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Cassandra's Confections
By fatrat

Darien Morlon was a troubleshooter for a large computer firm. His work sent him all over the world. Sometimes he would fly into a large city then have to rent a car and drive out into the country to a small town or village to help some business with their computer problems.

No matter where he went or how long he was gone, he always tried to find something to bring home to his wife, Jenna. He had met Jenna when still in college. It was almost love at first sight. Jenna had long red hair, dark green eyes and a smile that would melt even the coldest heart! The only thing that almost destroyed their union was that Jenna had no curves. Her body was almost straight up and down! However, the rest of her beauty and personality had Darien in the spell of love.

What was so surprising about Jenna's lack of shape was that she ate like a horse! At the reception, the day of their wedding, she ate more than twice what Darien did and he would admit to anyone that he had a good appetite. Some of the guests thought she might be eating for more than one. She and Darien quickly stopped those rumors by announcing that they had agreed to stay celibate until the wedding night!

Over the next five years, their love grew in leaps and bounds, but Jenna only gained a few pounds. Jenna knew that Darien loved her, but she also knew he would love her even more if there was more of her to love. She tried eating more sweets and foods high with fat and calorie content. She tried weight gain formulas meant for body builders. She even tried powders and potions she acquired from people that were supposed to be known masters of witchcraft. Nothing worked!!

One day, when Darien left for a short business trip, Jenna had finally decided there was nothing that would change her physical stature. Darien knew how she felt and was depressed because she was. His trip was to a small town a few days from the main office so he decided to drive. He figured he could clear his head of personal things before the meeting, so he could concentrate on the business at hand.

When Darien finished his part of the installation and training, he headed home. As he was driving along, he noticed an old weather-beaten sign along the road. "Cassandra's Confections, homemade goodies with an almost magical taste! Next Right!" the sign read. Darien didn't think much about it until just before the turn. As if something compelled him to do it, he turned onto the road. He then thought to himself, "Maybe a little something for Jenna to lift her spirits."

A few minutes later, Darien came to another sign pointing to a small cottage-like building. He turned into the small lot and parked his car. Getting out, he walked up the walk to the door and opened it walking inside. As he entered, an old style bell rang and a feminine voice called from the back, "I'll be with you in a minute!" While he waited, Darien looked around the shop. Everything in the shop seemed to be designed like something out of the late 1800's: old style apothecary jars, antique glass cases, even the cash register was an old hand-cranked machine. The main counter was antique pine with a marble top in perfect condition!

As Darien marveled at how new everything looked, he heard the curtains rustle in front of him. Looking up, he saw a vision that left him breathless. Before him stood a raven-haired beauty with deep blue eyes like midnight pools. What really shocked him was the fact that she had a body that looked as round as she was tall!

"May I help you sir?"

"Well I......I didn't mean to stare!"

"That's quite all right, I'm used to it," the lady replied. "Welcome to Cassandra's Confections; I'm Cassandra. Now, once again, may I help you?"

"I was driving home, thinking of my wife, when I saw your sign. Something compelled me to come."

"Your wife has a sweet tooth?" Cassandra inquired.

"Yes, she does - ever since I've known her, she's loved her pastries and candies."

"A woman after my own heart!" Upon saying this, Cassandra noted a look of sadness in Darien's eyes.

"You love your wife very much, but I can see that something isn't quite right! Maybe I can do something that will help."

"I don't think there's much of anything anyone can....."

"Don't be so sure there, my young friend," Cassandra said, cutting Darien off. "It has been said that one taste of my treats can work magic. You pick out something for that lady of yours, while I get something from the back I think she'll like."

As Cassandra disappeared into the back, Darien once again looked around. There was something about that woman that felt strange to Darien. She seemed to know there was something wrong with his relationship with Jenna. Also for a woman of her size she seemed to float around the shop like she was floating on air. Just as he found a 5lb. box of assorted chocolates, Cassandra appeared out of nowhere before him. In her hands were two small boxes, one red, one green.

Handing the boxes to Darien, Cassandra spoke, "Give Jenna the red box when you first get home; the green one give to her Christmas day - not before! Make sure you follow my instructions and everything will work out fine. Now on your way, she's waiting for you."

Darien was out the door, in his car and just a few miles from home when he realized she'd never ask for any payment! Then a thought entered his mind, the fulfillment of my dreams is her payment. Now what did that mean? As he pulled into the driveway, his only thoughts were of Jenna growing!!!

As he walked into the house, Darien could smell something wonderful coming from the kitchen. Just before he reached the kitchen, Jenna came into view. She smiled at Darien and wrapped her arms around him, giving him a big kiss.

"I've missed you! I knew you would be home sometime today so I've been planning, baking and cooking all day! I think I went a little overboard though!" Saying that, Jenna led Darien into the kitchen. Passing through the doorway, Darien was shocked at the sight before him. The table was set for dinner and completely covered with all kinds of food. The counters were filled with fresh baked cakes, pies, cookies and breads. Just then a thought entered his mind, "Give her the red box!"

Reaching into his coat pocket, Darien produced the red box and handed it to Jenna. "Here, luv, a little appetizer for you. I picked it up at a little shop I found."

Opening the little box, Jenna found what appeared to be a large bonbon. As she bit into it she moaned with pleasure, cherry coconut her favorite! She finished the candy and felt a warm feeling spread through her body. It then seemed to settle back into her stomach making her feel very hungry!

"Come on sweetheart, let's eat before this all gets cold!" Saying this, Jenna led Darien to the table. As Darien filled his plate, he looked at Jenna and was amazed at how much she was piling on hers! Then she started eating like there was no tomorrow! Darien ate two plates full of food then sat back rubbing his full stomach. Jenna, however, continued to eat; it was as if as long as there was food in sight she had to eat! When she became too stuffed to move, she called out, "Honey, I'm sooooooo full, but I'm still hungry. Please feed me!!!!"

With those words one of his dreams had come true! Darien had always dreamed of Jenna sitting back and him feeding her till she could eat no more! He then proceeded to feed her everything in sight, pies, cakes, cookies, slices of bread smothered in butter and finally the 5 lb. box of chocolates he had bought at Cassandra's, piece by piece! As he placed the last piece into her mouth, Darien saw the button on her slacks pop and the zipper quickly split open to reveal a small well-rounded tummy.

"Oh honey, I've made a pig of myself! How could I have eaten so much?" With that, Jenna broke down in tears.

"Here, here now, we'll have no negativity. So you had a hunger binge, I still love you!" saying this, Darien helped Jenna to her feet and led her toward the bedroom. When they got to the bed, Darien slowly undressed Jenna and helped her onto the bed. He then quickly removed his own clothes and climbed in beside her. Giving her a long slow kiss, he then proceeded to explore every inch of her body. Kissing her face, he noticed it seemed a little fuller. Her neck, shoulders and arms - all had a little more softness to them. Her breasts seemed to have added maybe a cup size and her hips and legs had rounded a little - but the biggest noticeable change was her stomach. Where once it had seemed cancaved, it now was extremely convex! Where it had been as flat as the proverbial washboard, it now was the size of a slightly overinflated basketball. Rubbing and kissing her belly started to make Jenna moan and increase the speed of her breathing. Finally, she could take no more playing around.

"Honey!" she gasped, "I need you NOW! Take me pleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaassseeee!!!!!!!" With that, Darien made love to her for what seemed like hours. When they were finished, they fell asleep in each other's arms. Several hours later, Darien awoke and looked at Jenna, she looked as she had when he first walked in the door! Had it all been a dream? He slipped on his pants and slippers and went to the kitchen for a drink. It had NOT been a dream! The kitchen was covered with the remains of the food orgy. Darien quietly cleaned everything up and returned to bed!

The next morning, Jenna had no memory of anything but the great sex the night before. From that night on, whenever the two of them were alone for dinner, Jenna would stuff herself silly, then they would make love for hours. Other times, she seemed to have a healthy appetite, but not gluttonous. This went on until Christmas night. That day they were up early to go spend the day with his family. Jenna had spent late into the night Christmas Eve, preparing things to take and things for their late dinner Christmas night.

When they arose Christmas day, Darien handed Jenna the little green box. "A little surprise to start the holiday, my luv." Opening the box, Jenna got a strong whiff of rum. Lying inside was another large bonbon.

"I can't eat this so early; it smells like a rum cordial!"

"I assure you my luv, you won't get drunk on one little piece of candy. Humor me,please!" With that, Darien gave her his best innocent little boy look.

"You know I can't resist you when you do that," said Jenna,after which she ate the candy. As the candy melted and slid down her throat, she again felt a warm sensation spread through her body. This time it intensified through her whole body and not just her stomach. As quickly as it spread it was gone, leaving her tingling all over.

Throughout the day Jenna constantly nibbled on anything she could find. At meal time, she ate just a little bit more than a normal meal for her, but being the holiday no one thought much of it, as we all tend to eat a little more then. Her body seemed to do a minimal amount of expansion during this time, nothing really noticeable.

After all their holiday travelling, Darien and Jenna returned home. Jenna quickly rushed into the kitchen, telling Darien that she would have their private dinner ready in about an hour. An hour later Jenna, called Darien to the kitchen. When he entered, Darien saw a spread that would rival any they had seen that day; there was food everywhere!!!!

"Sit and eat your fill, luv. Then you can feed me!"

Hearing that, Darien quickly filled his plate and chowed down. While he ate, Jenna slowly nibbled on various items on the table. She seemed to be savoring each bite as if she had never tasted it before! When Darien was finished eating, he looked at Jenna. She had a glazed look in her eyes as she said, "Honey, I'm famished. Please feed me!!!!"

Darien arose from his chair and approached Jenna. He grabbed the leg off the turkey and brought it to her lips. She bit into it with great gusto, like she hadn't eaten in weeks. Jenna attacked everything Darien fed her, massaging her rounding belly as she ate. The feast went on for hours, until there wasn't a crumb left of anything.

"I'm so full," Jenna moaned. "I think I need some loving to help me digest all this food! Help me up and get me to the bedroom please!"

As Darien helped Jenna from her chair, he was amazed at how she had grown! Her belly rose out like she was nine months pregnant with triplets. Her breasts looked like two large cantaloupes. Her hips had doubled in width to where her stretch pants ripped up the seams as she stood; the only thing holding them up was a tightly stretched waistband that dug in under her belly. Once they waddled to The bedroom, Darien slowly removed what was left of her clothing. He lowered Jenna's bulk onto the bed. Stripping off his own clothes he climbed in next to Jenna.

"Oh Darien, what's happened to me? I feel so full but also soooo horny! I need you. I need you now!"

Darien listened to Jenna as she moaned. He wasn't exactly sure what had happened, but he also felt extremely turned on by the sight. He bent down and kissed her on her full pouting lips. Slowly, he kissed her all over her large luscious body, till neither of them could stand anymore. Then they made slow, wild, passionate love till they both passed out from exhaustion.

When Darien awoke the next morning, he looked at Jenna and she seemed to have returned to normal - almost! There was definitely a little more roundness to her body. Not like the night before but a little. Her cheeks had a little puff to them. Her breasts were a little fuller. Her ass jutted out a little farther and her stomach had a small roll. Jenna looked great! As Jenna woke up, she saw Darien watching her.

"Morning luv, why are you looking at me like that?"

Darien didn't speak; he just trailed his eyes down her body. Following his gaze, Jenna beheld the changes, "Oh my God, I've put on a little weight, haven't I?" Jenna was so elated, she rolled over onto Darien and proceeded to make wild passionate love to him. Each night they had a feeding frenzy, Jenna growing to immense size, each night a little bigger. Then they would make wild passionate love until they fell asleep in each other's arms. In the morning, Jenna kept a fraction of the weight from the night before. This went on till New Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve, they decided to go for broke. Darien hit every fast food place he could find, literally cleaning them out of anything he could get quickly. He went to Baskin-Robbins and bought a tub of every flavor available. When Jenna sat down at the table, the feast of gluttony began! She became a non-stop eating machine. As quickly as Darien filled her plate she had it emptied. Burger, fries, shakes, roast beef, chicken, slaw, rolls, subs - the food went on and on. Jenna ate for hours. When she felt full, she just remembered all the food that would spoil and go to waste if she didn't eat it. It became her obsession not to waste any food. When all the main course dishes were finished, Darien looked at Jenna. She was almost round! Jenna looked back at Darien with a small look of sadness in her eyes.

"Is that everything?" she asked. "I'm still hungry!"

Darien smiled and started bringing in dessert. Cakes, pies, cookies, pastries, puddings, ice creams and goodies of all types. Jenna continued to gorge herself like she had never tasted food before and never would again! Finally, Darien fed Jenna the last bit in sight! After it slid down her throat, Jenna sat back, rubbing her vastly extended stomach.

"Oh my God, I've never felt so full in my life! I don't think I can even move!"

Darien reached out and took Jenna's pudgy hands helping her rise from her chair. Slowly, he helped her maneuver her large frame through the doorway and down the hall to the bedroom. Working her body into the room, Darien gently lowered Jenna onto the bed. The bed groaned from the unaccustomed weight, but held firm. Once again, they had a night of passionate love, falling asleep in each other's arms.

The next morning they awoke to a disturbing surprise. Where each morning Jenna had kept a portion of the weight the night before, New Year's Day, she was back to her original weight!

"Darien! Oh Darien, what's happened to me? I've lost all my beautiful flesh! Why Darien, why?!" With that, Jenna burst into tears.

"I don't know why, my luv. I just know that we've enjoyed the time that you were a woman of size. I wish it could be that way again."

"I wish it was, too. I was happier when I was fat and I know you were happier, too."

With that remark, a loud rumble was heard. They both got a startled look on their faces as the sound emanated from Jenna! Slowly Jenna's body began to expand. Her breasts slowly went from non-existent up through the alphabet. Her stomach inflated like a giant beachball, growing larger and larger, pushing her expanding breasts higher. Darien looked on in amazement. He somehow knew that Jenna's top weight today had been 425lbs. She was definitely past that and still growing. When her growth finally stopped, Darien knew that Jenna was now at a size that made Cassandra look as small compared to her as she had been to Cassandra!

Jenna was enormous! Darien knew she was close to a ton, give or take a few hundred pounds. Looking at Jenna, Darien realized he had undergone some substantial growth himself. He didn't understand it, but he knew he was now well-endowed enough to satisfy her even at her immense size!

They proceeded to make love continually through the night, until they fell asleep with Darien lying on top of Jenna's vast stomach. The next morning, Darien awoke where he had fallen asleep the night before. As he slid off his mountainous wife, he realized that something didn't look right. Taking time to clear his eyes, he looked around and saw that what had once been a small slightly crowded bedroom was now spacious - as if it had transformed to accommodate the new super-sized Jenna.

Darien entered the bathroom through large double doors,-(again made for Jenna)and found it had also been transformed. Anything that required enlarging or reinforcement had. There was a giant in floor Jacuzzi bath as well as a shower stall big enough to accommodate a clydesdale! He took a morning shower, then reached for a towel. The towel he found looked like a small pup tent!

Amazed at what he had found so far, Darien wondered what other changes had been made and how? As if to answer his second question a voice rang in his head saying, "Your dreams have been answered and to keep them alive, everything necessary to do so has been taken care of. You wanted your wife to grow fat.....she has! You needed the means to keep her that way and to please her....you have them! Anything you find changed has always been that way to everyone but you. Only you will remember how things were because you need to know. There are many other changes you will find, but you will see them as all for the better."

As if on cue, there was a knock on the bedroom door. Not really thinking about it, Darien said, "Come in!" The large double doors opened and several carts were pushed into the room by a group of plump young ladies.

"Breakfast is served, sir," a chubby little red-head said.

The smell of the food woke Jenna and a little blonde blimpette aimed a control at the bed and it somehow shifted Jenna into a somewhat seated position.

"Shall we feed you madame?" a brunette butterball inquired.

"No, Cassie, my husband will do the honors this morning. You girls get the kitchen staff started on lunch, then relax till then."

Darien watched as the rounded trio left the room. Jenna had called the brunette Cassie and he instantly knew the blonde was Casey and the red-head Sandra. Darien moved toward his wife and noticed that the bed had lowered itself partway into the floor so that he could easily reach over to Jenna's mouth.

"Feed me, lover - I'm famished!"

With that, Darien started to feed his mountainous beauty. In between bites for her he managed to suffice his own morning hunger. When they had finished, Jenna decided she needed a little nap. Darien said he was going to go check on a little business and should be back by dinnertime. After getting dressed, he left the bedroom and made his way to the garage. Passing through his now larger home, he noticed many lovely women taking care of various duties. They ranged from little chubs to fairly large ladies. Darien surmised that next to Jenna, the cooks were the largest in the house.

Darien got into his car and started out into the street. As he did, he realized that even his neighborhood had changed. They now lived in one of the richer parts of town. He looked at a card lying on the dashboard, it stated that he was now the senior regional sales rep and troubleshooter for his area. He now realized that everything he had ever wanted for he and Jenna had come true and it seemed to be connected to his stop at Cassandra's Confections!

Darien started to drive in the direction of Cassandra's. As he did, he began to put pieces together in his mind. He had been thinking about Jenna, just before he saw the road sign. Somehow Cassandra had read his thoughts and compelled him to come to her shop. Once there, she had given him the candy that had a magic spell on it. Then after he left she cast another spell to make sure that everything else that had happened would happen! Cassandra was a witch!!!!!!

Darien came to the spot where he had seen the sign and saw a bunch of rotted old boards entangled in weeds. Turning down the road, he wondered what had happened to the sign. As he approached the clearing of the shop, he found another surprise. Where the shop had stood was a large pile of rubble! He noticed a small cottage on the opposite side of the road with an elderly gentleman sitting on the porch. Darien pulled his car into the drive and got out.

"Excuse me, sir, what happened to Cassandra's?"

The old man rose from his chair and spoke as he descended the steps, "Young man, that place burned to the ground over 50 years ago! Cassandra was working in the back kitchen when the oven exploded, killing her instantly and setting the place ablaze!"

"That can't be! I was just here about two months ago! I was in that shop talking to Cassandra herself!"

The old man looked at Darien then asked him to describe all that he remembered of that day. Darien did as he was asked, telling of how he had been compelled to turn into the lane, the appearance of the building, the things he saw and smelled inside. When he described Cassandra, the old man at first looked puzzled, then he got a little teary eyed.

"What's wrong, sir? Did I say something to upset you?"

"No, young man, you didn't upset me," the man said between tears, "You just described my late grandmother to perfection!"

"Your grandmother?"

"Yes, Cassandra was my grandmother and she told me about a time when a young man of your description came into her shop. She said that he seemed dressed a little oddly, but she looked past that and saw an urgent need in his eyes. She told me how she did just what you told me. After you left, she cast a spell of prosperity on you, using a piece of lint she had picked from your clothes. This all happened when I was 7 years old! It was another 15 years before the fatal fire. So somehow, you went back in time over 65 years ago and met my grandmother!"

"That's impossible! How could any of this have happened like that? I don't believe it!"

"Didn't you ever wonder why the shop sat back so far from the main road? Besides making some of the best candies of her time, my grandmother was also a witch! She used her abilities to help hose in need and to keep the unwanted away from her and her family. Her essence still protects this area; that's why you were able to find her. You are still in her protection!"

"What do you mean, still in her protection?"

"You have three young ladies working for you, Cassie, Casey and Sandra, am I right?"

Yes, I do - I met them this morning. What do they have to do with this?"

"They are my granddaughters!"

Upon saying that, the old man started to laugh, and Darien could swear that he heard a female's laughter, too. But he and the old man were the only ones there!