Weight Room Title Bar

Brittany Spears
by Jigglelover

Brittany Spears ran off the stage into her dressing room with thousands of screaming fans shouting her name behind her. She fell exhausted onto the couch. Tonight was the last show of her year and a half-long tour and after 18 months of singing and shaking her derriere every night she was ready for a much-needed break. After signing a few autographs and posing for a few pictures as she did after every show, Brittany practically dove at the hospitality table that was stocked with tons of food and sweets for her and her crew. "It has been soooo long since I have been able to actually eat!" she laughed as she built herself a huge sandwich. She then giggled and grabbed a handful of cake and stuffed it into her mouth. "I no longer have to starve myself to fit into these tight little outfits.," she said. She bounced onto the couch with her large enhanced breasts bouncing and scarfed down 2 and half sandwiches 3 pieces of cake and 2 large sodas. She ended her meal with a loud unlady like burp and then tried to jump up as the whole crew was leaving to get on the bus home but she couldn't seem to heft herself up with all of the newly added weight in her belly. Her mother who had come for the last show teased her about her full belly but reinforced that it was good for her to be "eating again". Her agent however didn't seem quite as trilled about the buxom blonde's binge. As Brittany and her mother walked out the door, he noticed how tight Brit's short shorts had become around her generous bottom. He could only pray that Brittany would stick to her workouts during her break.

After being home for a few days Brittany and her mother decided to go on long cruise in the Bahamas to relax and enjoy some sun and gourmet food and service. Brittany came out of her room a little groggy; she had slept though her scheduled morning workout. The weather was beautiful and she decided that after lunch she would work on her tan a little bit. Lunch on the boat was an incredible smorgasbord of fattening pastas, cakes, ice creams, and other various worldly desserts. Brittany filled her plate to over-flowing and went back for seconds and then to the amazement of the guests that recognized her thirds. Her mother saw no problem with this because as she put it "she is a growing girl, she shouldn't be starving herself." After lunch, Brittany went to her room to change. She slipped off her clothes and started to slide into her bikini. But, to her surprise she couldn't get the bottoms over her softening hips. "Oh my goodness!" Wow I guess that I need to lay off the sweets! After about 10 minutes of pulling and tugging Brittany finally managed to pull her thong bikini on over her widening hips.

As she checked out her behind in the mirror, she saw that her once tight ass was looking rather fat and neglected…and getting bigger. Brittany decided not to wear her thong today and she slipped into her regular two piece. As she hurried out to the spot on the deck, a deck hand was just leaving the pop and a couple of doughnuts that her mother had ordered at the chair for her. Without even thinking about her earlier thong incident Brittany ate all 4 doughnuts, downed the pop, and then fell asleep. Her softening belly had formed 2 small rolls that were slowly moving up and down as slept quietly on the deck.

After being on the ship for about a week and a half, Brittany started to realize that she had a problem. Because of all of the fatty foods and sugary drinks that she had been stuffing herself with she was gaining weight. A lot of weight! She was having trouble fitting into any of her clothes. She hadn't been to any of her workouts and it was really starting to show. Her large breasts were growing even larger, her thighs, once tight and muscular, were becoming soft and chubby, her belly, which had always had a soft look to it was starting to become a pot belly, and most of all Brittany's butt had become enormous. "Look at this fat!" she cried, "I've got to get myself back into shape." She squeezed into her tight leotard which emphasized her round figured and jiggled off to the aerobics class. After working out for a few minutes Brittany noticed that she was very winded, she was having trouble keeping up with the dancers. As she watched herself in the mirror she felt sick. She couldn't believe how fat she looked. She was jiggling everywhere. Her boobs bounced uncontrollably as her undersized sports bra struggled to keep them confined. A roll of newly formed flesh had found it way out of the front of her leotard and was jiggling along with the beat and you could make out some cellulite on the young teenager's broad buttocks.

Embarrassed and out of breath, Brittany stumbled out of the class and into the ladies locker room. Next to the doorway she saw a scale. "I mean how much could I possible weight?" she thought out loud. As she hoped up on the scale she slid the weight over to her usual 105. "Hmmm, well at least that's what I used to be." She kept sliding the weight, 110, 115, 120…from behind her she heard a familiar voice. "Well little Miss chubby buns, it seems that you have really been packing away the treats this week and from here I can tell right where you are storing them." It was Christina Aguilera, Brittany's pop teen idol competition with two of her bodyguards. "What does the scale say chubby?" She walked over and began moving the weight for Brittany. 130, 135, 140, 144. Wow, honey you sure have porked up! Christina slapped Brittany's big ass and it shook for the longest time.

"Shut up Christina, at least I have a womanly body, men just love my curves!" Christina laughed, "yeah if you can still fit into your stage outfits, oh and look I have one of them right here." Brittany winced she knew that there was no way she would be able to fit into that tight silver bun-hugging outfit with out bursting a seam. "You've been number one long enough Brittany, I always knew that you would fatten up someday because of that little belly you were always showing off, but now that you have started the job I am going to finish you off." The bodyguards grabbed her and forced her into the outfit. The pulled and pulled and finally they were able to get the zipper zipped up in the back. Christina then wheeled in a table full of food and turned on her hit song "What a girl wants." "We know what Brittany wants now eat up and start dancing fatty" laughed Christina. As the music played, Brittany filled her chubby cheeks with food. After a few minutes a seam in the back busted open and Brittany's big ass fell out. She kept right on enjoying every morsel. Cake and cookies, pies, ice cream, thousands and thousands of calories found their way into the 18-year-olds mouth. She got fatter and fatter until finally she could eat no more. Christina then ordered her over to the scale where she announced a triumphant 172 pounds. Brittany never appeared on stage again.