Weight Room Title Bar

 By DirtyBird

He stood there staring at her, his beautiful young fiancée; she walked toward him, resplendent in tight jeans and a small t-shirt. At least what he thought was once a small t-shirt he looked again, and recognized it as one of his own, an oversized one he had lent her to sleep in. Now it was stretched tight across her protruding belly... How long had she been away? He grabbed her and hugged her; their mouths met, and her soft tongue slipped into his waiting mouth. Oh, she tasted so good.

"Baby, I miss you so much," he cooed in her ear.

"And I missed you, my darling."

They kissed again, and he ran his fingers down her once svelte hips. To his surprise his hands glided over a soft mound of flesh; her sharp angles had been covered over by a soft layer of fat. He squeezed her hips teasingly, his fingers sinking into her pliant love handles. He kneaded the soft flesh and nibbled her ear. She giggled, and her whole body jiggled slightly. He squeezed her and felt the soft expanse of her body writhe beneath his touch.

"Let's get you home," he whispered into her ear.

Back at his apartment he let her walk in front of him up the stairs so he could survey her new terrain. Her ass swashed sexily before him and bounced with every step. He leant forward and pinched her playfully; she squealed and jumped, and her whole body shook. He smiled, liking what he saw. In the bedroom he closed the door and locked it; she turned and smiled at him, her cherubic face bathed in candlelight. He had anticipated her arrival with such intense delight; he could not quite believe she was really here.

Impulsively, he grabbed her and kissed her passionately. She kissed him back squeezing his own well-rounded buttocks. She giggled and slapped his butt. "Looks like I'm not the only one who's been indulging myself!"

He blushed, knowing the long months apart had not been kind to his figure...or had they? She stared at him her loving eyes taking in every inch of his body. His strong arms, and muscular shoulders, chiseled biceps and... beneath that... a succulent little pot belly. She leant forward and squeezed it tenderly. "Oh baby, you have a little pot belly."

"Look who's talking," he said and grabbed the soft spare tire sticking out from beneath her shirt. He wobbled the soft flesh back and forth, causing her whole body to jiggle. "Looks like you packed on about 25 lbs."

As he shook her tender young flesh, he felt his cock begin to swell in his pants until he was rock hard. Damn, she looked good. He'd always liked girls with a little curvature, but this was intense - a new erotic world, or lush flesh, and blossoming new curves.

He pushed her down on the bed, and peeled off her skintight shirt. Her belly popped out at him, and he sunk his face into it and kissed it, jiggling it back and forth. He stuck his tongue into her navel; it felt deep and inviting. He kissed her soft rippling flesh tenderly, then pulled back and slapped her belly.

"You are a naughty girl; look at your fat little belly, just sticking out at me."

"No, I'm good," she protested.

He shook his head, and pulled off his own shirt. "I think you're going to have to be punished." He undid her pants and pulled them over her plush hips. Her thighs were soft and creamy, white delicacies. They shook as he pulled at her panties. "Honey, even your undies are too small for you - what have you been eating?"

"Nothing," she cooed.

He shook her belly again for emphasis, "I find that very hard to believe, little piglet."

Once her pants were off, he leant down and sniffed the fragrance of her darkest secret. He put his fingers between her thighs and gently parted them, then buried his tongue in her crotch. She tasted like ambrosia, better than he could have imagined. He lapped at her soft thighs, and warm snatch, each caress made him harder, and her wetter. She writhed beneath his strong touch. He held her down, one hand on her soft belly, the other massaging one of her huge cheeks. He flicked at her clit with his tongue, and nibbled on her soft pink lips. He plunged two fingers into her soft tight pussy, and felt her flow over him.

Suddenly, he couldn't take it anymore; he ripped off his pants and thrust his throbbing cock deep inside her. They both moaned; after months of anticipation, the feeling was beyond words. Surges of shot through his cock; his thighs began to tingle, as his heart raced and eyes rolled back in his head. He lay on her, feeling the soft mass of her body quivering beneath him. She wrapped her pudgy thighs around him and dug her sharp nails into his butt.

"My God, baby, you feel unreal... I think the fatter you get, the tighter your pussy gets." She giggled and nodded. He pumped his hips a second longer, then could take it no more. With a moan of ecstasy, he felt a sudden rush, as his long awaited baby batter cascaded into her pussy. He sighed and collapsed on top of her. For a moment they just lay there panting, each smiling a private smile.

Slowly, he rolled over and smiled up at her a dopey puppy dog grin. "Sorry I was so quick."

"That's OK, I half expected it."

He leapt up and tickled her. "Why you little... It's your fault - you look so sexy."

"So you like my new look?"

"Like it? I love it!" He grabbed her breasts and pushed them together, feeling their new weight. "Oh yes, baby, I've never seen you so beautiful... but I still think you need to be punished!" He rolled her over on to her ample tummy, and watched as her pink butt swayed in the air. He slapped it and watched it wobble back and forth. He put his hand between her thighs and pulled her to her hands and knees. "Oh yes baby, you've been bad."

He prodded the heavy under hang of her belly and tried to guess how heavy she was. He slapped her buttocks again and jiggled her tummy, his cock beginning to take serious interest. He put both hands on her but cheeks and pulled them back and forth, watching them shudder back and forth. He liked this game; his cock grew until the tip touched her swollen pussy lips. He slid the tip of his cock into her crotch, and squeezed her hips as he pulled out again; she moaned, her big body almost collapsing with pleasure.

"You like that baby?" She looked at him and smiled. He fucked her from behind, watching her whole body vibrate each time he ground his cock into her. "You are so naughty, baby, getting so chunky, while you were away. Look at you, you little porker," he grabbed her belly and shook it as he made love to her. "You are just one little rollie, pollie butter ball. What have you been eating?"

Suddenly, he stopped and pulled back; he grabbed something she could not see. Suddenly she felt the cool sharp metal of a tape measure slipping under her sagging belly. He knelt behind her, curious to see just how rounded she had become. He pulled the tape measure tight beneath the belly, letting the sharp metal gently bite into her plump flesh. Oh baby, you are a real little plumper; you're turning into a little piggy. He smiled and placed a hand on her back, and pushed her down on to her belly.

Her soft tummy spread out on either side of her still shapely back. He stared at her creamy flesh and wondered what it would like full...

"Now baby, don't be scared; this wont hurt a bit." He slipped a blindfold over her eyes, and checked to see if her ankles and wrists were secured tightly enough. She lay naked on her back, spread eagle on the bed, her eyes blind folded and her belly sticking up into the room. He poured some oil into his palm and warmed it between his fingers. Then he spread a generous portion onto her corpulent belly. She looked so helpless and innocent, trusting him not to hurt her - he liked that.

He smiled and slapped her chubby tummy. He pinched her erect nipples and gave her left boob a squeeze. She squealed. He instantly stuffed an éclair into her mouth. "Hey, I said no talking." She couldn't have made a sound if she wanted to now, the rich cream filling her mouth, and dripping down on to her chin. He helped her, pushing the delicacy into her mouth and personally licking the cream from her chubby cheeks. "That's a good girl; eat up, and maybe I'll untie your blind fold."

He stroked her belly, as she chewed. As soon as she was done he fed her another, then another; this went on for half an hour. As she chewed his cock began to throb. Finally, he put it into her mouth, and she sucked it tenderly. "That's a good girl; now swallow every drop." She sucked on his cock until he had another shuddering climax.

He flopped down at her side and stroked her big belly, now swollen and distended, to an abnormal size. "My little porker looks twelve months pregnant." He massaged her swollen gut, and poured more oil on to it, rubbing it in gently. "We don't want you getting any stretch marks, now do we?" She shook her head. "That's a good girl; now can you eat a little more?"

She nodded slowly, and he smiled. He poured some chocolate milk into a glass, and then poured it down her throat. She swallowed; even though she was fully to bursting, she was an obedient slave. He prodded her swollen belly; it looked fatter than that afternoon, her pink flesh stretched tight over her over-extended body. He pinched her hips, feeling their new girth, liking what he saw. Then he slid down her body and parted her thighs a little. He stuck his head between them and began to lick her. He placed one hand on her mammoth belly and pushed down. As he licked her clit, she squealed in pain and ecstasy.

"Oh, you like that, eh baby? My little fatty's not too full? You look pretty full to me, you look like a prize pig to me." He jiggled her huge belly - it swayed and gyrated as he stuck a finger inside her soppy wet pussy - and began to massage her inside wall. She purred with pleasure as he squeezed her new rolls of fat and nibbled on her clit. Suddenly, he pulled out a big leather strap and strapped it tightly across her bloated belly. He pulled it tight and watched as soft mounds of flesh sprung up around it.

"Oh, that's a good girl! Daddy likes watching your belly grow." He started to feed her again with one hand, all the while massaging her clit with the other. As she grew more and more excited, he tightened the belt across her swollen stomach.

"That's a good girl; finish every bite for Daddy. That's right; keep going, I want to see you grow, baby. Can you do that? Are you going to inflate for Daddy, my little plumper? I want to see you get so swollen with love and fat, that you become spherical. That's right, my little porker, I want you round and chubby with a little waddle. I want to see you expand out to look like Violet Beauregard, bouncing around the room, your fat body jiggling about you. Can you do that? Can you get that fat for Daddy?"

He grinned, knowing his wildest fantasies were quite beyond her reach, but he liked to tease her all the same. She began to writhe as best she could under the restraints. He watched as she literally inflated before his eyes, her big belly reaching toward the ceiling. As he forced the last drop of milk into her waiting mouth, he pulled the belt tighter, her two huge jelly rolls now rising high to meet his waiting mouth. He bit into them playfully, and she exploded in a wild ecstasy of fat induced orgasm. He undid the belt and lay next to her, kissing her flushed cheek. He pulled off her blindfold, and put his arm around her.

"You like that, baby?" She nodded and smiled. "Good, well, let's have a quick nap and then we'll start all over again." She looked at him and rolled her eyes, pushing him away playfully. He closed his eyes contentedly. She might have lovingly rebuked him, but she didn't say no.