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Celebrity Ransom: Pamela Anderson
By fatter_iz_better

“Ms. Anderson, we're filming a new movie and we would like you to be in it,” a man said to Pamela Anderson over the phone.

“Well, when will we first start shooting?” Pamela asked.

“Tomorrow night at 7:00. One of my workers will drop the script over at noon today. So do you accept?” the man asked.

“Okay. I'll see you tomorrow. Bye,” Pamela said as she hung up the phone.

Next day: 6:45 pm…

“Ms. Anderson, are you ready for hair spray?” the hair stylist asked.

“Yeah,” Pamela replied.

“Okay,” the stylist said as she picked up the hair spray. “We're out. Be right back, I need to get some more,” the stylist said as she left the room. Pamela started reading her lines for her movie. It was the sequel to one of her movies, Barbwire 2. She started to smell a weird odor.

It was a green gas entering from the vents. It was knock-out gas. She ran for the door and tried to open it but it was locked from the other side. Soon she began to feel herself lose conciseness. The last thing she saw were two people taking her out the window an in to a limo.

“Sir, we acquired the target. We're heading to the boat now,” one of the men said into a cell phone.

“Hurry up. We don't have a lot of time,” a voice from the cell phone said.

Back at the studio…

“Ms. Anderson I'm bac…” the stylist said as she came in then empty room where she found a letter. It said:

You have until December 5 to give us $ 7,000 if you ever want to see Pamela again. I'll call you for your decision.
“Oh my god!” the stylist said.

October 25, 6:37 am. . . “Where am I?” Pamela asked as she woke up. She was in a stone room, and there were shackles on her ankles and wrists that kept her against the wall.

“Ah, you are finally awake,” a man said while entering the room from a door.

“Who are you?” Pamela asked.

“I am Greg Gilroy, you can just call me Mr. Gilroy,” Gilroy replied.

“Where am I? How did I get here?” Pamela asked.

“My men kidnapped you and brought you here to my secret island,” Gilroy replied.

“What do you want with me?” Pamela asked.

“Well, I admired of how great you look, so I left a ransom for your return, so until they pay me you'll be here. Also, I am a huge fat admirer so until they pay I'll be fattening you up. So no matter what, I get something good out of my plan,” Gilroy said.

“There is no way I'm going to be stuffed up,” Pamela replied.

“You better think again. Now, dinner will be in 10 minutes. Roy!” Gilroy said as one of his men came in with a white night gown. “Unlock her shackles and put her in that dress for dinner,” Gilroy said as he left.

“Yes boss,” the henchmen said as he unlocked Pamela's shackles. Pamela struggled so he couldn't get that dress on but it was useless. The henchmen escorted Pamela to the dining room. When they enteredm there was a huge table with tons of food on it.

“I hope you're hungry, because all of this is for you,” Gilroy said in a chair at the table. Pamela sat down in a chair across from Gilroy. “Well, dig in. You don't, then Roy here will just have to force feed you.”

Pamela with a look of disgust in her eyes began to eat. She started with some smashed potatoes and some gravy. Then she ate some chicken. But then she moaned, “I can't eat anymore. I'm too full.”

“Nonsense! Roy, come and feed her until all this food is gone,” Gilroy demanded. Roy started force-feeding Pamela until all the food was gone. They put Pamela on a scale and at first she was 120 pounds, now she gained 15 more pounds, which is 135 pounds. Pamela's stomach didn't change much. It was now only a little potbelly.

“Good progress for the first day. But tomorrow we'll double the amount of food so it'll be 30 pounds of food,” Gilroy said.

Pamela moaned. She thought that she was going to explode. “Bring her back to the cell,” Gilroy said. Roy carried Pamela off into her cell. Pamela was exhausted from all of the food so she fell asleep.

The next day…

“Wake up,” Roy said shaking Pamela. “It's time for breakfast,” Roy said as he picked up Pamela. Roy brought Pamela to the dining room where there was 10 pounds of food on the table. Roy placed Pamela on the chair.

“Good morning sleepy head,” Gilroy said as he sat in his chair. “Today, for each meal there will be 10 pounds of food and you must eat it all. NOW EAT!” Gilroy said.

Pamela began stuffing herself. She got through about 3 pounds then she rested. “Come on Pamela, 3 hours until lunch,” Gilroy said, smirking. Instantly, Pamela began stuffing herself again. About 2 hours and a half later, she got 9 pounds of food eaten. Pamela's tummy was now even more swollen.

Finally, she finished the last pound of food. She was so full. They put her on a scale and she had gone from 135 to 145 pounds. Pamela started to cry because of her weight gaining. “Fuck you Gilroy!” Pamela shouted.

“Cranky are you? Maybe lunch will make you feel better,” Gilroy said as waiters brought in more food. “Hurry up and finish before dinner,” Gilroy said. Pamela started eating. The white gown Pamela was wearing was now starting to get tighter with every morsel she ate.

About 5 hours later she finished lunch. She now weighed 155 pounds. “Time for dinner, Pamela.” More servants came in with more food. After the first 4 pounds of food eaten, her white night gown became skin tight except at the waist and below. A few hours later, she finished the last of dinner and was now 160 pounds. Instantly, the nightgown ripped and revealed her bra and panties.

“Looks like we need a new night gown,” Gilroy said as he pulled out a purple nightgown, which was larger than the white one. Roy put the gown on Pamela which was easy because she was so tired from eating.

Three days later…

Everyday since then, Pamela would gain 30 pounds. In the past 3 days, she gained 90 pounds. That made her 250 pounds.

“Time for breakfast,” Roy said, waking Pamela up. Pamela's body had gone through a dramatic change through those 3 days. Her stomach was 10 times as swollen as last time. Her breasts were the size of melons; her butt was huge and round; her thighs started to rub together; and once again her gown had become skintight.

Pamela became so heavy, that Roy could no longer carry her so he pushed her in a wheel chair. Roy pushed Pamela to the dining room. There in the room was Gilroy sitting at the table full of food. “Good morning Pam,” Gilroy said. “I've changed the amount of food you will eat in one day from now on. For each meal, you'll eat 50 pounds of food.” Pamela sat down with a plain expression on her face. Pamela was getting used to the amount of food she was consuming.

Pamela started gorging herself in the food. Gilroy went over to her and put his hand on her expanding belly. She went through all 50 pounds in only 1 hour. “More food now!” Pamela yelled. Waiters brought in more food. She just kept gorging and gorging.

A half hour later, she finished again. “MORE!” Pamela yelled. Waiter kept on piling more and more food. The whole day she gorged about 300 pounds of food. That put her at 550 pounds. She was so tired from the eating she fell asleep.

The next day, Pamela was excited to start eating. She'd just started to feel happy with her new life of being obese. She no longer cared for her old life of acting and modeling and being famous. She just wanted to eat and be admired by Gilroy. She no longer needed Roy to bring her to the dining room and no longer needed a wheel chair. Pamela ran down to the dining room and sat down. “Good morning, Gilroy,” Pamela said.

“Morning, Pam. You look excited to start eating. Bring in the food,” Gilroy said as waiters piled up the food on the table. Pamela then started stuffing her face with all of the food. Meanwhile, Gilroy called someone on a cell phone. “Do you have the money?” Gilroy said into the cell phone.

“Yes. We'll leave it in the mail box at the intersection of Pine and Peter,” a voice said through the cell phone.

“Good,” Gilroy said as he hung up the phone. Gilroy went back into the dining room and said, “Pamela, guess what? Your agent has decided to pay me the ransom for you. So tomorrow you'll be back home.”

Pamela stared at Gilroy and said, “I don't want to leave. I love it here! I love eating. I love being fat!”

Gilroy got a suspicious look on his face. “I'm glad to hear that!”

Next day…

“He should be at the mailbox in about 3 minutes,” a man with a sniper rifle said aiming at the mailbox with the money in it. Then a mailman walked up to the mailbox and took out the bag full of money and put it in his mailbag. “SHIT!! That mailman has the money! We're never going get Pam back now.”

Meanwhile back at the island…

“Good job with the mailman disguise, Roy. Now we have Pamela and the $7000 dollars,” Gilroy said. Gilroy went back into the dining room. Pamela just finished eating 250 pounds of food and looked fatter than ever. She was now at 800 pounds. That night Gilroy and Pamela made love and expanded Pamela's belly even more.

One year later…

Since then, Pamela has been gaining. Pamela now weighs 73,800 pounds. She is now fully immobile but doesn't care because she loves being fat. And she will keep gaining forever until the end of time.

Next Target: Anna Nicole Smith

Look for the sequel, Celebrity Ransom: Anna Nicole Smith.