Weight Room Title Bar

That Bloated Feeling
by R. B. Lawrence

I suppose it all started with the e-mail message.

I had chalked it all up to another piece of spam, that "delightfully" obnoxious cyber version of junk mail that seemed to flood my computer every time I downloaded my messages. But this one stood out for a lot of weird reasons.

For one, it seemed to have me pegged rather well as far as my personal web surfing habits went. O.K., so I'm a little bit obvious in my preferences. I liked visiting web sites and chat rooms featuring discussions about weight gain and body inflation. The sight of a woman growing rounder, wider, fatter has always been a major turn on for me.

I also had always enjoyed fantasies of growth not just by fat, but by alternative means. Watching classic cartoons while growing up fueled my earliest fantasies, especially those of humans and funny animals being inflated with helium, air and especially water. I even got into self-inflation fantasies. I imagined myself like Little Lulu's dad swallowing an underground lake, turning into a turgid, rolling, human water balloon. I'd stuff my pajamas with pillows and admire my reflection in the mirror as a roly-poly ball of flesh.

So when I got the e-mail that had targeted me specifically because of my semi-secret desires, I was more than a little curious. It was a survey form, claiming to be from a company planning to market entertainment materials such as books, magazines and videos targeted to fans of weight gain and body inflation fantasies. It asked me about my likes and dislikes in the genre, if I enjoyed weight gain versus inflation, gas vs. water, and self-inflation vs. growing someone else bigger.

I was more than intrigued, and was very introspective, answering each question quite truthfully, including a few deeply rooted, nearly subconscious desires and fantasies I have had, some too embarrassing to talk even to my closest friends who shared these interests.

I sent off the survey and thought nothing more about it until a few days later when the package arrived. The box, marked with the usual this side up and caution labels was a fairly good size and weight, so it took me a while to drag it in from my front porch. Opening it up, I found a letter from the company that had sent me the on-line survey.

It read:

"Dear Survey Participant;" (They didn't even both to personalize it…Haven't these people heard of mail merge?)

Thank you for you interest and response to our recent inquiries. You have been chosen as one of a few lucky recipients of a special honor. Enclosed please find a new generation of computer, awarded to you to test for us under the condition that you tell no one else of this device. It is a very secret test marketing for what we feel is a machine that will change the face of mankind, and womankind (At least they were being "PC" about it…I know, bad pun!).

You will find the set up simpler than any other computer you have known. You will be contacted soon for your reaction to it. Until then, thank you and enjoy.


M. Bell

Mammotha Corporation"

Whoa! A new computer! Too cool, I thought, thinking about the archaic pile of junk that I was using now. I mean, I had watches than ran faster and had more memory! I dug through the packing material like a madman, spraying my living room with Styrofoam peanuts to reveal my prize.

Unlike the bland beige boxes, this unit had a golden hue, like an early sunrise. The usual components, but with a few twists. A mini tower (cool) and a nearly 20" flat screen monitor (Very cool!), ergonomic keyboard and an even more ergonomic mouse/tracking system. But it was the cabling which created a bit of a shock.

Gone were the umpteen thousand different specialized ports for the peripherals. Instead were just a couple of thin cables for the mouse, keyboard, power, and the modem connections, and a thick connector between the monitor and the CPU. Looking at the ends, I found them to be filled with a set of hollow tubes. Interesting, but not completely foreign to me. Knowing that electricity travels on the surface of wires, I had seen hollow cabling before. Just never on a computer.

I cleared my old paperweight of a computer off my desk and was just about to plug the new unit in when the doorbell rang again. The deliveryman was back with another box from the folks from Mammotha. This was even more of a surprise, for inside was a virtual chair. It was similar to ones I had seen before in the electronics stores. Loaded with speakers, sub-woofers and vibrating motors, it enhanced the effects of computer games and gaming consoles. This model, however, was much more luxurious, with soft, plush padding. It would make a great replacement for the old, broken down, butt busting office chair I had picked up at a yard sale years earlier.

The chair also had connections similar to the conduit used to hook up the monitor and CPU. Making the final connections, I leaned back in joyful comfort and hit the power switch on the tower unit at my feet.

I watched the numbers roll by as the BIOS did its internal checks, more than impressed by the size of the systems RAM and storage capacity. The interface displayed a long list of imbedded software and features including licensed full versions of the top selling productivity and gaming software.

Then came the registration screen. I typed in my personal information, hit the enter key and watched as the modem dialed up the company's web site.

The logo for The Mammotha Corporation appeared on the screen, followed by a warm, deep symphonic tone which, boosted by the subwoofers and motors in the chair, rippled through me with an almost sexually stimulating effect.

"Welcome!" came the smooth, but gender-neutral voice. Was it a soft voiced man or deep throated woman? I could not tell for sure, but it was very soothing. It literally poured out of the speaker system like fluid.

"We want to thank you for helping learn more about yourself, for this system before you was designed with your comfort and desires in mind. With this machine, you shall achieve a new level of consciousness and be freed from all worries of society's judgment of your personal pleasures!"

With raised eyebrows, I blurted out to myself, "Boy! Ambitious bunch, aren't you?"

"Yes, we are!" the screened voice replied.

I sat straight up in the chair in shock. "You can hear me?" I asked.

"Yes, and we can even see you!" the voice replied. I looked up to see the small glass eye of a video camera pop up out of the top of the monitor. The screen immediately switched to reveal the camera's view, showing me resting in the chair.

I suddenly felt very naked, even though I was wearing a pair of shorts.

"Hey!" I exclaimed. "You guys ever hear of invasion of privacy?"

"Yes, but the release you signed allows for this. Page 12, paragraph five, subheading b." the voice said. "Besides, you're gonna love what happens next!"

I was not liking this one bit. I reached for the power switch on the CPU when I felt a moist puff of air on my face. I suddenly found myself collapsing back in the chair, weak, limp, and unable to move.

"Now, now… You know you shouldn't turn the power off on the machine in the middle of the program! Just sit back while we get you ready."

The shock from what had just happened wasn't enough for me to ignore what was going on around me. I watched as the chair and the CPU began to change, unfold, morph before my very eyes. What I could not witness with my own eyes, the monitor displayed.

The case of the computer had opened up, the sides curling outwards like the petals of a techno-organic flower. The chair was reacting in a similar fashion.

"When we found that you had certain fantasies, through your surfing habits on the web, we sent you the survey to probe deeper into them. You were quite honest with your answers, especially some of the more unique desires for self inflation and weight gain."

This last statement was given added "weight" as I saw a series of small tubes begin to curl and extend out of the chair. The CPU case had opened to reveal a polished silver tank and what I assumed could only be a pump. The true nature of the hollow tubes in the conduit became frighteningly apparent. Yet, whether it was the paralyzing drug spray, the soothing voice, the long submerged fantasies of my youth, or a combination of all three, I wasn't in fear, just a bemused stupor.

"For years, we at the Mammotha Society have covertly supported size acceptance of those people who desire a larger figure, whether it be male or female, of themselves or their partners. But what many members didn't realize was that the society was founded by an ancient race not of this Earth, but a life form born far beyond this star cluster."

"We needed new life, for our world had long since ceased pouring forth the life giving nectar which sustained us. We fanned out in all directions, one ship landing here on this wonderfully inviting blue-green orb several hundred years ago. We found its people soft, plump, perfect for sating our hunger."

My eyes must have bugged out at this, for the response was immediate.

"No, no, no!" exclaimed the voice. "We don't devour our partners. We feed through sex, milking our nourishment from them. You shall see, but first, we need to make some changes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. I know we will."

I watched as the tubes moved in a hypnotic motion, akin to a serpent's. Smaller tubes slowly wound their way towards different orifices of my body. One snaked its way into my belly, with the smallest hint of pressure as it passed through the navel. The same sensation came from my anus as an unseen tube slid easily into my butt. I then felt it expand, stretching the opening to accommodate it's growing diameter. Another hose between my legs grew in a similar fashion, sliding up the leg of my shorts and closing around my cock, which had, with no real surprise, grown longer and stiffer with the fantasies running rampant in my head.

Two more thin tubes fastened themselves on my nipples, giving me a even more interesting image spurred on by many visits to breast enhancement sites with their amazing morphed photos.

The last tube held no surprises as it moved in the direction of my mouth. I didn't have the strength, or the desire, to keep it from its goal. It flowed over my tongue, swiftly depositing itself deep within my gullet. It then grew thicker, wider, preparing itself for who knows what.

My image on the screen was surrounded a series of numbers, obviously the readout from sensors in the chair. My weight, 185 pounds flickered to life along with the words "Infusion Devices Deployed". The whir of the pump coming to life was matched with the words on the screen, "Infusion Started".

"Don't let the size of the tank fool you." came the melodious voice. "The nourishment composite is highly compressed and will continue to expand in your body. Remember Little Lulu's dad?"

The imagery of that cartoon from long ago caught my breath as I could make out the milky white liquid filling the tubes. As the levels reached my body, I began wondering what it would feel like inside me.

I could feel the flow of the liquid begin to saturate my lower body, as if it was water flowing down my legs. But this was inside of me, pooling in my feet and ankles instead of the floor. I could also begin to feel the weight of the liquid coming to rest in my belly, growing heavier by the minute.

I glanced downward at my feet and watched in awed fascination as they began to blow up like tiny balloons, followed swiftly by my ankles. I could actually see my legs filling with the liquid, swelling them. Next the calves grew heavy and fat, bulging backwards, the growth moving towards my thighs.

I knew, however, I would not be seeing their growth for long, for my belly was beginning to grow as well. The fluid was stretching my gut outward. I could feel the pressure, but with no pain or discomfort. My cock grew stiffer at the sight, the hose growing fuller to accommodate my pleasure without constricting it. I noticed that no fluid was flowing into my stiffening member. It was then I thought back to my unseen guest mentioning of "milking" being part of the process.

I felt more of the "composite" finding it's way into my ass cheeks, blowing them up and outwards. I could feel the fabric of my shorts begin to stretch and slide underneath them. I was glad I wasn't wearing my tight jeans today. I knew (or at least had sub-consciously hoped) however, that they wouldn't last for long under the pressure that was coming.

My thighs were bulging both out to the side and moving together at the same time, growing thicker, rounder, more swollen as I watched. All of the sudden, I felt the chair move underneath me. The mechanics buried under my swiftly growing flesh were adjusting the chair to accommodate my changing size. My legs and ass cheeks slid sideways to a freer, more comfortable position.

How far my legs would move, I wouldn't see from here, because my belly had now grown to a size making me resemble a well-overdue pregnant woman with triplets. I wished I could move my arms to caress the still swelling orb that was my gut, but I could only watch as it grew bigger and bigger, filling my lap and concealing my now tree trunk sized legs under it's bulk. I felt the fabric of my shorts rend themselves to shreds, allowing my ass and belly to flow forth in a rushing wave.

I now noticed my chest was growing as well. Two very feminine breasts now came to rest atop my bloated belly, the nipples as stiff and hard as my cock. I guessed they would need a 38-DD cup if I wore a bra.

I began to notice that my arms had finally began to catch up with the rest of me. Limp at my side and cradled by the chair's armrests, they began to change in the same way my feet did. First the fingers swelled like plumping hot dogs, then the definition on the back of my hand was lost, buried forever I imagine. The forearms bloated, followed swiftly by my upper arms, which began to flow over my elbows, hanging off them like melting cheese.

I glanced up at the screen and blinked at the figure of the new me on the screen. I barely recognized the sight of a candidate for a circus fat man before my eyes. I was mostly bottom heavy, but I could easily be confused for that infamous cartoon image I had grown fond of many years before. And as I watched, I grew some more. Wave like ripples criss-crossed my body as more and more of the liquid was pumped into my bloated body. My flesh flowed and shifted, folding over itself in thick rolls. My belly had filled my expanded lap and begun to grow past my knees, threatening to cascade over them. My breasts now resembled two beachballs, swollen and stretched with fluid, much liked the unbelievably huge morphed photos I admired on some web pages.

The numbers on the screen had shown my weight had surpassed the 500-pound mark. I couldn't help but smile. My deep-seated glee was obvious to someone else as well.

"Well, aren't we the blubbery boy?" came a chuckle from my unseen companion. "My, you do look very tasty, but so pitifully small. We'll just have to do something about that!"

I could hear the whine of the pump rise in pitch and volume as my mind flashed though every single fantasy, every cartoon, every computer altered image I had so loving collected, admired and fantasized over all these years. One word came to mind that clearly defined what I was about to become.

"Blimp!" I thought to myself.

Indeed, I found myself growing faster than before. The single pound digits on the screen became a blur as the weight counter suddenly jumped upwards in tens of pounds per second. I could only stare at the screen, for my rising breasts blocked my view.

600 pounds came and went, as did 700, 800, and 900. As the counter went into quadruple digits, I didn't care how much I weighed. I only watched in awe as I grew large, rounder, rising like overly yeasty bread dough, soon losing many of the traces that I was even human, let alone a man or woman. I was sexless, amorphic, a head floating of a sea of flesh.

I slowly found that I could begin to move my arms, the effects of the nerve paralyzing spray wearing off. But, even with control returned, the sheer weight of the fattened flesh made movement nearly impossible.

I heard a tone come from the system and saw the words "Infusion Complete" appear on the screen. I glanced at the weight counter and as the tubes began to retract from most of my body, I saw that I now weighed 2,453 pounds!

I was a one ton plus blimp of flowing flesh. I then heard gurgling noises coming from deep within me and felt a strange sensation spread through my body.

As if in answer to an unspoken question, my observer commented, "The composite is now metamorphosing from a fluid state into a more solid form, congealing into fat."

I was still growing, but much slower than before. The bottom heavy nature of my body was now become one more of uniform growth. I could feel my head being pushed up and back as thick rolls of flesh formed huge multiple chins around it. I could see my body become more spherical on the monitor screen. I wasn't gaining any more weight, but I was swelling into a more uniform shape. My shoulders rose, trapping my head between them. My breasts rose and swelled, changing from their slight flattened state to become two perky nippled orbs with fur.

It was then I noticed that one hose had not retracted with the others. To my delight, I saw the words "Commence Milking Sequence" appear on the screen.

What followed was an even more amazing experience than my unbelievable growth. From under layers of belly fat I felt the movement of the hose attached to my cock. Like a loving and well-experienced lover, the hose undulated, pulsated and altered it shape, massaging my stiffened member like the soft, moist mouth of an unseen lover. Adding to the blur of pleasure, the chair began to emit a series of sub-harmonics, sending the low frequency wave coursing through my body, heightening the pleasure.

Although it seemed like an eternity, it was mere minutes before I reached the pinnacle of pain and pleasure. Thick gobs of creamy fluid burst forth from my throbbing member in wave after wave of blinding ecstasy. After a few moments, I realized through the fog of delight that it wasn't stopping, for an even more copious discharge began to flow from within me. It was at least ten minutes before I began to regain my focus as the words "Milking Sequence Concluded" flashed before me on the screen. I felt the hose slowly slide from underneath the ponderous bulk of my huge blubbery belly.

"Oh, my! You have done very well!" came the complementary voice. "I don't think I have seen such a generous discharge before, from either our male or female subjects! We'll have to do that more often!"

"How often?" I croaked, my lips dry, my body bathed in sweat.

"Oh, at least once a week!" came the reply.

"I don't know if I could survive that once a week?" I giggled hysterically. "Besides, how am I going to survive? I obviously can't go to work like this. Who will take care of me, my bills, my personal hygiene! Besides, as much fun as it was, I can't kiss and hug a machine. I'll need human contact, not some unseen admiring voice! Who's gonna love a bloated blob of fat like me?"

"First, don't sweat work! We bought your company long ago, so you've been on our payroll for years. You just got a raise, a promotion and a permanent paid vacation! Next, you'll be moved to a new house designed just for a person of your stature."

"And as far as human contact is concerned, it seems that one of your co-workers answered the same survey, expressing their fantasy of taking a thin man and turning him into a blimp like you are now. They've been watching the whole process. We just use the machine for milking nourishment for our reserves and to keep you from exploding!"

My eyes bugged out once more, then relaxed as the voice said, "Just kidding about the explosion. But not about your companion. They'll be there any minute. You know them very well. We'll be in touch. Enjoy, my dear. You're set for life!"

"But, who is it?" I asked.

"Now, now, that would be telling. Besides, I thought you loved surprises?"

I smiled at the surprise the mysterious boxes had brought me today, but then formed a rather crucial question in my mind.

"Can you at least tell me if it's a woman or a man?"

I was too late. The screen had gone dark, the connection cut. It was then I heard my front door slam shut. Someone else was in the house. I heard footsteps in the hall, then enter then room.

"Well, well, well. Look what we have here. A prize cow ready for milking." came the immediately recognizable voice. I had heard it hundreds of times before, from the desk just across from mine at work.

As my admirer and new life partner came into view, I was very glad for this surprise gift.

And it wasn't even my birthday!