Weight Room Title Bar

Britney Spears
By Zarbon

Britney was sitting in her hotel room looking at holiday brochures.

“Mom, this one looks nice; it's around the Caribbean islands. It lasts for 4 weeks and doesn't stop once, as it cruises slowly around the islands. It says here we will cover the area the size of Texas and pass thousands of tiny, deserted islands. I think I am going on this one, mom,” said Britney, handing the brochure to her mom on the other side of the bed.

“It looks great, hon. I hope you have fun while you relax after last year. You haven't had time to rest over the last 12 months, and I am glad you have decided to take a break before you got ill,” said Britney's mom, Sally.

“Well, I had better get packing; the ship leaves in three hours and the next cruise starts in a month. Here help us pack, mom,” said Britney, pulling out a suitcase.

As Britney started to fill her cases with shorts, vests, bikinis and evening dresses, she picked up a donut or two. And as soon as she was ready to go out of the door, she found she had eaten a whole dozen. She said goodbye to her mom, grabbed her passport and called for the bellboy to take her bags to the hotel lobby for her to pay for her room, get her limo and set off for the ship.

The cruise-liner was huge, and Britney was a little taken back from its sheer size. She saw rich, middle-aged couples boarding and noticed there didn't seem to be too much talent. She didn't really care, though; she was there to relax not date. She boarded the ship and took her bags to her room to unpack.

It didn't take her long to get on her black thong bikini and get onto the deck to take in some rays as the boat started to move. She must have only been on deck for 15 minutes when a deckhand offered her some pastries; Britney gladly accepted and started to munch on the box of various pastries by her side. She soon drifted off and woke up a few hours later, feeling thirsty. She got a cocktail and a chocolate bar to help it down. Britney knew she could indulge herself while she was here and just work it off when she got back.

That night she enjoyed a delicious four-course meal, which made her feel a lot better after having salads for the last 12 months. She struggled to get up and had a few drinks at the bar and went to catch up on her sleep in her hotel room.

The next few days there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and Britney was having the time of her life, eating like a real person. She had breakfast, brunch, lunch and then a huge dinner, not to mention her snacking in between.

On the sixth day of the cruise Britney was napping on deck when she noticed it go quite cold. She looked up to see where the sun had gone when she saw a huge dark cloud filling the sky. She ran inside as she felt the first drops of rain falling. She went to her room, and over the ships intercom she heard:

“The weather has suddenly changed, and it looks like we are in for a storm. Just to be safe I want all passengers to please go to their cabins and take out their life jackets. This is just in case the worst happens as we are in for a wavy time. This ship was built for these conditions, so there isn't anything to worry about. Please don't panic; there is nothing to worry about.”

Britney took out her life jacket, and she suddenly felt the ship start to rock. Ten minutes later and things were getting bad. Rain was beating down on the window; gales made huge 30-foot waves that batted around the ship like a bath toy. The boat started to groan as it started to bend and buckle under the terrible conditions. Britney was real scared as the huge roar of a wave crashed right into her room and washed her out.

Britney woke up, covered in sand on a beach. She lay there; thinking about what had happened as it slowly came back to her. She slowly rose from the sand, and held her aching head. The weather had cleared up now, and there were very few clouds in the sky. Britney then heard her stomach rumble and went on the look for other survivors and food. The island she was on was only about one square kilometer and it had its own mountain/rocky hill, which had a fresh water waterfall. She then saw a cave nearby but found nothing inside. She walked around the beach, seeing washed up debris from the ship. She found several crates containing tablecloths, an emergency life kit, which was a bit ironic, and a few bits and bobs like string knifes and even some napkin holders. She then turned a corner and saw a huge container in a little bay. She ran over to see what was inside.

The container was about the size of a bus and had a vacuum-sealed top. She undid the seal, and the lid came off; then she saw the mother load. The container was full of junk food, donuts, biscuits, candy, chocolate, all the food she had been eating on the cruise. She had found one of the ship's food containers, and as no one else was there she had it all to herself. She knew she had to set up camp but right after breakfast. She had a box of jelly donuts and left five of the dozen for later. She sealed the lid and started to collect stuff for the night ahead. The cave wasn't far away, and she went for a look inside, and it was perfect. It had a skylight at the side and lots of nooks and crannies for various stuff she would need.

She made a bed by cutting down large leaves as a mattress and several tablecloths as her sheet. She bought in all the emergency stuff and soon had a curtain as a door, rugs to keep the floor clean and dry and general knickknacks she had found on the beach to make it home. It was soon getting dark, so Britney set up a fire outside the cave and made a fire torch to go to the container and get some food. She bought back an armful and ate it quickly and went back for another, as she hadn't eaten much that day and had done a lot of work.

The next day Britney spent more time on the cave and had a drink and wash in the waterfall. She then sunbathed on the beach, collecting food all the time, making sure the container was always sealed, so none of it went off.

Britney soon got into a schedule. She first had a shower and had a drink; she then went onto the beach and sunbathed while stuffing her face with all the food she wanted - and she wanted a lot. She put all the rubbish into crates so not to make a mess and always kept it sealed. Within days of her being shipwrecked she had clearly gained weight, as her already soft looking belly looked softer and her bra felt tighter. Britney hadn't made an effort to leave the island on a boat, as it would be safer to wait to be found as she had food and water. And she really liked her new desert island.

A month had gone since Britney had arrived, and things were different; she had to do a bit more work like wash the tablecloths, so they didn't rot, and learn how to make a fire, as she was running low on matches. She looked in the survival book, and after hours of practice she finally made a fire by rubbing sticks. But the main thing that had changed was her weight. From her overindulgence she had already outgrown her already snug bikini and just spent her days naked on the beach, as she wasn't going to be found too soon. After outgrowing her bikini she knew she had gained a weight, but since it had popped, she didn't think that she had gained too much weight whereas she really had. She now clocked in at 158 lbs; her hips' lower half took the weight and was turned right to cellulite from being in the sun all the time.

As she walked to and from the container, she now had a very distinctive wobble that grew daily. In all her time there Britney hadn't seen a single rescue boat and didn't expect one, as there were thousands of possible islands she could be on and after three weeks they usually gave up all hope of finding anyone. She didn't care, though; she was relaxing.

Another month passed, and Britney's appetite increased along with her weight. She was eating all day and now having little conversations with herself. She would eat all she could in a day and then try and eat more the next day.

She now weighed 193 lbs, and her ass and thighs were huge. Her thighs were like two thundering tree trunks that rubbed when she waddled and spread to the sides when she sat. Her ass stuck right out, leaving a shelf at the base of her spine. It too spread like her thighs but it came out under her hips. Her gut took weight, too, and was now three huge rolls of pure fat around her mid-section.

Britney still didn't know the true extent of her weight; she thought she was around 140-50 and planned to slow down a bit, as she didn't want to get too fat.

After one day of eating the very limited fruit of the island, she couldn't resist and by the end of the day was back on the fatty food.

Four months on, and the container was really starting to empty. There was only a week or two left, and Britney was starting to worry. Her weight had climbed but at a slower rate as she'd started to level off. She was now 264 lbs and a lot more unfit. Her tits and gut took a lot of weight with her ass and thighs too growing. Her chest was about twice the size it was when she first got on the ship and sagged to the side, out of the way of her stomach. Her gut hung over her overgrown pussy hair and the top of her thighs. Her navel was deep, and when she sat, a spare tire roughly the size of a car tire formed around her middle. Her ass stuck out further and was now starting to hang down the back of her thighs. Her thighs were thicker and more wobbly, which increased her waddle and made her jiggle even more.

Britney knew she was bigger, but thought she was only roughly 180 and really wanted to shift it before she got back. Britney pulled out some food and started eating and watched out for any boats with a flare gun in her hand, but none came.

Britney was eating her last donut with a sigh. What would she now eat? She soon stripped the island's fruit dry and sat on the beach with a fire burning and flare gun in hand. She had covered herself with a tablecloth in case someone came. She sat there all night and most of the next day, only getting up for water. She then saw something on the horizon - a boat. She refueled the fire with twigs and leaves, so smoke came up and shot flares into the sky, shouting for the boat.

The boat continued past her and then started to turn as she fired her last shot. She refueled the fire and collected everything she needed. She was wrapped up to make the cloth look like a dress, and soon an Italian approached the beach and called Britney aboard. Britney waded through the water and, after a lot of wobbling, got into the boat. As they sailed for mainland, she told him her story and how she was really fat, weighing 180 lbs. After her story, he told her to make herself at home, while he did dinner. She took a long hot bath and spent a long time doing what she could to her nails, hair and face with his limited supplies.

Britney soon came out and sat down for dinner. The man called Mario put a huge pot of pasta on the table. This was the first whole meal she had eaten for 6 months, and she enjoyed it. Mario had a small serving, while she ate almost the whole pot. She thanked him and asked for more, and he soon came out with another equally large pot, which she ate, too.

It was getting cold and late, so Britney went for a sleep in a spring bed and slept like a baby. The next morning, Britney rose, washed up and spent the day cleaning out Mario's cupboards. When they finally got there, Britney went right to a hotel; she went to have a complete makeover, sorting out her grooming for the last six months. This took a long time, but afterwards she felt a lot better. She then went shopping, still in her tablecloth, but she could get away with it as she wore it so well. She went into a more expensive store and got a personal assistant. Britney pointed out what she wanted, and the woman got her size off the shelf. Britney not knowing her size, the assistant gave her a size 26, not telling her the size. Britney tried but felt too small. She then gave her a 32, which was a little tight. So 34 was her size. The assistant collected all the clothes Britney wanted in her size and didn't tell her what it actually was. Britney, having an account at the store in New York, told her the account number, and when the woman saw how much she had bought there, she just put it on the tab.

Britney put on some shorts and vest top and went on the search for food. She found a KFC, but had no money so went back to the hotel to get some copies of her cards. When there, she rung her mom again to tell her she was okay. Her mom was there that time, and after a lot of emotions and two hours, she said she would be down there for a few weeks to back to reality. She also told her mom when she arrived that she had put on weight.

“How much weight have you put on, sweetie?” asked Sally.

“Well, I don't know, I haven't weighed myself, but it's quite a lot, as I could only eat junk food. I think I am about 180, 190 at the most. We'll see you soon, mom, bye,” said Britney, hanging up.

She was now starving and decided to eat at the hotel; she went to the buffet and pulled out two trays. She put four plates of food onto each tray and slowly took them to a table and started eating. She wolfed down the first eight and then moved onto the next eight plates. Then to the amazement of everyone in the restaurant, she had yet another tray of food. She felt a lot better but needed some pudding to wash it down. She saw a huge triple layer cheesecake; it was the biggest cake she had even seen (apart from a wedding cake). She picked it up and took the whole thing to the table.

She took her fork and started to stuff the rich, creamy cake into her awaiting mouth. It took her ages, but she managed to shovel it all down her throat.

She heaved herself up from the seat and went to her room to catch up on her couch time. She soon drifted off in front of the TV with a chocolate bar in her mouth.

The next morning, she showered and went for a cooked breakfast. She had a meal big enough for four people and topped it up with a huge, unladylike burp. She then chilled in her room for the day, catching up on the world's events on TV and snacking from the mini bar.

It was about six p.m., and Britney had just come out of the shower before going down to dinner when her mom came in. Sally was a tiny woman herself at 119 lbs, and when she saw Britney coming out of the bathroom, rubbing her hair with the towel and stark naked, she was shocked.

“Oh, mom”, said Britney, covering herself up with the towel. “I know I have put on weight, but it's not too much really. 180 isn't nothing to worry too much about. I can shift it in a few weeks,“ said Britney, putting on a robe.

“What do you mean 180 lbs, if only - Look at you; you're a ball of fat!” said Sally, putting down her bags.

“I am not that fat, mom; you're just saying that because you're jealous of me and my looks,” said Britney, pushing out her huge chest.

“I'm jealous of you! You're fat!”

“You're old.”

“I can't stay here with you when you're like this. I am back off to New York; call me when you want to apologise to me for what you said!” said Sally, as she stormed back out of the room with her cases in hand.

“What, she wants me to apologise to her! She called me fat, the stupid old cow,” said Britney to herself, as she pushed another donut into her mouth.

The next week saw Britney's cards arrive, which meant she could now buy stuff outside the hotel. She first went out for a KFC, which she had been dreaming about since she'd become a pop star. She asked for three buckets of chicken, three large colas and five large fries. She took a seat and started to eat. The chicken dripped with fat, and she loved every single bite. Soon her supply was running low, and she hungered for more of the delicious chicken. She had them bring her bucket after bucket, and soon she lost track of how many she had eaten.

She was now extremely full, and her skirt was digging into her tight stomach. Her top had ridden up, and her belly was exposed. The waiter than came over to the table and said:

“Are you now ready for your desert now, miss?”

Britney looked puzzled when she saw a sign saying a free ice cream with every bucket. She saw he had a tray full of cups of ice cream, one for each bucket she eaten.

She thought why not? and started to eat the rich ice cream. It was very refreshing, as she was really hot from the food and the temperature on the island. The ice creams weren't that big but filling, and Britney was really struggling to eat the remaining ones. In the end, she gave up and, after eventually heaving to her feet, made her way back to the hotel. She slept, trembly that night from the heat and her full stomach.

Britney continued to indulge herself, and soon her clothes were unbearably tight. Her fat hung over the waistbands and spilled out of all holes. She was warring a light summer dress, made of silk and very tight. The seams were coming open, but she went out for lunch, anyway. She decided on an ice-cream parlour, as it was very hot that day. She looked over the menu and decided to set herself a little challenge, as she usually did in whatever she did. She decided to eat every ice cream on the menu and began her task.

She took a seat and ordered the first one, which turned out to be a banana split. She ordered the next as she got it, and it arrived as soon as she finished. She carried on like this, and she was starting to feel it, as she got halfway through the menu. Her dress was getting extremely tight, but Britney didn't think it would go, not for ages.

She carried on until the last one came. It was just called the deluxe and was huge! It was roughly a gallon of chocolate ice cream, with a thick layer of toppings on top. Britney's eyes widened, as she began to eat. Her dress' seams were only holding on by will power and half way through - RRRRIIIIIPPPPPPP! - Britney screamed through a mouthful of ice cream as her dress burst open. The seam completely burst and left her in her bra and panties. She thought whether she should run out or eat the rest, and she decided on the latter.

She sat there and forced down every bite. When she was done, she heaved herself up, paid and after a little preparation started to run back to the hotel. She wobbled out the door and started off down the road, everyone she passed staring at her. She very quickly found she was exhausted. She sat on a nearby bench until she caught her breath and set off again. Britney took another two pit stops before getting to her room covered in sweat. She gulped down a cold bottle of Doctor Pepper in seconds and after a few minutes went to shower off the sweat.

After she was all washed up, she saw a set of scales in the corner and thought about what her mom said about her weight.

She hopped onto the scale and looked down to see her huge chest. She grabbed a hand mirror and used it to view the number that came up. The needle span past 150…170…190…210 - oh, my god, thought Britney as it carried on spinning…240…260…273!

“Oh, my god, I am fat; mom was right. What have I done to myself? I am a ball of fat,” sobbed Britney as she burst into tears. She went right to the mini bar and started eating. She was then on the phone ordering chocolate and plenty of it. The girl on the other end knew who it was and sent up ten lbs of chocolate to her room.

Britney started stuffing them into her mouth, still crying; food was the only thing to make her feel better from being so fat. And soon she had managed to stuff them all into her mouth. Her stomach now ached from the ice cream on top of that. She soon drifted to sleep, hands and face covered in chocolate and tears.

The next day was spent stuffing herself to the bursting point with comfort food, still wildly upset about being so unbelievably fat, considering her old weight.

Well, after a month of this, Britney hadn't helped her hope to get rid of the weight and was a hell of a lot fatter. She was now 308 lbs and growing all the time, as she cried when she weighed herself everyday and watched the needle go higher and higher each time. Britney hadn't left her room since the ice cream and was going to stay there a lot longer.

The next month brought more weight, and she was now up to 347 lbs. when her mom came.

“Look, honey, I know you couldn't help gaining the weight on the island, but it cant be that bad. I bet you have lost some already, haven't you?” said Sally, coming into the room and seeing her daughter in bed and in darkness.

She opened the curtains and turned around to see Britney for the first time in over two months and was shocked at what she saw.

Her now 19-year-old daughter's ass, thighs, gut and hips took nearly all the weight. Her thunderous thighs were so thick that crossing her legs or walking without waddling was not possible. Her ass made a larger shelf and was a lot wider. Her hips were wide and broad, emphasizing her handsome waddle. Her stomach was huge. It hung well past her pussy and almost half way down her thighs. It formed a spare tire that wrapped all the way around her and was covered with cellulite marks, like the rest of her.

“Oh, hi mom, look I am sorry for what I said, and I know I am bigger than ever.”

“Oh, I am glad you said sorry because I want to as well. Give us a hug, babe,” said Sally, as she tried to wrap her arms around Britney but only just managed to get past her bust.

“So, do you want to come back home now honey? I bet you are bored sitting around here by now.”

“Yeah, I would love to come home, but I have nothing to wear. I outgrew my last outfit two months ago, so I am another - what - 10/20 sizes up by now. It could be more,” said Britney, looking a bit embarrassed.

“Well, how about I make up an outfit out of this bed linen or something and then you can wear it to the store and get new stuff? Don't worry; people are wearing this stuff outside, and it will only be until you buy the first outfit - then you can change,” suggested Sally.

Britney agreed, and her mom made the outfit while she freshened up. She came back in and had the outfit wrapped around her and sewn together. They grabbed her credit card and went to the mall. Britney had to rest often, as they walked around looking for a fat shop for Britney to get some new gear.

They soon found one, and the assistant, a plump lady herself, looked her over and then toured her around the store and picked off items Britney liked. The assistant guessed at her size, but she shot too low, and when Britney was in a size larger, she was set. She picked out most of the shop - well, she kept away from the older ladies' end and got all her stuff in her age range. She paid with her plastic, put on some jeans and vest, and then they went out for something to eat.

They stopped at a hot dog stand, as Britney needed to rest before they got to the restaurant and stood there for about ten minutes, eating nonstop, stuffing herself with hotdogs. She then felt better, as they went back to the hotel to collect her stuff and pay. Britney didn't even look at the bill and just used her plastic and squeezed in a taxi to go to the airport to get her plane back to New York and her fancy apartment.

She was going to sit next to her mom in her first class seats; they got on the plane and Sally took the aisle and Britney had the window. As she slid into the seat, it felt a bit tight on her hips.

She asked her mom if she could lift up the arm, so she could have more room. Her mom agreed, and, with the arm up, her hips were just touching her moms. The plane soon took off, and the in- flight meal was served. Britney practically inhaled it and had her mom's pudding. She was still starving and soon called the snack cart over and ordered ten large Toblerones. Her mom watch curiously as Britney wolfed down the ten bars without much thought and then ordered 20 packets of ready salted nuts. Her mom again watched her pour each bag down her throat; she could see that Britney felt a lot more satisfied and soon dropped off to sleep and so did Britney.

When the plane landed, they both got off and went back to Britney's place without anyone seeing. Britney wanted to go back to her old life, and two weeks after returning she had lost six lbs and was at 341 lbs. The two weeks had been hard on her, and she was constantly hungry. She soon found herself standing by a bakery door, and she thought she would just get a snack. She ended up coming out of the shop with as many bags as she could carry full of cakes and pastries; she took them to her bed room as her mom was now living in with her while she shifted the weight. She locked the door and started eating, and, boy, did she eat. She wolfed down all the food in a matter of minutes, and from then on she had no intention of going back.

She told her mom when she came out her room, and her mom was a little shocked but couldn't really complain. Britney changed her name to Britney Jackson, which was her mom's surname before she married. Britney had her millions and could indulge herself for the rest of her life.

She started by going to an all you can eat bar, and, boy, did she take advantage of the offer. She eat from six p.m. right to eleven p.m. when the place closed, and she needed help to stand up as she was so pumped full of food. On the way back, she asked the driver of the cab to stop at an ATM where she withdrew $2000, so she could pay delivery boys with cash, as she would be eating in a lot. She got back too full to eat more and went to bed.

The next day Britney had roughly a dozen deliveries made to her house, and she ate as much as she could, recovering from her two-week diet the day before. Britney was in her sweats that day, as she knew her stomach would be full by the end of the day as it was the night before - when she had to unbutton her jeans so she could breath.

Two months of this changed Britney's life forever. Any possible chance she could lose the weight naturally was out of the window. She now weighed 417 lbs, and her appetite had increased a lot. She had an endless supply of food come into her flat and had the new delivery boys take the empty boxes to the recycling bin at the back of the building. She had only left the flat once and that was three weeks after she quit the diet. She squeezed into her sweats and went to the ATM and withdrew $50,000, so she could last for ages. Her mom popped in every now and again and was always stunned at the amount of food she consumed daily. And all this food changed her form.

The usual areas took the weight, but her double chin had turned to a triple, her arms' width greatly increased and her chest grew larger, too. Her gut was three quarters of the way down her thighs, and her spare tire was much larger than a four-by-four car tire and a lot wider. Her thighs grew thicker still, and this made walking increasingly harder. She let the delivery boys come in and bring to food to her and didn't bother to always get up and answer the door.

Britney was in heaven, eating all the food she could and enjoying every bite she took.

When it hit her 20th birthday, she was now weighing 653lbs and found it very hard to get around. She had her mom live in with her, so she could bring the food to her on her bed and save her from doing a thing. When she had to get up to go to the toilet, it took her a good 10-15 minutes. She had one or two close shots of not making it, but she always did. He mom made her wear clothes and bought her sweat suits from extremely fat person's shops. Britney's stomach took the weight, and it now went well past her knees and her tits well past her elbows. Her thighs were so big that her legs were permanently forced apart, and her ass gave her a soft cushion of fat that kept her in permanent comfort.

Well, as it was Britney's birthday, they planned to see how much Britney could really eat. They got 20 boxes of dozen donuts and Britney had to eat them in half an hour, which meant eight a minute. If she failed, she would have to start again with only five minutes rest. Britney tore into the donuts and looked on track to do it first time, but as five minutes passed she really needed the toilet. She had eaten quite a lot the night before and suddenly needed to shit. She knew she had to hurry to catch up on her eating and pass first time. She heaved herself slowly across to the end of the bed and swung her legs to the floor below. She then, without her mom's help, eventually got to her feet. Sally didn't want Britney too dependent on her and she didn't want her much bigger than she was. So Britney slowly waddled off to the toilet and soon was back in bed ready to eat. She had wasted ten minutes so started to shovel donuts into her mouth as they passed half way. She ate and ate, discarding her empty boxes.

The timer ticked, as she only had a minute and a whole box left. She stuffed them whole into her mouth, but chewing them enough to swallow took too long, and with only one donut left she ran out of time. Sally set up the next round as Britney recovered.

The next round was going well, but with ten minutes left Britney got indigestion - which at her weight meant she needed to fully stop, and she lost out on almost all of the last ten minutes and failed round two.

Sally set up number three. Britney was starting to feel it now, and, even though she ate all the way through, failed to make it. She also failed rounds four, five, six and seven, and she ate less donuts each round. Sally decided to give her a bit longer to rest - a whole hour. Britney accepted and then began to eat. She was stuffed but had to eat the last 240 donuts. One by one the donuts went down then the boxes went down. Britney ate at a steady pace, which was on track as her mom gave her minute commentaries. After half an hour, she was turning red but had to carry on, and her new determination made her eat slightly faster. An extra donut each minute soon gave her a little cushion when she was smashing her ay through the pain barrier. Britney was on track as her cushion started to melt away in the final minutes, but with a sudden last burst she swallowed the last one six seconds before the buzzer.

Britney moaned from the pain in her belly; she had eaten over 1800 donuts in almost 5 hours. The room was full of empty boxes, and Sally started to take them all down. When the room was totally clear, she still saw Britney in great pain. She could barely breath, and her stomach was as hard as a rock. Sally started to massage it to try and help digest the food. Britney yelped in pain as her mom touched her stomach, and as she rubbed, moaned and groaned from the agony of her tight stomach.

Britney didn't eat anything for the rest of the day and the next morning felt well. She was always cheery and chatted with her mom about the pain she was in. They then chatted about how Britney's eating habits were getting out of control.

“I must of eaten almost 200 of those things yesterday, mom, and I still feel full. I have gone well out of control. I don't know what I weigh anymore; the scales in the bathroom only go to 400 lbs, and I am well past that. I need to get out of the house, but people will think I am a freak.”

“Well, honey, that doesn't matter; you shouldn't be shy when you have performed in front of tens of thousands. We will just go around the block, so you can get some sunlight. It's nice at the moment, and you haven't had any sun for about a year, well, you haven't been outside for about a year. Come on, let's go now.”

Britney shuffled over and rose from her bed. She went to freshen up while her mom got her clothes ready. Britney needed her mom to help with the joggers, as she had to go onto one leg and she couldn't balance on just one leg. After Britney was finally ready, she had a little rest by the door from getting changed, and they both set off. They went into the lift and through the lobby; everyone there was staring at Britney as she shuffled out of the doors. The street was worse, as people laughed behind their hands and pointed as she slowly made her way passed. Britney was soon exhausted and rested against a lamppost, until she caught her breath back. It took them over an hour to get around the block as Britney rested at every lamppost and her waddling pace was equal to a 90-year-old woman.

When she finally got back, she was exhausted and had a shower right away, while her mom made her something to eat, as Britney hadn't eaten that day and was bound to be hungry after all the walking.

She went to phone for ten pizzas and a few sodas, and it arrived by the time Britney had showered and changed. Britney's stomach was growling loudly, and she was still hungry after pizzas.

“Mom, you know going out was really weird. I missed it, being in here for ages, and I want to go out again. What do you think; we go to KFC and get some chicken. I haven't had it for ages, as they don't deliver and I love it. I don't mind people staring; in fact, it reminded me of my old shows with everyone looking at me. I liked it,” said Britney, opening a bottle of soda and starting to drink as her mom replied.

“Well, honey, we can go out if you like, and you need all the fresh air you can get, being at your size, honey. Shall we go now, or leave it a while?” asked Sally.

Britney nodded, when Sally said now, and, after her drink, they set back out to go down to KFC. The nearest place was only two blocks away, and after looking at the size of a cab door Britney began to shuffle along the sidewalk, watching all passersby stare and point. She breathed heavily and lent against walls and posts. When they finally got there, they had to get Britney sat down. The regular booths were far too small, and there were two fat people booths in the corner, so Britney went for them. She was a lot bigger than the average fat person, and it took her and her moms pushing to finally get her in and round a bit.

When she was in and rested, she asked for them to just keep on bringing her buckets until they closed, and they began to do so, keeping track of her bill all the time.

The chicken pieces were tiny in Britney's fat hands, and she practically sucked the meat off the bones. She soon asked to change to boneless chicken pieces, as she could eat them quicker and, boy, she did.

Bucket after bucket disappeared into the bottomless pit of Britney's stomach. All the customers watched her as she gorged herself more and more, getting covered in the crispy crumbs and cooking grease. Soon the staff was coming out from the back to see Britney eat more and more. A few hours after starting she was really slowing down; they then started to cheer her on, making her eat more and more, and she did as they chanted. She began to eat at her old pace again, and the buckets emptied faster and faster. She managed to sustain this for 30 minutes before she was in tears from the pain of her full stomach. They knew she was done, and all cheered, so they all disappeared back to their posts and lives.

Britney had no intention of getting up for a while as she cried, red faced and rubbing her colossal stomach.

The manager came out soon and asked her to leave, as they were closing. Britney was still red from her pain and couldn't build up the strength to get out of the booth and get home.

The manager unscrewed the table and, with the help of Sally, got her to her feet. Britney yelped as she finally got up. It took them two hours to get Britney back to her bed as she could barely shuffle after all that chicken, but, when in bed, she fell right to sleep.

The next day Britney was a little too tired to go out, so she started to watch TV as her mom bought her out five boxes of donuts. Britney wasn't really paying attention, but then something caught her eye. It was the national pie-eating contest. There would be a to-hour marathon of pie eating, and the winner would win $50,000. The money wasn't the attraction, though; it was the competition.

When the registration number came up, Britney was on the phone giving them her details. The contest was the very next day, and Britney knew she would be up against it as Americans are renowned for being good pie eaters. She decided not to eat anything until the contest, so she would be starving and get more down. Her mom organised Britney's transport to the event, which would be a jeep as Britney should be able to get in one of them and not weigh the car down too much.

Britney was excited about the upcoming contest, and she went to get all made up. She called for a make-up artist to come over and make her beautiful and sort out her neglected hair. Britney then got her mom to go to the fat ladies' shop and get her something nice to wear, instead of sweats.

Sally soon returned with a blue blouse, black skirt and some new training shoes. Britney could only wear trainers, as the soles couldn't break like normal shoes under her weight.

The day of the pie-eating contest came. And Britney was starving. Her stomach was rumbling loudly, and she was really excited. She showered and then dressed with her mom's help. Sally then did her make-up as Britney's arms were so heavy she couldn't keep them to face level long enough to do her make-up. Britney was soon ready, and the jeep was waiting outside. She shuffled down, and, with the help of Sally and the driver, she was soon in and on the way. The drive was a good few hours, and Britney's hunger was driving her crazy. She planned to ram as many pies as she could into her mouth. She didn't intend to stop once, and she was after the win.

They soon arrived, and a whole field was full of fat people. Britney soon got out of the car, and everyone looked at her. She too looked at them, and she saw she was the largest person there. This gave her some confidence. She made her way to the long table, and the rules were explained. Then the bell rang.

Britney shoveled pies into her mouth at a tremendous rate, thinking about quenching her hunger. She also thought about the rules. The man in charge said there would be a contest like this for each state and five would go through for each - then a big six-hour free-for-all in Washington where the overall winner would get the money. Britney knew she was going through and wanted to win with style.

Her pile was soon gone and was constantly being replaced and then devoured. The first hour was gone, and Britney had indigestion but wanted to continue. She knew some were out already, as they were just amateurs - unlike Britney who was after the win.

With half an hour left, Britney was feeling a bit more full. She still had a long way to being full but decided to stop and see who was closest. She only saw 15 people left, and it was clear she was well in the front. She could have stopped there and still got through, but she really wanted to win in style and carried on at her incredible pace.

When the bell rang, Britney was feeling a lot fuller; she had clearly won hands down. After some help getting up, lots of filling and crumbs fell from her heaving chest. She wiped her mouth and almost as much fell from there. She soon shuffled back to the jeep, after answering some questions from her new fans and on the way home. The next and final round was in a month, and Britney knew she would be up against it. This was a hard title to win, and she knew she would have to work hard to get it. She then decided to go into training, forcing herself like she did with the KFC and donuts.

When home, she planned to gorge on pizza and had a few hours of squeezing more and more 4,000-calorie pizzas into her vast mouth. The next day she trained on chocolate bars, and the day after that it was cheesecakes. She changed the item of food each day, but she only had that item for the whole day. She did this to get used of eating vast amounts of one flavour.

The month had gone, and Britney had gained a much larger appetite from pushing herself so hard that she cried every day. She now weighed 694 lbs and was a giant belly. Her stomach had grown, which meant her gut took the weight, but her ass and thighs were fatter, too.

She had taken a private jet to Washington and was at a nearby hotel for the contest. While she was away, she had the place redecorated for a bit of change. She had her mom get her another outfit. This one being a new and slightly baggy sweat suit, this would allow her belly to expand with more ease as she consumed her fill of pies.

She had another makeover and was all made up for the contest. When she arrived, the contestants were a lot bigger than the ones in the NY round. She still couldn't se anyone bigger than her, though, Well, until she came to the eating table. There she saw a woman larger than her. It was the champion of last year - as she was a close second to the champion who'd since died of a heart attack. Even though she had come second she was a legend in pie eating circles and had come in the top three for five years. The dead champion had the title from the 1978 and was almost 900 lbs when he died. This year, Britney was after the title, though.

The man explained the rules, and a slight recess was allowed for the contestants to go to the toilet. Britney squeezed out all she could, but she had very little in her, as she hadn't eaten for almost 2 days and almost fading away. She knew six hours would be hard but started.

The bell rang, and the eating started. Britney was next to the favourite and planned to eat at the same rate as her. The rate was almost as fast as she could go but not quite. She knew the woman next to her, who was called Lisa, was holding back and used all her eating power at the end.

The two were at a dead lock after two hours, eating a tremendous amount. The holding back had stopped, and they were at full pelt. The two were in the lead at this stage, and Britney's hunger now wasn't so sharp. She had eaten a hell of a lot of pies and was going blow for blow with the champ.

Lisa, a 32-year-old woman, was a little worried about the younger girl next to her. If she won this, Lisa may never win again as she was 12 years younger.

The third hour gone, and things were heating up a bit more. Some people were eating at a normal person's pace whereas Lisa and Britney were keeping to a fast pace. The first one to crack would be out, and neither of them planned to yet, even though they were both really feeling it.

On the fourth hour the two girls had slowed down to the pace of the rest of the participants. Britney's stomach was stretching her joggers more, and her soft flabby gut was turning a lot harder as it filled with food. The judges were keeping a close eye on them, making sure they ate most of each pie, as some spilling and dropping of the crust could be allowed.

As it hit the fifth hour, it was a two horse race. They had slowed, as the rest of the contestants and quite a lot of full Americans had dropped out. Sally swept the crumbs and filling off Britney's face and chest, whenever it stacked up, and wiped her forehead with water, as she was heating up after all the food.

Both girls were really pushing it, each wanting to beat the other. Only one or two pies were in it, as they carried on pushing.

With only half an hour left, things were looking bad for Britney. She had slowed down a bit and was almost 10 pies behind. Her stomach felt the way it did after she had eaten her birthday meal. She didn't want to give up, though, as her red, crumb filled face shed its first fullness tear. Britney had to go for one last run and, boy, did she. With a shot of adrenalin, she sat up a bit and started to cram pies into her mouth, yelping with very bite. Tears ran down her face. And she forced more filling into her mouth.

Lisa, who was on her last legs, had stopped to rest as she thought she had won and didn't have the strength to lift her head and see what Britney was doing.

With only 10 minutes left, Britney was only three behind as Lisa had finally guessed by all the commotion she was gaining. Britney and Lisa had passed the wall ages ago, and this was pure will.

Finally the bell rang, and it was all over. Britney's best attempt wasn't enough, and she had fallen at the final hurdle only two behind. She passed out after the bell and woke up only a few minutes later from a bucket of water over the face. Sally saw her stomach's skin stretched as far as it would go and poked her gut to find it as hard as rock. Britney was given the $25,000 second prize award, and, when everyone had gone home, she started to leave. She felt a little better after her mom had massaged her stomach for the last three hours, and it was now softer as she had digested some of the pies.

She slowly shuffled back to her room and was half asleep on her bed for the next four hours, rubbing her sore stomach. Britney was asleep after that and didn't know if her mom carried on massaging but woke up needing the toilet. Her mom helped her up, and she filled the toilet after the contest.

Britney didn't eat that day, and, then after that, told her mom she was in training for next year's event. She was automatically in the finals and had to train to beat Lisa. She knew Lisa would be training, so she had to train harder. Sally wasn't so sure, but she could see Britney had her heart set on it.

The next year saw a lot of food, a lot of Britney pushing herself to her limit and a lot of weight gained by this. At 21-years-old she now weighed 1079 lbs! She could no longer walk and was confined to her reinforced bed. She was fed on an eating machine for the last seven months, which Sally loaded every hour. She filled the tank with munched up food and a few gallons of whole milk added, so it could get down the tubes easier. Britney was now no longer wearing clothes, as she outgrew them so quickly, finding clothes for her was impossible and putting them on her would take ten grown men, instead of 120 lbs Sally. When Britney needed to pass her food she would have to roll to her side with her mom's help, and Sally would then have to hold a bucket to her dimply fat ass and wait until she was done.

Britney surprisingly suffered from no medical problems from her weight. But she did get a bed sore every now and again, but her mom would get rid of it with some ointment.

Well, it reached the big day, and Britney hadn't eaten for two-and-a-half days. She, with the help of a lot of hired muscle, was slowly carted to her specially made car, which was similar to the back of a van but a lot more comfortable. Once at the contest, the muscle heaved her right on the pile of pillows, which she would be eating on. She saw Lisa, who was only slightly heavier at 750 / 775. Lisa, initially confident of winning, when seeing Britney carted in, gulped. Britney had a large sheet over her tits, and her pussy wasn't a problem as her tremendous gut rolled all the way to her ankles. The judge allowed the toilet recess, but Britney didn't have time to go to the toilet. She knew she might end up doing it there, but who cared as long as she won? She was allowed her mom to hand feed her on the condition that she let the others have a 30-minute head start. Lisa used this as much as she could then Britney began; she had no intention of holding anything back.

She had her mom put the pies to her mouth as fast as she could, and Britney ate them as fast as she could.

With two hours of the competition over, Britney was a few pies behind Lisa. Lisa was worried, as she saw her title slip out of her hands.

With three hours left, Britney was still eating at full pace and now had herself a handsome lead as Lisa started to slow. Sally was pushing the pies into Britney's face and she just swallowed. She sucked all the fillings out and ate most of the crumbs. The rest was on her chest, but Sally didn't have time to clean it off. Sally took a break and an official took over while Sally rested.

Four hours in, and it was no use. Everyone was around Britney, just watching the ball of fat not even stop to breathe. She was still at full pace; even though she was starting to fill, she didn't want to show it, so she just carried on sucking the pies dry and now spending more time to eat the pastry. She was soon eating almost all of the crumbs, as Sally was scooping them off her chest and shoveling them into her mouth. Cameras were flashing, and Britney was loving it. She couldn't dare slow and carried on eating.

Five hours in, and the dropped-out participants were crowding around her to watch in awe as the 21-year-old girl made more and more pies disappear. Britney was staring to slow; everyone had a limit, and she was approaching hers. She was eating faster than anyone there two-fold and had a vastly superior lead.

As the bell rang, the crowd cheered for Britney, who had not stopped eating for the whole six hours. She was barely red in the face and could have carried on for another few hours. When everyone left, the muscle with some extra help lifted the full Britney to her car and back to the hotel.

Britney carried on training, but with not as much effort. She carried on gaining, and the last I saw she'd won her fifth title.