began to enjoy stuffing themselves and do it regularly at work. The two were constantly stealing DQ Bars and gulping down soft serve. I decided to pay them a visit one night at work...

It was closing time while I went in; the two were snacking on ice cream and cleaning up...focusing less on the latter, I might add.

“Hi, Reena,” I said with a smile. “Hi, Andrea,” I said with a smirk.

“It's Andy....Cock.”

“It's Dick...Andrea.”

“It's Andy...”

“It's enough is what it is!” Reena interrupted. Andy stuck her tongue out at me, and I gave her the finger. We're so cheery.

I noticed the girls' tummies were noticably bigger...probably from all the snacking. At this rate they're going to plump up like a Ballpark hotdog.

“You two look rather full...” I said.

“Andy's been making a pig out of herself,” Reena said with a flip of her hair.

“Reena's about to tear her pants...her ass is getting so huge!”

“My ass is not big, thank you!” she cried out, rubbing her two mounds.

“Girls, girls...” I grinned, putting my arms on their shoulders. Reena wrapped her arm around my side. “There's no need to fight over me...King Sexypants.” Andy snickered at my comment.

“What's so funny?” I inquired.

“King Sexypants? Who are you Isaac Hayes? My Lord, Dick, you are such a dork,” she declared as she brushed my arm off her soft shoulder. Reena grinned up at me and rolled her eyes at Andy. She squeezed me tighter and I grinned as wide as I could. I poked her in the tummy and she blushed and giggled. I glanced over at Andy and she was beet red. From anger or jealously or a combination of the both. Well, whatever the reason she stormed up to me and gave me the most passionate kiss I ever had the pleasure of receiving in my entire life. I felt Reena's arm leave me and Andy's lips leave me as well. In a split second Reena placed her lips on mine and slid her tongue into my mouth, writhing it around like a snake. She grabbed at my body, fondled my behind and caressed my leg. I put my hands around her and slid them down her fleshy sides to her luscious ass. I grabbed and groped her large butt cheeks and pulled her closer to me.

“That's enough!” Andy shrieked. “I know how much you love Dick. And you know how much I love Dick. And I also know how you always wanted to be fatter than me... and if that's your wish then you got it!” Reena gazed up at me with confused eyes and I down at her with excited ones.

“You guys really like me?” I asked. Reena nodded.

“Yes we like you... and I'll show you how much that little tramp likes you.” She grabbed Reena by her dark raven hair and threw her in the chair. When I tried to stop her she back-kicked me in the shin as hard as a donkey. I felt a shout escape my lips, sounding something like “Sonuvvabitch!!” Reena tried to get up but the chunkier Andy pushed her back down so hard that she skidded backwards in the chair. Andy grabbed some electric tape from behind the counter and wrapped it around Reena's slender wrists.

“What the hell are you doing?” Reena cried out.

“You're always trying to upstage me... and this time you will, porkbelly,” she said as she goaded her friend in her now soft belly.

As I hobbled around on one foot trying to soothe the throbbing pain her chubby leg did to mine, Andy threw me in the chair and tied me up, too. “What the shit is this!? Andy, this isn't gonna make me go out with you if you tie me up like thi--” I was cut off by two of her fingers going into my mouth and giving me a double fish-hook.

“Ghaack...aaar...laaaaaaaaag!” I cried out.

“Good... be a good King Sexypants and shush while I work!”

Andy walked over to where Reena sat. She gnashed her teeth at her captor.

“Temper, temper” Andy retorted as she, very catlike, slid into the back room.

“What's she gonna do to us?” Reena said almost in tears.

“I hope she's not planning on making me fat... it took me years to build this body!” Reena gave me a very large frown to my uncomfortable smile.

“Okay... this is what we have to do...” Before she could finish, out strolled Andy with a tube. “As I was saying... I really hope she doesn't wanna make me fat I'm so muscular and handsome!”

“Not you, Cock...” She looked over her shoulder and said a word that shot ice through Reena's heart. “Reena.”

“Alright! I mean... you sadistic monkey!” With much struggling, Andy finally got the tube into Reena's mouth and duct taped it closed.

“What, are you gonna blow into it and pop her or something?” I asked.

“No... but I am gonna blow her up and pop her...” with that she put the tube on the end of the chocolate soft-serve dispenser and Reena's eyes grew wide as saucers.

“Oh shit... don't do that!” I shouted. Reena's eyes bulged outward along with her cheeks as chocolate ice cream was being served straight down her gullet. Reena tried not to swallow, but she couldn't do anything else - the pressure was too strong. She gulped down the ice cream, feeling her stomach get fuller and fuller with each passing moment. Andy cackled like a mad woman in between bites of a Dilly Bar. At least she was getting the most of it.

I struggled with the duct tape but it was really tight and I couldn't get a good grip on a little flap to untie it. I could only sit back and watch Reena slowly fill up like an ice cream balloon. I couldn't help but get a hard-on, but I was so worried that Andy would actually let Reena explode. And she was getting there. Her stomach was getting quite distended. Her shirt rose up, revealing her oh, so sexy belly. And it continued to rise up... and up as she rose with ice cream. She shook and squirmed trying to get out of the chair, her lovely thighs jiggling and her breasts swaying. I'm sorry... but this was such a turn on for me! I knew she was gonna die... but what a way to go! I pushed the sex thoughts away and thought of a plan to get her out of there.

I estimated she'd have another 5 minutes before she was gargantuan... wait that was it! I had an idea...

“Andy... is there any way you can turn that up higher?”



“Yeah... turn it up... see how big we can stretch her out.”


“Watch your language,” Andy snickered. “Okay Dick... we'll pump it up...” I smiled my smug ass smile... I can't believe it worked. Andy kicked it into over drive and so did Reena's belly! She swelled and swelled and swelled until her belly was way past her knees. She whimpered and swallowed and grew until her tummy was so big and heavy that she broke the wooden chair, tearing the hose out of joint and freeing her hands. Ice cream gushed all over the floor.

“Oh shit!” Andy cried.

“Oh yeah!” I shouted.

“Help me...” oozed Reena from the tube.

I ran over to help Reena, and like the goofass I am I slipped, fell, and landed right on top of Reena and her ice cream belly.

“Ouuufff!” she moaned. It wobbled back and fourth like a big bowl of gelatine with me on top enjoying the ride.

“Blast it! You guys... you ruined the fun... I wasn't really gonna let her explode... you know me better than that.”

“Do we? Do we really?”

“Ugh... no more ice cream...” I patted her cold belly.

“No more ice cream, indeed.”