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Binge Queens
By InvizKing

Part Four:
Reena, Meet Dick

Hi there, boys and girls. It's me once again, your old pal Dick. It's been a while since we last found out about our friends Reena and Andy. Well, last time, Andy showed her evil side and tried to kill Reena by, of all things, blowing her up. I guess I'm just so handsome that she wanted to kill her rival to get to me. Aah, isn't life grand?

Well, anyway, it was my fantastic plan that saved Reena from Andy, and thus ending another day in our twisted lives. Quite a few things have happened since then. Andy mysteriously disappeared, so that leaves just Reena and me. We've been going out since then, and I've learned a lot about her. She's not that goofy kid I went to school with anymore; she's quite a beautiful woman. And an ass that doesn't quit, let me tell you! But, enough about Reena's ass. That's not the focus of the story. Alright, it is, but just follow along with me, alright?

In the three months we've been together, Reena packed on 35 pounds. Well, how could you not when you eat all the time? Since the vicious attack Andy made on Reena, her stomach really hasn't been the same. Well, in fact, it's nearly bottomless now. The ice cream really stretched her stomach to its limits. She can hold so much food before she's too stuffed to go on. In fact, she ate my whole freezer one night. That was a big financial setback. I mean I pretty much live on TV dinners and Hot Pockets, and with Ms. Piggy eating them all, I didn't know what to do. So I learned how to cook!

“Dicky-pooh, when's the spaghetti going to be finished?” Reena cried from the bedroom. “I'm so hungry, my stomach is trying to eat my liver!”

“Simmer down, give me five minutes.” As I finished my sentence, Reena waltzed into the kitchen. Of course, she had to wear the sexiest outfit she had. A low cut velvet dress with pink and black zebra stripes. That skintight dress turned Bruce Banner into the Hulk every time I saw it. She wrapped her pudgy arms around my shoulders and kissed me on the cheek. “Try to hurry up,” she whispered.

As fast as a witch's tit is cold, I whipped up some of the best smelling spaghetti I ever made. Reena draped herself around me, pushing her curvy breasts and soft potbelly against me. Her love handles and chubby belly were made even sexier by her deliciously tight dress. I slid my hands down her curves onto her round behind. She giggled as I pulled her in close. She undressed me with her eyes, and I undressed her with mine. Just as I closed in to kiss her, a loud grumble broke the mood.

“What was that?” I said, perplexed.

Reena gave an embarrassed grin and placed her dainty hands on her belly.

“I'm sorry Dick, the spaghetti smells so delicious, my poor tummy couldn't handle the wait anymore. I've got to have some, in fact, all of it!” I pulled the chair out for Reena and served her a steaming plate of the Italian treat. Bread was sliced and milk was poured. Nothing turned me on more than seeing Reena's eyes roll back in her head as she took a bite of the pasta. She didn't gobble it down either, oh no, each bite was savored. She must be Kraft, because she sure can get my noodle going! Okay, that was lame, I know.

As she mopped up sauce with the bread, I couldn't help but become hypnotized by her beauty. All the times I've described Reena, it's been in a lustful tone. But this woman really is a work of art. Her hair was beautiful, bouncy and raven black. She had eyes that were like pools of liquid topaz for me to get lost in. Her smile, that playful smirk, always gave me a feeling of utmost joy. Her cheeks are chubbier now, of course, making her look more and more like an angel. Her nose was small and straight, topping of an already beautiful masterpiece.

As sexy as her body is, Reena and I still have not made love. She is a virgin, and yes, so am I. Laugh all you want, but I never wanted to have sex. Some people want fuck buddies, and that's fine. Not me. I want a woman to share my life with; I know that sounds corny. Hell, I sound like I should be on The View or something. As much of a smartass as I am, I'm a big softie at heart. I mean, I haven't told Reena that I love her yet. I'm going to, rest assured, but I don't know how. Maybe, if I just work it like a band-aid…

“Hey, Reena,” I said.

“Yes, Dicky-Pooh?”

“I, um… have something to say…” Just like a band-aid, I thought.

Reena sat up and put her fork down. I could tell she knew what I was going to say, because her eyes spoke of anticipation.

“Reeny… um… I…”


“I was just wondering… if you'd like me to fix you something else to eat? You seem… hungry.”

“Well, you can read me like a book!” she grinned brightly.

“Good!” I said with a nervous laugh. Aaah, I choked. I couldn't do it. How much more does Reena have to eat before I tell her I love her? Man… this is going to be a long night.

I fixed her a large after dinner salad, because the spaghetti made its way into her belly quite quickly. Mind you, that was quite a large pot she put away, and the effects showed on her stomach. It was pouting outward, trying to show the fabric of her dress who the boss was.

I tossed the greens and added my own special dressing. Sour cream, garlic powder, celery salt and a touch of milk. Mmm, it was tasty. A few chopped cucumbers, some carrots and a little parsley to garnish my masterpiece, and voila! A delicious dinner salad for four people. Or, in this case, one still hungry Reena.

As she dove mouth first into the salad, I began to prepare chicken breasts. I added a little seasoning and buttered a pan. I fried the chicken up until it was slightly crispy, then I added some lemon. Mmmm… I was starting to get hungry again myself. So was Reena. She was patting her belly, which was her little symbol meaning, “I'm done with what I have, but I'm still hungry, give me something else!”

I threw her a box of Twinkies. She gave me her cute smirk and slowly opened the package. As I let the chicken simmer, I looked over my shoulder to the kitchen table. There she was, my dream girl, stuffing her face with Twinkies. I couldn't help but smile. With each Twinkie down her gullet, her eyes would widen, as if she was afraid she'd pop if she had another bite. She's so cute. I could tell she was so stuffed, but she was still hungry. And that dress isn't going to hold out for much longer.

Eight succulent chicken breasts, piled high onto her plate, all gone. The culprit? That chubby girl sitting there, licking her fingers. She leaned back into her chair, and her hands slid down her succulent breasts and onto her big, swollen gut. Her hands went up and patted that big, swollen gut.

“You're still not full?”

“Not * hic * by a long shot.”

“What else could you possibly eat?”

“Whatever you got, big boy.”

“You can't eat what I've got.”

“Then I'll pop trying…”

Think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts, think unsexy thoughts…

“Um… well… I'll go fix you something else.” She tapped her fingers on her belly and smiled at me, undressing me with her eyes.

As I cooked her ravioli, I became immersed in thought. What got her into wanting to eat so much? Was it because I liked it? Was she being obsequious for my sake, or was it for her own? Why did I even like to watch her eat? Why did I like fat? I bet you must ask yourself these questions a lot. I know I do. But, I guess I'm just lucky to find a girl who loves to eat, and isn't afraid to show off her curves. Oddly, she turned out to be my best friend growing up. Cupid hits you when you're off guard, that's for sure.

I stuffed the ravioli with meat, and Reena stuffed herself with ravioli. Her dress was now absolutely drawn tight against her skin. Her breasts have become pushed up, giving a nice shot of cleavage, mind you. Just when I think she's had enough, the hands come down onto the tummy. A thump sounds, marking the fact she's almost eaten too much. I raise my eyebrow to her, and she retorts with the same.

“You just want to explode so I have to clean you up, don't you?”

“Hun, you can see right through me. That's the whole plan. I'm going to eat until I blow up, so you have to clean it up. The final piss off!”

“It wouldn't surprise me,” I muttered. She giggled and shooed me back into the kitchen area to make her some dessert. A couple minutes later, a chocolate mousse was conceived. A culinary delight, for even the most distinguished palate. And, on top of that, a delicious cheesecake I was saving for just this moment.

Just when I thought Reena couldn't get any bigger, she finished up with entire mousse and cheesecake with the greatest of ease. She ploughed through everything I gave her, and her swollen belly was proof.

“This chair is getting uncomfortable, Dicky-Pooh, maybe we should take this to the couch?”

“A fantastic idea, my dear!” I helped her up and walked her over to her chair. Boy, seems like she's pregnant, eh? Good thing that's just food in there, 'cause man I'm not a good father figure!

Reena flopped down onto the couch, causing it to squeak in protest. I sat down in the loveseat across from her. She sat there, coddling her big tummy, with her legs open. She gave me a perfect view of the white cotton panties she wore. Man… I hope she doesn't notice her indecent exposure.

She gazed at me with her half-shut eyes. I gazed at her with mine. That's when the showdown began. With a delicate movement, she patted her belly. I sighed, sat up and headed for the big guns. I made her a couple of grilled cheese sandwiches, and poured her a big glass of Dr. Pepper, the ritzy stuff was taking too long. She gobbled them down. Her belly grew a little.

I made her a plate of nachos. She gobbled them down. Her belly grew a little.

Sunflower seeds, Milky Way ice cream, bonbons, she gobbled them all down, and her belly continued to stretch out. That's when the food lulled her into a deep sleep. I couldn't help but smile at my little glutton. She had quite a big dinner, and my watch was telling me it was half-past midnight.

Using all the strength I could muster up, I lifted Reena up in my arms and staggered to my room. I laid her down on her back and rested her head on my pillows. She was so precious, I felt like telling her how much I loved her then and there. I gently kissed her on her forehead and patted her bulging belly. She had eaten so much that evening that her belly was sticking at least a foot in the air. Her dress had ridden up to show off her milky thighs. They grew pudgy in these last few months, and I couldn't wait to go inbetween them. But I'm a gentleman; I would never force a food-dazed woman to make love to me. Because it's love that it should be focused on, not lust.

Then, it dawned on me. I knelt down to her ear and whispered, “I love you, Reena.” That's when one of her amber-colored eyes opened. She gave me her angelic smirk and she pulled me close to her. We kissed oh so passionately for what seemed like forever. I placed a hand on a breast, and felt no resistance from her hand. I caressed her luscious orb, feeling her nipple grow harder as I passed over it. That's when I noticed she was not wearing a bra. CHA-CHING!!!

I broke our kiss and stood up. I lifted her dress up over her belly and began to kiss it. It was soft, yet firm. I heard her moan and felt her grip the sheets. I licked into her navel and she squealed with delight. My hands went up her dress onto her warm breasts. I fingered her nipples, pinching them slightly, rubbing over them gently, squeezing her breasts. I brought my hands down her soft sides to her thighs and slowly removed her panties.

“Oh, yessss…” she purred. I parted her lips and slid my tongue onto her clit. She jolted and gripped the sheets tighter. I lapped up her clit, flicking over it, swirling over it. She tasted so good, and smelled divine. I swung my tongue side to side, feeling her legs squeeze against my head. I could tell she never felt such pleasure before. I was happy to give it to her. For a virgin, I wasn't daft in the ways of oral sex. I mean, after all, I am a virgin, but that doesn't mean I didn't fool around a bit beforehand, get my drift?

I felt her cum; it was spectacular. She squeezed my head tightly and rubbed her belly. High-pitched moans and gasps escaped her lips and finally, she settled. I decided to give her a small break, and kiss her inner thigh. I heard her purr again, and I could see I was revving her up once more. I licked those smooth legs, caressed them with my warm touch. Just as I was about to go back for more, she uttered the four words I've been waiting to hear.

“Make love to me.”

I quickly undressed and applied protection. I lifted her legs up over my shoulders and drove myself deep within her. The feeling was wonderful; this is what it was like to have sex. A warm, sublime feeling. She moaned softly as my cock pounded her tight pussy. She pawed at her belly, for that was all she could reach. Our eyes rolled back into our heads, and I pressed on.

We made love for a half hour before we came. My first orgasm inside a woman, and hers with a man inside her. It was wonderful, I felt as though I gave my soul to her, and she gave hers to mine. I knew then and there that she was going to be mine forever. I hope she felt the same way.

After the love was shed, we lay there in my bed, half-draped in covers.

“I love you,” I said to her.

“I love you, too.” I rolled over and gazed into her eyes. She gave me that sort of half smile she always gives me. And that's when she patted her belly.

This was going to be a long night.