Weight Room Title Bar

by Ebony Feedee

It was 10 minutes after five and Brian was busy finishing up the days end reports when his secretary buzzed, "Mr. Smith, it's your wife on line one, she's says it's an emergency."

Brian, frantic, grabbed the phone. "What is it, what's the matter, are you okay?" he said. "Yes, I'm okay, I was just so afraid I wouldn't catch you before you left." Brynn said.

"Why......what's wrong Brynn, tell me?" he asked.

"Okay, but don't be mad at me."

With a warm tone to his voice, Brian said, "How could I ever get mad at my 540lb goddess?"

"Alright" she said, "I know you just bought me 5lbs of M&M's last night, but I was really hungry today and ate them all, and I was hoping you would stop by the store on your way home and get me a few more."

He could feel a bulge beginning in his slacks. 5lbs of M&M's, so many calories, so much fat, he only wished he had been there to see her stuff them down, adding to her already 95" belly.

"And you thought I would be mad because of that?" he said. "Honey, I can't have my big baby starving, now can I?" " We have to take care of that precious belly of yours, I will go get them for you, and what would you like me to bring home for dinner?"

"Well, I already had two supreme pizzas about 2 hours ago, but some Mexican would be great!" she replied.

He could hear the joy in Brynn's voice, she loved food, she loved to eat, and she did it so well. She had gained 240lbs in the two short years they were married.

Brian went to the store and this time purchased 8lbs of M&M's, he wanted to make sure she didn't run out tonight. He got the ones with the peanuts, these would prove to be more fattening, maybe even ADD 8lbs to her already massively protruding belly.

"Hmmmm.....Mexican, Mexican, where should I go?" he thought. Ahhhh, Hernandez Hefty Helpings, the Mexican restaurant in the shopping center close to the house, they always boasted in the radio ads about how their portions were much bigger than the competition's.

Not being sure of how big the portions actually were, he decided to ask JUST how BIG these burritos were. WoW!! On average, 10" long and 3" wide!!! That was big!!!

He placed his order: "6 muy grande beef and cheese burritos, two orders of tortillas and salsa, 4 soft tacos, a quart of queso and give me a cup of sour cream on the side."

Brian was amazed at how heavy the take out bag was, these were some heavy portions!

Arriving home, Brynn greeted him at the door, grabbing the bag, with a big smile she said, "I thought you'd never get here, Ummmmm it smells so good, I'm so hungry, what did you get?"

Brynn was wearing a pink sleeveless night shirt, it already appeared as if it had grown too small for her massive poundage, the arm holes were ripped to accommodate her 35" upper arms, and the shirt fit ever so snuggly over her sagging 95" belly, which peeked out at least a foot below the hemline of the shirt.

He stood back and admired her as her pudgy feet aided her in wobbling over to the dinner table. She took a deep sigh as she flopped down into the oversized chair. She began ripping open the individual containers, "Ummmmmmmmm, you got just what I wanted, thank you!! Ohhhhhh this is so good, all this cheese and sour cream will make me so much more fatter, I'm already busting the seams on this new nightshirt."

Brian walked over and repositioned the padded stool that sat under the table, it was there to support her sagging girth. He gently lifted her belly and placed it on the stool, rubbed it, kissed it, took his seat and proceeded to watch her as she hungrily consumed the burritos. Alternately dipping them in the queso, then the sour cream she was taking very huge bites.

He couldn't resist, he opened the third burrito and two of the soft tacos, and sandwiched the tacos together, smothering them with queso. He lifted the tacos to her already opened and waiting mouth, she took two bites and they were history.

" Ummm Baby thank you so much for this dinner, she smiled and continued to chew, her fat cheeks were beauty in motion, with a full mouth she told him, "I was about to go crazy, I knew I was long overdue for feeding my sweet belly, I'm glad you showed up when you did."

Moaning, she started caressing her large braless breasts erotically. Lifting them up, and letting them fall down, creating a most wonderful slapping noise as they met her massive belly.

He moved in closer to her, putting one hand on her 50" thigh, he began alternately feeding her the basket of tortillas and salsa , while she shoveled the burritos down, until they were gone.

She continued to eat the queso and sour cream covered tacos as he now massaged her gelatinous thigh with both hands, it was so warm and cushiony, he leaned over and began to nibble it, her massive belly was pressing against his head, he couldn't think of a better place to be, he heard her gulping down the tacos.

"Almost done babe," she almost sounded sad, "and I'm not even full yet."

Knowing she had eaten all this greasy fattening food and wasn't even near full was too much. He unzipped his pants, exposing his rock hard erection and began to stroke it.

She grabbed the second basket of tortillas and crunched and crunched and crunched until they were all gone, and pulled the salsa bowl to her lips, leaned her head back and drank it up.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Ohhhhhhhh Yessssssss, I'm so fat, I'm such a fat pig. I'm such a big lazy sow."

He grabbed her pudgy hand and positioned it on his erection and begged her, "Baby please stroke it with your warm fat hands, it feels so good."

She did. He reached for the grocery bag, and opened 4lbs of the M&M's, he began to slowly pour them into his fat feeding machine. "Eat them, Eat them all, you can do it." Pound by pound she made them disappear.

Her jaws were moving so fast, he could feel his erection getting harder and longer, she chewed so hard she made her breasts and belly jiggle. He reached down and tried to lift her belly, but it was too heavy, he started to slap her belly fat, slapping and slapping and slapping, loving the sound it created. Watching it wiggle and jiggle, being so tight after all the food they had both shoveled past her beautiful lips.

With her piggy hand still wrapped tightly around his erection, she noticed as reached to open the remaining bags of candy, this made her so hot,she grabbed a handful of belly flesh and shook it. "Ohhhhhh yessss, feed me, feed me, feed me!"

She started stroking him faster and faster as he raked the candy down her throat, "1lb..........2lbs........3lbs, and Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yesssssssssssss 4lbs!!!!!"

He exploded his hot cum all over her big, juicy, full belly. It was so tight and shiny........

"You did it! I knew you could piggy."

He helped her up from the chair, being careful when lifting her belly from the stool and escorted her to the bed, and propped 6 pillows behind her. She was so exhausted from that feeding, she had never eaten so much. He rested his head upon her newly expanded 100" belly, and they fell fast asleep.