Weight Room Title Bar

By Moridin45

Part One

It was the greatest biological weapon ever devised - designed to destroy all life wherever it was deployed. Professor Diana Martinez was given the task of unlocking its secrets. Carefully, she put her sample of it in her eugenics matrix, a device she designed to calculate, how an organism worked, its den's pattern, and what it might be capable of.

As usual her obnoxious assistant Simon came running over to her wheezing and gasping. "Pry. Martinez, wait a moment for me. I would like to see. . ."

Diana turned around and glared at him as she inserted the weapon into the matrix and said, "Well, if you started things you did a little sooner and spent less time fucking around, you wouldn't be... in. WATCH OUT YOU CLUMSY FOOL!!!" Simon looked down and saw a black cord on his shoe pull out a plug in the wall, which happened to be the power cord for the eugenics matrix. A moment later the whole machine went silent, as was Pry. Martinez's fury.

"Get-that-plug-back-in-right-now," she hissed out. Then Simon saw why, her hand, which was inserting the pink goo of the bio-weapon, was stuck in the placement/removal door. Simon picked up the plug and, all the while whimpering, tried to plug it back in.

Suddenly an electrical hum could be heard and electricity cascaded all over the matrix along with Diana. Diana let out a long loud scream "TURN IT OFF! TURN IT OFF!" over and over till Simon finally pulled the plug on the Matrix. When the owner was pulled, Prf. Martinez slumped to the ground unconscious.

When she awoke, she was in the hospital wing ,slowly waking up. "What happened to me? Where am I?" she said.

"You are in the hospital wing, Prof., and recovering well, we see. Your assistant filled us in on all the details of the... incident."

Diana looked up and asked, "Can the eugenics matrix in my lab be salvaged?" A shake of his head was his only reply. Diana was stunned silent; all her rage left her as the impact hit her. "The bio...?" Another shake of the head. She sunk back in defeat in her bed. That was the last sample she could have gotten her hands on.

"Also, this is a letter of resignation; we're letting you go." Diana looked up and saw a white sheet of paper in front of her; hand shaking, she took it. A few hours later, the doctors let her go. As she walked into the apartment Diana grabbed an apple, absent-mindedly from her fruit bowl and plopped onto her couch. After flipping on the TV, she completely forgot about the apple in her hand, which had dissolved into it. Around 8:24, she decided to go out and drown out her miseries in a bar. She was not an unattractive woman; in fact, she was down right hot in every way. As she waked into a seedy bar and sat at the counter, Diana could feel all eyes on her.

At the bar she ordered drink after drink, becoming more and more drunk, drinking well beyond her limit. Most guys had stopped doing what they were doing in favor of watching the new girl drink. After half an hour of straight drinking, not an ounce showed, and she kept it up for another four hours, finally stopping and realizing she needed sleep.

Getting up was a struggle; one guy came over and said, "Whoa, there, let me help you home!" And he hooked himself under her and half carried/half dragged Diana outside. Once they were outside, the man slowly took her into an alleyway making sure no one was looking and darted in. "Now you are mine..." the man said as he started to remove her garments.

"No," mumbled Diana. "I don' wanna shleeeep wih you." She started pushing him away unsuccesfully.

"C'mon baby, half an hour is all I need, and then you can go! Sides, no one knows we're here," and he gleefully tore off her shirt. Diana was startled, despite her drunken state, and started shoving his face away. A moment later the guy started screaming in pain and surprise.

Diana, unaware that she was the cause of it grabbed him and yelled, "WOW, thish ish a grea rided!" Soon she was holding onto his legs as they seemingly disintegrated and disappeared. Confused Diana reached out for his body and said, "Don leaf,thish part-t-ty jush got started!" and latched onto him, gripping him more tightly than she ever could under normal circumstances. Moments later, under his screams she fell asleep on him.

The next day when Diana woke up was painful and startling. "WHAT THE HELL, OWWWW?!?" First thing was that she had a splitting headache; next was that she had put on a lot of weight. "FUCKING HELL!!!" she yelled and tried to stand up. Unused to all the new weight, she quickly tipped forward and fell with a splat, literally. Her body seemed to spread out then snap together as fast as it had happened. A moment of stunned silence followed by a few croaks of astonishment came from her a few moments later. Trembling Diana could only wonder what had happened to her. Beneath her, she found some jeans a shirt and jacket; seeing how her clothes were ruined, she took those and left as fast as she could go.

By the time she got home, she still couldn't place how it had happened. As she looked around the room, Diana fixed her eyes on the microwave. It was an epiphany a sudden realization. "THE BIO-WEAPON!" Somehow, the electrical malfunctioning had caused her to become the weapon. It was unthinkable!

So she understood now what she was; all she had to do was test it out. Moving her now massive body, she went to the bathroom and got on the scale. It read 233 pounds. That was double her original weight. As she straightened out she forgot about her new weight and fell flat on her back, again going splat and oozing away then snapping back together. When her body finally stopped moving, all she could see was tit flesh in her line of sight. Quickly rolling over and lying on her big boobs and gut, slowly she got up and went to the living room.

Diana went to her fruit bowl and grabbed an apple, thinking about it dissolving in her hand. When her eyes opened, it was gone and nothing was left. "As they say," Diana began, looking at her body in the mirror - pudgy face with a double chin, with big round bouncy boobs, which had grown to be twice as large as they used to be, a big belly which looked as though it might start to droop, thighs which were very massive indeed, and to top it all, a big juicy ass - "Revenge is best served cold!"