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Fatty Cathy Grows Huge
By Fatty Cathy

Cathy woke up all excited, knowing her friend Larry was going to call this morning and let her know when he would pick her up after her classes at school. Tuesday was their special day when he would take her out to eat and let her make a real pig of her self, which not only felt good to be able to stuff her self silly with sweets. But she knew how excited it made him, which made her feel that wonderful erotic feeling that spread from her pussy all the way through her whole body. She was also excited because Daddy (her nickname for him which seemed to really please him) told her he had something new to show her today that would allow her to gorge all the ice-cream her growing belly could possibly hold.

Cathy looked in the mirror at her round fat tummy and was surprised at how big and round it was getting, she had always been chubby, but since she had been eating so many sweets, thanks to her wonderful friend, she was now beginning to get fat!!

When she met him six months ago she was 155 pounds, and at five feet tall that was really chunky. At eighteen she could no longer call it baby fat, since most of her girl friends didn't weighed 100 pounds. As of this morning she was an inch taller and much rounder and fatter, her waist having gone from 31 inches to a whopping 38 inches in such a short time. She had been able to squeeze into a size 20 ½ junior last month, but now she was stuffing herself in to a 23 junior plus, which really made her mom angry.

Her best friend Nancy who looked so skinny was wearing a size 7 and kept saying how fat she was, and that only made Cathy smile with the hidden knowledge of her friend's love of fat girls. If her girl friends only knew how good it felt to be fat and how delicious it was to gorge on sweets they would be in competition with her for Larry's affections, and so she kept quiet about her new found pleasure of gluttony so she could keep her man all to herself.

Waddling in to the bathroom with her swollen belly protruding out in front of her, the young girl climbed on to the scales and read the rising numbers with delight.160, 170, 180, 190, and finely stopping on 192 - one hundred and ninety two pounds of food swollen flesh that would make her friend Larry hot with insatiable lust for fat girls. Oh God, how she liked having this much power over a grown man. She loved the look of desire in his eyes as he leered and fondled all the new fat rolls that were adding layer upon layer of lard to her already round belly.

With all this spreading fat she was now beginning to get Hungry; in fact, she was starting to feel the need to stuff her belly again with lots and lots of sweets to not just fill her up but to make her “Daddy” proud of his fatty. After squeezing into her size 23 stretch jeans and her skin tight 2x tee that showed all her curves and rolls to perfection she grabbed a new box of 12 fudge rounds and proceeded to have a little snack of delicious sugar and fat before going down to breakfast.

Larry woke up across town in his silent near empty three-bedroom condo and realized once again how lonely he really was with out the family he had always envisioned. Over ten years ago when he had bought the place he was sure he and his Ex were going to live happily ever after in wedded bliss with kids and a dog named Sam and a cat named Ginger for the rest of their lives. Well, he had lost the wife and had acquired both the dog and the cat over the last few years and had come to terms with the fact that he needed more in his life then what a typical marriage had to offer. Today he was going to put his plan to work that he hoped would get him started on a whole new outlook on life.

Excited and eager to begin his day, he pictured his growing fatty with her food swollen belly, sitting at her house stuffing her young fat face with sweets and high calorie goodies while getting ready for her classes. Taking a deep breath, he tried to get her out of his mind, knowing that if he thought of her gorging herself with food for much longer his desire for his fat little piggy would cause him to spend the next half hour or so trying to satisfy his compulsive need and desire to fatten up a young girl until her stomach was huge and round and very very fat.

Oh God, he knew it was to late now as the he felt his manhood began to stir and get hard with the thought of his teen temptress stuffing and gorging her self for his pleasure. Leaning back on the bed and grabbing his cock in his hands, he began to imagine all the high calorie high fat food he could cram into her open little greedy mouth, his very own piggy who was so eager and willing to eat her way to gluttonous excess and obesity while he watched. His face flushed with lust and intense sexual need he continued on his personal quest for physical gratification. His groans and moans of carnal solitary passion echoing thru out his deserted home with only his pets to hear, in the end leaving him feeling unfulfilled and in need of a shower.

Calling her on the phone, he reminded his gluttonous beauty that this was their day to be together and asked her if she would mind skipping school and meeting him at the bus terminal downtown this morning. He could hear the anticipation and eagerness in her voice when she told him yes and had a real struggle not to go back into the bedroom to continue his search for sexual satisfaction. Once again under control, Larry went in one last time to his spare bedroom to check the “feeding equipment” that had taken the last six months to build and perfect.

The old dentist chair sitting in the corner ready for his fat little piggy looked like something out of one of the gaining web stories that had inspired him; the huge shiny metal tank with the long arm with tubes attached and the cans and cans of weight gain powder, along with fast food milkshake powder, all combined to make this a dream come true. Looking in the huge fridge he saw gallons and gallons of heavy cream just waiting to be dumped into the tank along with the fattening powder to be sucked up by his calorie gobbling fatty. Looking over to the opposite corner he saw a huge industrial scale that went to 1500 pounds, just waiting to be put to good use, and with the final visual sweep of the room he was ready to pick up his ready and willing feeder.

Larry wandered thru the bus terminal for a few minutes before he spotted his gorgeous young lover seated on a bench looking at a Martha Stewart magazine, reading recipes for very fattening deserts. The hunger in his eyes was very apparent as he watched the eighteen year old for a few moments before walking up to her. Long curly blond hair framed her chubby face and multiple chins to perfection while her rosy cheeks only added to her stunning voluptuous good looks. Skin tight jeans stretched over her fat thighs and rear along with a skintight hot pink tee showed off her bulging belly and ripe breasts to perfection and only added to his belief that he was really blessed with a real live angel whose only job was to bring him pleasure.

Cathy looked up, saw her special friend and jumped up and ran as fast as her round fat body would allow straight into his waiting arms. “Daddy, I've really missed you - a week is to long to go with out seeing you.” At first Larry was a little shaken by her obvious desire for him, but looking around the room saw a few older people smile and look at the two of them as one might a real father and daughter in a reunion embrace, so he relaxed and hugged her back. He leaned over and whispered in to her ear and told her how much he missed her and was looking forward to spending the day stuffing her already fat body full of ice-cream and other goodies until she was ready to burst. She looked up into his handsome face and in a very seductive breathy whisper (from all the running) said, “Hurry and take me home, Daddy; I'm so hungry.”

Grabbing her by the hand he escorted the fat teen out of the terminal and into his waiting car. While driving home he thought of his new machine that he hoped would blow his little fatty's belly up so huge she would look like she was nine months pregnant with a baby elephant. The thought of her belly growing and growing so fast got him so turned on he had a hard time concentrating on his driving. Reaching out with his right hand he began to massage her distended belly and whisper his little pet names to her.

“Fatty, I hope you are really hungry and ready to pig out for your daddy, I want my special little piggy to get so stuffed today” Cathy reached out and unzipped her tight jeans so her friend could massage all her bulging fat rolls as he drove. By the time they reached Larry's condo he was so turned on by his seductive fatty he was driven to distraction by his sexual need.

Opening the front door Sam, his four-year-old black lab, jumped into Cathy's face and started to lick her chubby cheeks. She began to giggle and hug him around the neck as an instant bond was formed between the girl and the dog. Watching the girl and the dog together tugged at Larry's heart as he realized how much they needed each other. Going directly into the “feeding room,” he told Cathy to slip out of her jeans and tee and just leave on her red silky thong panties on as he helped her to sit in the “feeding” chair. Reaching into a drawer he got out a wide elastic band and slipped it over the girl's head and pulled it down around her waist so she could feel her stomach stretching out from the huge amount of special weight gain milk shake he intended to feed her.

Cathy's eyes were wide with anticipation as she watched him open the fridge and pour two gallons of heavy cream into the metal mixer/container. ”I have chocolate, vanilla or strawberry flavor mix so choose your favorite so I can stuff your belly full of delicious milkshake.” It took his little fatty about thirty seconds to tell him, “chocolate of course Daddy, you know how much I love it.”

Larry began to hum a little to himself as he made plans to fatten up his already fat piggy knowing her gluttony would allow him to feed her until she was ready to pop. “OK, little piggy, I want you to put this tube into your mouth and just suck like a good little girl.”

Pulling up his big comfortable chair so he was at the same level as his fat sweetie, Larry reached over and turned on the machine that slowly began to mix the very high calorie formula and the very rich thick cream together to make a very sinfully delicious and fattening confection for his baby to gorge herself on. The thick rich mixture was pumped down a tube into Cathy's greedy hungry waiting mouth, and she leaned back in the chair and began to swallow mouthful after mouthful of fattening chocolate delight.

Glancing at his watch Larry noticed it was 9:30 am; he wanted to be careful and go slow the first time out with his “feeding machine,” knowing her stomach would have to get used to being stretched so far beyond its limits. Seeing his fatty's contented face as she suckled like a piglet on its mother tit, he got out the cocoa butter and began to slowly and sensually massage his girl's fat belly so it could be softened up to allow for greater expansion. What was so wonderful about his new machine was that Larry could feel her belly start to swell as the weight-gain mixture began to fill up her already gluttonous stomach expanding and stretching pushing further and further out. Cathy began to moan and simper with pure pleasure as she kept sucking and gorging her self on more and more fattening creamy shake. Opening her eyes, she looked at him with smoldering passion and lust not just for the endless supply of sweet stuff, but for her love and need of him as well.

Feeling a little daring he upped the speed of the pump to see how much more of the shake she could handle, going to number two on a dial that went to ten knowing it would take a long while for her to build up both her capacity for swallowing and her belly to get so stretched out she would be able to handle the highest speed. Now the moaning was coming faster and louder as she was working at pulling the rich shake into her gluttonous mouth; the faster it, came the faster she swallowed. Soon the noises reached a fever pitch and now it changed from plain pleasure to a mix of pleasure and pain. Her body began to move suggestively and her pelvic muscles started to grind as she was getting very sexually aroused by the sensation of being so full she knew she was going to burst at any moment.

Unable to help himself, Larry's hands pulled down her panties to find them very wet with cum. Oh God, this was more then he could have ever dreamed! Pushing the fat folds on her inner thighs aside he began to massage her hot throbbing clit with one hand while with the other reach into his own pants and feel his own hot throbbing cock - ohhhhhh this was exquisite - as he slowly began to move his hand rhythmically up and down his burning shaft. Hahahahahah OHOHOH

Cathy began to pant with both pain and sexual need, faster and faster as her belly suddenly ballooned out like a huge blimp, and she grabbed the tube and pulled it out of her mouth squirting the thick brown mixture all over the floor. Larry jumped up and turned off the machine with one hand at the same time his cock still being held in the other hand. Cathy and Larry both realized the enormity of her belly at the same time and saw it was so huge she really looked like a baby whale. “OH my God, Daddy, I hurt so bad - make it feel better!”

Looking at his watch, he saw the time and gasped in horror as it was nearly 11Am and he had been so involved and turned on by his little piggy he had forgotten the time. Seeing her belly was at least fifty inches around, he jumped on to the chair with her and began to massage her rock hard stomach, fearful she might explode at any minute. “Hurry, Daddy, hurry!!” After about ten minutes of constant pressure she began to burp and burp, and finally she started to pass gas as the mass of hard packed shake begin to move and her belly began to soften up. Reaching in to a drawer, Larry grabbed the tape measure and rolled her huge bulk around in the chair and measured the results of her first feeding session and was amazed at the incredible number a huge 54 inches around her huge distended belly. Reaching down and around her massive stomach to again find that spot between her fat thighs, he realized she was so hot and wet he started to groan with need. Ramming his erect cock up under her obese belly (as it was now much to large a protrusion for him to reach her pussy), he began to push himself into her fat as he laid across her huge engorged gut with his face buried in her young soft fat tits.

Over and over he pushed and moved slowly at first and then building to a climax as they both moaned and groaned as her pain and desire for him enflamed his passions until they both came in hot moist waves of sexual pleasure. Moments later, he had her by the hand, helping her to stand on her two shaky little feet. He looked at his fat round bellied little beauty and realized with a start that he could not send her home with fifteen inches of new fat on her already huge belly. He looked at her with a new feeling of love and desire and told her that she was going to have to stay with Daddy for a few days because she had gotten too fat to go home right now.

In the back of his mind he knew this was going to change both of their lives forever, and there was no way her belly was ever going to get any smaller as long as she was such a greedy glutton. She looked up at him and said, “Oh good, what's for dinner?” and then they both laughed as Sam ran up and started to lick her face as if to welcome her to the family.

I hope you enjoyed this story and will give me feedback and any ideas you might have for future stories or just to share your fantasies - Fatty Cathy