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Caroline Gets a Thanksgiving Surprise
(And Lots Of It!)

by Joyride

Part of this story is in story form and part is in poetic form. Well, there’s no metaphors; not that I can’t write them or anything like that... I have other reasons. You’ll see. This story is also sort of hard-core and long, but it’s good! Enjoy.

My girlfriend, Caroline, is coming over for Thanksgiving feast today; it’ll be just us -in celebration of my new apartment. I’m in the store pickin’ up some milk and on the way to the check-out line I notice that all the little snack cakes are on sale, 2 boxes for $1.00. I get this idea that’s too arousing to pass by and buy 8 boxes. Then I go back to the refrigerated isle and grabbed 2 more gal. jugs of milk to total 3 gal. of milk and 8 boxes of snack cakes. I figure this will be enough. Because it’s Thanksgiving no one notices the unusual purchases.

The idea is brilliant. I’m 17, Caroline 18 and she truly loves sex; she loves sex so much she’ll do anything for it. But, she’s a big girl. She’s 5’ 1” and 315 lb.s. with big drooping belly to go with her apple shape. So, I’m just about the only one who’ll give her sex. As a result we have sex a lot -like 5 times a week on average, which makes me thankful! This is how I know 3 of her fetishes. She likes to be called “Piggy,” she likes me to feed here, she likes me to be the aggressor and tie her to the bed -hands and feet! Tying her up is fun in bed, but I never would’ve dreamed of really hurting her. Her fetishes, combined with Thanksgiving feast tonight and the snack cakes sale will make my plan beautiful.

Plus, I’m solely in charge of cooking and setting out the feast. I wouldn’t normally be in charge of cooking and setting it out, but it’s at my apartment, and she couldn’t get off work until 4:30; I have the whole day off from work today. I stash the snacks under the bed, pulling the slightly-too-big sheets to the floor on 1 side; The bed’s against the wall, so, that will hide the other side and I’m hoping really hard that she doesn’t see the boxes from the head or foot of the bed. I put a glass on the night stand -for later! After setting up the surprise in the bedroom I set out the feast I made and finish right at 5:00 -right when Caroline’s supposed to be here.

The doorbell sounds. “She’s here!” I go and answer the door.

She stands
the sun behind
outlines her.
from her
cherub-like round
face and double chin,
round, full breasts,
full of fat
hanging down
under the weight
of itself,
legs, hips, rear,
wide with fat
chubby hands and feet.

“Hi!” Caroline says.

“Hey, come in.” She walks slowly up the stairs. I follow behind her a few steps to watch her butt move. I sprint ahead of her to see her smiling reaction as she sees the dinner table. “Mmm, lot o’ food here!!” Caroline announces in reaction to the amount of food.

“Whatever is left over I’ll save in the fridge.” I assure her. She sits down, I serve her, I serve myself, and I sit down. I put a forkful in her mouth, she closes her lips around it and I retract the empty fork.

“Mmm.” she manages while chewing the food. She swallows and her second chin moves a little. We now eat our own meals. 55 min.s later I sit back, stuffed. About 5-10 min.s later Caroline sits back. “Stuffed,” she complains and places a hand on her big belly. I lean over and whisper encouragements in her ear. A few seconds later she looks at me, looks at a little less than half the feast left, smiles and continues eating.

I help were I can, massaging her big, bounding, bloated, belly and stick pieces of food in her mouth. Her belly stretches out. It stretches out so much her beautiful belly rolls start to flatten out making her belly smother and smoother. With each bite her belly stretches some more.

About 3/4 of the way through the feast her belly stretches out another 6 more inches than it was when we began and is completely smooth and tight -full of food. I remind her of my promises of sex and encourage her so, she doesn’t stop eating.

We start seeing the impression of food on her belly. She gets worried and wants to stop. I take my shirt off and place her hand on my erect dick.

“Well then, Piggy, if you don’t finish no sex for 2 weeks.” I say. She continues eating.

More and more she eats until, more than an hour after I finished Caroline finishes more than 1/2 our fabulous, fattening, feast. Caroline sits back with a worried look on her face. We both place a hand on her bloated belly and massage it slowly and carefully so, not to disturb the load stuffed in her too much and cause her to be uncomfortable.

“Uh, done. Oh, I’m gonna pop.”

“And now...” she moans of pleasure as I kiss her. We kiss and touch a minute then I get up. Because of her stuffed belly, it takes me 5 min.s for me to help her out of her chair, it takes 10 min.s to get her down the hall, and 5 more min.s to get her in bed and tied down to it. Caroline moans and groans in pain the whole way. She looks over at the glass on the night stand.

She asks, “Is that yours?”

“Yeah, it’s mine.” I tell her, “I have to get a surprise first.”

“Ooh, a surprise! Hurry back!”

“Uh, huh!” I answer slyly as I leave the room. I return with a jug of milk.

Piggy pleads, “Ooh, baby, I couldn’t possibly ever...”

It’s not for you, Piggy, remember? That’s my glass.” I pour the glass full of milk.

Caroline asks, “Your gonna drink milk now?”

“Oh, I’m not gonna to use this now -later, you’ll see.”

“Oh, okaaaaaaayyyy,” Piggy says. I put a box of snack cakes (“Devil Dog” brand) on the bed and open the box as Caroline complains, “Baby, no, can’t you see? Look at my belly, I can’t anymore.

I unwrap the package and say, “Yes, you can, Piggy, eat it!”

“I can’t my belly too sore, swollen, stretched, and full! No!”

stuff her face
with one.
She can’t scream
Can’t cry for help
her mouth full
again again again
more more more
belly pushes forward
more more more
Caroline’s face red, tears
Piggy’s jean button
slight comfort.
stuff more, belly push out
more more more
pour milk in-
glass, Piggy’s mouth.
more cakes
cake after cake
box after box
more milk more cake
stuff stuff stuff
belly stretch
2 boxes cake
1 gallon milk.

I leave to get another jug of milk. I come back.

Piggy complains, “uhhh, no more, I’ll bust!”

Slap! Slap!
stuff more,
in in in
it goes,
hard tight
stretched full
belly pushes
cake cake cake
milk milk milk,
tighter tighter tighter
fuller fuller fuller
eat Piggy eat
stuff big belly, bigger
fill with food,
3 boxes, cake
2 jugs, milk
stuffed in-
sore stuffed swollen
big bloated belly

Caroline swallows and moans, “uhhhhhhhhhhh. ohhhhhhhhhhh!” I go and get the last jug of milk. I come back and see Caroline moaning and tugging at the ropes but, they don’t give. She sees me and stops puling.

She moans, “ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, no more food! I’ll burst! Ohhhhhhhhhhh.”

slap! slap! slap!
stuff more cakes,
Piggy can’t resist
the food I stuff inside
her big belly
stuff it
bigger bigger bigger
tighter tighter tighter
fuller fuller fuller
cake milk cake
fill fill fill
more more more
tighter tighter tighter
bigger bigger bigger,
stretch marks on her belly
Caroline’s face red, tears.
She can take no more food
in her belly,
or so she thinks!
1 more box
eat Piggy eat
drink Piggy drink
Piggy swallows.

Caroline moans, “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

“Are you full yet?”

“Uhhhhhhhhhhh -Please -ohhhhhhhhhhhh -no -ahhhhhhhhhhh -more -ohhhhhhhhhhhhh -food -uhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’ll -ohhhhhhhhhhh -explode! Ahhhhhhhhhh

“Fine, no more food.” I take off her shirt and bra. They dangle by the ropes tying her to the bed. I pull off her pants and panties. I take my clothes off (except my shirt which was off from before) and we’re naked. Caroline’s still moaning loudly and constantly; her face is still red and she’s still crying. I look at the 3” bulge in her belly that is from the more than 3/4 of a Thanksgiving feast for 4, 8 boxes of snack cakes and 3 jugs of milk she ate. I push her belly down 2” it’s side spreads and she lets out a yell. I let up and her belly pops back into shape.

Caroline moans, “Stop -ohhhhhhhhhhhh -please!” I push down on her 3 more times and she asks me to “stop please” 3 more times. I stop, look at her, smile and press down 1 more time for good measure.

I place my big, hard cock against her round face and say, “suck it!” Still moaning from the pain, she looks, at me, at her big, bulging belly, and then back at me. I rub my dick against her chubby cheeks, but demand nothing. Caroline’s still moaning, her face is still red, but she stops crying. She loves to suck cock and she always thought the best part was swallowing the cum, I know it. Piggy’s greed overcomes the pain in her belly as she wraps her full, lovely lips around my dick and sucks on it. She’s very good at it. She licks and sucks, sucks and licks until... I pour yet more substance into her mouth and she swallows it into her staining belly. My cum fills her belly just a little more and she’s full to my satisfaction. Caroline is still moaning.

I look at her big, beautiful, bulging, bloated belly and get hard again as I kiss, lick and touch everywhere I can reach, but I leave her belly alone so, that I don’t disturb the mass inside. I kiss her face, neck, and fat tits. I suck on her nipples and she loves it. I touch and lick her lard laden legs and massage her chubby feet.

Caroline’s still in pain, still moaning as I lift her up by her ankles and slide my hips underneath her. Her beautiful belly droops half the way to her knees, always has. This is our favorite way for me to reach her pussy which is wet now. I stick it in, pound her, and listen to her moan in both pain and pleasure. We have sex until we both cum and pass out.

I wake up and see Piggy. Her stomach had flattened down to it’s original size, but I could see the impression of her very full small intestine bloating out 1’ on 3 sides. (she fell asleep on her back so her intestine couldn’t expand in that direction) I get up.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Caroline moans, which means she’s up and still in pain. “Ah! Ah! Untie me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Untie me!” I turn around to see her small intestine shrinking and her full large intestine growing! I know where the next stop for the load inside her is! I start to untie her hands. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I have to go! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I have to go! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! hurry! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Once I untie her hands she holds the flesh around her 6” and growing large intestine and sits up. Her intestine’s up to 8 1/2” by the time I untie her feet.

Free from the bed, Caroline runs her fat, bloated self into the bathroom -not even bothering to close the door. I run in after her and see her sit down on the toilet with a round, full, bloated intestine. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Caroline screams as she begins to pass last night’s feast. Now, she calms a little, still passing, moaning all the way through the hardship. She screams twice more during the harder parts the ordeal.

I noticed something more interesting during this time though. Caroline gains weight right in front of me!

checks bulge
second chin droops
to her chest
breasts fill
nipples harden
arm and leg folds
fill in.
waist and hips
widen and inch
back fattens
feet and hands
belly bloats
rolls unfold!

She finishes and walks out; all I can say is “Wow!” I close the door behind me. Hey, I had a feast too, just mine wasn’t as big. I get out and a fatter Caroline is standing in the doorway.

Caroline talks to me sternly. “I could call that rape and have you arrested. We had Thanksgiving feast together and that was okay. I sat back, full, stuffed in fact. But, you encouraged me to keep eating. You even offered me sex if I ate more and I did. As a matter of fact, I ate enough for 3 people my size and felt like I would pop and that was still okay, because I could of stopped eating if I wanted to. But, then you tied me to the bed and force fed me: snack cakes, milk, more snack cakes and more milk. I begged, pleaded, moaned, my face turned red, I cried and I thought I was gonna explode. But, you touched your dick to my face, knowing I couldn’t resist sucking your cock and swallowing your cum; cramming more stuff into my bloated belly. We had sex and passed out.

In woke up in an amazing amount of pain and ran to the bathroom. It was so painful I felt like I was passing a 10 lb. bowling ball through there at times! It was horrible. You stuffed me so full it tortured me for hours. From the 1st forkful you fed me to the enormous shit I just took. I was one, big plan to stuff me with food until I thought I was gonna explode then make me suck your cock and swallow your cum into my poor, big, bloated belly and watch me get fatter. I’m still sore from that, but it was like the best longest sex I ever had and I wanna do it again sometime, but right now I’m so horny let’s go fuck!”

“Uhhh, wow! Okay!” I manage while still in astonishment from what I just heard. I follow Caroline’s fat body into the bedroom. The bedroom door shuts and Caroline giggles.

Would it have been worth it if... We broke up? She told everyone she knew? If she: claimed “rape,” sent me to jail for a million years, and it was all over the news?

Oh Yeah!