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Business Trip
By Bob Harris

It was my first trip out of town. My business had just being doing great and I'd been invited in Chicago by someone who was interested in my latest line of art pieces.

I felt something strange was going to happen, but then again, everything I've lived for the past three years has been a surprise all along. I tend to live for the unexpected and it is very exciting.

I got off the plane and drove right away to my meeting with my client. She also had a very tight schedule and wanted to see me as soon as possible at her place. I got to this huge condo complex. Her apartment was furnished with all the latest trend in design and equipped with all the high-tec gizmos you could imagine.

As soon as I arrived, she greeted me with a warm welcome. “You had a good flight ?” She asked…..

Oh yes, a quiet ride…..

"Would you like a cappuccino?"

"Gladly, it will wake me up a little bit"….As I sat in the living room, the phone rang. I couldn' hear what was said, because of the cappuccino machine. But I felt like someone was crying over the phone. It seemed like a sad call.

She came back in the living room, a little shaken. “It was my step-sister on the phone, her father just died. I never got along with him, but he meant the world to her. I am very sorry, but I have to take that flight. I wont be back until next week. I don't know you that much, but I have a very big favor to ask you. Come with me, I'll explain.”

She brought me into a lab, which had a lot of equipment.

“You see, I have a problem. This is a very precious treasure. Unfortunately, this was the week they chose to update the security system and someone has to be here all the time during that period, otherwise we won't be covered. And there is a lot of time and money invested in that technology. Let me explain what it does.

"You see, I'm a physicist by hobby. Three years ago, I had a rough time; my daughter died from anorexia. Since then, I've been working on this project. And now, it is fully operative. Let me show you how it works.

"As you may have guessed, this is meant to treat anorexic patients. First, we lay the subject on the chair, and then, we attach to her head that little band that holds a little tube into her mouth. Then we introduce thru the tube a sweet concoction that tastes like honey. It conveys a light sedative and she then goes to sleep. During that time, the liquid continues to fill the patient's stomach until we reach the desired results. The machine is equipped with a preset button to assure the right gain.

"In fact, this mixture is very special. It's extracted from avocados, fish and vegetable fat. It is also carrying vitamins. It is very healthy. There's also a negligible portion of estrogens, just to make sure that the girls grow in the right places. This gives them confidence. We have worked hard to produce that quantity of liquid. We have a year's supply in that tank.

"Now you see why I can't leave this place alone. I will make it up to you and we'll discuss a big order when I come back. And on top of that, let me show you something. My stepsister is a caterer, we live together. She has this huge fridge in the kitchen, the kind you find in the supermarket. Anyway, she was supposed to serve a buffet at Oprah Winfrey's mansion and it was cancelled at the last minute. You know how she likes the good stuff. Some of these treats were made after Martha Stewart's recipes.

"She's a very nice lady and paid everything with an apology. She wants us to donate it to charity. I'll have to find one when I come back. Anyway, you can treat yourself to anything you like. I'll show you how the gizmos work in the living room. And if you need a ride, here's the key to my Porsche, and you can have my bedroom. There's a bunch of my boyfriend's clothes in there if you need any. He's in Africa for another two months. What do you say, can you help me?”

How could I say no? She gave me a big kiss and promptly departed.

So I decided to try the digital giant screen on the wall, hooked to a powerful home theater system. First, a quick snack. Let's try some of Martha's stuff. I “walked” into the fridge, and took myself an assortment of sandwiches that looked heavenly. I tried an energy fruit juice that was on the shelf. Back on the chair, I put the tray on the side and clicked on the remote.

On the movie channel was “The Fast and the Furious” playing. I like this Vin guy, he's cool. And then I start digging into that tray until emptiness, long before the end of the movie. I'd seen this film, so I got up during a slow scene to help myself to an assortment of desserts this time. I could see that Oprah loves chocolate! I filled a tray, and grabbed a carton of milk on my way back.

By the end of the movie, the tray was three quarter gone and I had accidentally dropped some milk on my pants and shirt. I went to look through the boyfriend's clothes; these pants were becoming too tight, anyway. The bedroom was amazing. I tried the clothes, but apparently, he was smaller than me. A little detail she forgot to mention. What was I going to do?

I noticed on the wall, some pictures of my client and her stepsister. I had no choice but to put her clothes. She was a heavy woman who I estimated to be around 325 pounds. She had very sexy clothing. I hadn't tried this for a while. When I was around 20 years old, I use to dress up as a fat woman to excite myself. I've always been aroused by these shapes. So I went to look for her bedroom and browsed thru her stuff.

After putting on a dress, I noticed my newly acquired belly from my latest lunch. It reminded me of the time I was trying to gain weight. I was then at 195, but I went as high as 242 at one point. The excitement filled me again.

I walked back to the living room and I noticed that she'd forgotten to turn off the lights in the lab. I walked in the room, facing the machine. I couldn't tell her that, but I've dreamed of such a machine for years. I looked at my bulge, and I figured I could take 5 more pounds without someone noticing it too much. So I sat on the chair, and started figuring out how to operate this machine. It looked very simple, just a few buttons and switches. I set the machine for 5 pounds; I inserted the tube into my mouth and attached the band around my head. I lied back and flicked the switch.

The liquid gently entered my mouth and it was a pure delight. The honey taste was an understatement. Before I knew it, I fell asleep.

Half an hour later, I awoke, and I was very hungry. It must be a side effect that was meant to help the patient eat normally again. I felt a little “thicker.” There was nothing left in my stomach, it was already under my skin. I went back to the kitchen and prepared myself an equally big snack, just like the one I had earlier.

But that second meal, added to the fat from the machine, showed me a belly I couldn't hide any more. Curious, I went for a scale to weigh myself. I had reached 215. Maybe I'd gained a few pounds before I left for Chicago, but I must have gained at least 10 from my lunches!

Everybody would now notice that I've gain weight. Why not give them a good reason to talk about it? I went back in the lab, and sat on the machine. I strapped myself, and thought about the gain I wanted this time. I've been 242, I know how it feels, let's go beyond. So I set the machine for another 40 pounds. Before I had a chance to second-guess myself, I pulled the switch. As the liquid started to enter my mouth, I got a last look at my body as it was then. I noticed a little more than usual development of my breast. I suddenly remembered her talking about the estrogen she put in the mix. On this note, I dozed off and went to sleep.

I woke the next morning. I looked at myself in the mirror - if my numbers were rights, I was around 255. To my surprise, I now had D breasts. My belly was a little rounder than what I had at my peak. As I stood to walk, I felt the flesh on me waddling with my every step. I ran my hands across my body and felt that soft texture that only fat has. It is very arousing. I sat back on the machine, very horny this time, and decided to play a game to excite me more. I called this game: “What if?” I felt myself almost going crazy over this feeling of my new body.

I hooked myself and punched some numbers on the preset button, a little bit like the “roulette russe” if you want. I wasn't going to flick the switch; I just wanted to get those feelings associated with the fantasy, that's all. I entered 50 on the dial and imagined myself at 295, almost 300! Just to know that this machine could make it real sent a shiver down my spine. I entered 100, which would put me at 345. Then on impulse, like a mad man, I turned the magic switch. I almost came as the liquid started entering my mouth. The idea that I couldn't go back and the thought of the size that I would have turned me on so much, I faded in my dreams in climax.

The next day I woke, but kept my eyes closed for a while. I wanted to touch my body before I looked at it. Let me see, I'm now 345. I ran my hands across my breasts. They were now F size at least. I could feel my belly sitting on my lap, my breast resting on top. I could feel the skin touching. I could also feel my butt much bigger. It was like I was sitting on an extra pillow. Must be from the estrogen, also. I'm much wider now. My face felt definitely plump. When I moved my head down, I could feel my chins. I proceeded to open my eyes, and looked at my round body in that dress, stretching on me. And now, on top of that, I was hungry!

Almost forgot about that appetite enhancer. I managed to get up, but I wasn't used to this body yet. I walked slowly toward the fridge in the kitchen. I could feel my weight bouncing around as I slowly exited the doorway, which suddenly seemed smaller. I took the biggest tray I could find and filled it with treats of all kind. This time I sat at the table and started binging. I've always dreamed of this scene. I dropped some food all over my breasts and belly cause I couldn't sit close to the table anymore.

Feeling full, I waddled to the sofa and as I sat down, the dress tore in two and left half naked on the sofa, exposing my huge tits sitting on my belly. Being so full from the meal, I gently caressed my new shapes, tenderly squeezing my generous layers of fat.

At this moment, my client came back! She entered the living room and looked at me with a big smile. Curiously, she didn't seem very surprised by my recent changes.

“I'm sorry if I've used you for my experiments. You see, I'm also a computer freak. When I came across the list of web sites you visited, I noticed you liked weight gain stories. I needed a volunteer to test the machine on a man, and also to test it for large weight gain. You seemed to be the perfect solution. May I say you have exceeded my expectations. I'm a FA myself, and I've always had a feeder fantasy. I filmed everything you did over the past few days, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

“There's also something I haven't told you about the concoction. It is very addictive. Two times is enough to be hooked, and you've had three.”

At this moment, a small panel opened in the ceiling and a little tube came down slowly.

“You won't be able to resist this one. There is no more sedative in it. You will be able to see yourself grow as I please.”

I look at myself and think I've already gone too far. I can hardly fit in a car anymore. But as I see the liquid coming down the tube, I can't help grabbing the tube and sucking on it. Where will it stop? As I look into her eyes, in complete disbelief, she kneels down besides me and starts caressing my belly and breasts.

“Welcome to your new home,” she said.