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Camp Cedarwood for Overweight Teens
By Big Dave Hill

Back about ten years ago, Jonathan Darlington decided to go into business for himself. With less planning than he'd probably care to admit, Jonathan started the Cedarwood Camp for Overweight Teens. While Jonathan had never been overweight, he certainly was a fitness buff. In fact, next to his living quarters on the camp he built his own personal gym.

The first year went according to plan. The fat kids showed up, were made to eat healthy and participate in mandatory exercise. Many of them did, in fact, lose weight. However, the process was so miserable for the kids, and Jonathan being a generally kind and gentle man, wondered if he could keep doing this to the poor, pudgy teens? After reading a medical article on "fat camps" he found that camps such as his often had the opposite result - kids forced to go to them often rebelled once they were free to do so as adults, and ended up gaining more weight. Why send them there? he wondered to himself. It must be the parents pushing them.

The following year, while still marketed as a "Weight Loss Camp," Jonathan decided that he wouldn't pressure any of the kids. If they wanted to exercise, his staff would assist and motivate them. If they wanted to eat, well, that would be allowed, too.

The result was phenomenal - everyone had a great summer (Jonathan included), and the following year over 80% of the kids came back, bringing their overweight friends with them!

Quickly the focus of the camp changed. While still marketed as a weight-loss camp, the kids were actually encouraged to chow down. Eventually Jonathan's staff changed the camp's rules to include a mandatory nine meals a day (with optional snacking in between!). Some of the parents were baffled as to why their kids were getting fatter over the summers, but the camp-goers wouldn't tell, because they wanted to keep going back. So if became a sort of secret between Cedarwood's staff and the kids who were going there (and getting heavier every year).

They started to have awards for eating contests and most-weight-gained over a summer. The kids loved it, and Jonathan thought it was good for them, too.

Last summer, their biggest kid was David Richards, an 18-year-old returning for his fourth season. David was 732 pounds, making him almost twice as heavy as the next-biggest kid.

The boy's and girl's camps were separate, only mingling at "feeding time," their largest meal which was their equivalent of dinner (and the second-last meal of the day, eighth of the nine daily meals). The largest girl was Samantha Tunsits, also 18, who weighed 377 pounds. She was there for her third summer.

While most of the guests were fairly light, seldom larger than 250 pounds, the camp did have to create a policy of having the heavier kids sleeping on the bottom bunks. Getting to switch from a top bunk to a bottom bunk, either during the course of a summer, or from year-to-year, became a mark of pride among the growing campers.

In Samantha's first year at the camp, they instituted a uniform policy. The uniform was merely a T-shirt and a set of stretch shorts, but the kids were only given shirts that were slightly too large when they arrived. They had to continue to wear those shirts throughout the summer, no matter how tight the clothing got. Samantha wore her way-too-tight shirt with pride at the end of every summer. David was exempt from this, for lack of a shirt that would fit him.

Peggy Smith was a shy, pretty, introverted 16-year-old who came to the camp at a pudgy 156 pounds. She felt terrible about her weight, and begged her parents to send her to Cedarwood, under the impression it was indeed a weight-loss camp. Upon arriving at Cedarwood, Peggy started to feel a little better about herself, seeing as how most of the kids there were fatter than herself. A month into her stay, however, she'd put on twenty pounds. As her T-shirt grew tighter, she worried again about her weight. Her bunk was above Samantha's in one of the girl's dorms.

Samantha, having put on twice as much weight as Peggy that summer, had her belly already hanging below her T-shirt. She was proud of her size and her gains. Above her bed hung a framed photo of herself, only much thinner - as thin as Peggy was when she arrived.

"Is that photo you?" Peggy asked one evening before going to bed.

"Yup," Samantha replied. She stood next to Peggy, who was examining the photo.

"Wow," was all Peggy could add.

"Yup, that was just before I came here for the first time. Scrawny, huh? My parents sent me here because I hit 160 pounds and was in danger of getting kicked off the cheerleading team! I hated the idea of going to a 'fat farm,' but I didn't know what this place was really like. Was I ever relieved! And obviously, I liked it," she said, and tried hopelessly to stretch her T-shirt over her bulging stomach. She gave it a pat and smiled at Peggy.

"So in three years you've put on two-hundred pounds?" Peggy asked, her eyes open wide.

Samantha just nodded, and lowered her bulk onto the bed.

Peggy looked to the photo again. The tiny Samantha in it would obviously be one of the most popular girls in any high school. She was blonde, beautiful, with flawless skin and a voluptuous figure. Then Peggy shifted her gaze to the Samantha who was now lying in bed. Her huge, heaving stomach was bare. She rested her head on her hands, giving Peggy a perfect view of her large, soft, flabby arms. The weight of her massive, soft breasts made them slide to either side a little. When Sam stood up, their size was quite apparent. Their appearance was diminished by the width of her massive hips, and her enormous, bulging butt cheeks, which were squished out to either side, filling the whole width of the bed she was lying on.

Peggy looked from Samantha's massive form to her own soft, little belly and her generous, round breasts. What if I end up like that? she worried. She was so fat already - look how fast she was putting on weight here!

As if reading her mind, Samantha looked up and down Peggy, and said, "You know, kid, you'd look really hot if you just put on a little more weight."

"I don't know," Peggy mumbled, and heaved herself onto her top bunk.

Peggy tried to eat less as the days went on, but it was difficult, with nine meals and all. Every night she'd fall into her bunk, her stomach stuffed full. Her T-shirt was starting to ride up on her belly.

"Where is that Peggy?"

Peggy heard the call from across the baseball diamond, one afternoon. She was hiding out in the woods, trying not to eat. The baseball diamond was full, but no one was playing ball, they were just lounging around. Some were snacking. Peggy knew the voice was Brenda, a particularly nasty camp counselor. She was only about 180 pounds herself, but she was very big on everyone eating all their meals, cleaning all their plates, and following the rules. Brenda wouldn't have anything to do with someone like Samantha, who was ballooning quite nicely on her own, but she hounded people like Peggy, who weren't keeping up. Peggy started to feel anxious, and was about to head back to the group, when she saw something in a nearby building. It was a building the kids didn't see much, as it was somewhat secluded. Peggy squinted to see who was that was coming out.

It was Jonathan, the owner. He only mingled with the kids a couple times during the summer, but Peggy recognized him from an orientation meeting. This time he had a towel around his neck and was sweating. From the look of his gym clothes, it was obvious he had been working out.

"He must have a gym in there," Peggy whispered to herself. Then her mind started to go to work: If she could sneak in there, even just for an hour a day, she could burn off some of this fat. He must have a treadmill or a stairmaster, or something like that.

She waited for a few minutes, until after Jonathan had got into his Jeep Cherokee and driven away. Then she sneaked over to the gym, keeping an occasional watch behind her to see if she'd been spotted. To her surprise, the door wasn't even locked. She walked it and felt for a light switch.

"Wow," was all she could utter. Jonathan had a state-of-the-art facility here, and it looked like he was the only one who used it! There was every kind of machine that Peggy could dream of in there, and some she had no idea what they were for. She walked over to a treadmill, and turned it on.

She hopped on and started at a brisk walk. It wasn't long before she was already becoming winded. She turned the speed up, anyway, and had to break into a jog. She could really feel the extra weight now. Her think layer of fat was bouncing and jiggling all over her. She had to hold her breasts against her, as they were bouncing out of control. Her belly shook and swayed, her thighs rubbed together. Within five minutes she was sweating profusely. She slowed the machine down a little.

After awhile, Peggy looked down at the timer. She'd been on for 16 minutes. Not bad for a start, she thought. She'd better take it easy on the first day. And she'd have to make up an excuse for not being around at camp. Maybe if she told them she got lost?

Just then, the door flew open. Peggy was so shocked she fell off the treadmill and landed on her well-padded bottom. In marched Brenda, the counselor, and two of her cronies, Peter and Craig.

"There she is!" Brenda howled, and pointed at the very sweaty Peggy, who was now sitting on the floor. Peter and Craig strode to either side of her, and pulled her up by the arms.

"Do you know how much trouble you're in?" Brenda spat.

"S-sorry," Peggy stammered, "I . . . I didn't know - "

"Bullshit!" Brenda yelled. "You know this is off-limits, and you damn-well didn't just break the rules - you broke the law! This is trespassing! Trespassing! What do you think of that?"

Peggy just bowed her head and looked toward her feet. Of course, the view was blocked by her breasts and belly. With her chin down, she could feel the fat of a double chin on her face.

"You will be punished for this. So punished!" Brenda said, then waved to the door. "Take her to the basement, boys, you know what to do."

And so Brenda was marched off across the camp to the main building. She could see the other campers through the window to the mess hall. They were all on meal number six, stuffing their faces. No one noticed the little parade, led by Peter and followed-up by Brenda, who had an evil grin across her face.

Peter led Brenda down some rickety stairs into the basement. He turned on some dim lights, which made the whole place look more frightening. It hadn't been finished, the floor was dirt, and there was a lot of junk around. There was also one large chair in the middle of the room. It had restraints, which made it look only a little less intimidating than an electric chair. Craig pointed to the chair, and gave Peggy a little push toward it.

The boys fastened Peggy into the chair, at which point she started to cry.

"Stop whimpering," Brenda said, "you should have thought about this before being so sneaky and destructive." Then she turned and walked up the stairs, leaving Brenda alone with the two boys.

Peter fastened a helmet onto Peggy, complete with a mouth-insert which went to the base of her tongue. Then he fastened her head to the back of the chair, so that she couldn't move it.

"Pweeze dooooon," she muttered as best she could through the oral obstruction.

"Don't worry, it's not so bad," Peter said, not very convincingly.

"Most people like it after the first time," Craig chimed in.

What happened next was terrifying for Peggy. The inserted a thick tube to the helmet. Very quickly, a goopy substance came through, sliding down the back of her throat and filling her stomach within minutes. At first Peggy felt like gagging, but as soon as she started to swallow to the right rhythm, it wasn't so bad. Peter and Craig were out of her line of vision, but she could hear them talking to each other, not paying much attention to her. They were refilling whatever it was she was ingesting.

It wasn't long before Peggy's belly felt full to bursting. She made a kind of squeaky noise, which Craig recognized as the sound that meant the person being fed was full. So they disconnected the tube and left Peggy alone in the basement.

She sat there, in the half-light, breathing heavily, feeling the weight of her belly rise and fall. It was almost painful, but not quite. It was a little arousing, too, which she thought was odd. Being aroused kept her from being scared out of her mind, though.

Just when the fullness felt like it was becoming bearable, Peter and Craig returned. Without a word, they hooked the tube back up and the process resumed. This time, Peggy felt twice as full, twice as fast. This time she felt over-stuffed. She squeaked, but the boys didn't back off this time.

By the point Peggy thought she was going to die, they relented, and left her alone in the darkness again. And so the cycle went on. It went on for days, but how many, Peggy didn't know. It all became a blur, wherein every waking moment she was being stuffed with some food she didn't recognize (but started to quite like, to tell the truth!). She didn't remember going to the bathroom, but the boys must have helped her do that. She didn't remember anything except the tightness of her stomach.


Peggy tried to open her eyes, but the light was blinding. She heard her name being called, but it sounded so far away. She shielded her eyes from the light and squinted to see who it was.

"Peggy?" Brenda called from the doorway.

Peggy was lying in a bed with frilly sheets. It was a quaint little room, but Peggy didn't remember going there. Light streamed in through the curtains. The walls had a pink flower-pattern on them. It all seemed very surreal.

"Are you feeling better, Peggy?" Brenda asked.

"W-what did you do to me?" Peggy croaked.

"Just standard punishment for your crime," Brenda said nonchalantly, "You signed a form consenting to it before you came to the camp, should you break the rules."

Peggy just lay on the bed, the covers pulled up to her neck, with a confused expression on her face.

"Is there anything I can get for you?" Brenda asked kindly.

"Water," Peggy replied.

There was a pitcher of water on the table across the room. Brenda poured a glass for Peggy and brought it to her. Peggy chugged the whole glass down, and uttered a satisfied sigh when she was done.

"Anything else?" Brenda asked.

In response, Peggy's stomach let out a long, loud gurgle, commanding each of their attention.

"I'm hungry," Peggy said quietly.

"Yes, well, come down stairs and there's a full breakfast waiting for you," Brenda said, and left the room, leaving the door open behind her.

Peggy was still confused, not to mention dizzy. She struggled out of the covers and got up from her bed. She was wearing a new camp shirt, much larger than her old one. It covered her belly completely and loosely.

Her belly! Peggy ran her hands over her belly - it was huge, and flabby! Her breasts had also grown immensely. She was much fatter than she could remember being! She spotted a floor-scale in the corner, and waddled over to it, taking note of how her inner thighs squished together as she walked. She stepped on the scale, which luckily was a talking model, as she couldn't see the numbers. It read out: "Two hundred, twenty seven."

"Oh my gosh," Peggy muttered. Her stomach answered her with a growl, which prompted her to find the kitchen.

After maneuvering carefully down the stairs, not being used to this magical gain of many pounds, she found the kitchen. There were heaps of food on the table. She loaded up a plate of pancakes and french toast, drowning in butter and syrup, and started to chow down. Her stomach was rumbling, and she was completely ravenous.

"I'm so fat," Peggy sobbed with a full mouth, "but I'm so hungry!"

An hour later, Peggy sat back in her chair, stuffed again. She needed to catch her breath. How could she eat so much? How could she get so fat? Then she remembered the feeding in the basement. What did they do to her?

Eventually Peggy felt good enough to ease herself out of her chair. She waddled out of the house and into the campground. People greeted her as if nothing was unusual. She was too stunned to reply. She was trying to get used to moving her new bulk, the feel of the extra weight on her upper arms, the jiggle of her massive ass.

"Hey girl, lookin' good," Samantha called from a lunch table nearby.

Peggy found Brenda in the mess hall. She was winded from the short walk there.

"Ah, good to see you're already up and about," Brenda said, readying yet another meal for the campers.

"What have you done to me?" Peggy cried.

"We've corrected a problem," Brenda said, matter-of-factly. "You broke the rules and caused a lot of trouble for us. Now your stomach is so stretched-out that you'll get hungry so fast, your biggest worry is going to be where your next meal is coming from."

Peggy's stomach growled as proof.

"See?" Brenda laughed. "So we've eliminated a troublesome little Peggy, and we now have a co-operative, fat Piggy."

Peggy's face held a look of horror, but it was true - her stomach was already feeling the pangs of hunger. She looked around nervously.

"Go ahead, Piggy, there's lots of food here for you. Sit down and get a head start."

Peggy couldn't help but obey. She plopped down onto a seat and started digging into yet another large meal. Brenda laughed as she walked away.

Peggy finished that summer at a weight of 292 pounds. And she signed up to come back next year.