Weight Room Title Bar

By Iam Unknown

Being Part One of the Fett City Chronicles

Alice smiled as she woke up. The sunlight shined through her curtains, giving the illusion of a spotlight on her. She threw the sheets back, revealing her extremely thin, model-esque, prom queen-type physique. She ran downstairs for breakfast, her long, silky, blonde hair chasing behind her. She had a bowl of cereal before running back up stairs to take a shower and get ready for her big day. Today was her 18th birthday.

The red Viper sped down Cellutine Road with Alice behind the wheel. She pulled into the driveway of a giant mansion. She turned off the car and sat in the driver seat for a few moments, contemplating. She pulled out a piece of paper with the numbers 4913 written on it. She lowered it to see the number 4913 engraved on the wall next to the door. She breathed in deeply, then let it out. She turned off her car and stepped out.

Anyone watching, would have now been able to see Alice in full costume. She wore tight black pants, with red heels. She sported a long, black, form-fitting, hooded jacket and a red button-up dress shirt. She ran up the steps to the front porch and pressed a button on the intercom. A woman's angelic voice replied. "Yes?" she asked.

"I'm Alice. I was told to come here a few weeks ago," Alice explained.

"Ahh, yes. We've been expecting you."

Just then, the door opened itself and Alice stepped in. She slowly moved across the giant seal covering the floor in the main room. A large staircase lay before her. She looked around and a glint from the ceiling pulled her attention to the large, crystal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Then, the woman's angelic, yet familiar voice came over the intercom...

"Have a seat."

"Where?" Alice asked.

"In the dining room, of course," the woman responded.

Alice shrugged and turned to the left and entered a vast dining hall. A large, long table was in the center of the room. It was unfortunately bare. Alice took a seat at the head of the table. She looked around, waiting for her next command. None came, but a door in the far back opened up and four women stepped out. They were classmates of Alice's. Alice's heart sank when she saw them, for all four girls were enemies of Alice. As Alice attempted to stand up, one of the girls, Melonie, shoved her back down. "What do you want with me?!" Alice demanded.

Melonie moved a curly strand of brown hair from her face and pierced Alice's soul with her cold, brown eyes. "Do you really have to ask?"

Alice was getting agitated now.

Melonie smiled a sinister smile and looked away to one of the other girls, Crystine. "Bring her in," Melonie ordered. Crystine nodded and walked towards the doorway in which they entered. Melonie turned her attention back to Alice, who was breathing hard. "You have been a bitch to us all of our lives. Each of us was a close, dear, personal friend of yours at one point or another. But one-by-one, you screwed us over. You got tired of us, so you began to spread rumors about us."

"You told people that I was bulimic," one of the other girls, Terri, spoke up.

"You told people I was a lesbian," Joan, another girl, said.

"You told people that poor Crysta had sex with my ex-boyfriend," Melonie said, coldly. "But what you said about me was probably the worst of all." She slowly stepped towards a frightened Alice. Every step was condescending as her narrow hips swayed towards her prey. She slowly leaned down to Alice's ear and whispered her dreadful sin towards Melonie. Melonie slowly stood up, leaving Alice's eyes and mouth wide open. Alice couldn't believe she would ever do something so horrible to anyone. "So now, you can see why we're a little upset."

Just then, Crystine walked into the room, but she wasn't alone. Behind her was a familiar looking woman. But how could this strange girl be familiar to Alice? She weighed approximately 350 pounds. She was wide, and about 5'8". Her blonde hair was short and parted in the middle. She was wearing nothing but a bra and panties, and even those seemed tight on her. She sat down at the opposite end. She had a look of sadness on her face. What about her did Alice recognize?

"Surely you remember your new dear friend, Linda," Melonie said, smiling.

A shock flashed for an instant in Alice's system. Linda was her best friend. She actually liked Linda, as opposed to the other friends she simply made for their looks. Not to say that Linda wasn't pretty. She was one of the most beautiful girls in school. Well obviously, not anymore. "What..." Alice tried to speak. "What did you do to her?" she finally managed.

"Well, we fattened her up. I would have thought that was obvious," Melonie said, sarcastically. "Wouldn't you just love to be that big? You could eat whatever you wanted without worrying about exercise. You could just relax, and watch your stomach grow." Melonie patted Alice's small tummy.

"No. You can't do that to me..." Alice began.

"Why not? It would teach you a lesson, would it not? And you wouldn't have to worry about keeping or screwing friends over. Because odds are, once we're done with you, you won't even have friends." For the first time since the girls showed up, Melonie wasn't smiling, and a look of extreme intensity was written on her face. Then, Alice realized something...

"But, I just saw Linda the day before yesterday. How could you have fattened her up that much in one day?" Alice wondered.

"Thought you'd never ask," Melonie said, smiling once more. Melonie held out a hand, without taking her eyes off of Alice. Terri put something into Melonie's hand. It appeared to be a syringe. "It's a fluid that they're starting to give to cows and starving families. It multiplies the fat cells, for people lacking food. It's to help you get bigger faster. A dosage like this, and you wouldn't have to eat for a week," Melonie explained. "It is, however, in developmental stages, and is not yet open to the public. How we got a hold of it is no business to you. What is your business, however..." Melonie stabbed the needle in Alice's tight stomach. Alice screamed in pain and shot forward as if she had been penetrated by a knife. "...is what we do with it." Melonie jerked the needle out.

Alice slowly leaned back, clutching her stomach. Tears flowed from her eyes. She leaned her back against the chair she was in and laid her head back, looking up toward the massive ceiling. Her vision blurred. She began to feel a warm sensation flow through her body. She felt as though something was materializing in her stomach. She suddenly became full. Alice had the feeling of just finishing a four course dinner. She looked down at her body, her stomach slightly poking out, but not enough for anyone else to notice.

"You won't...get away with this," Alice struggled to say.

"Oh, but we must. And we will." Once again, Melonie's face went straight. "Bring in the food."

Minutes later, Alice had removed her coat and had plates of food sitting before her. A turkey, two pizzas, three cakes, many slices of ham, and other pastries and delights. To wash it all down, a chocolate milkshake in a tall glass was set to the side. Alice stared at it.

Melonie stepped forward. "You will eat it. You understand me? You will." Alice's eyes looked upwards to Linda, who was absent-mindedly devouring the fattening foods set before her. She held a turkey leg in her hands and as she tore the skin off with her teeth, the force caused the fat on her arms to jiggle. She chewed slowly and orgasmically. She breathed deep, in and out of her nose. "See?" Melonie said, pulling Alice back to her task at hand. "It's not so bad once you get used to it. It's just one big eternal bliss."

Alice ignored her and didn't budge. "I will feed you myself, if I have to. Now, EAT!" Melonie ordered. Alice refused to acknowledge her. Melonie looked at Terri and Joan. They both shrugged. She then looked at Crystine, who was standing behind Alice's chair. Crystine nodded. She approached the food, while Terri and Joan grabbed Alice's arms and held her tightly to the chair. Alice struggled to get out, but Terri and Joan held pretty firmly. Crystine took a slice of pizza and held it to Alice's closed mouth. Alice refused to open. She heard a click and saw that Melonie had a gun at the side of her head. "Open up," Melonie said with deep contempt. Alice slowly opened her mouth. Cyrstine shoved the pizza in her mouth and Alice chewed it.

Crystine fed the whole pizza to Alice. Each slice more fattening than the last. After each slice, Alice saw her stomach slightly increase in size. Her tummy was becoming a belly and slightly poked over the top of her tighter pants. Melonie slapped her slight bulge and it jiggled for a brief second. She laughed as she watched Alice get fed more food. Cakes, pastries, ice cream, pie, more pizza.

As each morsel of food passed over Alice's lips, she saw her body grow fatter. Her stomach spread, her arms thickened, the seat of her pants became tight. She saw the buttons on her shirt strain to stay with the shirt. The parts between the buttons were now open, showing her white fleshy gut. She groaned from the fullness of her stomach and the pain it caused.

"No more..." Alice pleaded.

"Oh yes. Much, much more," Melonie said smiling.

Alice looked up to Linda across the table. She was crying, with her hands resting on her massive belly. Alice knew that soon, she would end up just like Linda. There was no way out of it. It was inevitable.

The fatness was upon her.

At one point, in between mouthfuls, she placed her hands on her large, soft, belly. She felt a bubbling sensation from within. She closed her eyes and farted loud and long. All four girls stopped and released a chorus of "Ewww!" Laughter followed. A single tear crawled from the tear duct of Alice's eye. Crystine took a handful of cake and shoved it in Alice's mouth. As a result, the buttons from Alice's shirt popped off in succession. Then, her pants ripped at the sides, on the ass crack, and the button popped off and flew onto the table. Her growing flesh pushed out, forcing the zipper to lower. She cried more. Her weight climbed and her body grew. Her waist pushed against the arm rests of the chair. Her fat began to pour over the arms of the chair as well as underneath. The sleeves of her shirt ripped. Her shirt was straining to remain on, but it was little more than tatters, now. Her stomach was completely out, and lying on her expansive lap. Her neck had disappeared long ago, replaced by multiple chins. Her cheeks were chubbed up without appearing poofy.

"Well, aren't you just lovely?" Melonie stated with a smile.

"I would guess you at about four hundred pounds. What would you say, Crystine?" Melonie asked.

"425," Crystine said, sporting her own smile. She shoved a cream puff into Alice's mouth. Alice chewed and swallowed as the tears rolled over her cheeks. She massaged her stomach as she cried. Her hands went deep into the soft fat belly and kneaded it. She picked up the flab and dropped it. She watched as her fleshed washed up and down in waves. Her bra was still on her breasts, but the clasp had broke. They were merely resting atop her massive mounds.

Another bubbling sensation occurred just above her ass, which had a width that out-measured a yard stick. She looked up at Melonie, with pitiful, pleading eyes as she farted. The air was squeezed from her cheeks for a great while and the horrific smell wafted into the nose of everyone in the room. The four standing girls pinched their noses while waving their other hands before their faces. "Sadly enough, you'll be doing that a little often," Melonie teased. The other girls laughed. A creaking sound could be heard. Alice looked around with her eyes, confused. Then, suddenly, the chair broke from beneath her and she fell to the ground. She fell back, bumping her head on the ground. She was knocked out.

Alice's eyes opened slowly. She saw only the roof. Looking down, she saw nothing but flesh, as her stomach and breasts rose so high that the blocked her view from all other things. She turned her head to her left and saw her wrist tied to a bedpost. She turned her head to the right and saw the same thing. She tried moving her legs, but felt that they were tied up, too. She was now naked. Fear washed over Alice and she was about to scream, but all she could do was cry.

"You're awake, I see," Melonie's voice taunted. "You might as well get used to being an overfed cow. We weighed you in at 431 pounds. Impressive, huh? Thanks to the serum, we were able to make you into a big, fat pig in mere hours." Melonie stepped from behind the cover of Alice's large body. Alice could now see her enemy, smiling that horrible smile.

"Just let me go. You've had your revenge. I've learned my lesson," Alice pleaded.

Melonie's face went cold and she slowly shook her head from left to right. "I don't think you have. You see that?" Melonie pointed to a corner of the room. What appeared to be a security camera was placed there. "We're going live on the web in a few minutes. Everyone at school has been notified. Even your boyfriend. I wonder if he'll still find you so beautiful after he sees you."

"No, you can't!"

"You keep saying that just before I do the things that you say I can't. Perhaps I am a miracle worker. But I don't think you understand the full effect of what will occur here. We're not just going to film you. We're going to film Linda feeding you. We would like our revenge with her too. So you see, it's much like two pigs with one stone."

Just then, a green light popped on on top of the camera.

"We're on," Melonie said, smiling. "Send her in!"

A door in the room opened. Alice couldn't see due to her own gigantic mass before her. She just darted her eyes back and forth. She wasn't able to see Linda wheel in a cart of pastries, pastas, and shakes. She stopped the cart next to the bed. Alice now saw it and tears flooded her eyes. Linda jammed her hand into a cake slightly smaller than a wedding cake. She took out a handful and put it to Alice's mouth. Alice looked at it, and tried to resist, but suddenly a hunger rushed over her, and she took it. She ate and ate, as her body grew larger and larger. She even forgot about the camera and the people watching...

Alice's boyfriend Jeff watched in sick awe at the event unfolding on his computer screen. He was so disgusted, yet so intrigued. It was like watching a car accident. He couldn't look away. There was no doubt about it. He was officially turned off by what was on his screen, but it somehow drew his attention. For some unknown reason, he had to watch this huge fat chick feed this even fatter chick. It wasn't even a choice.

The green eyes of the beautiful Zelda Lincoln were glued to the monitor. She was in awe of the waves of flesh that rolled. She was dumbfounded by the food being consumed by this gargantuan woman. She couldn't believe the fact that she could almost see this girl getting fatter. She didn't know whether to cry at the beauty, or throw up from the disgust. She was confused.

A young scientist named Debrah Gaines put her glasses back on after taking them off to rub her eyes. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail, and her big brown eyes were being swallowed by the impossibly fat girl on the screen. Without taking her eyes off of the screen, she called to her lab assistant. "Lucy!" Debrah called. "Lucy, get in here!" Lucy rushed to her colleague's side, and was looking over Debrah's shoulder at the computer screen. "I think I know where our missing formula went," Debrah said, keeping her eyes on the monitor.

A few hours later found the webcam webcast ended and Alice lying on her stomach. Her head was at the feet of the bed. Her massive butt rose feet above the mattress. Alice chewed a pizza slice and farted. She cried with the food in her mouth. Melonie approached the scene. "That is so gross! Stop!" she shouted.

"I can't help it!" Alice pleaded and farted again. Melonie raised her fist and was about to bring it down on Alice, when a pie was shoved in her face. She fell back and before she could get back up, Linda was sitting on her face. Linda strained, flexing every muscle and grimacing really hard. She farted loud and long. Cyrstine, Terri, and Joan entered the room. They saw Linda sitting on their ringleader's face.

"Don't move or I'll suffocate her. I swear I will!" Linda threatened. The three girls were thinking about advancing anyway, until Linda continued, "And then you're next." The three girls looked at each other and still thought about it. They then decided it wasn't worth it, and high-tailed it out of the room. It stunk in there, anyway. Linda stood up, with much difficulty. She then farted, involuntarily and quickly apologized. Melonie gasped for breath. She slowly sat up, picking the pie off of her face. She was crying. It brought a sense of hope to Linda and Alice. They had won.

"Let us go, or there's more where that came from!" Linda said. Crying, with pie in her face and hair, Melonie stumbled out of the room. Linda turned and smiled at Alice. "We can go now, Alice."

"Wonderful," Alice said with tears. "But there's one problem."

"What's that?" Linda asked.

"I'm too fat to move," Alice said, beginning to cry more. She farted loud and long.