Weight Room Title Bar

By Becky

I was slim and fit, running around in my bikini after the dog on the hot grass. 5'6" 130 (though I said 120) pounds of female fun. That afternoon I got braces.

My mouth had never been in such pain, I was so glad to get a milkshake after the appointment. As dinnertime arrived I was still sore and my mom took me out to pick up another milkshake and I suggested an order of fries, since they might be soft enough to chew. After a few days it became obvious that I was going to be one of those who can't eat much solid food as I adjust to the braces. Because I was already so thin my parents were worried about losing any weight. We went out to BJ's and bought instant breakfast shakes and Ensure Plus for weight gain and maintenence.

Over a few weeks I was able to eat a little "solid" food and had a shake with every meal and as snacks. We always kept pudding and ice cream in the house too! I was thrilled, I couldn't eat much, but between shakes and soup I was happy. My sister was, too, though she was told not to eat too much pudding and ice cream since I couldn't eat anything else. Grilled cheese was becoming a staple of my diet when I was at home, and after classes I'd often stop for a shake and fries as a snack. I noticed some of my pants were no longer quite as loose as they used to be, but didn't give it much thought.

After a full month, I could barely button my khakis. I shrink everything I wash, or maybe these were my sisters; she's a few years younger and a little smaller than I am. That was it; I was wearing a 16-year-old's pants. My stomach growled and I went to the kitchen to grab a shake.

By Thanksgiving I didn't fit into any of my pants; it was like they shrank all over. The hips were tight and wouldn't pull up; the waist was too small to button at the front and they never could cover my stomach, always forcing it to spill over like a chubby person's. My parents had said only a few weeks before that they were glad I looked so healthy - better than I ever had. I guess the shakes must be keeping the weight on, or maybe adding a pound or two. But if I look good, why make a fuss?

I had actually gained about 15 pounds by this time, and when I stumbled up from my chair for 3rds of potatoes drenched in my grandmother's rich, thick, gravy my mom told me to be careful - I wouldn't be able to have dessert. I had eaten everything at dinner, even the turkey, but those potatoes were the best - they made my mouth feel good...my stomach, too.

I had to unbutton my skirt after the meal and actually changed into sweatpants, despite the special occasion. My family thought I wasn't feeling well, but I said I was fine, more than well enough for pie of which I had 3 slices: pumpkin, apple and chocolate cream.

For Christmas, I got a lot of new clothes, but most of them didn't fit. I guess I had put on a few holiday pounds. My parents hadn't bought any more ice cream in a few weeks, so I had been picking it up.

It wasn't too long before I hit 150 and went shopping for all new clothes, since nothing fit. I was still drinking a shake with each meal even though I was back fully on solid food.

In April, my parents finally sat me down and said they were worried about my weight (I was now 160) and asked what I thought. I set down my burger and just munched on fries and sipped a shake while they talked. I couldn't believe how much weight I had gained. I knew I had put on weight...but nothing like this. No wonder nothing had been fitting...at this point I'd thought I was 140 max - and I topped that by 20 pounds!

I started a diet that week.

I ended up staying at 145 where I felt I like my curves the best. But I have to go now; my sister is getting her braces today...