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Black Magic
By CaressFG

Part One
“The Spell”

The doorbell rang and Veronica ran down to answer it.

“Hey, girl, can we come in?”

This was the greeting after Veronica had opened the door. Behind the door were her two lifelong friends Cassie and Amy here to help her pack some stuff up for Uni. Cassie had long dark, hazel hair and was taller than Amy who was blonde and just shorter than Veronica.

“Sure, c'mon in,” replied Veronica, “thanks for coming. I don't know how to thank you guys. I couldn't of handled this alone!”

“Well, what would you expect; this is like the last time we'll ever see you,” said Amy, holding a rather awkwardly shaped box.

“Oh, don't say that. I mean we'll always have the Internet.”

“Oh great, the Internet!” Cassie exclaimed sarcastically.

When they arrived in her room, they began rooting through the vast jungle of Veronica's things, occasionally lifting the odd piece of furniture into the back of Amy's van.

They also had to put all of Veronica's things into storage for her parents wanted to convert her room into an office space. They seemed to be glad to rid of her and, which became apparent to Cassie and Amy; they apparently wanted to erase any evidence of her existence. This had been the way ever since they had another daughter, June, who was a lot more of an intellectual and a lot less hasty than her sister. They had also found out Veronica's big secret.

Cassie was busy rooting through Veronica's books while Amy carried the boxes up to the attic. Cassie often commented on her finds that had been slowly gathering dust through the years. She suddenly came across a small, black leather book with coarse purple pages.

“Hey, Niccy, what's this?” she asked, holding the book up.

Veronica turned around after finishing wrapping a lampshade. She looked at it for a couple of seconds then suddenly her face lit up.

“Oh, that's my Black Magic book!” she said with a smile. “Remember when I went through that Goth period in high school?”

Veronica snatched the book from Cassie and started to flick through the pages. Cassie remembered when Niccy used to walk around school, cursing people she didn't like and wearing a ludicrous amount of eye makeup.

“I can't believe Mum and Dad didn't throw it out,” she said, “Remember when I tried to curse Joe Denver because he didn't go out with me?”

Just then Amy came in.

“Ah, Amy, perfect,” Niccy said, her finger on a ritual in the book. “We'll need the three of us to do this one. Sit down here.”

“Oh, ok,” Cassie replied.

“What's the spell?” asked Amy, as she sat down next to them.

“It's a wishing spell; we all hold hands and chant our last names backwards before we think really hard about a wish.”

“Seems easy enough,” said Cassie as they linked up.

There was a pause before there was a brief cacophony of noise, then silence. The air could have been cut with a knife the pressure was so high. Then suddenly it ceased, and all three girls gave a sigh of relief.

“Now remember you can't tell anyone the wish or else the spell will turn on you.”

They laughed, stood up and continued to pack. It wasn't more than ten minutes when suddenly there was a loud cracking sound. Like the sound of a whip.

Amy and Niccy jumped round to see Cassie standing there, looking amazed and horrified. Well, at least they thought it was Cassie.

“C-c-cassie,” Niccy stuttered, “ Y-you're….”

There was a pause.

“200 pounds heavier,” said Amy, looking startled.

And, indeed, Cassie was 200 pounds heavier. And it showed. She had risen nine more sizes and her size ten clothes were paying the price. Her mauve blouse had been deprived of all but three buttons to keep her rotund and amazing belly from emerging from her ruined jeans. Her belt lay shattered on the floor, and her belly peeked out from inside the zipper. Her jeans only stayed on because of the sheer volume of flesh inside them.

Cassie winced in pain as her jeans dug into her inflated body. Movement was impossible. She jumped onto Niccy's bed and struggled to take them off. Niccy helped her, but Amy continued to stand, vacant, goggling at the new Cassie.

“It's no use,” sighed Niccy, red in the face after a wrestle with the pants.

Just then Amy came to her senses and grabbed a pair of scissors from Niccy's desk.

“No, Amy! You can cut them off! They're too tight on!”

“Don't worry; we only have to make a small cut,” said Amy, trying to be heard over Cassie's moans.

“Ok,” said Niccy as she made room for Amy on her bed.

Amy made two, small, vertical cuts on each seam of Cassie's pants.

“Now what?” asked Niccy.


They paused.

“She'll need to get bigger,” Amy decided.

Cassie gave out a wail of disagreement at the suggestion.

“Ok,” agreed Niccy. She wasted no time grabbing all the fatty foods in the refrigerator and carting them upstairs.

“Good,” replied Amy. “Now we'll have to feed her.”

“Great!” exclaimed Niccy, “I mean, if you think it will work.”

At this Cassie sealed her mouth shut, but it didn't take long before she gave up to the 'persuasion' from Amy and began to eat - at first reluctantly, then happily, then heartily.

It wasn't long before they heard a groan. This time it wasn't from Cassie, but from her jeans.

Suddenly, her pants gave up the struggle and ripped all the way up the seams. The remains lay on either side of her.

Cassie gave out sigh of ecstasy and began to feel her legs up and down.

“Mmmmmmmmmm ooooooooooooooh,” Cassie moaned, “Thanks, guys.”

“Well, the cutting was Amy's idea,” said Niccy.

“Ooh, yeah. That, too, but I was talking about the food.”

“Oh,” Amy smiled, “that.”

By this time Niccy's secret fetish began to emerge from deep inside her. Just looking at Cassie's curvy and plump body lying on her bed made her hot. The way Cassie lay there tired out from the ordeal was a more than enough to melt any FA's heart.

She walked up to the side of the bed and knelt down beside Cassie.

“How did this happen?” she asked.

“I don't know; I don't care; all I care about is…”

“It was me,” said Amy, looking embarrassed from the other side of the room.

“You, Amy? Why?” asked Niccy.

“Well, I was jealous. You see I've always been a little on the chubby side, and I just got envious of the way Cassie could eat all she wanted and never gain a pound. So I,” Amy walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, “wished for you to gain 50 pounds.”

Cassie looked at Amy.

“Please, I never believed it would work! I'm so sorry!”

“Do you know what, Amy?” said Cassie.


Cassie made a gesture for her to come down beside her. Amy knelt down by her. Cassie lent over and whispered:

“Fat is a whole lot sexier than being thin.”

Amy was taken aback by this.


“Uh huh,”

By now Niccy was getting frustrated.

“What, what did she say?”

Amy looked at Cassie. Cassie nodded.

“Well?” urged Niccy.

“Well, umm. She likes being fat!”

Both girls leapt up and hugged each other excitedly.

“Umm, guys?” asked Cassie who was still lying on the bed, “can you make me bigger?”

There was a pause.

“Certainly,” said Niccy calmly. She leant over Cassie and dug her hands into her belly.

Cassie looked seductively at Niccy.

“How big?” asked Niccy as she pulled a leg over Cassie and sat on her thighs.

“As big as you can make me,” she said softly as their eyes met.

“Amy? Could you get some more food for Cassie?”


Amy left and went downstairs.

Cassie and Niccy got closer and closer until their noses touched. Niccy could feel the softness and suppleness of Cassie's body between her legs. Cassie licked her lips and took off Niccy's top. Suddenly they begun to indulge in hot lesbian love, each other fondling each other. Niccy gave off squeals of pleasure while Cassie tended to groan and moan like a cow. Niccy liked the idea of Cassie being a cow, and it wasn't long before they were both naked and riding on top of each other.

Something strange began to occur after they had made mouth contact. Niccy began to gain weight also. This became obvious to Cassie when sex became more rhythmic and plush. Niccy's new body became known to both of them when as last Niccy knelt upwards, and her new belly flopped down, making Niccy giggle.

Niccy looked and felt all of her body. She was massive, even bigger than Cassie! Her huge breasts lay over her huge belly, and her ass looked as if it was melting over the back of her bed.

“My turn to be on top,” said Cassie, and she gave Niccy's tummy a rub. Then they began to indulge in super-sized lesbian sex!

The noise from below was phenomenal. Directly below, her parents were watching TV.

“What the hell is that girl up too?” asked her Dad.

“Probably dismantling those shelves,” said her mother.

“The cheek; I put those up for her and look at the thanks I get!”

“She'll be gone soon.”

Cassie found that fat sex was a hell of a lot more fun than Thin; she rode Niccy harder and harder. The two were on the edge of orgasm when a leg on a bed cracked through the ceiling. It didn't matter to Cassie or Niccy, who were both fucking each other quicker and harder all the time. The ceiling began to crack. Her parents who had put up the volume of the TV were oblivious.

“Oh oh yyyeeeeeaaaah! You're so big, mmmmmm!” Cassie moaned, suckling on one of Niccy's oversized tits. “Faster, harder! Mmmmmm, so big, sooooooo faat! Yeeeeeeaaaaaah fuck me fuck me! Noooooow!”

As soon, as they both had orgasmed, they fell through the Ceiling, instantly killing Niccy's parents.

The noise caught Amy's attention, who was sitting with her swollen belly on the floor of Niccy's kitchen with empty food wrappers all around her.

She stood up and waddled into the living room. She walked in and gave a yelp of surprise.

She saw two naked, panting, 350-pound heifers lying on a bed surrounded by rubble.

“Oh, my god! What did you do?” Amy yelled.

“Mmmm, what didn't we do?” giggled Niccy, running her broad fingers through Cassie's smooth, long hair.

“You killed your parents!”

“Well, it seems today keeps getting better and better. Wouldn't you say, Cas?”

“Uh huh,” Cassie agreed, kissing Niccy on the cheek. “Plus we've decided.”

“Decided on what?” questioned Amy, raising an eyebrow.

“We're going to the fat farms,” replied Niccy, looking proud.

“What?” Amy looked puzzled but very curious.

“Oh, c'mon, Amy! Didn't you ever visit any fat porn sites?” Cassie said, “I used to visit their site all the time with an extra 20 pillows stuffed up my top and pants.”

“Oh, my god, you padded!” Amy's face changed from frown to a smile. “I used to pad all the time!”

“Really?” said Cassie looking amazed.

“I used to wear my sweatpants and a big baggy T-shirt, and I used to eat and eat!”

“Me, too!”

While Cassie and Amy talked, Niccy looked for the map to the Fat Farms on their site - still naked of course.

“Niccy!” Cassie shouted, “do you have any sweatpants or t-shirts we can wear?”

“Yeah, sure. I'll go up and get some in a minute!”

“Thanks, these pants are killing me,” complained Amy.

Later on, Niccy was walking down the stairs, which seemed to creak a lot more after her gain in mass. As she walked, her sides danced hypnotically to the rhythm of her steps. Her paunch gave a jump as she moved, sending pulsating ripples through her figure and giving her an erotic sense of naughtiness. Her newfound booty swayed in all of its glory. It was massive yet soft and sensual to touch.

She lay the garments out in front of Cassie and Amy.

Cassie lifted them up and gave them a stretch.

“Hmmm, these are well used,” she smiled, “a perfect fit!” She began modeling herself in a cracked mirror on the floor.

“Well, they've had practice!” laughed Niccy.

“No kidding! You padded!”


“We should have done this earlier!” Cassie smiled. “I hope my butt looks big in this.”

“Oh, it does. Believe me.”

At that Cassie gave an excited jiggle.

“Oh Amy. You look great!” said Niccy. “How much have you gained?”

“Oh, my god!” Amy gasped when she noticed that she, herself, had become 50 pounds fatter. “When did this happen?”

“Don't act so surprised! I mean it's probably the curse,” Niccy replied.

“The curse?”

“Oh, don't you remember me telling you?” Niccy said impatiently. “If you tell anyone about your wish, the spell will turn on you.”

Amy paused and felt an influx of emotions surge through her. For one, she was secretly overjoyed by the happenings of her Physique, but this went against her primal, childhood fear of being fat. These two feelings conflicted inside her while Cassie and Niccy had already begun to indulge in the erotic-ness and ecstasy of the event.

“Plus,” Niccy added. “You ate all of the food in the house.”

Amy blushed, and Niccy gave her a cuddle.

Suddenly, there was a shriek from the kitchen, and Cassie jogged in on her tiptoes, her hands flailing (not to mention her belly and breasts).

“Oh, my god, Niccy! We're out of food!” said Cassie, pointing to an empty candy bar wrapper in her hand, “What are we gonna do!”

“Don't worry, Cassie,” said Niccy calmly. “We're leaving for the Fat Farms tomorrow.”

Cassie's panic turned to joy after these words, and on an overpowering sexual impulse she ran her hands down Niccy's pants and began to feel her up on the bed. The two recommenced in lesbian love, while Amy explored herself in front of the shards of mirror before ordering 56 deep pan pizzas to-go.

None of them knew of the adventures, sexual experiences and fun they'd have in the next few days. Not to mention how big they'd get!

Part Two: “The Fat Farms” coming soon! (Really!)