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Cade & Maria
By Morris

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Jenny and Maria both worked in the HR department of a large professional services company. They were both good friends and hung out together. Jenny was a married, petite woman of Asian descent. She looked like a little china doll at about 5' 1” and 105 pounds. Her skin color was fair and she had long straight black hair. Being second generation American, she was very much Americanized.

Maria was single, of Italian decent and was equally petite. She was slightly taller, olive skin, long full black hair that seemed to be in a different style every week. Because she worked out regularly, she had a more athletic body.

Both girls were competitive and seemed to try and out do each other with their outfits, yet they still constantly hung out together and enjoyed their time together. It was difficult to tell which one was better looking and the tie breaker always went to the better dressed of the day.

Cade was single, 32, and the accounting manager at the same company. Cade knew the girls from extra curricular work activities. He was just shy of 6' 3” and weighed around 210. He found both of them interesting and attractive. Although they were both 29 years old, their tight bodies, youthful looks and playful demeanor led one to think they were closer to 21.

Jenny and Maria would often flirt with Cade, touch his arms, rub his shoulders and laugh about finding him a good woman.

One day, Jenny made the comment, “I would go out with you, but I'm married.”

Cade thought this was his opportunity, “I would date either of you in a second, but I'm afraid of rejection.”

The girls looked at each other and giggled. Jenny comment, “You know, all you have to do is ask.” Jenny was clearly talking for Maria.

“Well, Maria,” Cade said nervously, “would you like to go out this Friday?”

She replied, “Yes, I think that would be fun.”

After an awkward silence, Jenny said, “We've got work to do, bye.”

Cade said, “OK, I'll pick you up at 5:30 in your cubical.”

“Great,” she said.


Cade met Maria in her cube at 5:30. She was wearing a short black skirt, a white shirt covered by a short black jacket and was wearing some sort of fishnet stockings. Clearly, she was the best dressed of the day; he didn't even have to look at Jenny. They both exchanged pleasantries and headed out the door. They lived and worked in the city, so there was a huge selection of activities. Cade decided to take her to a new Cuban restaurant that featured live music and dancers on Friday night.

Both of them had some sort of rice and bean dish. Maria's was vegetarian and Cade's featured chicken. Neither of them ordered dessert. They discussed their weekend and they both discovered that they both enjoyed running. Their next date would be on Sunday, a run along the lakefront.

Cade and Maria were both in pretty good shape. They met at a near-bye beach and went on a 10 mile run. Afterwards, they both nibbled on a Power Bar and went their separate ways.

They got closer during the next two months; a lot of their time spent was with outdoor summer activities, jogging, biking, volleyball and basketball. They would go out to eat often, but it would always be a light meal with no dessert.

Cade had actually lost 10 pounds since he started seeing Maria. He wasn't used to this skimpy eating. He was a big BBQ and beer man. He really wanted to fit into Maria's mold of a man, so he was trying to play the part. One Thursday evening Maria and Cade had a double date with Jenny and her husband John. Maria had met John a few other times, but this would be Cade's first encounter. John was a successful attorney, but you would never have guessed it. He was a very frugal man and never showed off his wealth.

They went to a steak restaurant. When John walked in, Cade was almost blown over. John was a large man. He stood around 5' 9”, but weighed well over 300 pounds. He had a pale complexion with red hair and a red beard. Certainly something you wouldn't picture with Jenny.

They sat at the bar for a while and talked. John pretty much only talked of food and his law practice. He was a full partner in a small law firm and spent long hours in the office.

Dinner was ordered. John ordered the 32-oz prime rib; Jenny chose a shrimp dish; Cade ordered salmon and Maria a salad. John laughed at Cade's order, “Cade, fish is an appetizer; steak is a meal. Be a man!” Cade just smiled.

John ate a basket and a half of bread, along with everything on his plate; his two-pound steak, twice baked potato and creamed spinach. Everyone else left food on their plate. John helped finish the rest of Jenny's meal and ordered dessert.

Everyone had an enjoyable time and Cade and Maria were shocked at the amount of food consumed by one individual. On the ride home, they didn't speak, just reflected.

The next evening, after much thought, Cade finally said, “Maria, I'm ready to pig out tonight. I haven't done something like that in a long time and after watching John last night, I think I need to.”

She looked a little quizzical and said, “You mean go out to dinner and eat yourself silly?”

“No, I'd rather stay at home, order a large pizza, an order of mozzarella sticks, an order of fried mushrooms, an Italian beef sandwich and a wash it down with a 12-pack of beer,” replied Cade.

“I would like you to order two canolli for me. I haven't had any sweets since I met you and it is killing me.”

Maria replied with a laugh. She added, “I'm glad you are not a complete fitness freak. I enjoy exercise, but this is a little extreme for me. I've actually lost about 5 pounds since we started seeing each other.”

Cade ordered the food and picked up five canolli, three for Maria and two for him. They didn't come anywhere close to finishing their food, but they were the most full they had been since they met. They followed their meal with a bout of passionate love, followed by another stuffing and more love. They passed out in a euphoric state.

They woke around 9am, and Cade suggested a huge breakfast. Maria was a little excited. She had her mind set on a chocolate coffee cake, but Cade took them to a local joint that specialized in large skillets. Cade ordered the large meat lovers' skillet and Maria ordered a large stack of Belgium Waffles. On the way back to the apartment, Cade stopped at the baker and bought a chocolate coffee cake and some cheese Danish. After about two bites of the bakery, they both gave each other a look and were overcome with passion. They took each other and made love on the kitchen floor.

After they finished, they got back-up and started to finish the bakery. They were both too full to finish. Cade nervously said, “I've had some of the most exciting love of my life the past 12 hours. Maybe we could continue with this a few more weeks.”

Maria with a smile said, “I was thinking the same thing, but didn't know how to ask.”

Cade went into his refrigerator and grabbed as much food as he could find and brought it to his bedroom. He started to feed her the food, but he only had fruit, vegetables, some crackers and pasta. Almost simultaneously, they said, “This isn't going to work.”

Cade then suggested, “Let's regroup. Come back here at 6pm tonight. I'll have plenty of good food.”

They kissed. She departed. He got dressed and left two minutes later.


Maria arrived promptly at 6:00. She was wearing a short tight flower skirt and a tight white elastic tank top. The top looked extra white because of the contrast with her thin olive arms. Her hair was full and up off her shoulders. With a big smile, she walked into Cade's bedroom. Cade had three TV trays set-up: one was breaded appetizers; the other had tacos, burgers, KFC and the last was a dessert tray with cake and cookies. They went straight to work, feeding each other and making love. They did this until after midnight.

They had this ritual every weekend and during weeknights when possible for over three months.

One morning, Jenny had made a comment, “You and Cade are gaining a little weight. Looks like love is blind.”

Maria looked in horror; she stammered, “Actually we haven't been running lately.”

“I think someone needs to get reacquainted with the stair master,” Jenny laughed.

Frustrated and embarrassed, Maria left. Maria was confused. She knew darn well she had gained around 20 pounds and most of her old clothes didn't fit, but she didn't care until it was brought to her attention and she was laughed at. She was having second thoughts about the past few months. She needed to talk to Cade.

She hurriedly walked into Cade's office and said, “We have to stop. Jenny laughed at my weight gain, and she is correct. This isn't right, and I don't like it.”

“I just got a new job,” Cade interrupted. “I put in my two weeks, and they told me to leave today,” he continued. “I'm going to be the controller of a small professional services firm a few blocks away. I'll be in charge of all accounting functions as well as benefits, payroll and HR. Do you want to work with me and be my HR department?”

“What?” Maria said.

“Do you want to work for me?” Cade said. “I could pay you about the same, but you would be in charge of everything HR related.” he continued.

Maria was overcome with excitement. She wouldn't have to work for her current bitch boss, and she could pretty much be her own boss and set her own agenda. Maria said emphatically, “Yes, that would be great.” Cade and Maria were not going to start the new job for two weeks and it was Monday mid morning. “Let's celebrate,” Cade said with a smile.

Partially having forgotten about Jenny's comments earlier and partially trying to repay Cade for getting her out of her current miserable job, Maria agreed.

They walked down the street and went to a nice Italian place. Cade ordered for both of them, a big pasta dish and dessert. They ate and celebrated. Since their stomachs had stretched so much during the past few months, they didn't have much of a problem finishing their meal. They were full, but they were finished. Cade then suggested, “Let's go to Greek town for Gyros.” They walked over to Greek town. They walked only to make room for more food.

They both ordered a Gyro plate. Maria couldn't finish, so Cade had to come in and close the deal. Both of them expanded to capacity, slowly strolled out, hopped in a cab and went to Cade's apartment. Once again, they didn't even make it into the bedroom. They made love just inside his door.

After a mini nap, Cade had got up and made a huge ice cream sundae and put it in a salad bowl. He poured two cans of fudge and a jar of marshmallow fluff on top of the two quarts of ice cream. This behavior continued until late Saturday night of the second week. By this time they really needed some new clothes.

In the morning, they went shopping. Cade suggested to Maria not to buy her usual style of revealing clothing. He politely suggested, “People might notice a weight gain quicker. You probably should get clothes that are a little larger and baggier.” Maria still a little upset about Jenny's comments was undecided, she then figured Cade's her new boss and agreed. She bought baggier, lose fitting clothes a size or two too large. Cade did the same.

They had been working at their new job for about four months with some pretty nice weight gain. Their new clothes were starting to get a little tight already. Maria finally had the nerve to get on a scale; it read 158. She was disgusted, but didn't know how to stop. She really loved him and wanted the relationship to work, but she believed she had hit her limit.

“Cade,” Maria called him into the bathroom, “I have gained a lot of weight and weigh 158 pounds. I need to stop this constant eating.”

Cade was overcome with excitement and started to kiss her. She pushed him away and angrily said, “I'm serious - as of now, now more feasting. Everyone enjoys overeating on occasion and some more than others, but constant eating is not a thrill to everyone and it is not a thrill to me.”

Cade said he understood and walked away.

Cade sulked around the house and office for the next few days.

Maria was angry and she said to herself, “He's only thinking of himself. How could he be so selfish?”

Jenny had finally called Maria, “Why don't you ever call me, girl?”

Maria said, “Sorry, I've been a little busy with the new job.”

“I hope you are not too busy to go out again with me and John,” Jenny continued.

Maria said, “How about tomorrow night?”

“It's a date,” said Jenny.


Maria had an idea. She knew Jenny was going to give her grief for her weight gain, and that is what she wanted. She wanted to create a big scene that would let Cade know what she had to go through; otherwise, she was afraid she would have to leave Cade. Maria figured the best way to do this is to wear something that would really show off her weight gain.

It was a Friday night immediately after work, so both couples still had on their work clothes. John, as big as ever, in a navy suit; Jenny, as tiny as ever, wearing well-tailored black pants and a tight long sleeve pink button down shirt, Cade, in his tight cotton slacks and polo shirt, and Maria, not hiding anything, took off her suit jacket to show her short sleeve shirt and slightly puffy arms and her shorter and tighter than normal skirt that showed thicker legs and a small belly that hung over her waistband.

Jenny and John's mouth both dropped. Before Jenny had a chance to say anything, John said, “You look absolutely stunning.”

Cade chimed in, “Isn't she gorgeous?” As John and Cade ogled over Maria, Jenny could only give upset looks.

The funny thing was, nobody gave Jenny any attention. For the first five minutes, Maria stood quietly; she was actually basking in the attention. Her plan had backfired.

Finally, Maria walked over to Jenny and said, “Jenny, it is so good to see you. As you can tell, I've gained a little weight.”

Jenny said with a look of disgust and a partial tone of competitive jealousy, “You sure have. I don't see what the big deal is for those guys. You looked so good before - and now look at you.”

John interrupted, “It is a big deal. Not everyone could do this. It takes a special kind of person. Obviously, Cade and Maria have a strong relationship that allows something like this. Other people's opinions, including yours, don't matter.”

Jenny said in an angry voice, “My opinion is she is stupid for doing that.” Then she changed her tone to a “matter of fact” voice, “I could gain a lot of weight too, but have no desire.”

“What would it take for you to try?” said John.

“Nothing - I wouldn't do it,” Jenny said.

John said, “Not even for $25,000?”

Jenny gave an interested look. Was Mr. Tightwad himself opening up his checkbook? This would be an unprecedented move.

“The black BMW that I had my eye on would help,” said Jenny.

“O.K. I've got an idea,” John said. “How much do you weigh?”

Jenny said, “105.”

John pointed to Maria. She said, “158.”

John pointed to Cade. He said, “266.”

“I am 320,” John said. He continued, “We both total around 425 pounds together as a couple. Let's have a bet, the couple that gains 100 pounds the quickest wins. The losing couple will get fed by the other couple for a week straight, anything and everything the winner can manage to feed.”

Cade was excited and totally willing, but he looked at Maria. She didn't want to do this. There was a lot of peer pressure. Cade whispered, “Please do it for me, just this one last time.”

“No,” Maria said.

“I got you a nice job and treat you like a queen. You can't even do this one thing for me?” Cade said.

She hated him more than ever, but agreed.

John looked at Jenny and she said, “I want the car fully loaded.”

John said, “No problem, as long as we win.” He then suggested, “How about we leave this place and go down the block to the Tappa's Restaurant? Everything is on me.” They were all surprised. Was this a new John that actually spent money? They all agreed and walked out the door.


When they finally got seated at the restaurant and the waitress came to take their order, John politely told the table, “Allow me. We would like this entire page and that entire page,” pointing at two pages on the menu. He continued, “One of everything, just keep brining it out. We're pretty hungry.” The waitress smiled, took their drink order and left.

They brought out the food after nearly 90 minutes, about 50 small meat, cheese and vegetable dishes. Jenny started out, eating as quickly as she could, stuffing everything in reach into her face. She wanted to prove she could do this. She also wanted that car. After about five minutes, her size 0 stomach couldn't hold another bite.

John laughed, “You have some serious training ahead of you.”

The next morning, Cade went to the bakery and bought four coffee cakes, a cheese cake and a dozen large donuts. He also bought several quarts of cream. “We are going to need some heavier stuff to win,” said Cade.

Cade and Maria ate most of the food he had brought home; he was as excited as ever. He watched Maria drink the rest of the quart of cream and it was too much to handle. He took her and made love like he hadn't done in weeks.

She sighed, “I don't know why and I don't care, but I love to make love after a huge gorging.” After they made love, she felt bad and guilty for taking pleasure in the activities that she desperately wanted to get out of her life.

She told herself, “I really need to stop.”

They continued this as often as possible. They would often eat, make love, and then she would feel bad and guilty again.

Their morning ritual had changed. They needed to wake up earlier before work to make sure they ate the maximum amount of calories they could handle. At work, they brought plenty of snacks. Peanut Butter Cups, M&M's, cookies and brownies were always around. At lunch, they would usually go to two places. Cade's favorite place was a Chinese place that had spicy chicken, and Maria loved McDonald's. They would usually go to the Chinese place first, order a large serving each along with a few egg rolls; they would then go to McDonald's and get a Big Mac, large fries and a shake.


After four months, Cade called up John to say, “We've reach our 100!” They made a date that night at Jenny and John's house.

John and Jenny lived in a beautiful colonial style house; it was well-maintained and probably about 3000 square feet. Nothing over the top, but it definitely was an expensive house in a nice area.

When Cade and Maria walked in, John's mouth dropped. Cade was wearing his typical slacks and polo; his gut stuck out well past his feet. Maria was all in white,;she had a tight form fitting white skirt and a matching tight top. She was fat, but certainly not huge. Her olive arms that were once sticks now were well rounded and fat. Her arms currently were closer to the size of her legs before she met Cade. Her olive legs had plenty of cellulite and were definitely fat. They were the width of her waist before she'd met Cade. She walked with an air of confidence and spun around as if she was on the runway.

Jenny, too, was wearing a skirt; it was a black one with white flower patterns, and her top was black with silver sequence. Jenny, too, was fat, but not huge. Neither of them had a big belly, but Jenny's ass was getting to be fairly large.

John said, “Let's weigh-in.” He led them to the bathroom.

Maria stepped on first; it registered 199, a gain of 41 pounds. John said, “Oooh, one pound short of a big landmark. You should be able to get there tonight.”

Cade was next, it registered 327, a gain of 61.

“A total of 102 - good job,” said John.

Jenny was lead to the scale; it registered 176, a gain of 71.

John stepped on, and it was 340, a gain of 20.

Jenny complained, “If you were a little more help, we would have won, and I'd be driving in the car. You are an asshole.”

“I'm sorry, honey,” John pleaded, “but my work has been keeping me very busy.” He turned to Cade and Maria and said, “I've been working a lot of hours lately and haven't had time to eat as much as I should. On top of that,” he turned to Jenny, “you work for me out of our home; there is no reason you shouldn't have won by yourself!.”

Maria said in a shocked voice, “You quit your other job to work for John and eat full time? That's not fair.”

Quickly to change the topic, John said, “How about we go downstairs and eat the pizzas that we bought? You two could come over after work next Friday and feed us for a week straight. Will everyone be able to take a vacation that week?” Cade and Maria didn't speak; they just nodded. Everyone except Jenny seemed to get aroused at the thought.

All four of them went downstairs and quickly polished off the eight large pizzas. John had some cakes for dessert and Maria hit her 200.


On Friday, Cade and Maria arrived with a dozen bags of groceries. They were both anxious and nervous. They walked into the kitchen and saw the countertops loaded with all sorts of food; they imagined the refrigerator was loaded, too.

Cade or Maria wasn't sure how to get things started, so John suggested, “We are your food slaves. I've got some chains if you want to chain us to a bed upstairs, which would be perfectly acceptable.” Cade and Maria shrugged their shoulders and walked upstairs.

“Since it could get messy, it might be a good idea to keep us in separate beds,” John again suggested. Both Cade and Maria had no idea what to do, so they agreed.

The only king beds they had in the house were in the master bedroom and the guest suite in the basement. The basement was completely finished with a gourmet kitchen, a full bathroom, an office, and a nice entertainment system with couches. The downstairs kitchen was loaded with food as well.

Cade asked John, “Do we split time with you and Jenny? Maybe spend an hour with you and then an hour with Jenny.”

John said, “It is your choice; you could do that or you could have designated feeders. You could feed me, and Maria could do Jenny. I think it would be much more efficient.”

Cade thought about it and didn't like the idea. Cade then suggested, “Maybe I could do Jenny and Maria do you?”

“That's a thought, too,” John said. “We are your food slaves; you make the decision.”

Cade liked his idea and went downstairs with Jenny, while Maria stayed upstairs with John.

“So, what do you prefer, Jenny?” Cade said nervously.

“Tell you the truth,” she said, “I'd prefer to be out of here. I'm only doing this for financial gain.”

“Oh,” Cade sadly replied.

“Don't worry. I've got clear instructions to play along with this silly game,” she said.

Cade went to the kitchen and grabbed some food. He certainly wasn't going to let this week become a wasted fantasy. He started small, by feeding her potato chips, one after another. It was light and fairly easy for her to quickly eat. After finishing the bag, he grabbed a box of cookies and a quart of cream. He fed her the cookies quickly and poured cream down her throat; she spilled quite a bit and was pretty angry at Cade.

She said, “I'm full, I need a break.”

“Oh, not this soon,” he smiled and went back to the kitchen.

He returned with a box of ice cream cookies. He fed both of them. He was getting aroused almost beyond control. When she was in obvious pain, he would give her a break, rub her belly and eat himself. This went on with Cade feeding her and himself different foods until around 11pm.

The next day was pretty much the same. Jenny didn't have one moment where she was not full. The more he stuffed her, the more excited he got.

Jenny had a much smaller belly than Cade, so she got full quickly and he then spent time filling himself up. With all the food and the excitement, Cade spent almost the same amount of time eating as feeding.

Jenny was not getting aroused; she was only getting angry at him for taking this to the extreme. Cade was aroused almost 24 hours a day; he was gorging a former little China doll and stuffing himself in the process, too. Maria and John seemed to do more talking than eating. Cade didn't know what their problem was.

After the week was over, John suggested one more contest. He said, “The same rules apply. The loser has one week of feeding, but the winner gets the loaded BMW.” Cade gave Maria an impressed look and she gave a nonchalant shrug and agreed.

Jenny in a pissed off voice directed to John said, “You'd better help me this time.”

He said, “Of course.”

They all lined up for weigh in.

Jenny was first, 187, a gain of 11 pounds during the week.

John stepped on the scale, and it read 342, a gain of only 2 pounds.

Maria stepped on and it read 197; she had actually lost at least 3 pounds because she had hit 200 a few nights earlier at the pizza dinner. She was almost now the same weight as Jenny. From behind, Jenny actually looked heavier. From the front, Maria's chest was much larger.

Cade weighed 334, a gain of 7 pounds, and he was supposed to be the feeder. He was now only eight pounds shy of John. Only in his wildest dreams did he ever picture himself larger than him, and it was almost a reality. They went their separate ways. Before they left, John mentioned again, “The couple that hits 100 pounds first calls the other couple. We will meet here for weigh-in, and the following Friday, we will try to schedule the one week food slave.”


During the first few months of the second contest, nothing monumental occurred except people started talking. People in the office had really taken notice at Cade and Maria's weight gain. Cade was really starting to get large. Because of his size, he was now having Maria do the running around. She would often make eggs, bacon, and sausage and buy coffee cake for breakfast before work. Maria would eat a large meal, but Cade would eat at least double.

Since the week they spent at John and Jenny's, Maria had seemed a little distant. It didn't seem as if she was giving 100% to the contest. Their sex life seemed to be lacking, too. Cade had noticed a change, but didn't act on it. He was as aroused as ever; Maria always looked absolutely stunning and she still was eating well.

Maria would buy plenty of candy bars and cookies for her and Cade to snack on during the day. At lunch, they stopped going to two places, but Cade would ask Maria to get him at least three orders of food from wherever she went. Some days, it was three orders of different Chinese dishes, egg rolls included; other days, it would be three or four meatball and steak sandwiches; sometimes, it would be three of four Big Macs or Whoppers with as many fries. About four months into the second contest, they stopped taking the bus and drove to work instead. The bus was getting to be too small for Cade, and the two-block walk was too tiring. Maria's meals were still large, but not even close to Cade. She had gained nicely, but not as rapidly as the first contest.

They still made love, but it certainly was not as wild and mobile as it once was. Maria was a beautiful as ever. Her arms were getting large and round, and she now had a nice little belly hang. She remained well put together, with nice make-up and hair.

Cade and Maria finally hit their 100. They gave a call and set-up a date for the next evening. When they arrived, Jenny had a puss on her face, and John had a smile like a kid in a candy store.

Maria was wearing a short black dress, the right arm had a slight sleeve and the left arm was sleeveless and strapless, exposing her entire arm and shoulder. It showed her legs slightly touching each other almost to her knees. Her belly now had three rolls, with the bottom being the largest, then the top and then the middle. The dress was more appropriate for a wedding reception, not a couple's night out.

Jenny was wearing a one-piece sleeveless dress. It was all red, and she looked very large, much more than Maria. From the front, you were able to see Jenny's butt stick out to the side, and it was large enough to set a soda can on. She wore a sleeveless dress, probably thinking her arms were the smallest part of her, but they were plenty large, with a well-formed elbow dimple. She only had two belly rolls in view, but they were two huge ones.

Cade had gotten huge. He was clearly the largest of the bunch. He didn't want to stand long and asked to sit down shortly after they arrived. He sat down and took up half the couch.

John didn't seem like he had changed much; he was still happy and smiling.

The girls stepped on the scale first.

Jenny was 276, a gain of 89 pounds! “Great work,” Cade smiled.

“Yes, indeed,” said John.

Maria stepped on the scale, 234, a gain of 37 pounds. Jenny now outweighed Maria by 42 pounds.

Cade stepped on and the scale stopped at 398, a gain of 64. “Nicely done,” said John, “A couple total of 101 pounds.”

John stepped on the scale, it read 357, a gain of 15 and a total couple gain of 104 pounds.

“It looks like we win and Jenny gets her car.” Jenny was all smiles and jumped up and down as best she could.

Her entire body shook and got Cade stiffer than he already was.

They went downstairs and gorged themselves on pizza. Both Cade and Jenny put on an eating exhibition. John and Maria mostly watched them stuff themselves and smiled.

John Jenny Maria Cade
-- -- 110
First met
During first six weeks
-- -- 105
Day Cade met John
After feasting
Double date
After contest
Week after contest
Start of second contest
Contest 2
357 276 234 398 After contest 2

That Friday, Cade and Maria arrived at Jenny and John's. They came empty-handed and with nervous anticipation. John suggested the same set-up, “Maria will go upstairs with me, and Cade will go downstairs with Jenny.” They all resumed their positions. Cade went to the downstairs suite, hopped on the bed and got tied-up. Jenny said, “I'm going to enjoy this. You fed me till I cried, and now it is turnabout.” Cade was nervous, yet totally aroused.

Jenny began with a stuffed pizza. The pizza alone weighed six pounds. After about two full hours of eating, they were almost finished. There were a lot of breaks and belly rubbing. Jenny found herself, for the first time, aroused at the feeding bit. She started sharing the second to last slice with Cade in a seductive manner. Cade was rock hard. She slowly made her way down to Cade's hard-on. She started to give him pleasures, and they made love. It was a little awkward; Cade was not used to a woman of her size. Even though she was only 42 pounds more than Maria, it made a big difference.

It had been many months since Jenny and John had sex - and she did not remember it being that good. Jenny wasn't too sure why they were not having sex; she believed John had another woman on the side. After finishing the pizza, Jenny went to get a butter cream cake. She forced Cade to eat. He was in great pain, but persevered. Cade couldn't finish the entire cake, so Jenny had to help with at least ¼ of the cake. After they finished, Jenny was going to call it a night.

Jenny was making her way upstairs to bed and was met halfway by John. John said, “Maybe it is a good idea to stay down there and continue to feed him. I'll stay up here with Maria.”

Jenny really didn't care. She was exhausted and ready to sleep. She went downstairs and slept on the lazy boy chair next to Cade.

After about two hours of sleeping, she felt stiff and uncomfortable. She woke to see Cade only in his shorts, tied in the bed. His belly hung well over his shorts. She started getting a little aroused and thought a late night meal and sex would be a good idea. She went to the suite kitchen and pulled out two-dozen king- sized Snickers bars. She unwrapped one and put it to Cade's lips. He said in a groggy voice, “What's going on?”

“You are a little late for your midnight snack,” said Jenny, as she fed him the candy. After he finished twenty and Jenny had four, they made love. Jenny thought this one was even better than the last.

This continued for all seven nights. Jenny would wake up around 2am and have a meal for both of them, followed by a bout of love, where they both fell asleep in the bed. Cade actually didn't want it to end, and, in a strange way, Jenny didn't either.


On the morning of the eighth day, the girls were in the shower, getting ready for the day. Maria was downstairs and Jenny upstairs. John approached Cade and said, “I've got a proposition for you. I would like you and Maria to work for me. Before you say anything, I want you to hear me out. I will pay both of you exactly what you are making now, but I want you to do your accounting work from the suite downstairs. Furthermore, I want you to help me fatten up Jenny. My plan is to get her immobile. That has always been my fantasy. As a further incentive, if you could get her to gain 10 pounds every month, I'll give a bonus check equal to your regular monthly check”

Cade was completely caught off guard and didn't know what to say, “Could I think about it?”

John said, “No, I need to know now so I can set it up. You will, of course, need to convince Maria.”

Cade thought about I: 7K per month plus a 7K bonus per month was 14K per month; annualized, it was 168K. Add Maria's 4K per month, and they would have a combined 216K in theur bank account. On top of the money, he was going to fatten up Jenny to the point of being immobile. How could he refuse? Cade agreed. As Cade and Maria were getting ready to leave, John said, “I've got an idea. How would you two like to work for me?”

Cade said, “Sure.”

John said, “You two could work for me from home in the downstairs suite. I'll pay you exactly what you are making now, and since it is your office, I won't charge you rent. There is only one condition; I want everyone to continue eating. I'm thinking five pounds a month in order to get your check.”

Cade gave a double take to John. The last clause was not discussed. John and Cade just stared at each other for a few seconds. John finally said to Cade, “Are you two in?”

Cade quickly thought about the money and feeding Jenny; it was too much of an incentive. Cade looked at Maria; she shook her head no. Cade pulled her off to the side and easily convinced her; it was almost too easy, he thought. They came back, and Cade said, “We agree.”

John said, “Excellent - let's go get a weigh in.”

Cade was first, 410 pounds, a 12 pounds gain during “feed week.” John said, “You need to be at 415 next week.”

Maria stepped on, and it read 233, a one-pound loss. John said, “Your goal is 238.”

Jenny stood there; John motioned for her to come. She said, “I'm not part of this.”

He said, “Do you work for me? Do you want your paycheck?” Cade wasn't sure how much she was getting, but he was impressed when he saw her move. Cade had never witnessed a woman her size move so quickly, let alone move quickly to a scale. The scale registered, 285, a nine-pound gain. Cade was totally aroused. He thought, “Nine pounds and she was the feeder. This bonus money is as good as in the bag.”


Cade and Maria spent the weekending packing up and moving out of their apartments. They arrived at John and Jenny's house in the early evening on Sunday. The first thing Cade noticed was the new bed in the guest suite. The new bed was specially made and was the size of three twins, which Cade was able to tell by the box springs.

Shortly after their arrival, Cade informed Maria of the deal he'd made with John. Cade said, “If I could get Jenny to gain ten pounds per month, he will give me a bonus of $7,000 for each month. I'm going to need you to help me. I need you to encourage and cook.” Maria had no problem and agreed.

The first day of work, Maria woke at 7am and started making breakfast downstairs in their guest suite. Cade woke up to the great smelling food and started eating shortly after.

Jenny reported downstairs to work around 8am. Maria said, “I hope you are hungry; I made a lot of food for breakfast.” Jenny was hungry and sat down. She helped herself to a few pounds of bacon and a huge plate of scrambled eggs. When she finished that, she had a huge stack of pancakes. Maria poured about a stick of melted butter on the stack and covered it with syrup. Jenny started to slow as she finished her pancakes, but Maria then mentioned, “I don't think you two could finish the three coffee cakes.” Jenny and Cade ate those, too.

After breakfast, Cade went to the office. It was a fully functional office with three computers and extra large chairs. Cade and Maria sat down and went to work. John had briefly told them what to do and left detailed documented instructions of what needed to get completed. Jenny said, “I've got some errands to run; I'll be back shortly.”

Cade and Maria began their work. Maria had strategically placed plenty of food around the office for Cade and Jenny to snack, but for now it was all Cade's.

Jenny arrived back around 12:30, with a few bags of clothes and household items. She had spent the morning in the mall and was exhausted and hungry.

For lunch, Maria had made four gigantic sandwiches, two for Cade and two for Jenny. They ate their sandwiches and split a 17” triple layer fudge cake.

During the afternoon, Jenny actually did some work, but only for about an hour; the rest of the time she spent surfing the web. Maria made sure Jenny had plenty of snacks, and she kindly obliged by eating everything placed in front of her.

John called around 4:30pm to tell them he wasn't going to make it home for dinner, so they decided to eat at 5:00. Maria made two huge platters of lasagna and, for dessert, a tiramisu cake. Maria ate a small piece, while Cade and Jenny both chose pieces that barely fit on the plate, and they both had seconds and thirds of equal size. Jenny and Cade competed to see who would get most of the tiramisu, but since Maria controlled the portions, she gave Jenny more.

After dinner, they sat downstairs in the entertainment area and watched TV. Maria had continued to bring out snacks; she started with a bag of chili cheese chips and cheese puffs, and she followed that with two bags of Oreo's and followed that with beef jerky.

This pattern continued for the entire week. Maria would cook and serve; Jenny would shop and work for an hour or two and John was almost never around. The only other notable moment was when Cade found that John had started to pay Jenny $10,000 per month when the first contest started and had bumped it to $15,000 after the two contests. Cade realized the $15,000 per month was why she was listening to every demand John ordered and why she always seemed to shop.

Before the start of the second week, John asked Jenny if she would come into the office for a few weeks. He said, “I've been working too many hours and need a little help.” Jenny declined. He asked Cade, saying, “I think I could do my entire job better from here. Maybe Maria could go?” John asked Maria and she agreed.

Week two was different from week one. On the first day of the second week, Maria woke around 5:30 am, cooked a huge breakfast, laid it out for Cade and Jenny and left with John for work at 7 am. Jenny came down at 7am, earlier than any time during the prior week. She had a smile on her face, and Cade knew what it meant. They went to the table and started feeding each other. Without any words, they went to work; Cade poured melted butter down her throat, and followed it up with coffee cake, bacon and dozens of donuts. They started their morning in the same fashion every day. Sometimes they made love in the bed, but other times, they did it there in the kitchen. On the first Monday, however, they did not work and spent the whole day eating and making love.

On the first day of the second week, John and Maria came home around 8pm. Maria apologized, fed him and gave him oral pleasures.

The following weeks were pretty much the same, except Jenny spent more time in the basement suite shopping on-line. Cade would concentrate on feeding Jenny during the day, and Maria would come home with John in the late evening and feed Cade into the night.

Cade quickly learned he couldn't eat as much as he did during the day because Maria was really pushing him at night. Maria slowly stopped giving intercourse; she moved to oral pleasures and then hand pleasures. Cade really didn't care; he was getting a lot of action from two of the most beautiful women he had ever known.

Through the first six months, Jenny's mall visits had dwindled, and she did almost all of her shopping on-line. She not only was spending all of her money, she was also convincing Cade to buy her stuff. It worked to his advantage. He would agree to give her money if she agreed to huge eating binges. She was totally out of control. She was not only getting her highs from buying things, but also eating and sex.

At the weigh-in on the sixth month, she wore a two-piece bathing suite she'd bought on the Internet. She covered part of her body with a see-through wrap. Her legs and rear were huge; she struggled when she walked; her calves had 100% cellulite coverage. Her belly hung close to her knees; being only 5' 1”, meant it wasn't a huge drop. Her arms were still the thinnest part of her body, but they were at least 25”. During each of previous five weigh-ins, she had met her weight goal. There was only one time Cade did not get his bonus money; she came in at 8 pounds that week. She stepped on the scale and it read 359, 74 pounds over six months.

Cade, too, had gained a lot of weight. He had not left the basement since he started working, and he wasn't too sure if he could even if he tried. He stepped on the scale and it read 451 a gain of 41 pounds.

After the weigh in, Maria quietly suggested to Cade, “It may be best to keep Jenny downstairs every night and have her sleep in the bed, too. I know you don't like the idea, but it probably would work best for you to get the bonus money. This way you could feed her into the night and wake up in the middle of the night for more. Furthermore, the bed is probably large enough to fit all three of us, so I'm sure there is nothing for me to worry about.”

Cade was pleasantly surprised and flashed a grin, “If you think that's the best plan, I'll do it.”

From that day forward, Cade and Jenny never left the basement. Maria would usually stop down after work, cook a few dishes, clean up after them and bring them loads of food.

With Maria out of the way, Cade and Jenny did almost nothing but eat and give each other sexual pleasures. Maria would need to go out and buy groceries twice a week because Cade and Jenny's appetite had greatly increased.

A few months had past since their six-month weigh-in, and Jenny had stopped doing any work and rarely even got out of bed. She would plead for Cade to stop working and feed her. She had gotten to the point where she didn't want to get up and get food herself.

After about ten months of Maria working in the downtown office with John, Cade and Jenny had gotten into a pretty good routine. Cade would get up around 8pm for breakfast. It was still warm from Maria cooking it an hour earlier. He would need to make three or four trips to bring all the food. By the time he managed to do all of that, he was exhausted and needed some time to catch his breath. Jenny and Cade would stuff themselves with everything that he brought. By now they had grown too large for intercourse and Jenny wasn't mobile enough to give Cade any type of pleasure. Cade would do the best he could to pleasure them both.

Lunch and dinner would be pretty much the same thing. Cade would make a few trips, and they would both gorge. Maria would arrive home around 7pm, cook, clean up their old dishes from around the bed and do more grocery shopping.

Cade would periodically get up for work, but more often he would stay in bed with Jenny. One the twelfth month weigh-in, John had brought the scale directly to their bed. He gave Cade a hand to get him out of bed. He stepped on the scale and it read 503 pounds. John and Maria smiled and said, “Great job!” in unison.

John added, “A nice barrier to break.”

John brought the scale to Jenny, and they struggled to get her out of bed and on the scale; it read 440. John decided to step on it, too; it read 305.

Cade had done some calculations in his head. He figured him and Maria had over $300,000 in the bank. He said, “John, I think Maria and I have done our job. I think it's time for us to resign.”

John said, “I'm sorry. I don't think that is going to happen.”

Cade asked, “Why?”

John replied, “You have nowhere to go and no money. Maria withdrew all of the money in your joint bank account.”

Cade was pissed, “What? Why?” as he struggled to get out of bed.

John said, “Don't bother getting up to thank me. Everyone got what they wanted. You have the best set-up. Maria will continue to feed you and Jenny. As long as you co-operate, you will have a roof over your head and most of all, you have an immobile china doll next to you forever. Maria doesn't have to gain all the weight you kept pushing on her. Maria and I now have each other, and Jenny had an enjoyable year of shopping buying almost $200,000 worth of goods.”

Maria grabbed John's hand. They turned around and started to walk up the stairs. Maria turned around before she was out of sight and said to Jenny, “Maybe it's time YOU got reacquainted with the stair master.”

John Jenny Maria Cade
-- -- 110
First met
During first six weeks
-- -- 105
Day Cade met John
After feasting
Double date
After contest
Week after contest
Start of second contest
Contest 2
357 276
After contest 2
Week after contest
-- 285
Start of new job
After first six months of new job
-- 359

After second six months on new job
305 440 205 503